Choux dough choux pastry - crispy, pimply, tasty! Recipes custard dough for pasties on the water, milk, with vodka

Choux dough choux pastry - crispy, pimply, tasty! Recipes custard dough for pasties on the water, milk, with vodka

What can be simpler than the unleavened dough? It is enough to mix water and flour, salt. But such pasties will turn out to be rubber and pale. About pimples, crisp and ruddy color can only dream of. Much tastier is a dish of choux pastry.

By the way, it is easy to prepare, here you can see the best recipes.

Choux Pudding Choux - General Cooking Principles

Cheburechnoe dough is a kind of bland. Preparing is relatively simple and does not require much time for rest. The main thing before modeling is to let it lie down. This will give the mass smoothness, softness, cakes will not be tightened and they can be easily rolled. But first, you still need to knead the dough itself.

The main ingredients of the test:

1. Water. Milk is sometimes used, its mixture with milk. Water is boiled with oil and salt. Or brew a glass of water with flour, and then add all other ingredients in the recipe.

2. Flour. Mainly used wheat. But there are recipes with other species. For example, just below there is a dough with oatmeal, bran is sometimes added.

3 eggs. Go to the dough is not always. It is important to remember that from the hot mass of the eggs are brewed, so you need to cool the brewed dough before adding.

4. Oil. Vegetable, butter, margarine or fat. They are added in small quantities, but have a positive effect on the structure, taste, and elasticity of the dough.

Often vodka is added to the cheburek dough. It gives a special structure, the products will be crispy and crumbly. For ruddy color, you can add sugar, but with it you need to be very careful. Sweet dough will roast quickly, it can burn faster than meat filling is prepared.

Choux Pudding Custard Dough without Eggs

The easiest way to prepare choux pastry for pasties with a minimum set of ingredients. Suitable for the preparation of Lenten products with potatoes, herbs and other vegetables. Ingredients

• 2 spoons of butter (vegetable);

• 300 g of water;

• 600 g of flour;

• salt.


1. Boil water with salt, immediately pour in vegetable oil. It is advisable to do this immediately in the pot in which the dough will be kneaded, for example, in a saucepan.

2. Add to the boiling liquid a full glass of flour with a slide, stir quickly and turn off the heat. Leave the brewed mass to cool until it becomes tolerated by the hand.

3. Now you can add the rest of the flour according to the recipe. You need to knead a very steep dough and until it stops soaking up the flour.

4. We put the elastic lump in the bag, close it and leave it for half an hour. You can make this dough in the evening and leave it in the fridge until morning.

5. We get, sculpt the pasties, fry in oil and enjoy the crispy products.

Choux dough for pasties with vodka

Adding vodka to the dough is not a new idea. This method of improving the quality of baking has been used for a long time. Instead of vodka, moonshine or another alcoholic drink of high strength will also fit. The main thing is that it does not have a pronounced taste and aroma that will contradict the meat dish.


• 300 g of boiling water;

• 4-5 Art. flour;

• spoon of vodka;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• salt.


1. For this recipe, it is not necessary to boil water with salt and put everything on the stove. You can just take hot water.

2. Pour a glass (300 ml) of boiling water into a bowl, add a glass of flour and quickly stir.

3. As soon as the mass becomes homogeneous, it can be left alone for ten minutes.

4. Add to the rest of the flour 0.5 tsp. salt.

5. Pour vodka into the cooked dough, pour in flour, knead a tough lump.

6. Move to the bag or leave on the table and cover with the top of the film.

7. Give the choux pastry to rest for at least half an hour. Then proceed to the modeling and frying pimply pasties.

Choux dough for pasties with milk

For this test, you can take whole milk or its mixture with water. Also, some sugar is added to the recipe. Important! H need to put sugar more than the specified amount. Otherwise, the products will quickly burn. Ingredients

• a glass of milk;

• flour;

• egg;

• 1 tsp. Sahara;

• 0.3 tsp. salts;

• 30 ml of oil.


1. Bring the milk to a boil, remove from heat. If part of the water is added, then it is necessary to warm it all together or dilute the heated milk with boiling water.

2. Add sugar and salt to it and stir in the butter.

3. Fall asleep 0.5 cups of flour, stir. We leave to the mass cooled, but did not become cold.

4. Add one egg to the warm dough, stir it. You can beat it with a fork separately, and then add.

5. Pour flour in portions.

6. As soon as it will be difficult to stir the dough in a bowl, we shift it to a powdered table, add flour and knead a lump. It will be rough and not very beautiful.

