Best dessert recipes. Desserts of the peoples of the world.

Best dessert recipes. Desserts of the peoples of the world.

The originality of each nation is expressed in different ways, including in unique culinary traditions. In the world there is a huge number of national dishes: soups, main courses, and, of course, desserts. Visiting different countries, you can get acquainted with various delicious desserts prepared according to national recipes, often quite unique.

If you go to the USA, then make sure that this country is just a paradise for dessert lovers. Delicious American donuts, simple to prepare, but very tasty; Chocolate chip cookies, which represent a real threat to the figure, because, having begun to eat it, it is very difficult to stop, and others.

But the most famous American dessert is cheesecake, which fascinates lovers of sweet with its airiness, tenderness and light aroma of vanilla. Let's try and we prepare this American dish using one of the easiest recipes.

Ingredients for American Cheesecake:

1. Philadelphia cheese - 700 gr.,

2. 5 eggs

3. vanilla sugar - 200 gr.,

4. 2 packs of any cookie,

5. butter - 100 gr.

American cheesecake cooking method:

1. Chop the cookies into crumb and mix it with melted butter, resulting in a slightly sticky mass.

2. We enclose the obtained mass with the bottom of a low form and its walls.

3. Beat eggs with sugar, add Philadelphia cheese and, beating everything until a homogeneous consistency, send the mixture into the form.

4. Put the form approximately for an hour in the oven, heated to 165 degrees. It is necessary not to miss the moment of appearance of a slightly yellowish crust - then immediately turn off the oven and let our cheesecake cool.

5. Decorate the finished dessert with fresh berries or mint leaves. Of course, not all recipes for American desserts are that simple. For example, for making lemon cheesecake, you should strictly follow the recipe and cooking technology. The American pumpkin pie, tender and surprisingly tasty, which not every one of them can cook, also makes all the housewives thrill.

Lovers of desserts will delight South America, whose cuisine contains a great many such recipes. Brazil is especially famous for them, where they will certainly treat you to bananas in a wine syrup, the famous Brazilian nut cake, a sweetness called brigadeiro, and many other delicious desserts, without which South Americans can't do without a single holiday. Let us try to make one Brazilian dessert, simple, but very tasty and healthy.


1. 3 eggs (yolks only),

2. sugar - 200 gr.,

3. water - 100 gr.,

4. pinch of ground cinnamon.


1. Stir water with sugar and boil for 5-7 minutes.

2. In a bowl, lightly beat the egg yolks and in the process pour in a thin stream of hot syrup.

3. Cook this mixture over low heat until thick, then cool it well and stir well.

4. After transferring the finished mass to the dish, sprinkle it with ground cinnamon and serve with fruit or ice cream.

Once in Asia, you will be a little puzzled by the desserts that you are offered. Asian cuisine has always been considered exotic, and the dishes that are used for desserts are no exception. For example, in Japan you will be offered fried watermelon. It sounds weird, doesn't it? The same reaction is caused, as a rule, by shrimps in sugar, sweet rice and other dishes. However, having tried many of them, you can always remain fans of Japanese cuisine. For example, such a traditional Japanese dessert.


1. Sweet bear - 500 gr.,

2. sugar - 120 gr.,

3. 1 gallstone lumen patches,


5. black book for coloring


1. Remove the rind from the potato, cut it into thin slices, soak it in cold water for 5 minutes, and then dry thoroughly with paper towels.

2. Heat on a low-pressure fire oil and fry in it until the golden color of the potato, then take it out and let it drip off the oil.

3. We warm up in a large speed carcap with 3 pillars of water until calibration, pour molasses and mix.

4. Put the wardrobe in the pan so that it completely covers it.

5. Remove from the heat and pour with a sack.

Although, one wonders - why look for desserts around the world, when our culinary art traditions contain so many recipes that it is probably impossible to try them all. Russian people have always been sweetened, so our cuisine is rich in the various recipes of sweet dishes, the oldest of which were based on honey, home-made kvass and beer.

Earlier in Russia, it was decided to boil various fruits and berries in molasses or in honey, or to cook pastila from apples. However, for its preparation also used apricots, viburnum and other berries and fruits.

One of the oldest Russian desserts is Kissel, which is still popular today. Let's try to cook it in a new, modern design.


1. water - 1.5 liters and half a glass,

2. sugar - 4 tbsp. l.,

3. lemon - 3 pcs.,

4. starch - 100 gr.,

5. cream - 0.5 cups,

6. 2-3 sprigs of mint.


1. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, after rubbing the zest on a fine grater. It should be almost a glass of juice.

2. Water is boiled from 2 tbsp. l sugar and, adding lemon zest, cook for about 10 minutes. 3. Strain the syrup, add lemon juice and boil again.

4. Dilute the starch in 0.5 cups of water and pour in a thin stream into the syrup with lemon juice with constant stirring, when it thickens - remove from heat.

5. Beat cream with the remaining 2 tbsp. with spoons of sugar, serve with them kissel in ice cream bowl, decorating with mint leaves.

And here is another Russian dessert, about which it is difficult to say which of its merits is more - tastier or healthier. It's about baked apples. In general, in Russian desserts, apples are guests of honor. And baked apples are a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. They are still popular because of their aroma, excellent taste and simplicity in execution.


1. sweet and sour apples - 5 pcs.,

2. walnuts - 100 gr.,

3. raisins - 100 gr.,

4. honey - 50 gr.

1. Carefully cut out the core of apples, put them on a baking sheet and pour a few tablespoons of water.

2. In the recesses add mixed honey, chopped nuts and raisins.

3. Place the baking sheet with dessert in the preheated oven for 10-15 minutes.

4. Taking the apples out of the oven, lay them on a platter and pour over the honey.

Of course, to tell in a small article about the traditions and peculiarities of cooking desserts, which are offered by the cuisines of different nations, is simply impossible. But we hope that we have awakened your interest in this amazing page of world culinary history, and you will try to prepare desserts according to our recipes and surprise your loved ones with these tasty dishes.

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