Diet soufflé, as it is - from chicken, from beef, from cottage cheese. Which product is better suited for diet soufflé

Diet soufflé, as it is - from chicken, from beef, from cottage cheese. Which product is better suited for diet soufflé

A skyscraper of articles was written on the subject of diet and at least a few copies were broken. Still, this topic is constantly being raised, since the very fact of restrictions in such an important process for a person as food is a rather painful question. What to do - to sacrifice health, or pleasure from tasty food? The answer is to do neither of these!

Let's cook together simple and tasty dishes, for example ... diet soufflé.

Diet soufflé - general principles of preparation

• Dietary nutrition is based on easily digestible, low-calorie, high-protein meals. The soufflé of beef, chicken or cottage cheese is the best suited for this purpose. This dietary dish can be prepared in two ways: steamed or baked in the oven. In any case, you will need forms. For diet souffle, it is better to take containers made of silicone. They are not required to be oiled, which has a positive effect on the calorie content of the preparing dish. The size of the molds does not matter much, but still it is better to cook the souffle portion.

• For diet beef soufflé, lean pieces of pulp should be chosen. It is advisable to take the young veal. For the diet chicken dishes it is better to use tender white poultry meat - breast. Raw or boiled meat is ground into mincemeat by any acceptable method, the main thing is to achieve the greatest grinding.

• Dietary cottage cheese soufflé is made from low-fat or fully fat-free cottage cheese. The product should not be grainy and dry. In order to achieve maximum airiness and a more delicate structure, the curd is pre-ground through a sieve or blender in a pasty state.

• In the soufflé of any of the presented recipes, eggs are always added. Proteins are usually administered separately from the yolks. They are whipped to obtain a fluffy foam and interfere with the bulk at the very end, trying not to disturb the airiness of the protein foam.

• In meat soufflé, rice or vegetables are often added, a cottage cheese dish is often cooked with bran or tinted with cocoa powder.

Simple recipe for airy dietary beef soufflé


• lean beef - 350 gr .;

• half a small onion;

• tablespoon flour;

• two eggs;

• 100 ml low-fat milk;

• half a spoon of “Peasant” butter.


1. Place the washed beef in boiling water in one piece of the indicated mass. Wait for re-boiling, remove all the foam from the broth surface and continue cooking until meat is completely cooked. Then set aside the heat and cool without removing from the broth.

2. Chop the boiled beef with a blender or twist in a meat grinder three times using the smallest grill. Add the minced onion and a little salt in the mince, then stir well.

3. Fry the flour in a dry pan. In order for the souffle to have a light nutty flavor, the flour must have a gently creamy tint. After that, add butter to it and continue cooking, stirring regularly, for another two minutes.

4. Enter a thin stream of warm milk in a warm room. Be sure to vigorously mix the contents of the pan, otherwise the flour mass will gather into lumps. Protome sauce with minimal heat until thick. Carefully ensure that the mixture does not burn.

5. Lightly cooled milk sauce and whip yolk combine with minced meat, mix.

6. Separately whip up proteins to the fluffy foam and immediately gently mix the protein mass into the ground beef.

7. Carefully, in order not to disturb the airiness, transfer the meat mass into the prepared mold and put it on to bake.

8. Dietary beef soufflé will be ready when pressed on its surface it will not disperse.

Dietary souffle from beef with cottage cheese in the oven


• white bread or long loaf - 50 gr .;

• 250 gr. low-fat, preferably non-granular, cottage cheese;

• 25 gr. hard cheese;

• two eggs;

• 700 gr. lean beef (pulp);

• creamy “Peasant” butter - 75 gr;

• 80 ml of cow's milk.


1. Rinse and boil large pieces of pulp, then cool. So that the meat does not become cloudy and does not lose juiciness, cool it without getting out of the broth. 2. Soak the breadcrumbs in the milk for 10 minutes, then squeeze the excess moisture out of it.

3. Cut boiled beef into large pieces and, together with bread and curd, a couple of times pass through a fine grate in a meat grinder. Add the yolks, melted, but not hot oil, salt and mix.

4. Beat the whites into the foam. To speed up the process, add some salt at the very beginning. Transfer the thick protein foam to the meat mixture and mix gently.

5. Put the soufflé mix in the form, without reporting to the top about one and a half centimeters. Sprinkle finely grated cheese on top (variety of your choice) and put in the oven for 25 minutes.

Recipe for dietetic cottage cheese souffle with bran for the oven


• two eggs;

• a tablespoon of bran;

• two spoons of pasteurized milk;

• honey - 1 tbsp. l .;

• low-fat, non-dry cottage cheese - 300 gr.


