Jam from apples and pears - autumn joy. Recipes for making jam from apples and pears in various ways

Jam from apples and pears - autumn joy. Recipes for making jam from apples and pears in various ways

If you ask people about associations with the word fruit, then the first will be an apple, and the second will be a pear.

These are the most common fruits, they deservedly enjoy the love of adults and kids. Here and a pleasant taste, and juiciness, and undoubted benefit.

Fruits are rich in vitamins, beneficial effect on the digestive system.

One of the best ways to preserve the harvest is harvesting for the winter.

Among the variety of recipes highlights jam.

This is not just tasty, but also universal: jam can be used for tea drinking, making sandwiches, and also used in a variety of pastries.

Jam made from apples and pears is great for all this.

There are various recipes for this wonderful dish.

Basic principles of making jam from apples and pears

Often on the jam are substandard fruit - dented, bruised, overripe, irregular shape. It is only necessary to exclude the use of rotten apples and pears as raw materials.

Unripe fruits will also not be very convenient - the jam will not get a delicate texture. They must be mature, and better even re-living.

The preparation consists of washing the fruit, cutting out the tainted places, if any. Mereds with stones and hard particles are also removed, unless rubbing is intended.

Is the skin cut? Usually they do not. But if the jam for very young children, you need a special tenderness, or the skin is very hard, it is better to remove it.

Jam is made from applesauce. And it, in turn, can be made in different ways:

- mince fruit pieces / grind in a blender

- use a juicer, where there is an opportunity to squeeze not just juice, but puree - an ordinary meat grinder with a cone-shaped tip is perfect as such

- warm the apples and pears with a small amount of water and rub them through a colander or a sieve.

The finished mashed potatoes boil with sugar. The longer you cook, the thicker it will be.

In addition to the main ingredients, it is possible to add other fruits, berries or their juice. And also the taste and aroma of jam improve various spices - cloves, vanilla, cinnamon. For storage, hot jam is poured into cans and rolled up. You can cool it and put it under nylon covers or in any containers. Such a product will be stored worse, besides, a rather high sugar content is required so that the jam does not ferment.

A simple jam from apples and pears

This is a basic recipe, it can be used by novice housewives, and when a large number of fruits are to be processed in a short time - this is not a time for delights. If desired, on the basis of this recipe, you can conduct experiments.


• 2 kilograms of apples

• 1 kilo of pears

• 2 kilograms of sugar.

Method of preparation

Rinse apples and pears, remove damaged areas.

Put in a large saucepan, add half a glass of water and put on a slow fire.

After half an hour, the fruit should be soft.

Wipe them through a colander.

In the resulting puree, add sugar and heat over low heat.

When the sugar is dissolved, it will be seen how liquid the mass is.

Then it must be cooked with the lid open for half an hour also on low heat.

If the mash was very liquid, and you need a thick jam, boil down even longer.

Finished puree pour in banks and tighten. If you intend to use in the near future, it makes no sense to roll up. Just cool and refrigerate in a suitable container.

Apple and pear jam with lemon

Along with the first option, this is one of the most common: here lemon juice is added to apple and pear puree. It allows you to adjust the somewhat neutral and overly sweet taste of jam due to its slight sourness. You can not add the zest, but you can also put it - it will add an additional aromatic note.


• Two kilograms of apples

• Two pounds of pears

• Three kilograms of sugar

• One lemon.

Method of preparation

Apples and pears washed, cut into pieces, removing the cores and tails.

Skip through a meat grinder with a very fine grill.

Mix with sugar and put on a slow fire. Stir.

Pour boiling water over lemon. Remove with the help of a grater zest, avoiding touching the white layer. From the lemon squeeze all the juice.

10 minutes before being ready to pour in the juice and put the zest.

In total, boil for about an hour, maybe longer.

Ready jam and packaged. This option is perfect for filling bagels.

Cooking jam from apples and pears in a slow cooker

The use of a multicooker in the preparation of jam greatly facilitates the work of the hostess: no need to stand over a bowl or pan and stir constantly. In the slow cooker, the workpiece languishes under a closed lid, and the result always pleases. Lemon is used in this recipe and can be ignored if desired.


• 1 kilo of apples

• 1 kilo of pears

• 1.5 kilograms of sugar

• 1 lemon - it is better to take with a thin skin.

Method of preparation

Apples, pears, lemon wash.

Cut into slices, removing the core, and from the lemon - the bones.

