Chicken breeze - a restaurant dish in the home menu. Features of the preparation of fillings and omelets for chicken brilli

Chicken breeze - a restaurant dish in the home menu. Features of the preparation of fillings and omelets for chicken brilli

Brizol - what a word! And in fact - a very simple and well-known dish. And many mothers and grandmothers do not know that chicken chops in egg batter, loved by their children, are, in fact, also brisol.

With the names we have decided, but with the recipes? Well, there are a lot of them - almost any omelet with chicken stuffing falls under this definition. As in almost any case with chicken, brisol can be diversified by adding mushrooms.

Chicken Breeze - General Cooking Principles

• Brizol is, most likely to say, a method of preparation, but not the name of a particular dish. The word itself, translated from French, means “cooked in an omelet”. Breeze can be chicken breast chop or baked in the oven or pan fried foods with minced chicken.

There are several common cooking options:

1. fried in an egg;

2. preparation of individual pancakes, which are smeared with minced meat and rolled into a roll;

3. baking pancakes from an omelette together with minced meat in a pan

4. there are even “lazy” breeze.

• Brisols are often prepared with fillings. Usually it is mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes.

• If you need chicken breast for cooking, it is advisable to take chilled fillet. It is recommended to cook the stuffing yourself, the purchase may turn out to be too liquid and greasy.

• Brizol is usually prepared for serving as a snack. Original dishes, will help to decorate and diversify the daily or holiday table.

Chicken breeze in the form of rolls in a pan


• red large tomatoes - 2 pcs .;

• 800 gr. chicken fillet chilled;

• four large cloves of garlic;

• ten fresh eggs;

• 200 gr. liquid mayonnaise; • “Dutch” cheese - 150 gr .;

• highly purified oil.


1. Cut the prepared chicken into large pieces and twist in a meat grinder with the smallest grid twice. Season with minced pepper, add a little salt and knead thoroughly. We divide the meat mass into ten parts and roll them into balls.

2. Well, beat seven eggs, and three temporarily set aside. They will need to beat, if not enough already prepared.

3. On the table or a large cutting board spreading a sheet of food film or package. We spread on it one meat ball and cover with the second sheet (package). Carefully smooth the minced chicken with a knife in the form of a thin cake.

4. Pour some egg mass into the shallow dish. We remove the top sheet of the film from the meat “flatbread” and gently turn it over into a plate with beaten eggs. Remove the second sheet of film.

5. We lean the plate a little to one side over the frying pan with the heated butter and, helping with the hand, “push” the chicken cake with the egg into it. Fry the underside to rudiness at a moderate temperature. Then turn the meat down, bring to readiness and spread on a flat plate with the egg down.

6. Lubricate with mayonnaise mixed with chopped garlic, sprinkle with finely ground cheese. From above we lay out the tomatoes cut by thin slices, we turn roll and we tie it with onion feather.

7. In the same way we use all cooked minced meat and beaten eggs.

Lazy chicken breeze with mushrooms


• homemade minced chicken - 800 gr .;

• 150 gr. liquid, 15% sour cream;

• garlic;

• eggs - 2 pcs .;

• 100 gr. “Maazdam” or similar cheese;

• small pickled cucumber;

• 100 gr. fragrant fresh mushrooms;

• a teaspoon of mustard;

• fresh dill;

• refined oil;

• milk - 8 spoons.


1. Put the minced meat in a bowl. Pour milk to it, break an egg. Season with ground pepper, add some salt and knead well. It should result in a homogeneous mass, consistency resembling thick cream. 2. Cut mushrooms into small straws. We shift in a frying pan and fry with the addition of vegetable oil until all the moisture evaporates.

3. Mix sour cream with mustard. Add chopped grated cheese and chopped cucumber. Here we push two garlic cloves, spread the cooled mushrooms and mix everything well.

4. Separate some stuffing, roll it into a ball and place it between two sheets of food film. With a rolling pin, we roll a circle around the size of a frying pan, one centimeter thick.

5. In the pan we warm up some oil and carefully transfer the meat to it. Fry it to an appetizing blush, then turn it over and fry for 2 minutes on the reverse side. As soon as this side is ready, we spread a little mushroom stuffing on a half circle and wrap the free half of the meat “pancake” on it. Cover the pan with a lid and let it stand on low heat for another 40 seconds. Turn off the stove, wait another two minutes, then shift on a plate and sprinkle with fresh greens.

6. The above set of products is designed for the preparation of four servings.

Chicken breeze rolls with mushroom filling in the oven


• 400 gr. homemade minced chicken;

• six eggs;

• milk - 120 ml;

• spoon of mayonnaise;

• sweet cream butter;

• 200 gr. large champignons;

• seasoning “For a little brown chicken”.


