Step-by-step recipes for classic and lazy cabbage rolls with minced meat. Stuffed cabbage with minced meat in a pan, oven, multicooker (step by step)

Step-by-step recipes for classic and lazy cabbage rolls with minced meat. Stuffed cabbage with minced meat in a pan, oven, multicooker (step by step)

Cabbage rolls with cabbage and minced meat is a tender and wonderfully tasty dish and it is almost impossible to give up on them. Cooking classic cabbage rolls, in which the meat stuffing is wrapped in a sheet, is a long and painstaking process. But you can always go on a simpler path, and the result will remain almost unchanged. We offer two step-by-step recipes for stuffed cabbage with minced meat: a classic version of the dish and a simpler one - lazy cabbage rolls in the oven.

General principles for cooking stuffed cabbage with minced meat (step by step)

• Preparation of a classic dish is made up of four basic steps: blanching the cabbage leaves, preparing the filling, forming cabbage rolls and preparing the pot. Lazy cabbage rolls - a simplified version of the dish. The preparation of products takes a minimum of time. All you need to do is make minced meat, boil rice, chop cabbage and mix everything. As for the classic, refueling is prepared separately. Dish baked in the oven or stew in a slow cooker. In the selection there is a step-by-step recipe for lazy cabbage rolls with minced meat for the oven, which are just as elementary prepared in a slow cooker.

• The main products that will be needed for cabbage: meat for minced meat, cabbage, cereals.

• Minced meat is preferably mixed. For this purpose, you need to take pork with young beef, in equal shares. However, this is a matter of taste, you can grind one type of meat, or add, say, chicken.

• From cereals, rice is added to minced meat most often, it makes the filling crumbly. The seeds are pre-sifted, then washed and boiled in lightly salted water, no more than 10 minutes. You can not bring cereal to readiness. With further quenching, it will just melt into porridge. It is not recommended to add it at all raw, otherwise the filling will lose juiciness.

• Choosing the right rice is important. Long-grain cereal for cabbage is not suitable - it absorbs a lot of minced meat juice. Some prefer to replace rice with barley or buckwheat. Buckwheat, like rice, you must first boil a little. Barley boil until done. It is rather difficult to boil such croup to the state of “grout”. • In addition to cereals, vegetables must be added to the meat mass: carrots and onions. They complement the filling with their taste and make it even juicier. Vegetables passer or add raw.

• Cabbage rolls can be cooked from both young and late cabbage. The step-by-step recipe does not change in any case, only the cooking time is reduced. Young cabbage comes to readiness quickly. When blanching, forks of young cabbage should be kept in boiling water for no more than a minute. In such a case, it is desirable to add a little vinegar to the boiling water, it will not allow the leaves to creep away.

• Filling for stuffed cabbage with meat in step-by-step recipes is prepared on the basis of tomato paste, according to the season you can add fresh tomatoes to it. Soften tomato filling with sour cream or mayonnaise.

• Stew stuffed in a saucepan, always with a slight boil. Intense seething can lead to the fact that the convolutions with the filling unfold. The oven is heated to 180 degrees and maintained at the set mode until the dish is ready. To adapt any version of stuffed cabbage with minced meat under the slow cooker, the sequence of actions in the step-by-step recipe is not changed, they are cooked in the “Quenching” mode. Time set, given the type of cabbage and cabbage.

Classic stuffed cabbage rolls with minced meat: a step-by-step recipe

According to the classic recipe, minced meat is wrapped in fresh cabbage leaves. Choose the right plugs - a serious task. Kochchiki must be medium in size. From small ones, too small stuffed cabbage rolls are produced, and from large leaves too big. Sometimes on the market you can find cabbage leaves sold by weight - a very convenient option.


• two medium heads of cabbage;

• half a kilo of pork (neck);

• beef pulp - 500 gr .;

• a full cup of round grain rice;

• two large onions;

• three spoons of thick, high-quality tomato;

• lean non-aromatic oil;

• fatty mayonnaise;

• three mid-sized carrots.

