Cabbage pie - the best recipes. How to cook cabbage pies and tasty.

Cabbage pie - the best recipes. How to cook cabbage pies and tasty.

Pie with cabbage - general principles and methods of cooking

What could be more delicious than freshly baked, barely cooled, ruddy pie! A little time, a little patience - and here it is ready, a rosy, tasty-smelling, hot miracle. Of the countless toppings for pies today I want to dwell on cabbage - a vegetable with a noble past. Let her name comes from the Latin caput - head, in Russia, and throughout Europe it was considered the main table vegetable after potatoes.

Many great painters depicted in their paintings the heads of all forms and colors, the best minds of mankind recommended its useful properties for various ailments. Any national cuisine contains variations on the subject of cabbage dishes. With regard to the popularity of cabbage pie, it is enough to recall the well-known “cabbage soup” - humorous shows, which were held during the fast in honor of this low-calorie and light product. As a filling for pies, it goes well with vegetables, mushrooms, meat and other products. Sauerkraut will add spiciness, fresh soften excess sourness.

Cabbage Pie - Food Preparation

Imagine only: there are as many as 100 kinds of cabbage. Cabbage (white and red), kohlrabi, Brussels, Savoy, color, leaf, feed, Chinese, Beijing, and others. As a filling for pies, it is best to use white cabbage. You should not choose a vegetable with prominent large veins. It is better to cut them, and also not to use a stalk, since these parts are the accumulators of nitrates. Black dots indicate that this is clearly a sick vegetable. Heading should not be loose and sluggish, but also should not be too tightly compressed. Best neat heading average density.

Cabbage pie - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Pie with cabbage and porcini

Instead of white mushrooms, of course, you can take any others, but if there is an opportunity, prepare a pie according to this recipe. Fried ceps with cabbage smell like a real dinner, this is a recipe for a large family with traditions and rituals, which is collected, for example, on grandmother's or mother's cake. This cake will definitely want to treat guests. Ingredients: flour (500 grams), yeast (25 grams), sugar (25 grams), butter or margarine (25 grams), yeast (25 grams), salt (15 grams), mushrooms (200 grams), cabbage (250 gr), vegetable oil, eggs, onions, herbs (parsley, dill, pepper).

Cooking method

Prepare the dough by the sponge method: dissolve the yeast in warm water, mix the products, leave to ferment, crush at least two times. We put cabbage into vinegar solution for a while, rinse with cold water and chop. Mushrooms are washed and boiled in salted water. Drain the water, stew in a frying pan with onions and herbs, mix with cabbage. Roll out the dough into round layers 5–8 mm thick. On one put the stuffing, close the other and zaschipat around. Brush edges with an egg. To decorate the cake, you can put curly pieces of dough on the top layer in the form of flowers and leaves. Leave the cake to distance. Bake until browning at 180 degrees. Serve hot.

Recipe 2: Classic Yeast Pie with Cabbage

Classic skewer, with real yeast dough, with the addition of oil. The eggs in the filling make our cake more saturated.

Dough: dry yeast (7 g), flour (500 g), salt, butter or margarine (100 g), milk (200 ml), eggs (2 pieces).

Stuffing: onions (150 gr), cabbage (1 kg), pepper, salt, eggs (2 pieces), vegetable oil.


Add warm milk with loose yeast to flour, add 100 grams of flour, mix, and put in a warm place for fermentation. When the opara rises, we salt it, add eggs, oil, mix and leave it again to ferment and rise. We crush again.


Cut onion and cabbage and sauté until soft, about 20-30 minutes, beat the eggs and add to the cabbage, salt and pepper, and simmer another 5 minutes.

Divide the dough into 2 parts and leave a small piece for decoration. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper, grease with oil and spread out half of the rolled dough. Next, lay out the stuffing, roll out the second part and cover the cake. We pinch the edges and make holes for steam. Pie set in a preheated oven at 180 grams and bake until brown.

Recipe 3: A quick pie with cabbage and minced meat

The dough is very soft and tender. The cake itself is very satisfying, you can serve it for tea or for dinner with sour cream. Strangely enough, this is the easiest recipe, but even children who do not like cabbage taste eat this cake evenly. Ingredients: butter or margarine (100 gr.), Flour (2 cups), sour cream (4 tablespoons), salt, sugar, half a head of cabbage, 300 grams of pork mince, onion, garlic.

Cooking method

Dough: mix flour with butter into crumb, mix with sour cream, and leave for some time. Cabbage is fried with minced meat and onions in a frying pan with vegetable oil. Roll out the dough into two parts, one is laid out on the bottom, followed by the filling, the other is covered. Decorate with scraps of dough. Cover with yolk on top. Bake in a heated oven for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

Recipe 4: Cauliflower with champignons.

This cake can be tender or savory - it all depends on how many spices you add.

Ingredients: eggs (5 pcs), mayonnaise (1 small pack), sour cream (250 grams), baking powder for the dough (2 tsp), flour (5-6 tablespoons), salt, pepper, fresh champignons, (half a kilo) , onions (3 pieces), cabbage (half a kilogram), carrots (1 piece), dill. Can be used on half of.

Cooking method

Fry the mushrooms with plates in vegetable oil, chop the onions and carrots, boil the cauliflower in salted water, chop finely. Pouring dough: mayonnaise, sour cream, eggs, flour, baking powder mixes, add dill and pepper, pour into a greased baking sheet. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

Pie with cabbage - useful tips from experienced chefs

- The original tender filling for a pie with cabbage on milk: chop the cabbage, stew it in a pan with the addition of milk (for 1 small head about 100 grams), add the chopped dill and 30 grams of butter.

- Loose dough for cabbage pie can be prepared as follows: 250 grams of cottage cheese mixed with 2 eggs and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Cut soft margarine (125 grams) and add 2 cups of flour and quenched soda. Knead well. Bake with cabbage or other filling. Very tasty dough.

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