Cranberry jelly is a new way to combat vitamin deficiency. Delicious and healthy cranberry jelly recipes are simple and easy!

Cranberry jelly is a new way to combat vitamin deficiency. Delicious and healthy cranberry jelly recipes are simple and easy!

Cranberry is a source of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body to function and maintain the immune system. Eating berries can be both in its pure form, and preparing of them unusual and sweet desserts that everyone will like.

In the article we will look at how to cook cranberry jelly, while preserving the taste and benefits.

Cranberry Jelly

This dessert is suitable for all sweet teeth, who are closely watching their figure and foods high in fat and carbohydrates. One serving of jelly made according to this recipe contains 0 grams of fat, 3.3 grams of protein, 38.9 grams of carbohydrates and 166 kilocalories.

To prepare this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

· Cranberry berries - 250 grams;

· A quarter cup of sugar;

· Tablespoon of gelatin;

· Drinking water - 400 grams.

The recipe is calculated on average for three portions and can be supplemented or reduced by the corresponding number of people.

The total cooking time for cranberry jelly will be ten hours and twenty five minutes.

1. Remove a container or bag of cranberries from the freezer and leave to thaw at room temperature. When the berries are thawed, we wash them thoroughly under warm water and leave in a colander so that the glass has excess moisture.

2. Put gelatin in a glass and add boiling water there.

3. We return to our berries, we need to squeeze cranberry juice out of them. Put the cranberries in any container with a deep bottom, and using tolkushki begin to knead the berries. When the juice is separated from the peel, it must be poured into another container, pre-filtering through a sieve.

4. Do not rush to throw away the skin of cranberries. Put them in a saucepan, pour one glass of boiling water and put on gas to boil for 10 minutes.

5. After cooking, you need to filter again through a sieve, so that the jelly will turn out without adding leaves, twigs and skin particles. After that, the skins can be thrown away. 6. Juice returns to slow gas and is boiled with sugar until it is completely dissolved.

7. Add gelatin to the still boiling solution, carefully stir the resulting mass.

8. Finally, we can turn off the gas under the saucepan and add juice to the boiled solution, which was pressed at the very beginning. Mix the mixture and pour into jelly containers or bowls. Leave to cool.

9. After cooling, freeze the jelly in the refrigerator for ten to twelve hours.

Enjoy your meal!

Cranberry jelly without cooking and gelatin

You can cook and easier and less energy-intensive jelly, with the recipe of which you can find below.

For the preparation we need only two components:

· Granulated sugar;

· Cranberry berries.

It is important to know: for fine solubility, choose fine granulated sugar or prepare powder at all.

1. Thaw the berries at room temperature, then pour them with hot water. Throw cranberries in a colander, let drain excess water.

2. At this stage it is necessary to get the juice from the berries. Put them in a container with a deep bottom, knead with a spoon or mortar. Find out how many grams of fresh juice you received, for every 200 grams add 300 grams of powder.

3. Mix cranberry juice with powdered sugar in a separate container, stir until sugar crystals remain on the bottom.

4. We got a syrup that needs to be frozen. Fill the liquid in the prepared containers and remove the finished jelly to freeze overnight in the refrigerator.

Cranberry jelly you can use as you like - eat separately or use as a decoration for desserts.

Sour cream cranberry jelly - a delicious surprise for the new year

Have you been thinking for a long time, to please your loved ones for the new year? Sour cream cranberry jelly will be a new culinary masterpiece on your holiday table!

Ingredients Required:

· 1 pack of sour cream;

· A bag of frozen cranberries;

· 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar; · 2 bags of vanillin one gram each;

· Tablespoon of gelatin;

· At the request of sugar.

Handling method:

1. Prepare gelatin, fill it with hot water and mix well.

2. Pour sour cream into a separate container and add vanilla and powder, mixing thoroughly. There we also add gelatin, previously passed through a sieve. In small glasses pour the mixture and leave in the refrigerator.

3. Thawed cranberries are washed in water and cleaned from twigs or leaves. To taste, pour sugar into a small ladle, put the cranberries and cook slowly under the lid closed until boiling.

4. While sugarcranes are boiling, prepare another gelatin solution and pass it through a sieve.

5. Mix gelatin and ready-made cranberries with sugar. Through a sieve, decant the cranberry juice, add it to the sour cream in cups, again put in the fridge.

