Why pizza fails like in a pizzeria? Mistakes of self-taught pizza makers

Why pizza fails like in a pizzeria? Mistakes of self-taught pizza makers

The pizza at the pizzeria is different, it is thin and tender, the filling is baked, but not dry, at home it doesn't work that way. Or is everything possible? Here are all the details of Italian pizza. It turns out that it is very easy to do, and with minimal effort and at home. For business?

Basis of all basics

What is the main thing in pizza? That's right, the foundation! It is not good to buy it in the store, although it is very convenient. Also, do not use puff pastry.

It is not good at all if you want to cook a real pizza. Also, do not take for her pie or any other dough with sugar, but butter, eggs, and other ingredients that allegedly improve the taste. They spoil everything.

The composition of this test is very simple:

  • 250 g of water;
  • 20 ml of oil;
  • 0.5 tsp. salts;
  • 7 g yeast;
  • 500 g of flour.

Only olive oil! No other fats can replace it in the dough. It gives the desired taste. The ingredients are mixed, the lump is carefully kneaded, left for an hour. Such a test does not need to be well approached, to rise many times. It can be kept in the refrigerator, but be sure to wrap it in a bag. The dough perfectly tolerates freezing, which is very convenient.

Highlight. According to the proportions given, all the flour will go away. You do not need to add anything extra. Residues also will not.

We roll or stretch?

Everyone loves buying pizza for a thin base. For this reason, you do not need to roll out the cake in advance, otherwise the yeast dough will stand, rise.

Italian pizza makers stretch cakes with their hands. You can try and so. But, if there is no confidence in their abilities and abilities, then it is better to use a rolling pin. It is important that there be the same thickness in all areas.

No rolling pin? Then the dough is stretched by hand, gradually, slowly, trying not to tear. Classic pizza has a round shape. But you can make a rectangle on the pan or square.

One or two pastries?

According to the classic technology, pizza is collected on a baking sheet and baked in the oven. But in pizzerias do not always do. There is one trick. For the base to be baked, a crisp appears, it is prepared separately for a few minutes, and then the filling is laid out. What it looks like:

  1. The baking sheet is greased, sprinkled with flour.
  2. Roll out the cake, shift.
  3. Put in the oven, cook at 220 degrees for 7-8 minutes.
  4. Lay out the sauce and the stuffing, bake the pizza until ready.

Thanks to this uncomplicated technology, the pizza remains crispy, the thin base does not become limp from the sauce, the filling does not dry in the oven, the cheese does not burn from the heat.

The only important thing is to prepare the sauce and other ingredients in advance in order to quickly assemble the pizza and send it to the oven again.

Ketchup, tomato paste?

The most common mistake people make at home is using ketchup or tomato paste instead of sauce. But it is he who gives the same taste and aroma. Preparing the sauce of peeled tomatoes with onions, garlic, boiled and rubbed through a sieve. This is a classic version. There is not always an opportunity and time for it.

Alternative sauce options:

  • Tomato with onions. Fry the onion cut into cubes. Add chopped tomatoes, boil for about 15 minutes, blend with blender, season with spices.
  • From mashed potatoes and herbs. Tomato puree combined with Italian herbs, salt, season with garlic, you can enter a spoonful of mayonnaise.
  • From ketchup and butter. Mix the ketchup with olive oil (4: 1), add to taste garlic, herbs, you can take the mixture or use only basil.
  • Tomato and cheese sauce. Tomato puree mixed with grated cheese 3: 1, add spices to taste.

If there is no tomato puree, then you can use the paste, but you have to dilute it with something. Olive oil is best for this. Fresh tomatoes are always boiled. The sauce should make a thick consistency. If ketchup is used, it is advisable to get acquainted with its composition, it is not necessary to take very sharp types.

More, more filling

In fact, this can not be done. Only Russian people will stuff vegetables, mushrooms, sausage, olives, sauce into the pizza, and will add cheese of different kinds.

As a result, it turns out that it is not clear what.

Pizza is the pastry where you can save on the amount of ingredients.

Ideally, four different products are sufficient. It is also important to lay the sauce first. Otherwise, the tomato can burn, and raw foods under it will not bake. As for cheese, it is not necessary to lay it on top.

This is how often the hostesses do. As a result, fresh tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms are not baked, they remain wet, they have a lot of moisture.

Other nuances of pizza making

  • Champignons can be used fresh, but it's better to boil the mushrooms slightly, with spices, it will greatly improve the taste.
  • If pizza needs seafood, then they are blanched in boiling water for just a minute. No need to overdo it, otherwise they will become tough in pizza.
  • The main ingredient of the filling is cheese. No need to use cheap varieties that do not melt, have a bad taste. If you can not buy mozzarella, then at least look for analogues.
  • marinated products fit perfectly into pizza. In addition to olives, you can add cucumbers, salted mushrooms, canned tomatoes to the filling.
  • You can make any pizza dietary, if you use low-fat cheese, and knead the dough on whole grain flour or bran.

Filling options for the perfect pizza

We have already mentioned above that you do not need to use a lot of products in the filling, pizza will only make it worse. But it is equally important that the ingredients are combined with each other. Just so throw in her floor of the refrigerator will not work.

Most Popular Options:

  • sausage (ham, salami), tomatoes, cheese;
  • mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes;
  • seafood, cheese, olives;
  • three types of cheese, olives;
  • bacon, cucumbers, cheese;
  • ham, mozzarella, mushrooms.

All these products are laid in addition to the sauce on top of it. It is not necessary to completely cover the surface, let the voids remain. Ingredients are cut into thin slices. Bake pizza 10-15 minutes, no more. Temperature below 220 degrees.

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