Pork in beer - juicy meat with impeccable taste and aroma. The best recipes for pork in beer: pickled, fried, baked

Pork in beer - juicy meat with impeccable taste and aroma. The best recipes for pork in beer: pickled, fried, baked

Despite the unusual combination of pork and beer, the dishes from these two basic ingredients turn out so tasty, and the meat itself is juicy and soft, that by trying to combine these two products once, you will return to these recipes again and again.

Moreover, pork recipes in beer are so simple that absolutely anyone can cook a dish.

Pork in beer - general principles of cooking

For cooking, choose the meat of a young animal. Pieces can be from any part: tenderloin, neck, paddle, knuckle. If necessary, thaw a prepared piece of meat, thoroughly rinse and cut into pieces across the fibers or leave it in a whole piece - depends on the recipe.

Beer must be fresh. Most often use light filtered beer, but there are recipes where they take a dark beer or a mixture of light and dark drink.

In addition to pork and beer, various spices, herbs, and greens are often added to the dish. Garlic, onions, Provencal and Italian herbs, oregano, thyme, pepper and others are especially good with pork.

Often added and additional ingredients, thereby making the dish even more rich - vegetables, mushrooms.

Usually, the pork is pre-marinated in spices, then fried or boiled and poured with beer, then sent to be baked in the oven or fried in a frying pan.

For cooking use dishes with a thick bottom: pans, cast iron frying pans and other. For the marinade take non-oxidizing containers: for example, glass, ceramics.

1. Pork in Czech beer


• pork meat - 300 g;

• light beers - 1 big mug;

• 1 onion;

• salt - 10 g;

• seasoning - packaging floor;

• sunflower oil - a little less than half a glass.


1. Cut a piece of pork into a medium cube.

2. Onion, cut into half rings, fry with butter to a colorless shade.

3. To the onions in the pan lay out the meat, close the lid and fry for 12 minutes on low heat. 4. Salt with pepper and onion.

5. Then pour beer into the pan, up to half the volume so that the meat can be seen. All thoroughly stir and simmer for about half an hour.

6. Reduce the heat and give later about half an hour.

7. When serving, lay the pork in the beer on a plate, next to put the boiled potatoes, sprinkle with herbs.

2. Pork in beer with mushrooms


• one middle pork leg (or 3 small ones);

• medium onion;

• small carrot;

• marinated champignons in oil (fresh 0.5 kg can be used) - half a can;

• light beers - half a liter;

• salt - 5 g;

• sunflower oil - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• ground black pepper - 20 g.


1. Cut the prepared carrots into cubes, onions - half rings. All fry in oil in a tank with a thick bottom.

2. Add mushrooms to vegetables, mix everything. If the mushrooms are fresh, then they need to be pre-cleaned, washed and a little extinguished separately in a small amount of water.

3. Pork my shin, dry in a paper towel, fry in a pan on both sides.

4. After roasting, pour the shin with beer and stew on low heat for 120 minutes with the lid closed.

5. After two hours, open the lid and check for water, if there is a lot of liquid left, then turn off the fire, and if it is low, you can pour more beer and put out for half an hour with the lid open.

6. We serve the finished shank in beer with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables, garnished with green leaves.

3. Fried pork in beer


• a piece of pork - half a kilogram;

• flour - 50 g;

• salt - 80 g;

• 1 egg;

• light beer - 50 ml;

• crushed crackers -5 tbsp. spoons;

• sunflower oil - 100 ml;

• half a lemon;

• seasoning paprika - half a pack.


1. Pork cut across the fibers into thin plastics, beat with a hammer, sprinkle with salt.

2. Beat egg with beer and salt.

3. All the pieces of meat are rolled in flour, dipped in a salty mixture of eggs with beer and breaded in breadcrumbs.

4. Heat the pan with butter and place the prepared meat pieces, fry for a few minutes, turning it from side to side. 5. Put fried schnitzels on a la carte plates, pour with lemon juice, sprinkle with paprika.

6. Next to each piece of schnitzel can be put onion fried in oil.

4. Cooked and baked pork in beer with soy sauce


• one middle shin;

• 1 carrot;

• half celery root;

• medium onion;

• 3 laurel leaves;

• 15 black peppercorns;

• salt - pinch;

• soy sauce - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• honey - 60 g;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• Provence spices - 20 g;

• light beer - half a bottle.


