Salad with grapes - proven recipes. How to cook a salad with grapes.

Salad with grapes - proven recipes. How to cook a salad with grapes.

Salad with grapes - general principles of cooking

Salads in which meat products and vegetables with sweet fruits are successfully combined are becoming more and more common. It is not always possible to determine which ingredients are used in the salad, and only having tasted a tasty dish properly, you will be surprised to learn that you, it turns out, have eaten chicken with pineapple or an apple with ham.

Very well complements the meat dishes grapes. Green and purple berries have a fresh sweet-sour taste, and therefore perfectly reveal the taste of poultry and sausages - chicken sausage and ham. Grapes do not mix well with fish, and therefore do not fit every fish salad. Although, some gourmets like the combination of salted salmon and grapes.

In addition, with grapes you can cook delicious fruit salads, desserts, which are quite sweet, even without adding sugar or other sweeteners.

Salad with grapes - preparation of products and dishes

Which grape is best to use if you want to add it to meat salads? Most suitable large green berries, as they are sour. But do not use kish-mish, it is too cloying and can spoil the taste of a non-dessert dish.

Pink and purple grapes are sweeter and more watery, so these grapes should be left for desserts.

Before adding to the salad with grapes, the berries should be separated from the brush, washed well and cut in half or into four parts, depending on the size.

Prepare a salad with grapes with chicken and chicken giblets, ham, vegetables and fruits.

What dishes to cook for serving salad with grapes? This dish is unusual, almost royal, and therefore it is best to serve such salads in crystal dishes. You can use both deep bowls and flat ones. Before cooking the salad, also prepare a cutting board, a knife, plates for individual components, a bowl for mixing dressings, a blender.

Recipes for salad with grapes:

Recipe 1: Salad with grapes

Light and tasty gourmet dish - salad with grapes and chicken. A light dish, very satisfying thanks to the chicken, will surely be remembered by all thanks to a non-standard combination of poultry meat and fruits. Salad with grapes and chicken is best seasoned with a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise. Ingredients Required:

  • Chicken fillet 300 grams
  • Capers 100 grams
  • Green grapes 100 grams
  • Hard cheese 150 grams
  • Parsley fresh
  • For dressing - sour cream, mayonnaise, salt, pepper

Preparation Method:

1. Cooked chicken fillet needs to be cooled and cut into thin slices. Boil fillets in boiling water, pre-salted, for 15-17 minutes.

Open the caper bottle and drain the liquid.

Hard grated cheese on a medium grater.

Wash grapes and cut each berry in half. Parsley also wash and chop with a knife.

Mix mayonnaise and sour cream, salt and pepper.

Mix the ingredients of the salad, add to them a mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream, in combination one to two, pepper and salt to taste.

Recipe 2: Salad with grapes and beef

If you want to cook an unusual dish for the festive table, pay attention to the puff salad with beef and grapes. In addition to these ingredients in the salad must still be cheese and carrots.

Ingredients Required:

  • Beef 300 grams
  • Fresh cucumber 2 pieces
  • Suluguni cheese smoked 250 grams
  • Fresh carrot 2 pieces
  • Green grapes 100 grams
  • Garlic 2-3 teeth
  • For dressing mayonnaise and sour cream, salt, pepper

Preparation Method:

Mix in a separate bowl of mayonnaise with sour cream in the ratio of 1: 1.5. Salt and pepper refill.

Boil beef in salted water until soft. When the meat is ready, remove it from the heat and cool. Divide the beef into fibers and place it on the dish, soaked in dressing - this is the first layer of salad.

Fresh cucumber and grapes wash well. Remove the peel from the cucumber and cut into cubes. Separate the grapes from the brush and cut each in half. Mix the cucumber grapes and lay them on the meat. This is the second layer of lettuce. Saturate it with a dressing.

Tear the cheese on the fibers with your hands and lay it on top of the grapes and cucumber, grease with sauce.

Wash the carrots, rub them with a metal brush, then rub on a fine grater. Squeeze the onions into the carrots and pour out the remains of the dressing, then mix well. Salad with grapes and beef “cover” with a mixture of carrots and sour cream

Recipe 3: Romanian grape salad

Not very popular with us, but a popular abroad vegetable salad with cauliflower grapes. This dish is prepared quite simply, while the praise of recall as an excellent hostess you just guaranteed!

Ingredients Required:

  • Cauliflower 300 grams
  • Green grapes 150 grams
  • Tomato 3 pieces
  • Cucumber 2 pieces fresh
  • Hard cheese 150 grams
  • Parsley fresh
  • For dressing - sour cream, cream, salt

Preparation Method:

Boil the cauliflower in salted water for 10 minutes, cool and divide into florets.

Tomatoes, cucumbers and grapes are well washed, after which you need to cut the vegetables into thin slices, and the grapes in half.

Grate cheese.

Chop the parsley with a knife after washing it under running water.

Mix the cream and sour cream, add salt.

Connect the vegetables and grapes, enter the dressing. Before serving, sprinkle grated cheese with Romanian grapes.

Recipe 4: Abkhaz-style salad with grapes

Another non-standard recipe is a combination of melon and grape sweetness with salted cheese and salted garlic dressing. This salad goes well with all kinds of meat.

Ingredients Required:

  • Melon 300 grams
  • Green grapes 200 grams
  • Cheese salted salted 200 grams
  • Hard cheese 100 grams
  • Parsley fresh
  • For dressing - sour cream, cream, dill, pine nuts, garlic teeth 3 pieces, salt

Preparation Method:

Peel the melon and cut into large cubes. Best for this salad goes juicy ripe sweet melon.

Wash grapes, separate from brush and cut into 2-3 pieces each.

Cut the cheese into cubes, and rub the hard cheese on the finest grater.

Wash parsley and dill well. Parsley cut large, and dill - as small as possible.

Garlic skip through the garlic press. Blender or mixer, mix the cream, sour cream, pine nuts, garlic and dill in a homogeneous mass.

Combine all the ingredients and enter the garlic cream dressing.

Decorate the salad with herbs or nuts.

Recipe 5: Fruit grape salad with cheese

Not everyone knows that fruits are very well combined with lightly salted cheese like cheese or mozzarella. Try a light dessert salad with grapes and cheese, which not only has a pleasant fruity taste, but also pleases you with satiety thanks to the presence of protein-rich cheese among the ingredients of the dish.

Ingredients Required:

  • Banana 2 pieces
  • Grapes pink 200 grams
  • Melon 150 grams
  • Low-fat mozzarella cheese 200 grams
  • Pomegranate - half fruit
  • Currants 100 grams
  • For refueling - any fruit juice, cream.

Preparation Method:

Peel banana, cut each into round slices.

Peel the melon, cut into cubes.

Wash grapes and currants, grapes cut each into halves.

Peel the pomegranate and remove the nucleoli.

Cheese cut into cubes.

Mix the juice and cream. Cream is best used whipped.

Mix fruit with cheese, add dressing. If the sweetness of the fruit seems insufficient to you, then add some sugar to the salad.

Salads with grapes - secrets and tips from the best chefs

In addition to grapes for salads, you can use raisins - dried grapes. Before use, pour the grapes with hot water and leave it for 10-12 minutes.

How to fill a salad with grapes? Do not use vegetable oils, but rather pay attention to sour cream and cream dressings. Also, grapes are very well combined with nuts, walnuts and pine.

In salads with grapes from vegetables, you can add a little balsamic vinegar. Instead of salt, you can use soy sauce.

Grapes are a sufficient decoration of the salad, but besides it you can add chopped nuts, greens, sesame to the dish.

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