Cooking Method:

1. We wash forks, we remove from it the top, rough leaves. At the remaining upper leaves, near the stalk we cut through the compacted places. Put the forks in a spacious pot and pour water so that it is completely covered. Cabbage temporarily reach, and the capacity is placed on the maximum fire. 2. Having waited for intensive boiling, we prick the cabbage from the side of the stalk to the fork and put it in boiling water. After boiling for two minutes, we check, lift the forks and slightly move the uppermost sheet. If it is well separated - remove. We do the same with other leaves. If the sheet does not “go,” return the head to boiling water for two minutes. We do this until the smooth leaves are removed. In the process we cut off the dense veins, which are located at the base of the leaves and on their surface, in the middle. Put the prepared cabbage in a bowl.

3. Cooking minced meat, and the first thing to start is rice. We scatter the grits on the table, remove the rubbish in the form of small stones and husks. We choose poorly ground and damaged, with black markings, grains. We collect the moved rice in a pan and carefully wash. Boil rice until half cooked. Fill the croup with cold water, set to strong heat. After waiting for boiling, slightly lower the heat and cook rice at low boiling for about ten minutes. Then pour the entire contents of the pan into a colander, and, after washing, leave it so that all the moisture comes off.

4. Diluted or uncooked rice should not be added to minced meat. Raw cereal, will extract a maximum of meat juice from minced meat, as a result of which stuffed cabbage will turn out dry and tough. Rice brought to readiness, with further stewing, will turn into porridge.

5. While the rice dries, we are engaged in vegetables. After peeling the onions and carrots, we grind them: melenko, cut the onion into slices, and the carrots with three large, grated. Root vegetables give the cabbage juice juiciness and therefore reduce its number is undesirable. In addition to juiciness, carrots give meat stuffing a light sweetness, but if you think this is superfluous, use less carrots, choose a savory variety or eliminate it altogether, and add more onions.

6. Vegetables need spasserovat. We put a thick-walled frying pan on medium heat, pour a half spoonful of vegetable oil into it and warm it well. Put carrots in hot fat. Often stirring, fry until soft and lay out in a plate, cool. In the same pan, in the oil, pass onion to transparency, cool and cool it. 7. The turn has reached and meat. Cut off compacted films from the pulp and rinse with running water. Cut into large pieces and twist in a meat grinder. If you practice cooking meat from store convenience foods, to save time, you can use the purchased meat, but always high quality.

8. Put the stuffing in a wide bowl. Add to it cooled vegetables and rice after sautéing. It should be noted that the amount of rice indicated in the recipe is rather arbitrary. It can be put more or less, depending on what kind of filling like. With this proportion of meat, vegetables and rice, it will turn out more similar to vegetable. If you prefer a variant with a stronger meat flavor, reduce the amount of rice by a third, or increase the recommended amount of meat by 200 grams. Season with minced pepper, sprinkle slightly and knead well.

9. The leaves are prepared, the stuffing is ready - proceed to the folding of cabbage rolls. Take the prepared cabbage leaf, put it inside up and turn the base to him. We spread on the sheet a little stuffing, impose on it the edge nearest to itself. Then turn up the edge and fold the sheet with the filling in the form of a tube. Put the stuffed cabbage in a large pan with a multi-layered bottom. We try to lay them out not too tightly, so that there is a place to fill. Lay duckies seam down, so they do not turn around.

10. Cooking fill. Dilute tomato paste with three cups of drinking water. Add two spoons of mayonnaise and carefully stir the sauce in the tomato mixture. If necessary, add saliva and gently pour stuffed cabbage rolls. Make sure that the fill level in the pan below the top layer of cabbage is about the thickness of the finger. You can add sauce not with mayonnaise, but with sour cream. For a more delicate tomato flavor, add half a glass of tomato juice to the pot or grind two small, over-ripe tomatoes into a large grater. Some cooks advise to add gravy with browned onions. 11. Put the pan with the stuffed cabbage on the stove, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to near minimum, simmer for 60 minutes. Cook with a lid tightly closed, make sure that the gravy does not run out of the pan. Cabbage rolls are considered ready when the cabbage is soft.

12. Serve classic cabbage rolls with minced meat, watering with sour cream or any thick sauce based on it. Sour cream can be replaced by mayonnaise.

