Buns with cheese - the flavor will drive anyone crazy! Recipes for homemade cheese buns with ham, sausage, garlic and nuts

Buns with cheese - the flavor will drive anyone crazy! Recipes for homemade cheese buns with ham, sausage, garlic and nuts

Bun with cheese or cheese bun? Prepare both the one and the other! In any case, it turns out incredibly fragrant pastries. It will delight the household during breakfast, lunch or dinner, it will be an excellent treat for friends and dear guests.

Cheese Buns - General Cooking Principles

There are several options for the use of cheese in baking: it is added to the filling, rubbed and poured into the dough, or crushed and used to finish sprinkling the rolls before being sent to the oven. Sometimes combine several ways, filling the dough with cheese and sprinkling on top. It turns out very tasty and beautiful.

Dough for rolls suitable any. Tasty and soft products are obtained with yeast, quick baking comes out of puff pastry, there are options with the use of rippers, also quick and simple.

What is the combination of cheese:

• sausages;

• garlic, nuts;

• eggs;

• greens, spices.

A bun is not a pie. Therefore, do not try to fill it with cheese. A small amount is enough to change the taste, color, give the dough flavor. After forming, they are placed on ordinary trays, it is better to cover them, as the cheese can flow out. Aromatic rolls are baked in the oven.

Cheese buns for burgers

A variant of very tasty cheese buns, which burgers are especially successful with. But by themselves, they are very fragrant, tasty, covered with a delicious crust on top.


• three glasses of flour;

• 250 ml of water;

• 250 grams of cheese;

• salt and sugar;

• two spoons of butter;

• 1 tsp. with a bump of yeast.


1. Let's start with cheese. We rub it large, a third is immediately put off, this part is needed for the top design of the cheese buns.

2. Prepare the simplest dough. Dissolve dry, fast-acting yeast in warm water. Enter half a teaspoon of salt, a full tablespoon of sand. Stir.

3. Add flour, butter, start stirring and add grated cheese. Use the part that is larger. Knead the dough. 4. We remove in heat and leave for a couple of hours.

5. We start the modeling of the rolls. We divide cheese dough into pieces of 100-110 grams. We form rounded bread. We put them on the baking sheet, leave a space between the things, as they will rise and expand.

6. Give the cheese balls to stand for about half an hour.

7. Lubricate with water, sprinkle with remaining cheese. We bake unusual bread to rosy color at 200 degrees.

8. Finished products are cooled, then cut across with a knife-knife, filled with filling.

Round buns with cheese and garlic

These cheese buns can be cooked large, but best of all they are made in miniature versions, like donuts. Bake them better on a silicone mat.


• 140 grams of flour;

• 2 tsp. baking baking powder;

• 100 grams of hard cheese;

• 120 grams of whole milk;

• three cloves of garlic;

• 60 grams cl. oils;

• sesame seeds (optional).


1. For this dough we rub cheese with small chips. Mix with flour (sifted), add baking powder. We set aside.

2. Mix milk with a teaspoon of sugar, it will give baking color. Enter half of the same spoon of salt. Pour in melted butter. Stir.

3. Chop the garlic very finely.

4. Mix the liquid mixture with garlic, flour and cheese. Knead dough.

5. Humidity of products is different. You may need some more flour or add milk. The task is to make a soft, pleasant to the touch dough.

6. You can sculpt immediately or let the mass stand for about ten minutes. Then we roll small balls, we lay out on a rug.

7. We send cheese buns in the oven. Cook at 200 degrees until golden brown.

Cheese Buns with Roses Garlic and Nuts

For such cheese buns, you can use a filling without nuts or garlic. But together they give just awesome taste. In general, the dough can be kneaded according to any recipe, but it should not be sweet. Or use this option.


• 0.3 liters of water;

• 3-4 sprigs of dill;

• 7 grams of yeast; • 160 grams of cheese;

• salt and sugar;

• butter;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• flour;

• 2-4 spoons of nuts.


1. It is desirable to knead the dough for a couple of hours before the intended preparation of buns. It should stand, rise well. Heat the water, mix the warm liquid with the yeast, wait a couple of minutes for the pellets to swell and dissolve.

2. Pour a spoonful of sugar, a little more than half a teaspoon of salt, pour in the sifted wheat flour. In the kneading process, when the dough is almost ready, add about 15-20 ml of sunflower oil to it. We clean for the approach.

3. For the filling coarsely rub hard cheese. Pour into a bowl. Chop the nuts, chop the garlic and a few sprigs of dill. You can cook with dry herbs or without it. All this is added to the cheese. Mix well so that everything is evenly distributed in the mass.