7. We shift the cool dough in the package.

8. After a quarter of an hour we reach it, mix it again with our hands.

9. Re-leave for a quarter of an hour to rest. After that, you can start sculpting meat or any other pasties.

Choux pastry with margarine

Another version of the test with vodka, but this time it adds a lot of fat. Namely, margarine is used. Choose a quality product with a fat content of more than 75%. Then the pasties will turn out crunchy, crumbly, melting in the mouth.


• 500 g of flour;

• 250 g of water;

• 120 g margarine;

• 2/3 tsp. salts;

• 1 tbsp. l vodka.


1. Heat water in a saucepan. Immediately add sliced ​​margarine, salt. You can add a small pinch of sugar. Bring to a boil and dissolve the margarine, remove from heat.

2. Enter 3/4 cup flour, stir. Leave to cool.

3. Add one full spoon of vodka, stir.

4. Pour flour into the dough. It remains only to knead the mass thoroughly so that no lumps form in it.

5. Put the dough in the bag, leave for an hour. After 30 minutes, it is desirable to mix well again. If the mass becomes soft or sticky, you can add a little more flour.

Choux dough for pasties on dry milk

An interesting variant of the test for pasties, which is prepared on milk powder. Products will be crispy, pimply, and still very tasty and ruddy. Similarly, for the kneading, you can use dry cream, but the amount will have to be halved. Ingredients

• 30 g dry milk;

• 250 g of water;

• flour;

• salt;

• 2 spoons of oil or fat;

• egg.


1. Mix milk powder with a glass of flour.

2. Boil water, add some oil or any fat to it. Remove from heat. Immediately salt.

3. Add flour with milk, stir. As it should be, the mass should be slightly cooled before adding the egg.

4. Add the egg. It will be easier to stir, if you mix it up with a little fork.

5. Fall asleep additional flour, knead steep dough.

6. Leave to swell gluten for at least half an hour. After this time, the mass will become more elastic, soft.

7. We split into pieces, sculpt the pasties, fry in oil until cooked.

Choux dough for pasties with oatmeal

A recipe for healthy choux pastry for pasties and other meat products with the addition of oatmeal. Wheat flour is also used, since it is better to use it for brewing. If there is no oatmeal, then use flakes. The following describes the method of preparation.


• 1 tbsp. oatmeal;

• 3 tbsp. wheat flour;

• 1 tbsp. water;

• 0.25 art. oil races .;

• 1 egg;

• 0.5 tsp. salt.


1. Boil a glass of water, immediately add salt to the liquid. You can pour a little sugar so that the pasties during frying will brown well.

2. Pour in vegetable oil. Or add a piece of butter. After boiling, remove the dish from the fire.

3. After a few seconds, add a glass of wheat flour. Intensely stir, leave the brewed mass to cool. It should be warm so that the hand can endure, and the egg, which we will add later, will not cook.

4. If there is no oatmeal, then during the cooling of the brewed mass, you can prepare the product. Grind ordinary flakes for long cooking on a coffee grinder. Next, take a sieve, sift the flour. You can not use the smallest cells, let the oatmeal be a little larger.

5. Shake the egg with a fork, add to the brewed mass.

6. Now add a glass of oatmeal, start kneading the dough. Gradually add wheat flour. 7. We send a mixed lump to lie down. So that the surface does not become covered with a crust, be sure to cover with a bowl or place it in a plastic bag.

8. In half an hour, you can start sculpting and frying oat pasties with meat or other types of stuffing.

Choux Pudding Choux - Useful Tips and Tricks

• You can add not only oatmeal flour, but also buckwheat, rice flour to the pastry dough, the taste will be interesting. Beautiful pasties are obtained with the addition of ground corn grits. It is necessary to sift it, as the solid particles of a coarse product can spoil everything.

• Cheburechnoy dough perfectly stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. Then you need to use it. If you have a lot of dough, then you need to freeze part, preferably immediately. You can also freeze already formed, and even roasted pasties.

• If the flour is too moist, it may need more than what is indicated in the recipe. Also, the product is needed for under the table and boning the pieces during molding. Therefore, before preparing the dish, you need to make sure that you have enough stock.

• If, after cooking and laying, the dough is too thick, it becomes sticky and it is impossible to work with it, then you will have to knead it again with flour. You also have to leave it for rest again.

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