1. Pound cottage cheese with honey until smooth, and best of all grind it through a rare metal sieve. You can use a blender, then the soufflé will be more tender.

2. Pour bran with milk and soak for a quarter of an hour to swell. Mix homogeneous curd mass with swollen bran.

3. Separate the whites and whip them with a small pinch of salt until a dense foam is obtained. After that, combine the protein mass with cottage cheese. Squirrels gently tamper with a spoon, in any case, not beating, so as not to disturb the airiness.

4. Smear small refractory tins with non-aromatic sunflower oil and pour the soufflé mixture into them. It is better to take the capacity of silicone, they do not require lubrication. Cottage cheese souffle during baking increases, so fill the molds only two-thirds of the volume.

5. Move the containers to a deep fryer. Pour water into it so that it covers the forms at least to half the height, and put in the oven for 20 minutes. Be sure to preheat the oven to an optimum heat of 180 degrees in advance and maintain this temperature throughout the cooking.

Recipe for chocolate dietary cottage cheese souffle for microwave oven


• half a kilo of low-fat cottage cheese; • two eggs;

• three spoons of sugar;

• a small handful of not dried light raisins;

• three teaspoons of cocoa powder.


1. Initially, mash the cottage cheese twice through a sieve, this will make the curd mass more tender and homogeneous. Then add the eggs and bring to the pomp, beating with a mixer.

2. Dissolve the mixed cocoa sugar and continue to beat vigorously until all the sugar granules dissolve.

3. Scald the raisins, fill them with boiling water, rinse the berries with cold water, and dry thoroughly. Then shift to the cottage cheese and mix.

4. Fill the small baking molds for muffins or regular cups to half a volume with cottage cheese mass and place in the microwave oven. Turn it on for five minutes at maximum power. Pay attention to the soufflé, as soon as it increases in volume and starts to foam, reach out.

5. Dietary cheese soufflé can be served after complete cooling and solidification.

How to cook a hearty diet chicken souffle with potatoes in a double boiler


• chilled chicken fillet (breast) - 700 gr .;

• small potato;

• 125 ml cream or milk;

• small slice of loaf - 50 gr .;

• one egg.


1. Finely chop a coarse crust from a long loaf and cover the crumb with cream or milk. After 10 minutes, remove and squeeze well.

2. Peel the potatoes. Cut off the remains of chicken fat and film from the breast. Cut the meat into slices and chop into the smallest mince any way, add salt.

3. Combine the minced chicken with the soaked crumb and egg. Add potatoes, grated on a fine grater, and mix well again. If, when chopping potatoes, a lot of juice is released, be sure to decant it, otherwise the souffle mass will turn out to be watery. Lastly, gently mix the whipped squirrel into the meat mass.

4. Spread the chicken souffle into small-sized forms and place them on the steamer grid. It is desirable that the containers were made of silicone, they do not need to be lubricated with oil.

5. Pour a couple glasses of water into a double boiler, set the grid with the souffle and cook for a couple of forty-five minutes.

Recipe for a steam diet souffle from chicken with rice to a kid up to a year


• breast fillet - 100 gr .;

• two spoons of pasteurized milk;

• round grain rice - 1 tsp;

• one quail egg;

• butter 72% butter - a full spoon.


1. Boil well-washed chicken meat in a little salted water for half an hour. To preserve valuable nutrients as much as possible, immerse the meat only in boiling water and cook under the lid.

2. Cool the fillets right in the broth, then remove and twist in a meat grinder, preferably twice.

3. Rinse the rice with cold water and cook it well with cold water. Rinse again, decant all moisture.

4. Mix the minced chicken with rice. Break the quail egg, pour in the milk, and be sure to add a little. Add half the melted butter, mix.

5. Put the resulting meat mass into the form and place it in a special multicooker container. Cook for about half an hour, if you use a special double boiler, cooking time is the same.

6. Before giving the souffle to the baby, pour it with the remaining warm oil.

Diet soufflé - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Do not chill boiled meat from broth, it will crust and become dry. For faster cooling, place the pan in a bowl of cold water.

• To maximize the airiness of the diet soufflé, inject proteins at the very end, when the bulk is ready. Stir protein foam extremely carefully.

• To reduce the calorie content of the dish, quail eggs can be used instead of chicken eggs. To replace one chicken, you should take five quail.

• For whipping proteins, use only clean and always dry dishes. Even insignificant pollution, and especially fat, will not allow to receive magnificent foam. Proteins must be pre-cooled, and while beating, add some salt.

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