Sour cream cream: a healthy dessert and a universal cream for homemade cakes. Sour cream cream recipes for every taste: chocolate, custard, with condensed milk, with honey

Sour cream cream: a healthy dessert and a universal cream for homemade cakes. Sour cream cream recipes for every taste: chocolate, custard, with condensed milk, with honey

The taste and aroma of pastry made from yeast-free dough depends largely on the layer. Cream of sour cream is not only a universal layer, but can serve as a decoration of the culinary masterpiece and an independent dish.

If the cream of sour cream to cook properly and use quality ingredients, you can get a great product that will be in harmony with biscuit, sand or other type of dough.

Cream of sour cream: the choice of products and the rules for their use

In the books on cooking there are many recipes sour cream. Their difference lies in the use of certain components. Common is the presence of sour cream as a base for the cream. The quality of the filling depends on the selected ingredients and cooking technology.

To make the cream of sour cream tasty and have the right consistency, it is important to follow several rules.

1. Sour cream is a lactic acid product and has a certain percentage of fat. The fatter it is, the calorie and thicker. The product with the least presence of fat contains a lot of liquid, so it often looks like cream or milk. For cream made of sour cream, you should choose the main component with medium and high fat content. The best in this regard is considered a village sour cream, which is sold to owners of subsistence farming. In the city such a product is difficult to find. From the store offers for the filling, sour cream with 30% fat will suit the cakes.

2. Combining with sugar, natural fermented milk product tends to become more liquid. Then the cream of sour cream spreads on the cake, is absorbed into them as a syrup, and the necessary layer is not formed. To avoid this, housewives use thick honey, condensed milk and special thickeners instead of sand. They allow you to achieve a certain consistency of the finished product. 3. The key to a delicious filling is the degree of freshness of sour cream. Like all dairy products, it has a certain shelf life. The closer the date of its application to the date of production, the better, more pleasant and more gentle the cream will be. Over time, sour cream becomes acidic, which can adversely affect the quality of the dessert.

4. You can get a thick lush cream from natural sour cream, if you beat it with a mixer rotating at high speed. It will seem that the finished product is stratified. This is not critical. At the end of the process, you get a mass of the required consistency, resistant to use as a layer for the cake.

Housewives are known for different recipes for making cream from sour cream. They are distinguished by simplicity of preparation technology and an uncomplicated set of ingredients.

Recipe 1: Country Sour Cream Cream


• Country sour cream - 500 g;

• thick natural honey - 100 g

Method of preparation

Thick, resembling butter, sour cream is placed in a deep bowl or earthenware bowl.

Add honey to it and begin to beat vigorously with a mixer.

The duration of the process depends on how quickly the products will turn into a fluffy creamy mass, resistant to settling.

In this case, the cream of sour cream will acquire the taste and aroma of honey, which was used for its preparation. Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality of this component.

Recipe 2: Sweet cream from sour cream and sugar


• sour cream maximum fat content - 500 g;

• fine granulated sugar or powder -1-1.5 cups;

• vanilla sugar - 1 bag.

Method of preparation

The main product is poured into the mixer bowl and sugar (powder) is added to it in small portions. It is important that the sweet ingredient is gradually mixed with sour cream.

At the end of whipping, add vanilla powder to give the cream a pleasant aroma and delicate taste.

Recipe 3: Thick cream of condensed milk and sour cream


• sour cream 30% fat - half a kilogram;

• condensed milk (regular or boiled) - 1 can.

Method of preparation

Fresh fermented milk product is combined with condensed milk and carefully beat with a mixer until a dense mass is formed. To achieve maximum density, it is recommended to use boiled condensed milk. It is not as liquid as usual with sugar.

This cream of sour cream is good because it can be used as an independent dessert. If you add other ingredients to it: raisins, berries, candied fruits, nuts, it will get even more pronounced taste.

Recipe 4: Cream from scone cream


• fat, 20%, sour cream - 1 cup;

• large egg - 1 pc;

• fine sugar - 1.5 cups;

• butter - 150 g;

• flour - 2 tbsp.

Method of preparation

Sour cream, egg, sugar and flour are mixed in a saucepan, trying to get a homogeneous liquid mass.

Next, prepare a steam bath. Choose a pan, larger in volume than the one in which the basis for the cream is mixed. At least one pint of water is poured into it and set on fire. When water boils, put the first pot in this container. So that the water does not boil too much and does not blow steam, the flame is reduced.

Cook cream from sour cream, eggs and sugar for about 20 minutes, stirring constantly. This is important, otherwise undesirable clots may form.

A saucepan with a thick mass is removed from the heat and set to cool.

The butter is taken out of the refrigerator beforehand and allowed to soften at room temperature. Then it is well whipped up to the formation of foam.

Oil is poured into the completely cooled choux mass and thoroughly whipped with a blender.

The result should be a viscous, plastic cream that is best suited for the layer of biscuit cakes.

Recipe 5: Chocolate Cream Cake Cream


• fresh sour cream from the store 30% fat - half a kilogram;

• medium-sized sugar - 2/3 cup;

• cocoa powder - 4 tablespoons or a bar of dark chocolate.

Cooking Methods

Chocolate cream with the addition of cocoa is prepared in a cold way. At the same time, the initial components are mixed and whipped with a mixer until a thick mass is formed.

When using dark chocolate, a tile with two tablespoons of milk is melted in a water bath to a liquid state. It turns out the icing. When cooled, it is poured into a sweet cream mixture and gently mixed. Hot chocolate can not be poured into sour cream: it can curl up. This creates flakes that spoil the appearance of the cream and create an unpleasant acid.

In either case, it turns out dark brown cream with the aroma of ground cocoa beans. It is perfectly combined in color with white biscuit and saturates it with a delicate, slightly bitter taste. Some housewives add ground walnut or hazelnut to chocolate cream made from sour cream, enhancing its taste.

Cream of sour cream - tricks and tips

The main problem in making sour cream is to achieve optimal thickness. Since the main component is usually liquid, various bulk ingredients are added to it to achieve the desired consistency. To do this, use special thickeners, sold in stores, milk powder, flour or starch, gelatin. All of them dissolve in sour cream and form a creamy mass.

Liquid cream of sour cream and sugar can be used as a cake impregnation. Usually it is used for sand or biscuit cakes, manniki, sugar bread, muffins. In this case, it is important that the liquid mass as much as possible leaked into the baking dish. Then the base will be soft and tender and thick cream can not be used. It is recommended to add a spoonful of liqueur, brandy or regular berry syrup to the sour cream mass. If liquid sour cream is used as an impregnation, it is poured on warm cakes. When using the mass as a layer, it should be applied only on cold pastries. From the hot sour cream will "melt" and roll up and get unnecessary sourness.

Experienced housewives recommend:

• use in sour cream not sugar, but powder: it allows you to achieve optimum density;

• too fat sour cream to withstand the night on the gauze placed in a sieve, set over any capacity: excess serum will drain and the mass will thicken;

• add a little lemon juice, sweet syrup or alcohol-containing drink (liqueur, vodka, brandy) to the cream.

For a layer of biscuit cakes, often used combination creams. In addition to sour cream, they add fresh cream or butter. In this combination, the mass becomes more stable and practically does not settle. If you add gelatin to it, it will become even stronger, but will lose tenderness and subtlety of taste. Since fermented milk products deteriorate rapidly, cakes with creamy cream cannot be stored for a long time.

Cream of sour cream is an excellent dessert and a great filling for cakes. If it turns out to be successful, baking gets a distinct taste and wonderful aroma. And cooking such a delicacy is easier and faster than other sweet dishes.

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