Dough for pancakes with milk, yeast, classic, sour, dry milk

Dough for pancakes with milk, yeast, classic, sour, dry milk

Today I am sharing a topic on how to make dough for pancakes on milk, simple or yeast, for tasty, thin, with holes, so fragrant, with crispy edges.

Pancake dough with milk is a classic of the genre, it has been made for centuries, using many variations.

Like, probably every hostess, I also have many tricks to prepare such a test, especially since living in the village for many years, you try to use your living creatures to the maximum, which is probably why village pancakes are always very tasty.

Dough for pancakes with milk recipes and cooking rules

I also remember those times when the pancakes were baked thick, often with yeast, now we bake thin lace for dessert, but earlier it was considered an independent and solid dish.

Ate pancakes more often, rolled up and dipped in homemade sour cream or ghee. There are many recipes in the Ukrainian cuisine using different fillings, but the main rule is that they literally drown in oil.

Pancakes became popular because of the usual ease and speed of cooking. When you have seven on the benches, try feeding the mob, that's what got the dough on the bucket right away.

There are several mandatory requirements for kneading dough in milk, of course, if you want the result of the works you are pleased:

  1. For thin pancakes, take only wheat flour, preferably of the highest grade. If you bake on oatmeal or buckwheat flour, then you need to add less liquid, since the pancakes will turn out so loose.
  2. Milk must be heated before kneading, so take it always fresh so that it does not curl. Of course, you can use baking and sour milk.
  3. If there is soda in the recipe, you need to quench it and give time to complete the reaction, otherwise your pancakes will have an unpleasant taste.
  4. Do not add too much oil, not only is fatty harmful, they will quickly break.
  5. A surplus of eggs also does not make baking delicious, the dough will turn out to be sticky, and rubber pancakes.

Dough for pancakes with milk, yeast, classic, sour, dry milk

Simple dough for pancakes

The simplest dough can be called universal. On such a pancake can be made for stuffing or as a dessert.

We take the following products:

  • Half a liter of warm milk
  • One and a half glasses of wheat flour
  • Three fresh eggs
  • Thirty grams of vegetable oil
  • Tablespoon of sugar
  • Pinch of cooking salt

How to make dough:

We break eggs into a convenient wide bowl and begin to whisk with a whisk, I generally prefer a mixer, then certainly no lumps are expected. As soon as the foam appeared on top, we to them pour the first half of the milk (do not forget to heat it). Now turn to salt and sugar, and the sugar can be poured at your discretion. If the pancakes are with minced meat, then half a spoon is enough.

The next step is the addition of flour, and, better sifted, to oxygenate it is necessary to improve the taste of baking. You can sift in advance or directly into the bowl, where we dilute the dough. Add portions a little, continuing to knead.

In the end, we look at the consistency, the milk remains do not need to be poured all at once into the dough, it is important to achieve the desired thickness. When everything is ready, pour in the butter and start baking.

Dough for thin pancakes with milk

It is on milk that the thinnest pancakes are obtained, and if you add the right amount of butter to them, they will be openwork, lacy and incredibly tasty.

We use the following products:

  • Three glasses of preheated milk
  • Two and a half large glasses of flour (plus or minus)
  • Half a cup of cream
  • Three eggs
  • Three tablespoons of melted butter
  • Two tablespoons of refined vegetable oil
  • Three tablespoons of granulated sugar (a bit more)
  • Half a teaspoon of regular fine salt

How to make dough:

Break eggs into bulk dishes, pour salt into them along with sugar and start beating with a whisk or fork. We need foam to appear, and the sugar is completely sold.

Now pour in half of the milk, well, you can take two glasses, mix everything up and start pouring the flour, I usually sift it directly into the dough, it's more convenient and faster. Flour is also not all poured immediately, it is different in terms of gluten, the density of dough depends on it.

Mix the flour, knead all the lumps and pour in the cream, stir again and begin to add milk, evaluating the consistency. At the end, when our dough is almost cooked, add melted butter (it needs to be allowed to cool for a few minutes). Finally stir the contents of the bowl and proceed to baking.

Dough for pancakes with milk, yeast, classic, sour, dry milk

Dough for pancakes with holes

Getting pancakes with holes is generally not very difficult. All you need is more liquid and intensive mixing, a mixer to help you.

We take the following ingredients:

  • Two and a half glasses of preheated milk
  • One and a half glasses of sifted white flour
  • Two eggs
  • Three tablespoons of lean or ghee
  • A teaspoon (maybe a little more) of sugar sand
  • Half a teaspoon of regular salt

How to make dough:

Measure out half of the total volume of milk, add sugar, eggs, salt and whisk. If you are working with a mixer, the sequence of adding products is not necessary to follow. Next comes the addition of oil, if melted cream, then let it cool down just a little. Stir until everything disperses in liquid. Next, add portions of flour and continue mixing. Last add the other half of the milk, but there you already see that the dough was not too liquid. After that, you can immediately bake pancakes.

Choux pastry for pancakes with milk

If your pancakes are torn all the time and stick to the pan, try choux pastry, make a nice dough out of it. And pancakes on boiling water are tender.

