Chicken liver with apples: tender, sweet-sour, aromatic. Simple and original recipes of juicy chicken liver with apples

Chicken liver with apples: tender, sweet-sour, aromatic. Simple and original recipes of juicy chicken liver with apples

Gentle, delicate chicken liver is a wonderful product.

She prepares in a matter of minutes, and with the right attitude she gratefully gives up all her taste, juiciness, delicate flavor.

In fairness it should be noted that working with the liver is not so easy - it really hurts it is capricious. But despite the uncomplicated nature of this by-product, the dishes from it are remarkably tasty.

Chicken liver with apples is especially good. It is the apple juice that is able to rid the product of a slight bitter and give the dish extra juiciness, softness, freshness, original sourness. You can add cream, ketchup, wine, ginger to the sauce, each time getting a completely new dish.

Special seasoning chicken liver does not need. Onions, peppers, basil, some seasonal or dried herbs - that's all that the hostess will need. A side dish of chicken liver and apples is usually served with potatoes, rice, and other boiled cereals and pasta.

Chicken liver with apples - general principles of cooking

It is best to use not frozen, but chilled chicken liver. Fresh meat offal produces the most delicate dishes, since all the juice is preserved. To properly defrost the liver, it can be left overnight on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. To speed up the process, the product is simply left at room temperature for three to four hours.

Thawed liver should be washed under cold water and blot thoroughly with a paper towel. Moisture will prevent proper roasting and reduce the taste of the dish. Streaks, bile ducts, pieces of fat are cut off from the dried pieces. Prepared liver can be cut into smaller slices, sticks or cooked whole.

Very often, the first stage of liver preparation is roasting. It is very important to hold it correctly. You only need to fry dried meat: moisture will prevent the formation of a crust. Liver will put the juice and will not fry, and stew. It is important not to overdo the meat in a skillet. For chicken liver, it is enough to spend no more than seven minutes in hot oil. The dried liver is no good, it is dry and hard. Salt the liver before frying is impossible: the crust will not work, and the juice will flow out. When roasting without salt, the liver instantly “grabs”, the product will remain juicy inside.

The liver is ideally combined with sweet and sour apples, for example, “Semerenko” or Antonovka. Fruits need to wash, core, depending on the recipe, cut into slices or mash grater. Cooking chicken liver with apples can be in the oven, slow cooker or just in a pan.

Chicken liver with apples with crispy onions in the oven

In this wonderful dish, tenderness of juicy chicken liver with apples is combined with crispy rings of fried onions. Cooking this delicious dish is surprisingly quick and easy.


• 700-800 grams of fresh chicken liver;

• three large onions;

• three large apples (half the weight of the liver);

• three spoons of white flour;

• some vegetable oil for frying (two or three spoons);

• thirty grams of butter;

• incomplete glass of milk (optional);

• salt and pepper.


Prepared liver is not cut, leaving the pieces whole.

If you have time, pour in milk: the liver will be softer, and the dish is juicier. If time is running out, you can do without the “milk bath”.

Onion bulbs cut into thin half-gobs.

Remove peels from apples, cut into medium slices.

Mix flour with a small amount of pepper or a mixture of peppers. Do not salt!

Dip the liver pieces into the flour, shake off the excess so that they do not burn.

Heat the vegetable oil and fry the liver. It should be pink inside, but without blood, and covered with a brown crust on top.

Put the pieces on a separate plate covered with paper towel (to get rid of excess fat).

After five minutes, salt, put in a baking dish.

Turn on the oven at 160-170 degrees.

Fry the apple slices in the same pan. They should be soft, but not fall apart.

Put the apples on top of the liver (leave two slices in a skillet).

Add butter to the frying pan, another spoonful of vegetable, mash the apples in mashed potatoes with a fork and fry the onion. Apple puree gives crisp ringlets a wonderful aroma. Put onion rings on apples and liver.

Put the form in the preheated oven for seven minutes.

Serve better hot, although cold chicken liver with apples is very tasty.

Chicken liver with apples under soy-honey sauce

Honey and soy sauce are perfectly combined with the taste of the liver and apple flavor. You don’t have to buy anything especially: all products are in any fridge. Time for cooking will take quite a bit.


• six hundred grams of chicken liver;

• big apple (better than green);

• large juicy onion;

• some cooking oil for the pan;

• teaspoon butter;

• four spoons of soy-quality sauce;

• spoon honey flower;

• teaspoon balsamic vinegar.


Liver cut into thin small pieces.

Onions nashinkovat ringlets.

Apple together with the peel cut into small slices.

Heat the pan with butter and quickly fry the liver until a beautiful appetizing crust.

Grind the salt in the powder with a mortar or coffee grinder. Small particles will allow the fried liver to be salted not only outside, but also inside.

To put the fried pieces.

On the same pan fry onion rings.

As soon as the onions are reddened, add apples with a piece of butter.

Mix honey, soy sauce, vinegar.

Put the liver in the pan and pour the finished honey sauce.

Fry all ingredients for three to five minutes, stirring constantly.

Turn off the heat, cover and leave the chicken liver with apples to brew for ten minutes.

Chicken liver with apples and red gourmet wine

The original recipe using red wine and sesame will delight exquisite taste and special juiciness.