Fold everything into the bowl of the slow cooker, sprinkle with sugar. Do not mix, as sugar can scratch the cup. Let stand for half an hour.

Turn on Baking mode for 5 minutes so that sugar is sold.

Stir the fruit pieces and turn on the Quenching program for 1.5 hours.

At the end of the preparation you will get tasty and beautiful jam.

You can use it, and so, but since you need to get jam, blender must be carefully split the mixture.

This should be done not in the multicooker bowl, but in another container.

Then, if storage is intended, the mass should be boiled. In the multicooker, Cooking mode is suitable for this.

If the jam will be submitted right now, you can do without additional processing.

Jam from apples and pears with spices “Aromatic”

The use of various spices and spices can turn a familiar delicacy into a delicious dish with a bright taste and rich aroma. Some recipes even suggest the use of hot peppers, which makes the jam get a little poignant. Ginger gives the same feeling. Use these spices with caution. But cinnamon, cloves, vanilla are always friends with apples and pears.


• 1 kilo of apples

• 0.5 kg of pears

• 1 kilogram of sugar

• Half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon or a small piece of cinnamon sticks • Vanillin on the tip of a spoon

• 3 buds of inflorescences

• 3 allspice peppers

• Ground ginger at the tip of a spoon

• Tablespoon honey.

Method of preparation

Apples and pears washed and put in the pan.

Add a little water and then simmer for half an hour.

Rub through a sieve.

The resulting mash put on a small fire and simmer until it boils down to a third.

Then add sugar, stir, cook until dissolved.

Put the honey and all the spices, cook for another half hour.

At the end of cooking jam hot pour into the banks and roll up. Spices remaining in the mass will give it an additional aroma and taste. However, if desired, they can be removed before rolling cans.

Jam with apples and pears “Exotic”

In this recipe, along with pears and apples are used citrus, as well as mango. These fruits give a special exotic taste and flavor to the jam. Unusual, but very tasty! The dish turns out to be an average level of sweetness, if you wish, you can increase the amount of sugar.


• 1 kilo of apples

• 1 kilo of pears

• 1 kilo mango

• 1 lemon

• 1 orange

• 2 kilograms of sugar.

Method of preparation

Peel the lemon and orange zest. From the fruits themselves squeeze the juice.

Apples, pears, mango clean skin, remove the middle.

All fruits mince with a fine grill.

Mix with sugar and put on a small fire. While sugar is dissolving, stir well.

After half an hour of light boiling, put in a mass of zest and pour out the juice.

Cook to the desired thickness and pour into sterilized jars, screw on the lids, hold under a warm coating and store.

Another unusual jam: apple, pear and banana

Bananas in combination with apples and other fruits are often used for baby puree. Why not try this kit as a base for jam? In addition, bananas are readily available, and they are often put in pastries. So this jam is also suitable as a filling for pies, pies, bagels. Alcohol makes a special note, but if it is prepared for children, it can be excluded.


• 1 kilo of apples • 0.5 kg of pears

• 0.5 kilogram of bananas

• Two tablespoons of rum or brandy

• 1, 5 kilograms of sugar

• Vanillin - several crystals

Method of preparation

Peel and chop the apples and pears, remove the cores.

Bananas peel and cut into circles.

Mix fruit with sugar and set aside.

Boil, stirring occasionally, with a slight boil.

When jam becomes the desired consistency, add vanillin and alcohol. Boil a couple more minutes and remove from heat.

Tips and tips for making jam from apples and pears

  • What should be the proportions of fruit? Absolutely any. You can take apples and pears equally. You can shift the ratio in one direction or another. The more apples - the more tender the jam, however, and ripe pears do not add rigidity to it. Therefore, the choice depends on the availability of ingredients and the preferences of the hostess.
  • Jam may burn during cooking. To avoid this, it is necessary to thoroughly and often stir the mass. Cook over a low heat. Use suitable utensils - in the enamelled jam it is more inclined to burn. If this happens, you need to quickly pour the mass into another container, without touching the burnt layer. It would be good to put the pot on a wet rag, then it will be better to burn the burnt one.
  • In addition, during the boil, “volcanics” can form with rather tangible splashes. Chance to get burned. To reduce it, first, you need to cook the jam on a low fire. Secondly, cover the dishes with a lid. But not tight, leaving a gap so that excess liquid evaporates.
  • It should be borne in mind that while cooling down the jam will be thicker than when hot.
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