1. Put the drumstick in the pan, pour the water and cook over low heat.

2. After boiling, remove the foam and lay the carrot, peeled and diced, onions, celery, bay pepper and peas. We salt and leave to boil for another 3 hours, until the meat moves away from the bone.

3. Put the prepared drumstick out of the pan and cool it. We do not pour out the broth, it will come in handy later.

4. Meanwhile, pour the soy sauce into a cup, add honey to it, chopped cloves of garlic and spices, mix everything well.

5. Separate the meat from the bone and rub it with the prepared mixture.

6. Meat rolled into a roll and tied with string or cord, put on the frying sheet.

7. Bake in a hot oven for 2 hours at a moderate temperature.

8. After 15 minutes, water the resulting meat shank with beer in a few receptions.

9. Take out the finished knuckle on a plate, cool it without cutting the thread.

10. Put the cold knuckle in the refrigerator overnight.

11. In the morning, take out the leg from the refrigerator, cut it into pieces, grease with mustard or liquid horseradish and enjoy an excellent breakfast.

5. Pork in beer with pistachios and bananas


• 1 kilogram of pork;

• light beer - 30 ml;

• 2 bags of fried pistachios;

• 2 bananas;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 3 bay leaves;

• peppercorns - 3 pcs .;

• black ground pepper - 20 g.


1. Cut pork into large pieces, make small cuts in them. Slices of garlic are pushed into the cuts. 2. We put five layers of foil on a baking sheet, this is necessary so that the liquid does not flow out during baking.

3. Rub the meat pieces with garlic with salt, put on a foil, on top of a pea of ​​pepper and bay leaves.

4. Fill all with beer.

5. Cover the contents with the edges of the foil so that air space remains between the meat and the foil.

6. Put in a hot oven and bake for two and a half hours.

7. After two hours, unfold the foil and bake for another 5 minutes to form a crisp.

8. Cool the baked meat, cut into portions, put on plates, pour the liquid remaining after baking and sprinkle with chopped pistachios.

9. Next to the meat lay out the fried bananas.

6. Roast pork in aromatic beer sauce


• one kilogram of pork meat with pelt;

• salt - pinch;

• ground black pepper - 10 g;

• Thyme, dried thyme herb - 10 g;

• any fat - 30 g;

• small onion head;

• average carrot;

• celery 1 small root;

• marjoram, lovage, basil - 1 tsp;

• light and dark beer - 1 tin can each;

• starch - a teaspoon.


1. On the skin of the pork meat do knife incisions diamond-shaped.

2. My meat, dry in a paper towel, rub with salt, pepper, thyme, thyme.

3. Put a piece of meat in a container, greased, and fry in a hot oven for half an hour at a temperature of about 230 degrees.

4. While the meat is fried, wash and clean all the vegetables and finely cut, put them in the meat, pour light beer.

5. Roast about two hours.

6. A few minutes before readiness, open the oven and pour in several receptions with dark beer.

7. Finished roast take out of the oven, cool.

8. Strain beer sauce, add a little starch.

9. When serving, lay the roast on an a la carte dish, pour the sauce over and put the cabbage salad next to it.

7. Pork marinated in beer


• kilo of tenderloin;

• a quarter cup of beer; • a quarter cup of soy sauce;

• Art. l vinegar (better than apple);

• 2 tbsp. l Sahara;

• 20 grams of vegetable oil;

• salt, spices.


1. Mix sugar in a large bowl with beer, soy sauce, spices and vinegar.

2. Put the washed cut in the prepared marinade. Cover the meat with oppression, remove at least 4 hours in the fridge.

3. Fry the marinated pork in heated vegetable oil to a light blush.

4. Shift the meat into a deep pan.

5. We bake the pork for 13-16 minutes at 200 degrees, after pouring the marinade, reduce the degrees to 160, simmer another 10 minutes.

6. Serve pork marinated, baked in beer sauce with boiled vegetables, salad and greens.

Pork in beer - tricks and tips

• In order for the pork in beer to be especially juicy, it’s better to pre-fry the pieces of meat in hot oil on all sides for literally 2-3 minutes.

• The percentage of alcohol in beer does not matter, this factor does not affect the taste of the finished dish. In addition, in the process of baking all the alcohol disappears, leaving only a light aroma and taste.

• To make the meat cook faster, beat each slice slightly. Or on a large piece make deep cuts and rub it well with spices.

• As soon as you pour the beer into the pork, immediately reduce the heat to a minimum so that the liquid does not boil and the pork languishes.

• Fresh greens are better to put in the ready dish, and not at the time of baking.

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