Cheese donuts - the unity of taste and benefit! Recipes cottage cheese donuts with holes and donuts, buns

Cheese donuts - the unity of taste and benefit! Recipes cottage cheese donuts with holes and donuts, buns

Cottage cheese donut - not only the perfect start to the day.

He will please at any time of day.

Especially if the appetizing product is cooked with loving hands.

In fact, donuts are very easy to make at home, you just need to find the right recipe!

Cottage Cheese Donuts - General Cooking Principles

Dough for donuts can be prepared on any cottage cheese, if the recipe does not specify the recommended fat content, the consistency of the product. Eggs, flour or semolina, sugar, baking powder are added to it. The dough is usually prepared fairly steep, implying manual molding of rings or balls.

Ways to make donuts:

1. Rolling balls. The easiest and simplest, but requires a good eye. Donuts should be the same to be baked at the same time.

2. Extrusion of circles, rings. Not every curd dough allows you to roll out. Sometimes it sticks to the table and rolling pin. No matter how much you want to make donuts in this way, sometimes you have to abandon this idea.

3. Rolling flagella. Small pieces of dough are rolled out of the dough pieces, they connect the tips, getting ringlets with a hole.

In any case, flour is required on the subfield. The curd dough itself turns sticky. It is not necessary to hammer in it with additional flour, otherwise donuts can become hard and tough, they will not fry inside.

Formed donuts are cooked in hot oil. Lay in small portions of several pieces. If you prepare a lot of food, then the oil should be periodically poured.

Donuts from cottage cheese with baking powder

Option ordinary dough for donuts. From it you can make traditional rings or make small balls. Choose the most convenient option for yourself. Deep-fried donuts are fried.


• 300 g of cottage cheese;

• eggs 2 pcs .;

• 40 g sour cream;

• 160 g of flour;

• 5 g ripper;

• 1 g of vanilla;

• sugar 60-80 g


1. Curd the cheese through a sieve. A soft product can be simply kneaded with a fork, but do it carefully so that there are no lumps left. 2. Add sour cream to the curd, preferably fat.

3. Season with sugar, salt and grind all these ingredients until a smooth cream.

4. Beat the eggs until frothy. Since nothing is added to them, it is very easy to do.

5. Now combine the cottage cheese and eggs, stir.

6. Pour the flour, mixing the baking ripper. Knead the dough.

7. It is not necessary for the mass to stand. Immediately proceed to the formation of donuts. Blind small balls up to two centimeters in the cut.

8. Either divide the dough into pieces, roll out the sausages from each one and connect the tips to make rings.

9. Fry the deep-fried donuts until tender.

Cottage cheese donuts in the oven

Baked donuts are not as high in calories as fried foods. In this baking retains the flavor of cottage cheese, it turns ruddy and airy. From this test, you can form balls or sculpt rings, it all depends on personal desire.


• 2 eggs and 1 yolk;

• 100 g of sugar;

• 500 g of cottage cheese;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper;

• 50 g sour cream;

• 500 g of flour;

• vanilla and salt.


1. Through a sieve wipe curd. Either whisk in a combine or twist through a meat grinder.

2. Add eggs, granulated sugar, salt and rub with a spoon. The mass should be homogeneous.

3. Dress with sour cream, stir.

4. Now add a glass of flour with a ripper, mix.

5. Add flour until the dough is no longer thin. The exact amount is difficult to determine, it all depends on the softness of the curd.

6. Grease a baking tray with butter.

7. Blind round balls, put on baking sheet.

8. Or make rings, rolling out small sausages and connecting the tips together.

9. Grease donuts with yolk.

10. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees until cooked. On average, it will take 25 minutes, but it all depends on the thickness of the donuts.

11. Cool on a baking sheet, put on a plate, sprinkle with powder.

Donuts from cottage cheese with apples

The recipe for delicious cottage cheese donuts, which are filled with grated apples. Perfect, simple and quick breakfast dish! This recipe can be taken for an idea. Instead of a grated apple, you can also fill in any jam, chocolate paste, other fruits or berries, which can be put into donuts entirely. Ingredients

• 250 g of cottage cheese;

• 1 egg;

• 1-2 apples;

• 1-2 tsp. lemon juice;

• 6-8 Art. l flour;

• soda, salt;

• 1 l. Sahara.


1. Spread curd with eggs and sugar.

2. Add a small pinch of salt. Top with flour.

3. Pour half a teaspoon of soda in a bowl, quench with vinegar, add to flour.

4. Now you need to mix the dough well. If it is very sticky, then add more flour.

5. Divide into 12-15 small balls.

6. Peel the apples, rub and mix with lemon juice. You can taste sugar or add some honey, but just a little bit.

7. Now, knead each piece of dough, put a little filling and zaschipnite donut. Flatten is not necessary. Form all the buns. Do this quickly, before the apples let the juice out.