Lazy cabbage rolls with minced meat: a step-by-step recipe for the oven

Step-by-step recipe for lazy cabbage rolls with minced meat, allows you to cook your favorite dish much faster. The cabbage does not require blanching, it is crushed on a grater or finely chopped, and then mixed with meat.

Stuffed cabbage is not molded from minced meat, it is laid out in the form in an even layer, then it is poured with dressing and baked. Lazy cabbage rolls with minced meat using a step-by-step recipe can also be prepared in a multicooker bowl using the “Stewing” program.


• a choice - a pound of chicken or mixed minced meat;

• two medium carrots;

• a cup of rice, preferably round grain;

• two bulbs;

• 800 gr. white cabbage.

To fill:

• bitter onions - 2 small heads;

• parsley root - 40 grams;

• large carrot;

• three spoons of vegetable oil;

• 60 gr. thick tomato;

• spoon of sugar;

• fresh or dried chopped dill.

Cooking Method:

1. First of all, you need to prepare a vegetable dressing. We clean the vegetables, wash off the remnants of dirt with water. Carrots and roots are cut into thin strips, small onion crumbled. For chopping carrots, you can use a large grater. Put the vegetables in a frying pan with vegetable oil, cover with a lid stew over low heat. Periodically stir it so as not to burn. When the vegetables are soft and the roast gets a nice golden hue, add the tomato. Pour 250 milliliters of cool water into vegetables, add a little ground pepper, sugar and salt. Thoroughly mix the dressing and leave to languish for three minutes with minimal heat. Turn off the heat, put into the dressing finely chopped dill. 2. Cooking minced meat. Requirements for meat, as for any homemade minced meat dish. It is advisable to take pork with beef, approximately in equal parts. Of the pork preference is better to give underline. You can, of course, use other meats, such as chicken (breast). The filling in this case will be less juicy, but dietary. Wash the pulp, cut into pieces. We collect the meat grinder and adjust it to the maximum grinding - we set the grill with small holes. Grind the meat and collect the stuffing in a large bowl.

3. We sort out and wash the rice, fill it with water, add some salt. Well stirring, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and cook the cereal for 7 minutes, until half cooked. We recline on a colander, wash and leave in it, so that the remaining water is drained to the maximum.

4. Clean the onions, wash the cabbage forks with water. We take a grater with large cells and grind cabbage on it. If you have the skill of shredding, chop the cabbage as possible with a thin, short straw. Onions and carrots also grind, using large cells of the grater.

5. Mix the minced meat with rice, add the chopped cabbage, carrots and onions. Lightly add salt, season with pepper and mix thoroughly.

6. Take a small refractory form with high sides, rub the walls and bottom with vegetable oil. We spread the prepared meat mass and evenly distribute it throughout the bottom of the form. Slightly pressing down with a spoon, compact the meat layer over the entire surface. Pour the vegetable fill from above.

7. Place the form with the dish in the oven at the recommended 180 degrees. Cooking for the first sample 55 minutes, a little longer

8. Step-by-step recipe for stuffed cabbage with minced meat can be adapted for multicooker. The sequence of display components in the bowl is the same as in the form. The cooking time on the “Baking” option is one hour.

The tricks of cooking stuffed cabbage with stuffing on step-by-step recipes - useful observations and recommendations

1. Tomato dressing with sauce or pasta, as a rule, has a sharp taste. To soften, add some sugar or sour cream. Some chefs, for a softer tomato flavor, are advised to add mashed fresh tomatoes to the pot.

2. Do not overcook the rice, while prolonged stewing or baking the main dish, it can turn into porridge. It is not recommended to add uncooked cereals. It will absorb most of the meat juice, and the filling will suffer - it will lose juiciness.

3. Stir the rice into the stuffing gradually, in small portions. This will help determine its quantity.

4. Any of the above step-by-step recipes can be used when preparing a dish in a slow cooker. The cooking mode for cabbage in such a device is the “Quenching” program, and the duration depends on the type of cabbage. Classic cabbage rolls with minced meat require at least one and a half hours, and an hour will be enough for a lazy one.

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