Pork steamed roll - budget and effective. Principles of cooking boiled pork roll: simple and filled

Pork steamed roll - budget and effective. Principles of cooking boiled pork roll: simple and filled

Cold snacks help out on weekdays morning and decorate the table on holidays. Pork roll boiled - a great option for such a snack. Preparing is simple, does not require any expensive components, and the taste is such that I want to repeat the dish week after week.

The basic recipe for boiled pork roll does not require anything other than a cheap piece of meat, salt and pepper. If you want to diversify the recipe, you can add other ingredients: garlic, prunes, dried apricots, pistachios, cheese. In general, even in such a simple recipe there are opportunities for a creative search.

Boiled pork roll - general principles of cooking

The easiest way to prepare a dish from a cheap peritoneum (underbelly, subtree). It is worth a penny, and in the process of processing and proper preparation it turns out almost a masterpiece of culinary art. An amateur, of course, but very tasty and satisfying.

On the roll you can take other parts of pork carcass, in which layers of fat and meat alternate. For example, cut a thin layer from the costal part or from the shank. Cutting the pelt is not necessary - it gives the special meal a special charm. Of course, it will have to be carefully scraped out so that the skin becomes white, with no signs of stubble.

If the top layer of meat is thick, it can be beat off with a hammer. To give the piece the desired shape, it is necessary to roll the piece tightly into a roll and firmly tie it with a twine or food thread. Stuffed pork rolls boiled can be cooked with dried apricots, apples, mushrooms, prunes, nuts.

You can add pepper from peas, rosemary, cardamom, cloves, bay leaf from the spices to the boiling water.

Pork roll boiled with Homemade garlic

A simple recipe, for which in addition to meat, salt and garlic do not need anything. This boiled pork roll is very similar to homemade bacon. You can add to the meat any spices to taste.


• kilogram of pork meat (thin puff piece); • three cloves of garlic;

• salt, seasoning to taste;

• peppercorns.

Cooking Method:

Cut a piece of pork (undertreevok) so that the edges are smooth.

Scrap the skin, if you do not want to cook a roll with it - cut.

Grate the meat with salt and spices.

Crush and sprinkle peas of peppercorns in the middle of a piece.

Crush the garlic with the tip of a knife and also put it in the middle.

Fold the piece into a thick roll, tie it with strong threads.

Roll put in a tight freezer bag or baking sleeve.

Put a bag of meat in a saucepan, pour cold water over it and put it on fire.

Bring to a boil, cook for one and a half to two hours with an average boil.

Turn off the heat, leave the meat cool in water.

Remove the meat from the bag, put it on a dish covered with paper towels.

When moisture is absorbed, remove the splits.

Cool the boiled pork roll by sending it to the fridge.

Cut into thin slices and serve.

Pork roll cooked in onion peel

Appetizing meat onion peel. It can be added to the water when cooking roll.


• one and a half kilograms of pork belly;

• one hundred grams of onion peel;

• ten leaves of laurel;

• dried herbs (three or four tablespoons);

• peppercorns (ten to fifteen pieces);

• one hundred grams of salt.

Cooking Method:

Cut all bones and cartilage out of brisket.

Bay leaves and pepper crushed.

Grate the meat with a mixture of laurel, salt, herbs and pepper.

Twist layer roll.

Cut off the excess edges so that the skin is flat butted together.

Secure roll with thread.

Put the package in the pan, pour water, throw the husk, salt, send to the fire.

Bring to a boil, remove the fire to a minimum and cook for two hours.

Leave the meat in water until cool.

Drain on the towel.

Put the pork roll cooked in a cup, set the oppression and adjust for two hours in the cold.

Remove the threads, keep in the refrigerator.

Pork roll boiled with prunes and wine

The sour sweetness of prunes is successfully combined with tender pork. It turns out not only delicious, but also beautiful in the serving roll, which is good and hot, and cold. Ingredients:

• kilogram of pork pulp;

• two hundred grams of prunes;

• half a cup of dry red wine;

• salt and pepper;

• some vegetable oil (two spoons);

• Bay leaf.

Cooking Method:

Prune wash.

Pour wine into a saucepan, put prunes and bay leaves and put on medium heat.

After boiling, reduce the heat to low, simmer under the lid for about fifteen minutes.

Cut the meat in such a way as to form a rectangular layer.