4. We take out the lush and soft dough, put it on the table, roll out a long rectangle. Lubricate with a thin layer of oil. Sprinkle the whole area with cheese filling.

5. We twist a long roll. We cut across pieces of two or three centimeters.

6. We put the “roses” on a silicone mat or a parchment-laid pan. Between the pieces we make a distance of about 2.5 centimeters.

7. Bake cheese flowers for about fifteen minutes.

Hot buns with cheese and sausage (ham) inside

Recipe for buns with cheese and ham. This is a wonderful breakfast or even dinner. You will need ready-made round bread, as for burgers. It is important that they are not sweet and do not have the filling inside.


• 3 buns;

• 150 g sausage or ham;

• 1 clove of garlic;

• one tomato;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• greens for decoration.


1. Cut off the top of the buns to make a lid. We take out the crumb from the inside, making a cup.

2. Cut or rub cheese, add sliced ​​ham or sausage. Tomato, too, chop, mix with the total mass. We fill with garlic. Optionally, in the filling, you can also add greens.

3. Fill the buns with the filling, cover with the top. 4. Straighten in preheated oven or cook a few minutes in the microwave. Warm the rolls well enough. Make sure they are not burned.

5. We take out, slightly open the lid, slip a sprig of greenery or a leaf of lettuce.

Light Cheese Buns

The recipe for quick cheese buns, which are made from our usual products. If there is no ripper, then take the hydrated soda.


• 150 grams of hard cheese;

• 50 grams of oil;

• a pair of eggs;

• 130 g of flour and the same amount of water;

• rosemary, salt;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper.


1. Stir the ripper, a little dry rosemary with flour.

2. Grate the cheese and add to the total mass.

3. You can use milk or some water. Pour into a bowl, salt, break eggs there, shake.

4. Combine all the ingredients. Pour in melted butter, prepare cheese dough. If necessary, then still fill up the flour, the consistency depends on the cheese and egg size.

5. We divide not small lumps, the size about a small egg. We roll neat and smooth balls out of them, send them to a baking sheet laid with a sheet of parchment.

6. Bake until tender, temperature for cheese cakes 200 gr.

Buns with cheese and ham puff pastry

A variant of cheese buns that do not require dough preparation. We go and buy it in the store, you can take it with yeast or without it, which one you like more.


• pack of dough;

• 200 grams of cheese;

• 200 g of ham;

• Egg or some water.


1. Combine the grated cheese and diced ham in a bowl.

2. We uncoil the dough, we roll a little with a rolling pin. Sometimes it is made of two plates. In this case, simply divide the filling in half.

3. Lubricate the dough with an egg or just water, sprinkle with stuffing, roll up the roll.

4. Cut the buns across. Height can be made any, but no more than 5-7 cm. We send on a baking sheet. You can lay one by one or closer to each other, in this case you get a semblance of a pie.

5. Bake cheese cakes at 200 degrees.

Cheese buns with milk

Finally, the option is very delicate and fragrant cheese buns. The dough is kneaded on whole milk with butter.


• 250 ml of milk;

• 65 g of oil;

• 9 grams of yeast;

• 160 g of cheese;

• 1-2 cloves of garlic;

• 2 tsp. Sahara;

• flour, salt;

• 2 tbsp. l white sesame;

• egg.


1. Shake the egg with a fork, add the pre-warmed milk, add the yeast and salt, about half a teaspoon. Well stir it all up.

2. Add ghee, then flour. Knead the dough until smooth. We leave the "approach" for two and a half hours.

3. We rub cheese. About three spoons remove, you can immediately mix with sesame seeds. Add garlic to the rest of the cheese.

4. Divide the fluffy dough into balls of 50 grams, flatten one on the palm. Put a little stuffing, pinch the edges in a pile. This side is laid on a baking sheet. We make all the bread.

5. Give the cheese balls to rise.

6. Lubricate with water or egg, sprinkle with sesame cheese, bake.

Cheese Buns - Tips and Tricks

• When kneading dough, it is important to add flour correctly. If there is a lot of it, then the baking will be hard. If there is little flour, the dough will stick. It is necessary to make a smooth, uniform, soft mass.

• If the dough does not want to rise, the yeast may be unusable. You can correct the situation by adding another portion, diluted in warm milk or in water. Additionally have to pour flour.

• Now more and more manufacturers are cunning, making cheese from vegetable fats. It does not melt, does not fry until a beautiful crust, does not give a pleasant aroma after baking. Therefore, it is not suitable for making delicious cakes. Choose just cheese in the store, but not a cheese product.

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