6. Exactly 60 minutes later, an unusual dessert will be ready, enjoy!

Interesting fact: maybe you do not want to serve this dessert on the table in cups, or do you need them for something else? Then just put for a few seconds glasses with ready-made cranberry jelly under hot water jets, then you can easily pull it out!

Cooking cranberry jelly in post

In the post, you can also sometimes indulge yourself with useful and tasty sweets. This recipe is just perfect for making dessert, it changes gelatin to agar-agar.

To prepare this recipe, you should prepare:

· A small bag of frozen cranberries;

· 3 teaspoons of agar-agar;

· 1,5-2 glasses of drinking water;

· Sugar, half a glass.

Cooking technology:

1. We defrost the cranberries, then rinse thoroughly under running water, sort out the berries.

2. Put the washed cranberries in some deep container and begin to press with a mortar or tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes, until the berries turn into juice.

It is important to know: deep dishes are selected to ensure that good juice does not stain you during cooking, nor everything around. Berry contains a lot of juice, so you can not do without splashes. 3. Separate the rind of the berries from the juice using a sieve, put the rind in a dipper, add water and set to boil over a fire.

4. While the cooking process is in full swing, pour the agar-agar into a hotel cup and cover with very hot water.

5. Returning to the ladle with cranberry mixture. Pass it through the sieve again, pour it back into the dipper, add granulated sugar and mix until it is completely dissolved.

6. Add the agar-agar to the mass, cook for five to seven minutes. After cooking, you can add the previously expressed juice and pour it into storage containers and put it in the fridge.

Cranberry jelly is ready!

Cranberry Jelly with Cranberry Foam

Another recipe that will not leave you indifferent neither in its taste nor in its specific qualities!

The list of products that are needed has remained unchanged: cranberries, water, gelatin and granulated sugar.

Warning! Look carefully at the packaging for the gelatin preparation rules. Depending on the instructions, soak it in either cold or hot water.

1. Clean and wash the cranberries, leave in a colander for drying.

2. Soak gelatin in accordance with the rules on the package, filter it through a sieve.

3. A new step in grinding the berries in this recipe is the use of a blender. We skip the resulting smoothie through a sieve, which will not allow the peel and small debris into the dish.

4. Put the peel remaining in the sieve on the gas in a small container, add sugar and cook for a short time until the sugar dissolves completely. Turn off the gas and leave to cool.

5. Having waited until the temperature of the jelly compares with the room temperature, we add gelatin and again put on gas or in the microwave for a little heating.

Caution! Do not boil the mixture, otherwise the jelly will never take the desired consistency. Just heat the mixture to normal temperature.

6. After straining the cranberry puree, you can add to it previously made juice along with gelatin. Let the dish cool.

7. Spill part of cranberry jelly in small forms, in which you will serve it to the table. Leaving a little space on top, remove it to cool in the fridge. Wait until the jelly completely hardens, otherwise the dessert may be spoiled. 8. We mix that part of the juice that remains, using a blender, until a standing foam is formed. It is she who at the final stage decorates frozen jelly from above.

Cranberry and Cranberry Jelly

In recipes it is not necessary to limit yourself to using only one berry, you can mix them and create a unique taste! This recipe will explain how to do this.

For cooking, we need:

· Half bag of cranberries;

· Half bag of lingonberries;

· A bag of gelatin;

· Drinking water;

· Sugar.

Prepare step by step:

1. Thaw the berries, wash and scrub them, then dissolve a tablespoon of gelatin in water.

2. We begin to knead the berries in a container until juice is obtained, pass the mixture through a sieve and put the rest of the rind into a dipper, pour in water, add sugar and cook.

3. After boiling the mixture, add gelatin, stir and remove from heat. After cooling the future of cranberry and lingonberry jelly, filter it through a strainer, discard the peel.

4. Pour in the remaining juice, mix thoroughly, place in molds or containers and leave in the refrigerator until ready.

Just wait a bit and very soon you will be able to get a boost of vitality and vitamins for a long time!

Carefully following the entire recipe of preparation, you can create stunning cranberry jelly in taste and benefit, which will be loved not only by you, but also by your whole family!

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