The resulting piece beat off with a hammer.

salt and pepper.

Prune spread on meat, roll tightly into a roll.

Tighten with string so that the edges are evenly fixed.

Put in a baking bag, tighten the edge.

Cook roll in water as written in the first recipe.

Remove from the cooled water, remove the twine, dry and put in foil for storage.

Cool completely in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.

Pork roll boiled with apples

Sour apples also blend with lard. It turns out a snack with a harmonious sour-sweet taste and delicate aroma. To make this pork roll boiled with apples, you need an inexpensive pork knuckle.


• one knuckle;

• two sweet and sour apples;

• three cloves of garlic;

• salt;

• pepper (to your taste);

• tablespoon sour cream.

Cooking Method:

It is good to wash, dry and cut.

Remove the tendons and bones.

Cut the garlic with a knife.

Salt the meat, sprinkle with pepper and garlic.

Apples cut, remove partitions and seeds.

Cut the apples into thin slices.

Spread apple slices on the meat and wrap it in a tight roll.

Roll put in a special heat-resistant sleeve of cling film.

Boil the meat for three hours on low heat.

Remove the pork from the sleeve, dry for half an hour.

Grease the pan or form with butter.

Preheat oven to 250 °.

Put the roll on a baking sheet, coat with sour cream and send to the oven.

Boiled pork roll is finally ready when a golden crust is formed.

Pork roll boiled with cheese and pistachios

If you want to make something special from a tasty but simplest roll, you can stuff the meat with pistachios and cheese. It will turn out remarkably tasty option of snack with a claim to originality. It is important to choose lean meat, such as tenderloin or fillet.


• seven hundred grams of pork tenderloin;

• half a cup of pistachios;

• three hundred grams of semi-solid or hard cheese;

• three spoons of vegetable oil;

• seasonings at your discretion;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Grind cheese and pistachios. This can be done on a grater, in a blender, in a meat grinder - as convenient. It is necessary to get a pasty filling, the density of which can be varied at its discretion.

Pork piece cut into plates no thicker than a centimeter.

Beat off the meat so that it becomes thin and well dragged.

Putting one piece of pork on the other, spread them out in the form of a rectangle. Joints should take at least one and a half centimeters.

Salt the meat, sprinkle with pepper and spices.

Distribute the filling.

Carefully, holding the edges, roll the meat pieces into one roll, pull off with string.

Put the piece in the package of their food film, cook for one and a half hours at slow boiling.

Let the meat cool in water, then take it out of the bag and dry it.

Soak in the cold for at least three hours, then serve.

Pork roll boiled “Simple”

Lovers of natural flavors should like the simplest cooked pork roll, which you don't need to add any spices at all. It turns out a snack with a traditional taste of pork ham, not interrupted by garlic, bay leaf or other seasonings.


• any piece of pork that is available;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Expand the meat in the reservoir. If this is the peritoneum, clean the skin. If it's a fillet, cut and unroll the rectangle. If the roll will be from the costal part - cut off the meat from it.

Salt the pork on both sides.

Tightly roll into a roll, fix with twine. Put the roll in a roasting sleeve or strong bag.

For three days, put the roll in the fridge.

Then cook the meat in slowly boiling water (about one and a half hours).

Cool in ice water without removing from the bag.

Send again in the fridge for the night.

Remove the rope, drain the jelly, and cut the meat and serve.

Boiled pork roll - tricks and tips

To pork easily rolled into a roll, you need to select layers of meat thinner.

If you want to cook a roll, and in the presence of only a piece of pulp, it can be cut into a rectangle as follows:

• mentally divide the piece horizontally into three parts;

• make a horizontal incision on the top of the piece, not cutting to the end by about a centimeter;

• open the knife with the cutting surface down perpendicular to the table;

• turn the knife horizontally again and make a reverse cut parallel to the first one;

• expand the meat - get a rectangle.

The roll will turn out tasty and will save the stuffing, if there are no gaps between the meat layers. This can be achieved only by tying the roll - twine, cooking thread, silicone thread. To be sure, if the seams could not be fixed flush, you can chop them with wooden skewers or toothpicks.

To protect kitchen surfaces from splashes when beating meat, you need to put it under the film or in a plastic bag. The surface of the film must be strong enough, otherwise it will tear.

Delicious filling for the roll will be steamed dried apricots. It can be combined with onions and cheese. It will be original and beautiful.

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