How to pickle salmon at home: with honey, lemon, vodka. Quick ways to salted salmon at home

How to pickle salmon at home: with honey, lemon, vodka. Quick ways to salted salmon at home

Red meat deli salmon - it is very tasty, healthy and beautiful.

The fish will decorate the festive table and will please the home ones.

You can make canapes or stuffing for pancakes from it - in any form you get an amazingly tasty dish.

Knowing how to pickle salmon at home, you can at any time enjoy a fresh, melting in your mouth fish delicacy.

How to pickle salmon at home - general principles of cooking

The sirloin of the fish is good for salting, although in principle it is possible to salt the belly or steaks separately. If there is a whole not gutted carcass, it should be cut into pieces with a very sharp knife. Pre-fish washed with cold water, promakuyut paper towel.

Then you need to separate the head, cut the gills, make a long deep incision along the ridge, starting from the head. The idea is to divide the carcass into two halves: one with the spine and one loin. The spine is carefully removed with a knife. Before salting, you need to cut a fat belly, remove the fins, and cut the carcass into pieces.

You can buy ready-made fillet or steak, so as not to mess with the cutting. How to salt salmon at home? Using one of three methods.

1. Dry salting. Prepared fillet should be poured to taste with coarse salt (you can take the sea), wrap in paper and keep it 12-14 hours in the refrigerator. Remove the remains of salt with a knife and send the fish on the table.

2. Quick salting under the yoke. Cut the piece into portions (you can take fish pieces), sprinkle with a mixture of salt and sugar, taken in a ratio of three to one, remove for six to eight hours in the refrigerator under pressure.

3. Salting in brine. Cook the brine of salt and sugar with the addition of favorite herbs, vinegar and spices. Pour a piece of fish chilled and strained brine, keep in the refrigerator for one to two days to get salted or well-salted fish. As an additional component, when salting fish, you can use lemon, strong alcohol, pepper of various kinds, herbs, spices. For salting it is better not to take metal dishes, so as not to give the meat a characteristic taste. Good and ordinary plastic food container and glass container.

Salmon with classic pickling

Any housewife should know how to pickle salmon at home according to the classic recipe. It does not require any effort or intricate ingredients at all: only salt and fish, and for a more subtle flavor - dill. The result is an amazing, tender, fragrant meat.


• half a kilo of sliced ​​salmon;

• three tablespoons of coarse salt;

• incomplete spoon of sugar;

• a bunch of fresh dill.


Prepared fish lay on a wooden chopping board.

Half a bunch of dill finely chop.

Prepare the mixture for pickling, mixing the salt with the sugar.

At the bottom of the container put the whole sprig of dill.

Grate the fish with salt on all sides, put it in a container with the skin down.

Top with chopped dill.

The second piece of fish is also rubbed with salt and sugar, put on top of the first piece, but skin up.

Cover salmon with a flat plate and set a small yoke.

Marinate the pieces for at least eight hours at room temperature.

Oppress to remove, fish rearrange the refrigerator for a day.

Serve finished fish with lemon, olives, fresh herbs.

Homemade Salmon in Brine

How to salt salmon at home in a fragrant brine, know the most experienced housewives. Thanks to the brine method, the meat is salted evenly and almost instantly. Within two hours, you can make a delicious salmon salmon snack.


• half a kilo of salmon fillet;

• two tablespoons of salt;

• two tablespoons of sugar;

• half a liter of water.


Carefully remove all bones from the fillet, do not remove the peel. Bring the water to a boil, throw in salt and sugar, boil for three minutes to dissolve completely.

Let the brine cool.

Place the fish in a container for salting and pour on the cooled brine.

In two hours the salted fish is ready. A piece can be removed from the brine, dried with a paper towel and used for treats.

Homemade salted salmon

Honey salmon is not only unusual, original, but also very tasty. How to pickle salmon at home using honey? Very simple. Bee delicacy will replace the usual sugar and give the fish a light summer scent.


• kilo red fish fillet;

• three tablespoons of salt;

• A tablespoon of floral honey.


Prepare a piece of fish.

In a cup, carefully grind coarse salt and honey.

Coat the mixture with a piece of fish from all sides, trying to soak the meat as best as possible.

Fold the fish roll and put into a glass dish with a lid.

Keep container in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

Then the fish roll must be turned upside down so that it is dipped into the resulting brine with another side.

Put the salmon in the fridge again.

Repeat the procedure again.

After three days, the fish is ready to eat.

Home-made Salted Salmon

A quick recipe for salting salmon at home from those that are carefully stored in family culinary books. Delicious spicy aroma and sharp taste of this fish are remembered for a lifetime.


• kilogram piece of salmon;

• three tablespoons of coarse salt;

• ten black peppercorns;

• three bay leaves;

• a tablespoon of plain nine percent vinegar;

• medium bulb;

• three tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• half a liter of water.


