Mini pizza: a recipe for the right dough and a variety of toppings. What size and thickness should a real mini pizza be?

Mini pizza: a recipe for the right dough and a variety of toppings. What size and thickness should a real mini pizza be?

Real dough for classic Italian pizza does not pose any difficulty in making.

Rather, the baking process itself has some features that are unique to traditional Italian pizza.

Answer the main question of the topic: the size and weight of the mini pizza recipe for the dough does not apply.

It all depends on how much pizza a person intends to eat at one meal. The second reason for the appearance of pizza of different size lies in the fact that, of course, from the heat, from the heat - any baking is much more delicious than the same, but warmed up in the microwave. It is better to cook a little and eat until it is cold.

But the next question is brewing. What pizza lover would like to mess around with a small piece of dough every day to make just one pizza? Of course, no one wants to do this. The third, perennial question - what to do?

The answer to the third question also exists, and you will not have to look for it, unlike the tormenting torments of the heroes of the famous classic.

The secret of this Italian dough lies in its technology, which allows you to simply take and freeze the semi-finished dough, and then, as needed, every day get one or two servings and bake a small, fresh pizza. Moreover, this pizza can be every day of a different taste, depending on the mood.

Fortunately, there are so many toppings for pizza that it would be quite possible to think about a separate edition of the encyclopedic reference book “Mini-pizza. The recipe for the filling for today. ”

But, for a start - the classic recipe for the test.

Plain, clean water, salt, yeast, flour. Of course, real olive oil is all that is needed for a pizza dough. Now to the question of technology.

The secret of the classic pizza dough is that the pizza maker is kneaded and kept in the cold room. Long endure: 18 hours! And then it turns out real Italian pizza. Feel the difference in technology? Our open cakes and cheesecakes are kept in warm conditions - at 18-25 ° C, and the dough for pizza is suitable at a temperature of 0 ° + 6 ° C. Practically the same temperature is kept in a conventional refrigerator, on a shelf, located at the greatest distance from the freezer. In the end, the yeast dough can be frozen, pre-dividing it into portions and taking one portion each evening, leaving it overnight at normal room temperature. In the morning, for fifteen minutes you can cook a fresh pizza, with any filling.

When defrosting the dough, you need to warm up for 12 hours - and every day there is a fresh mini pizza. The recipe of the composition is already written above. Now that how to cook the dough.

Calculation of the dough is given on 6 pizzas, the weight of one serving is 300 g (for the dough). In the finished, baked form, the base will weigh 240-250 g. Next we consider examples of toppings - toppings, the weight of which, together with the sauce should be approximately the same as the weight of the base. Stuffing, like dough, loses up to 20% of weight when baking. If you need a pizza weighing less than 0.5 kg, calculate this proportion yourself - just divide the dough not into 6, but into 12 parts.

Need to take:

Wheat flour - 940 g. It is possible to replace the third part of high-grade flour with coarse flour;

Yeast, dry - 3 g (one teaspoon). If you add “coarse” flour, then add yeast, another 2 g;

Salts - 40 g; Not sea, but ordinary, kitchen salt, coarse grinding;

Waters - 470 ml; If the flour is too dry, add another 10-15%. At the beginning of the mixing, the water should be warm, not lower than 25 ° C. As soon as the yeast earns and the dough rises twice, then it can be cooled.

Dough Preparation:

Flour necessarily sift. Pour into a large bowl and add salt and yeast to it. And then pour a little water, stirring the dough with a wooden or silicone spatula. Everything. We clean in the cold for 18 hours. Then the dough must be divided, and use each part, as already described above.

Before turning to topping, we will determine the sauce. It, in fact, can also be prepared in advance and in sufficient quantity. And better at once - two kinds. And white sauce too. Suddenly want something else?

You can, of course, take a ready-made tomato-based sauce, and simply add the garlic, fried in olive oil and salt with pepper.

But, this is the sauce. Italian sauce - this is also the smell of oregano. Add and see the sour tomato dressing transform. Speaking of acid: tomatoes do not grow under the southern sun, so they do not always achieve the necessary sweetness. Try it and, if necessary, add sugar. Tomatoes, canned in their own juice, for this purpose is very suitable. Particles of skin and seeds in the sauce should not be. Remove them before the tomatoes are in the stewpot. Boil down the sauce should be so that its consistency matches the name, that is, 30-40 minutes. Hot pour it into a sterile jar. It can be useful for other dishes. It should be used within a week. You can freeze to keep it for 2 months, but this is not necessary. White sauce for classic mini pizza. The recipe is this: in a skillet, melt butter (70-80 g) and add garlic fried to golden brown (1-2 cloves), then pour out a couple of tablespoons of flour, stir again and brown. Take a whisk and begin to rotate it intensively, simultaneously pouring 400 ml of cream. The sauce should thicken again. Now dilute it with milk, in the amount of 100 ml. As soon as it boils, add 80-100 g of grated cheese, green onions and spices. As for the spices, you can add that to the traditional oregano, marjoram and basil, you can add everything that the imagination tells. This sauce is also served with pasta. But it will be combined magically and with a mini pizza. Recipe remember?

Then we go to the types of topping, since we already have the recipe for dough and sauce.

Fortunately, about the pizza toppings, in the theoretical part, the professionals advise to pay attention only to the fact that there should be at least four components in the topping. The maximum amount of topping ingredients is 6.

Examples of successful topping attached.