1. First, make pancakes, omelette basis for each is prepared separately. In a small bowl, break the egg, lightly salt it, add a spoonful of milk and stir it up well with a fork. The mixture should be homogeneous. Pour the omelet mass into a frying pan, in which we melted some oil in advance and fry on both sides. In the same way we cook five more pancakes.

2. Wash champignons with water, dry, cut into slices. Shift in the pan and fry with the addition of butter until golden brown, cool. 3. Lightly salt the minced chicken, add some spices, mix. Apply a thin layer of meat mass on the omelet pancakes. Lubricate with mayonnaise and lay out on the edge of about a tablespoon of fried mushrooms, turn.

4. Shift the breeze to a baking sheet moistened with vegetable oil, lightly grease the top with mayonnaise and sprinkle with chopped cheese.

5. Place the pan in a hot oven and bring to readiness for half an hour.

Chicken Breeze with Wafer Cakes


• a pound of minced chicken;

• onion head;

• glass of semolina;

• small potato;

• refined oil;

• one egg;

• wafer cakes in the form of small circles.


1. In the ready, non-liquid minced chicken, add semolina, add chopped onion and here, three, through a small grater, raw potatoes.

2. Season with minced pepper, add salt to your taste and knead thoroughly. We set aside, and wait half an hour for the semolina to swell.

3. Apply a thin layer of minced meat on a small wafer circle, gently cover with the second circle and press firmly. Then we dip the billet into an egg beaten with salt and immediately put it into the pan with the hot oil.

4. Fry both sides over medium heat until rosy. To mince well warmed, cover the pan.

Chicken breeze in the oven with orange sauce


• two large spoons of low-fat mayonnaise;

• minced chicken - 450 gr .;

• four eggs;

• 50 ml of milk;

• two tablespoons of flour;

• 100 gr. Cheese "Kostroma".

For the sauce:

• two small oranges;

• 40 gr. thick cream or butter;

• wheat flour - 2 tsp;

• 20 ml of orange juice;

• two spoons of thin cream;

• sweet paprika;

• Shallots - 1 pc.


1. Beat the eggs with flour, pour in the milk and stir well until smooth. From the cooked mass in a small frying pan, bake pancakes. In order to turn over better, each time we grease the pan a little with oil. We expect to get about 12 pieces. 2. Shuffle the stuffing in a bowl, grind onions to it on a fine grater. Season with pepper, and slightly salted, mix everything well.

3. On the cooled pancakes lay out a little stuffing and evenly spread with a spoon over the entire surface. Wrap rolls and, placing on a baking sheet, put in the oven. We bake brisols for 20 minutes at 180 degrees, sprinkle with cheese and put back another 10 minutes.

4. Cooking orange sauce. Scald citruses with boiling water, wipe dry with a towel. A thin layer is cut off a small piece of zest and cut it into thin strips. Squeeze the juice out of the oranges, filter it from random pulp and bones.

5. Melt two teaspoons of butter in a skillet, dip the shallots, chopped into small pieces, in it. On medium heat, simmer for two minutes, then pour the flour and, stirring, pass to golden staining.

6. Pour orange juice and, intensively stirring, bring to homogeneity. Lumps should not be.

7. Enter sour cream into the sauce and leave to simmer for a minimum of a quarter of an hour. At the end add a little paprika, salt, season the sauce with ground pepper.

8. Put ready-made breezolis on a plate, pour over slightly cooled sauce and serve.

Chicken Breeze: Breast Recipe for Egg Breast


• white chicken meat- 600 gr .;

• two eggs;

• three tablespoons of flour;

• corn or sunflower oil.


1. Drain the fillet after washing, lay out on a chopping board. Cut off the remnants of fat from it, hanging films and cut into layers of centimeter thickness. Wrap each piece of food film, not zealous, repulse on both sides.

2. Pour flour in a wide bowl, add a little ground pepper, fine salt, mix thoroughly. In a separate deep container, beat the eggs until a strong foam is obtained.

3. Put on the stove a thick-walled frying pan. Pouring, covering the bottom, oil, layer in a centimeter, turn on the middle fire. 4. Take the chunks of beaten fillet and alternately, first roll in the flour mixture, then dip in a beaten egg and dip in the heated oil. Fry breezolis on each side for three minutes, until golden brown.

Chicken Breeze - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Before beating pieces of chicken, be sure to cover them with cling film or put them in a bag. The meat will not stick to the hammer and its fibers will remain intact, which will preserve the juiciness already missing from the chicken fillet.

• Do not dry the chicken before breading in flour. Flour will stick better to slightly damp meat. It is only necessary to ensure that it evenly covers the pieces, the gaps should not remain.

• If you are preparing breezles with wafer crust, you should not form many products at once. Harvest exactly as much as fit in the pan, otherwise the cakes will be sodden.

• Do not overcook and do not overdo the chicken products in the oven. Gentle meat quickly loses moisture and becomes dry.

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