Fish cut into fillets and cut into several large pieces.

Put the fish in a container for salting.

Boil the water, dissolve the salt in it and cool.

Pour the fish with brine, cover with a plate and put a light pressure. Leave the fish under load for two hours.

Drain the brine.

Separately prepare the vinegar solution by stirring a spoonful of vinegar in a glass of water.

Pour acetic water fish for five minutes.

Chop the onion rings.

Fill the fish with onions, pour in the oil, add pepper to the peas, mix everything and leave alone for half an hour.

After half an hour, salted fish can be eaten.

Homemade Salmon in Allspice

White pepper, sea salt, sweet peas - a great company for pale pink salmon. It turns out perfectly tasty, fragrant, tender. This fish is good on the sandwich and in pancakes.


• kilo fillet;

• six tablespoons of coarse salt;

• ten allspice peppers;

• a tablespoon of white pepper;

• five bay leaves.


Spread on the table a large piece of cling film.

Pour a layer of salt, two bay leaves, five peppercorns on it.

Put the prepared piece of fish on the spreading plastic wrap with the skin face down.

Cover the fish with salt residues, put a third bay leaf on top, the remaining pepper peas.

Tightly wrap the piece in the film, put in a container and salted for a day in the refrigerator.

After a day, get, thinly chop, sprinkle with white pepper and serve.

Homemade salmon in vodka

Dense, aromatic, tasty meat is a gourmet's dream. Strong vodka gives special taste to red meat. Salting salmon at home in this way occur in less than a day.


• half a kilo of salmon fillet;

• two tablespoons of salt;

• one and a half tablespoons of sugar;

• 30 ml of good vodka.


Prepare a salmon.

Take out all the bones.

Mix salt with sugar.

Grate a piece on both sides of the mixture for salting.

Put in a container.

Sprinkle meat with vodka.

Put the top of the refrigerator shelf on the clock at 12v.

Homemade Salmon in Lemon Juice

Lemon perfectly emphasizes the aroma of fish and removes its excessive fat. Very tasty salmon salting recipe at home. Ingredients:

• kilo of salmon;

• two tablespoons of lemon juice;

• six allspice peppers;

• two black peas;

• two bay leaves;

• litere of water.


Wash the fish, dry with a paper towel.

Cut the piece into very thin slices (do not cut the skin off).

Boil water with pepper and bay leaf.

Cool and strain.

Squeeze the juice from fresh lemon and add to the cooled brine.

Fish slices put in any plastic container or glass jar, completely fill with cooked brine.

Day salt in the refrigerator.

Salting Salmon at Home - Tricks and Tips

  • In order to pickle salmon at home, it is recommended to take a chilled carcass or ready-made fillet. If it is not possible, frozen fish will do. It will turn out not less tasty, gentle, fragrant meat. It should be thawed at room temperature, without using water, away from heat sources.
  • Salmon is very fat, so it is unrealistic to over-salt it. The fish will absorb the salt exactly as much as it needs, and evenly soaked with juice and brine.
  • If there is still a lot of salt, it is easy to wash off the excess with running cold water. Soak salted pieces can be in cold water, bay fish for about fifteen minutes. Washed meat should always be blotted with a paper or regular towel.
  • For salting salmon at home, those spices that are popular are suitable. Especially successfully combined with red meat fresh dill, lemon, cumin, bay leaf, cloves.
  • If the slices are cut thin enough, they will salt out in just two hours. This is very convenient if you learn about the arrival of the sudden guests shortly before their arrival. In any case, you can treat them to canapés or sandwiches.
  • When salting a red fish, all its useful qualities, substances, and amino acids are preserved. Salted salmon is useful as much fresh, cooked on time or in the oven. It has a mass of beneficial microelements.
  • It is necessary to know not only how to salt salmon at home, but also how to properly store the product. In the refrigerator, pickling can be stored for up to ten days, sealed. Put a piece of salted fish on linen or cotton cloth soaked in a weak solution of vinegar, wrap tightly, put in plastic wrap or a bag so that air does not penetrate. The fish is beautifully kept in such packaging and in the freezer.
  • Salted fish can be stored for a longer time, up to a month. The piece should be cut into thin slices, fill them with a glass jar, laying layers. Pour each layer with pepper or other spices to taste. Pour all olive or sunflower oil, put in the refrigerator. In this form, the fish will stand for at least a month.
  • An even longer shelf life is frozen salted salmon. Cut the prepared pickle into medium pieces, blot thoroughly with a paper or woven towel so that excess moisture is absorbed. Pack fish pieces in foil, put in a plastic bag, and then in a freezer. Fish are stored without loss of nutritional value and taste for up to four to five months.
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