Gingercake with dried fruits

On a frosty evening it’s great to settle in a cozy kitchen with a cup of hot ginger tea and ... a slice of delicious ginger cake. This is a real winter pastry, not only tasty, but also healthy. Especially in the cold season!

Gingercake with dried fruits

In addition to a rich set of vitamins, microelements, organic acids and antioxidants, ginger root contains essential oils and gingerol - a substance that is similar in composition to the hot components of hot pepper. Therefore, ginger and has a spicy, pungent taste. It remarkably warms and speeds up the metabolism, promotes excellent appetite, successfully resists colds and inflammatory processes.

“Horned root” (as the name 'Zinziber' translates), like a noble knight, will stand guard over immunity during the cold season: to prevent a cold that begins, when you have throat in your throat, it is enough to chew a tiny piece of cleaned ginger root so that the ARD passes without to begin. And the breath will be fresh!

And to consolidate the effect and prevention, add ginger to a variety of dishes: it is in harmony with both the main dishes, and with pastries, desserts and drinks. Cook the meat with ginger, grate the root on a fine grater in lemon tea or put thin slices in the cup, bake gingerbread and cookies; and in the dough for the usual baking - buns and pies - pour the ground ginger and add raw - as in the recipe of today's cake! And do not worry: the finished cupcake, despite the large amount of ginger, is not so hot as the root in its pure form. Sweet raisins and figs add their flavor, icing brings a chocolate note, and butter gives creamy softness. The cupcake is moderately moist, spicy and very satisfying.

In the dough, you can add any dried fruits that you like: raisins, dates, dried apricots, candied fruits, dried kumquat and dried cranberries. Our today's cake - with raisins and figs.

  • Cooking time: 1, 5 hours
  • Servings: 8-10

Ingredients for Ginger Cake

For the test:

  • 130 g (1 tbsp of 200 g without the top) flour;
  • 150 g (3/4 tbsp.) Of sugar;
  • 130 g butter;
  • 2 pcs. medium sized eggs;
  • 1 tbsp. l honey
  • 100 g of dried fruit;
  • 40 g fresh ginger root;
  • 2 tsp. ground ginger;
  • 0, 5 tsp. food soda;
  • 1/4 tsp. salts;
  • 1/4 tsp. turmeric (saffron);
  • 100 ml black freshly brewed tea.

For the glaze:

  • 50 g of chocolate;
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (or milk).
Gingercake with dried fruits

Ingredients are indicated for a 10x17 cm shape. However, a cupcake can be baked not only in a rectangular shape, but also in a round, in a cupcake with a hole, and in portioned tins (small muffins will bake faster).

Method of making ginger cake

Beforehand get the oil out of the fridge so that it softens.

Prepare dried fruits. We wash them, cut the figs into small pieces. Ginger root cleaned of thin peel and chop. The grater does not fit - you just need to cut it into very small pieces.

Gingercake with dried fruits

Fill ginger and dried fruit with fresh warm tea and leave for 10 minutes.

Gingercake with dried fruits

While the dried fruits are infused in tea, prepare the dough. Mix soft butter and sugar with a mixer for half a minute at low speed.

We drive in an oily mixture of eggs and honey. If the honey has become candied, we preheat it a little beforehand in a water bath to become liquid. We continue to beat until a homogeneous, tender mass, like a cream.

Gingercake with dried fruits Gingercake with dried fruits Gingercake with dried fruits

Sift the flour into a whipped mass, add spices: salt, ground ginger and turmeric. Soda is also better to sift with flour, so that it is evenly distributed in the dough: then the cake will bake well, and you will not come across lumps with a taste of soda. You do not need to quench the soda: the reaction will take place thanks to honey, which is an acidic medium.

Gingercake with dried fruits

Stir to get a fragrant, rather thick consistency of dough.

Gingercake with dried fruits

We recline ginger with dried fruit pieces on a colander. In addition, we squeeze them well with our hands from tea so that excess moisture does not get into the dough.

Gingercake with dried fruits

Sprinkle the dough with an additional spoon of flour, add the ginger-fig-raisin mixture and mix.

Gingercake with dried fruits

Pour over the form with a sheet of parchment greased with vegetable oil and lay out the dough. Evenly distributed in form.

Gingercake with dried fruits

Put the cupcake on the middle tier of the oven, preheated to 170-180 ° C. We bake ginger cake for quite a long time - from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes, depending on the characteristics of your oven. In electric baking is usually ready faster than in gas. The finished cupcake can crack deliciously in the middle and noticeably redden. But just by the color of the crust, it is quite difficult to establish readiness, because honey and tea also give a dark shade to the cake.

Therefore, from time to time, try a cupcake with a bamboo skewer: when the middle is baked and becomes not liquid, and the stick will come out of the dough dry, with no traces of dough, the cake is ready.

Gingercake with dried fruits

Gently remove the cake from the mold, pulling on the edges of the parchment, and set to cool on the grill. When the baking has cooled slightly, you can gently remove the paper.

Gingercake with dried fruits

While the cupcake is cooling, we make chocolate icing. For this chocolate (or cocoa mass) crumbled into pieces, add a spoonful of milk or butter and, stirring, heat in a water bath.

Gingercake with dried fruits

The chocolate will melt in a few minutes. Pour glaze over the cupcake and spread it on the dish. Serving ginger cupcake with ginger tea!

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