We will need to take:

  • A glass of fresh milk
  • A glass of boiling water
  • A glass of pre-sifted flour
  • Two eggs
  • Two tablespoons of sugar
  • Tablespoon of refined sunflower oil
  • At the tip of a vanilla knife

How to Knead Choux Dough:

In a convenient wide bowl with a whisk, mix sugar, vanilla and salt with eggs. Add milk and portions add flour. When there are no lumps, add oil and mix everything. Then pour boiling water with vigorous stirring. Before baking, let the dough stand for half an hour and start cooking.

Dough for pancakes with milk, yeast, classic, sour, dry milk

Yeast dough for pancakes

This is from childhood, well, whose grandmother did not bake pancakes with yeast? Here we will learn to make a tasty yeast dough.

We will need to take the following ingredients:

  • Half a liter of warm fresh milk
  • One and a half glasses of sifted flour
  • Three eggs
  • Fifteen grams of dry “atomic” yeast
  • Four tablespoons of refined sunflower oil
  • Half a cup of granulated sugar
  • One third teaspoon of fine salt

How to knead:

A glass of milk will be slightly warmed, we will dissolve sugar, yeast and salt it. You can make yeast pancakes and straightforward way, that is, immediately fall asleep all the components and allow the dough to rise. But with opium, they are much more magnificent.

Now add the rest of the milk, broken eggs with a fork and the remaining flour. At the very end pour the oil and again set aside in the heat. Just look, so that your dough does not stand, otherwise the dessert will turn sour. You can bake pancakes when the dough starts to settle.

Pancake dough for 1 liter of milk

Nothing to trifle, I tell you. I always bring the dough to a liter of milk, especially on weekends, when pancakes are eaten continuously.

We will need such products:

  • 1 liter of warm milk
  • Two full glasses of flour
  • Three large eggs
  • Half glass of purified vegetable oil
  • Two tablespoons of sugar
  • Ten grams of sprinkler
  • Half a teaspoon of regular salt

How to knead the dough:

Whip sugar together with eggs and salt into strong foam. Pour one part of the milk (half a liter) and proceed to the mixing of flour, fall asleep in small portions so that there are no lumps left. Immediately with flour we bake the baking powder.

Next, enter the rest of the milk and butter, knead and bake.

Dough for pancakes with milk, yeast, classic, sour, dry milk

Dough in milk and water

With milk and water, you get a very tasty breakfast and quite quickly. Baking on such a dough is always a tracery.

It is necessary to take the following ingredients:

  • A glass of warm milk
  • One and a half cup of hot water
  • One and a half cups of sifted wheat flour
  • Two tablespoons of melted butter
  • Half teaspoon baking powder
  • Two fresh eggs
  • Sugar and salt as needed

How to dilute:

We break eggs into dishes, we salt, we fall asleep sugar and we start to shake up, at emergence of foam we pour in milk, we pour a flour mixed with a baking powder. Fill the oil, stir everything and pour the last hot water. Give the dough to stand and start to bake.

Classic dough for pancakes

Classic is always tasty, traditionally baking soda is added to the dough on milk for the appearance of openwork, just do not forget to extinguish it.

We need to take:

  • Liter of fresh milk
  • One and a half glasses of flour
  • Three eggs
  • A teaspoon of soda to extinguish with boiling water or vinegar
  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • Salt

How to cook:

Fall asleep flour in a bowl, in the middle we make a hole, there we pour the eggs broken with a fork, soda, sugar, salt. Stir and add a little milk, beat with a whisk or a mixer until smooth. Immediately bake.

Dough on milk without eggs

Sometimes this happens, well, there are no necessary ingredients. Then make the dough without eggs. This is a very great option for a Sunday breakfast or a simple tea party.

We take the ingredients:

  • One and a half glass of milk
  • A glass of flour
  • Tea half spoon of baking powder
  • One and a half tablespoons of sugar
  • Salt, vanilla optional

How to make such a dough:

Sift the flour into a deep dish, add all the bulk ingredients there right away, stir and pour in the milk, break the lumps with a whisk and bake the pancakes.

Dough with sour milk

Sour milk is often not destined, so the recipe for sour milk is very popular among economical hostesses. Yes, and pancakes on it are lush and airy.

We will need:

  • Two glasses of sour milk
  • Two glasses of flour
  • Two eggs
  • Two tablespoons of sugar
  • Three tablespoons of refined vegetable oil
  • A teaspoon of drinking soda
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • At the discretion of sugar

How to make dough: Sift flour into deep dishes and mix it with other bulk products, break eggs there and pour in milk, stir with a mixer, you can whisk. We give half an hour to stand, then we start to bake.

Dough for pancakes with milk, yeast, classic, sour, dry milk

Dough with dry milk

Remember what it is, real milk powder, with a delicate smell, yellowish. And dissolve it is not so easy, going into lumps. Now it is difficult to find, more and more some kind of mixture. And pancakes on it, just astonishment.

We take these ingredients:

  • Five tablespoons of powdered milk
  • Two and a half glasses of flour
  • One and a half glasses of boiled warm water
  • Two eggs
  • Half a teaspoon of drinking soda
  • Salt
  • Half tablespoon of refined sunflower oil

How to knead:

Dissolve powdered milk powder in water, add eggs to the same place and fill in the remaining products. Soda to extinguish with vinegar or boiling water. Add oil last and bake in twenty minutes.

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