• seven hundred grams of chicken liver;

• a glass of red semi-sweet or dry wine;

• large onion;

• Sesame spoon;

• three large juicy apples;

• two spoons of white flour;

• spoon of sugar;

• salt;

• three spoons of oil for the pan.


Pieces of prepared liver roll in white flour.

Onion very finely chopped into cubes. Heat the vegetable oil, fry the onions.

Without removing the onions, fry the liver pieces on both sides.

When a crust appears on the meat, add three quarters of a glass of wine to the pan.

Simmer for 10 minutes over low heat.

Apples cut into thin slices.

Fry them in a separate skillet, sprinkle with sugar (you get apples in caramel).

When the slices are soft, pour over the leftover wine and stew for about five minutes.

When serving in the middle of the plate, place the liver, and arrange the apple delicacy in a circle. Garnish with sesame.

Chicken liver with apples and white wine in a slow cooker

White wine, too, may be the way, if you decide to cook chicken liver with apples. This is a real delicacy, a special taste that gives sour cream, cinnamon, allspice.


• seven hundred grams of liver;

• five large juicy apples;

• a glass of white dessert wine;

• 150 grams of fat sour cream;

• 150 grams of chicken fresh fat;

• pinch of cinnamon;

• a little allspice.


Prepared liver cut into slices.

In the frying mode, dissolve the chicken fat in the bowl.

After five minutes, pour sour cream into the fat, mix.

Switch the device to extinguish mode.

When sour cream boils, again switch the slow cooker to frying mode, put the liver out and fry for about five minutes.

Apples cut into thin plates.

Pour the wine into the bowl, lay out the apple slices, close the lid, cook for the quenching mode for about ten to fifteen.

Salt, season with pepper, cinnamon, mix and serve.

Chicken liver with apples and sweet pepper

Delicious, bright dish of chicken liver, apples, bell pepper and green onions can be cooked in just half an hour.


• six hundred grams of liver;

• large onion;

• two medium acidic juicy apples;

• that grams of green onions;

• large Bulgarian pepper;

• salt, black pepper or a mixture of peppers.


Chop the bulb onion into small cubes.

Bulgarian pepper cut into thin strips.

Apples cut into small cubes. Cut green onion feathers into slices three to four centimeters long.

Cut the liver into small slices and fry in a hot frying pan.

Put the product on a plate, put in a warm place.

In the same skillet for about five minutes, fry the onion with pepper. Do not close the lid, stir the frying.

Put apple cubes and green onions with pepper, close the lid and stew for two minutes.

Put in the pan liver.

Salt, add ground black pepper, a quarter cup of water, stew chicken liver with apples under a lid for seven minutes.

Chicken liver with apples in tomato sauce

Tomato paste and apples - an interesting, very unusual combination. However, the liver according to this recipe is tasty, delicate, soft, with thin sourness.


• half a kilo of liver;

• large sour apple;

• two medium bulbs;

• tablespoon white flour;

• half a glass of water;

• Spoon of tomato paste;

• salt and pepper;

• some roasting oil.


Liver arbitrarily chopped.

Onions cut transparent rings.

Apple grate finely.

Mix applesauce with tomato paste, flour, water, salt and pepper.

In hot oil, fry the onion first.

When the rings are transparent, put the pieces of the liver to them.

Fry the liver with onions for another five minutes, stirring.

Pour all the tomato sauce, cover and simmer for five minutes.

Turn off the fire, give the chicken liver with apples and tomato paste a little brew.

Chicken liver with apples in a creamy sauce in a slow cooker

Very good chicken liver in cream. This classic combination of adding apples and onions turns the dish into a fabulous gourmet delicacy.


• six hundred grams of chicken liver;

• two tablespoons of white flour;

• two large onions;

• three medium sour apples;

• a glass of heavy cream (250 ml);

• salt;

• some vegetable oil (one or two spoons);

• teaspoon dried basil.


Liver cut into pieces.

Heat the oil in a bowl on frying mode.

Sprinkle the liver with flour from all sides and fry for five minutes. Cut onion into half rings, apples - into slices.

Put the liver.

Fry the onion rings in the bowl.

After five minutes, add apple slices to them, fry for another five minutes.

Posting to the apples and onions liver.

Pour the cream into the bowl.

Pour basil.

Close the lid, cook in fire mode for half an hour.

Add chicken liver with apples, along with boiled potatoes or rice.

Chicken liver with apples - tricks and useful tips

  • Chicken liver of good quality has a dark brown color, shiny shiny surface. No bloody clots should be. If the raw liver has a yellowish or orange hue, crumbles, you should not buy or cook it.
  • It is necessary to fry the liver in a pan in parts, gradually putting it on the pieces that have already been set on a crust. If you put everything at once, the product will start to just boil in the juice that is released, and not to roast. The dish will be irretrievably spoiled.
  • Liver readiness can be checked by pressing: the finished product is injected, it is not solid. When the puncture should not stand out pink juice.
  • A tender liver can dry out even after turning off the fire, if it was cooked in a skillet with a thick bottom. Such dishes long retains a high temperature, and this is detrimental to chicken liver. Remove it from the sauce and return it when the pan and the liquid have cooled slightly.
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