1. Mini pizza: a recipe for “Hawaiian” pizza


Dough (see above)

Tomato Sauce with Provencal Herbs


Olives (or olives)

A pineapple

Boiled ham (any)


Before you start working with the dough, heat the oven (250-260 ° C) by turning on the grill mode. It is hot!

A portion of the test mash the back of his hand, clenching his hand into a fist. Pizza dough is not rolled out with a rolling pin. His stretch and knead only with his hands. At the finished circle, bend 2-3 cm from the edge into the cake, and immediately shift it onto a stone or metal sheet, turning it upside down. Cut the dough on the board so that it is convenient to carry it. Dust the board with flour so that the dough slips off easily. Apply the sauce quickly on the base, spreading it from the edge to the center. Put the cubes or rings of pineapple on the sauce, and between them - olives (without stones). Slice the olives into slices or rings. Sprinkle with a layer of sliced ​​ham, on top - thick, cheese. Switch the oven to normal mode and 200 ° C. Bake until 10 minutes. Taking out a hot pizza, give it a beautiful look, adding fresh herbs and olives. You can substitute boiled ham with chicken, any kind of smoked or smoked sausage, any meat.

2. Mini pizza: recipe for pizza with mushrooms and chicken




For topping:



Chicken fillet





Ingredients for the filling use in equal parts, depending on the size of the pizza.

Use pickled champignons. Slice them up. Chicken meat should be used only in finished form. In general, for the filling it is necessary to use only heat-treated ingredients, ready for use.

Disassemble the meat into fibers, cut the small “cherries” in half, olives will decorate the pizza well, if you cut them into rings. Cook the pieces of “Mozzarella” to spread them on top, on the chicken.

You need to collect and bake pizza in the same way as described in the previous recipe.

3. Mini pizza: a pizza recipe with sausages and pickles

If it turned out that there are no olives and “Mozzarella” in the fridge, then this is not a reason to cancel pizza baking. Cook from what is at hand. This is even more interesting!


Pizza dough (see recipe and cooking above)

Tomato and Garlic Sauce

Cheese (any)

Salted or pickled cucumber

Sausages, boiled (or any sausage)

Green onions (feather)


The entire cooking process has already been described above in detail, so it makes no sense to repeat. Let's stop only on registration. Form the dough in the form of a circle, shift it to the baking sheet. Cover the dough with sauce, lay out the rings of sliced ​​sausages and cucumbers. Sprinkle with a layer of cheese. On top of two slices of cucumber and two small rings of sausages “draw eyes” of a little man. Cut out of the sausage “nose” and “mouth”.

“Eyebrows and hairstyle” can be made from finely chopped feathers of green onions. We send pizza to the oven.

No one will even notice that the pizza is not from Mozzarella and olives! Creative work will help.

4. Mini pizza: a recipe for pizza with red fish

The recipe for dough and white sauce is described in detail above. The number of ingredients - the number of servings.



Slices of salty pink salmon Black olives

Cream Cheese (unsalted)

Sliced ​​Fresh Tomatoes



Put a layer of white sauce on the base. Cut the salted fish into cubes and spread evenly over the sauce. Between the fish lay slices of olives and tomatoes. It is advisable to choose small tomatoes, fleshy, without seeds. Scald them with boiling water and remove the skin. Sprinkle the filling with a thick layer of grated cheese and bake. After baking, decorate with additional topping and chopped greens.

5. Mini pizza: recipe for cheese pizza with green sauce


Pizza dough (see above)

For green sauce:

Spinach blanched

Basil, green

“Parmesan” 200 g


Pine nut

“Extra Virginia” 150 ml

Pepper Mix

For the filling:



Cheese "Ricotta" or "Mozzarella"


Prepare the sauce first. In a blender, chop all the ingredients and pour in the oil of the first spin. Sort the sauce again. Now they can cover the cakes of dough. Spread slices of "cherry" and olives rings. If you like cheese, you can use 2-3 types of cheese at the same time. Cover the vegetable layer with cheese filling and proceed immediately to baking the product. Then, as usual, immediately put a layer of topping on the hot pizza to decorate.

6. Mini pizza, pizza recipe with shrimp and avocado


Yeast dough (see recipe above)

Sauce: green (see previous recipe)





Peeled and boiled shrimps


Fresh cucumber



Prepare the sauce and the filling. A detailed description of the recipe for green sauce is in recipe number 5.

Step-by-step recipe for yeast dough and pizza base formation - in general technological principles and recipe №1.

For the filling, take a ripe avocado fruit, by the number of servings, remove the bones, select the pulp with a spoon and cut it into cubes. Sprinkle it with lemon juice and leave for a few minutes. Peel the boiled shrimps and slice the rest of the ingredients. Cheese cut into cubes, not large.

Cover the dough, which is ready-made and shaped into a flatbread, quickly with a layer of sauce and lay down the filling, optionally. The last layer is cheesy. After baking, place an additional topping on top, on a hot layer of cheese, to decorate the pizza.

Mini pizza: a recipe for real Italian dough with different fillings - tips and tricks

  • Of course, besides the fact that you can prepare raw pizza dough for a week, you can also successfully freeze the finished, baked product by cooling it after baking and sealing it in a container or wrapping it in film.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment. The basis of pizza is a classic bakery from the time of Ancient Egypt. It is difficult to spoil something.
  • In preparing the fillings and sauces, rely on your personal preferences for one or another product and cook as you like. A dish like pizza may consist of the most unusual compositions.
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