8. Heat the deep fat fryer.

9. Fry cheese donuts until golden crust, lay in small portions.

Cottage cheese donuts with cinnamon and poppy

The recipe for amazing cottage cheese donuts with cinnamon and roasted poppy flavors. Cottage cheese for dough is desirable to take the middle, that is, not liquid, but not quite dry. When pressed with a spoon lumps should warm up.


• 2 glasses of cottage cheese;

• 1 cup flour;

• one egg;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• 1 l. poppy;

• 0.3 tsp. cinnamon;

• powder for sprinkling.


1. Immediately send the ripper to the flour, sift together.

2. Transfer the cottage cheese to another container, add an egg with sugar to it, pound with a spoon or a large fork until smooth.

3. Add cinnamon poppy seeds to cottage cheese. Donuts get fragrant, if chop the stick yourself. During storage, cinnamon is exhaled.

4. Add salt, a small pinch is enough.

5. Now you need to mix both masses. The dough should not turn out to be liquid, but may stick to your hands a little because of the curd.

6. Sprinkle the board with flour.

7. Pinch off small pieces, roll balls and lay donuts on the board.

8. Heat 200-300 g of oil in the pan.

9. Dip the balls, fry to a beautiful crust. 10. Cool the prepared donuts, then fold them up, sprinkle them abundantly with powder. By the way, you can also add some cinnamon powder to it.

Donuts from cottage cheese with semolina (with a hole)

If semolina is added to the dough for donuts from the curd, then it needs to stand for at least a quarter of an hour. During this time, the grains will swell, the mass will become denser, donuts will be neater. The taste of the dish is also reflected.


• 2 eggs;

• 250 g of cottage cheese;

• 4 tablespoons plus flour for underfilling;

• 4 spoons of semolina;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 5 g ripper;

• some salt;

• Donut frying oil.


1. Spread cottage cheese along with eggs, add sugar, salt and pour all the ingredients in the recipe at once. Try to put the ripper into the flour, only then combine everything in the total mass.

2. Set aside the dough, let it infuse.

3. Stir again before shaping. If the texture is weak and donuts can not be sculpted, then you can add a couple more spoons of flour. Stir.

4. Divide the dough into 12-15 parts.

5. From each piece roll out a small sausage, connect the tips together.

6. Fry the prepared ringlets in a pan with a sufficient amount of oil. They should not touch the bottom and each other.

7. Remove to paper that will absorb excess oil. Powdered donuts powdered with powdered sugar.

Cottage cheese donuts from yeast dough

A variant of yeast dough for cottage cheese donuts. If you wish, you can add a little poppy or raisin, but without fanaticism.


• 200 grams of any cottage cheese;

• 180 ml of fresh milk;

• 30 grams of cl. oils;

• 400 grams of flour;

• egg;

• 2 l. Sahara;

• 1 tsp. yeast tubercle (used dry);

• cooking oil;

• some vanilla and powdered sugar.


1. Heat fresh milk. You can use diluted dry, but it must also be warm.

2. Add dry yeast, stir a minute so that they dissolve as quickly as possible.

3. Add sugar, add a little salt, set aside.

4. Mix the cottage cheese with the egg, add the softened butter to it. If the product is frozen, you can melt it. Rub the mass until smooth. You can beat the blender. 5. Add the curd mass to the yeast mixture.

6. Pour the sifted flour, add a little vanilla, knead it all together. Add a little poppy or washed raisins if desired.

7. Cover the dough with a linen cloth and leave for about one hour.

8. Remove the dough, roll small balls, leave them to fit for about fifteen minutes.

9. Heat the deep-fat fryer, pour a few balls of hot oil, fry over medium heat until ready.

10. Mix vanilla and powder, sprinkle ready donuts before serving.

Cottage Cheese Donuts - Tips and Tricks

• Usually, when frying, donuts almost double in volume. This should be taken into account when laying the formed stuff in the oil. If they are in contact or just close, they will be fried unevenly.

• If vanillin or cinnamon is added to the powder for sprinkling, the dish will have a wonderful aroma.

• American donuts differ from the usual for us dishes spectacular design. In fact, it is very easy to decorate rings or balls, it is enough to cook chocolate or sugar glaze, to buy decorative dragees.

• If donuts are left and hardened, they can be reanimated. Put in a container with a hole on the lid, put in a microwave oven and warm for a couple of minutes.

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