Terms of use of honey in cooking and confectionery

Terms of use of honey in cooking and confectionery

Honey is a unique product that requires a special approach to itself. It is often used in cooking. Honey cakes, biscuits, rolls, cakes and other similar pastries get an extraordinary pomp and flavor. The meat becomes tender and soft, filled with taste. But only if you use honey according to the rules.

Vitamins, ay ...

Honey along with wines are among the most falsified products in the world. This is due to the complexity of production, high costs, limited output. Therefore, the risk of purchasing sugar syrup is high.

Manufacturers have learned how to do it in such a way that it is almost impossible to identify a fake by organoleptic characteristics.

If sugar syrup is acquired, it does not possess any useful properties. Also, it will not affect the pomp and softness of the dough, do not slow down the baking baking, it is impossible to prepare a cold drink or marinade for meat with such a product. All culinary secrets and tricks, which are written below, refer only to natural honey.

What you need to know about honey

Honey can not be introduced into hot tea or water, it has a low boiling point, when the temperature rises above 40 degrees, vitamins start to die. If cold dishes and snacks are prepared, then everything is clear. But what to do with baking? Think less about the benefits! In cooking, honey is considered a valuable ingredient, from the point of view of the composition of vitamins and minerals, it is rarely considered. If you want to improve your health or heal, then you need to use it separately.

Another point is crystallization. It can take from one month to six months, it all depends on the type of honey. But it is the old and candied product that can be put into pastries or other dishes, it will not disappear. If the product has stood for a year and has not changed the consistency, then it is a question of a fake or this honey was boiled.

How to warm up honey:

  • Put the jar in hot water or in a water bath, wait.
  • Hold the honey at the heating radiator.
  • Heat in a microwave.
  • Dip a spoon into boiling water, then add the required amount, add to the warm mass.

By the way, honey can sour, mold and deteriorate, although it is a preservative itself. It is an immature product with high humidity. It can also be purchased by mistake. Unlike candied honey, this can spoil the taste and quality of the dish.

In which dishes use honey

The most popular and frequent use of bee products is baking. There are desserts and some types of dough, which simply cannot be obtained without honey. But the application of this wonderful product is not limited to this.

Drinks with honey

This is not about tea. There is a category of drinks in which honey cannot be replaced by anything: sbitni, punches, cocktails, mead, purée, wine and even honey beer. Many species are no longer popular. They were replaced by cheaper and more affordable counterparts. Their main disadvantage is not always safe composition. If you want to surprise friends and households, then you can search for interesting recipes, prepare old drinks yourself.

Honey syrups

In cooking, syrups are often made from honey for impregnating biscuits or other porous pastries. Also some elements of jewelry can stick together with syrup, they are greased with mastic figures for shine. It is added to chak-chak, the “Anthill” cake. For syrup, you can boil honey with water or other liquid, but there is an opportunity to save vitamins.

How to make a healthy syrup:

  1. Boil liquid with sugar and other additives according to the recipe.
  2. Cool to 45 degrees.
  3. Add honey, stir until dissolved, or beat.

If the honey is of high quality, and the rest of the ingredients are boiling well, then this syrup will be no worse than the cooked counterpart. It is well preserved in the refrigerator.

Marinades for meat and poultry

Another very popular use of honey. The product softens meat fibers, covers with a ruddy crust, improves taste. But it is important to mix it with something. It’s just not possible to pour a bird or a piece of pork with honey. It will not soak, and in the cooking process it will simply burn. Honey content in marinade is not more than 20%.

What is usually added:

  • lemon;
  • soy sauce;
  • mustard;
  • spices;
  • ketchup, adjika.

Honey goes well with garlic, ginger, all kinds of pepper, it can be safely salted and mixed with vegetable oils, any fats.

What else you need to know about honey

An important feature of the product is weight. A glass of water is not equal to a glass of honey. He is much harder. Therefore, if the recipe indicates 200 g of honey, you do not need to measure a cup of the appropriate volume. In the glass will be at least 300 grams. Such a large deviation from the recipe simply ruins the dish.

Terms of use of honey in cooking and confectionery

Other points:

  • Honey can be used to replace sugar in any baking in whole or in part. But in this case, you will have to reduce the amount of water, milk, or other liquid ingredients. Or add more flour, achieving the necessary consistency.
  • If you need to make cupcakes or cookies for the future, be sure to add a couple of tablespoons of honey to the dough. It will increase the shelf life by several days, will not allow baking to become stale.
  • Despite the sweet taste, honey has a high acidity. This product can cause heartburn and other unpleasant sensations in the stomach. That is why it is often neutralized with alkaline products. Usually it is baking soda, baking baking powder.
  • Baking with honey is much darker than without it, it quickly burns. Therefore, during cooking, you need to carefully follow it. If the cake is reddened, and inside is raw, then lower the temperature, cover the top with wet paper and bring to readiness.
  • Meat or poultry with honey can also be browned faster than time. In this case, you need to remove the product, generously grease with sour cream or mayonnaise, you can cover with foil, reduce the temperature in the oven, bring the dish to readiness.

Honey is a valuable product, it will help in creating culinary masterpieces, will open up new opportunities, but only with proper use. A lot does not mean good. The product has a high degree of allergenicity. If desserts or dishes are prepared for children, pregnant women, asthma or just unfamiliar people, then use honey very carefully or we exclude, even better - consult with guests.

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