Potato casserole with cheese - a dish for every day. Recipes of potato and cheese casserole: with meat, chicken, mayonnaise

Potato casserole with cheese - a dish for every day. Recipes of potato and cheese casserole: with meat, chicken, mayonnaise

Rarely what home cooking can do without potatoes. After all, from it you can cook a considerable number of dishes, and one of them is a casserole. This food proven over the years is loved by many for simplicity and pleasant taste.

Potato casserole can quickly and nutritionally feed your loved ones and friends.

A variety of additional ingredients will turn the dish into a savory and pleasant dish. Cheese crust will make it not only tasty, but also very attractive in appearance.

So, it is better to cook and try, than to tell!

Potato and cheese casserole - general principles of cooking

For cooking casseroles you need to choose the right potatoes. To make the dish tender, we prepare it from white-skinned root vegetables.

Boil potatoes and turn into mashed potatoes, cut into thin slices or grate.

Cheese choose harder to easily grind it.

It is appropriate to add herbs to the casserole - it will give the dish a piquancy and fresh summer taste. Onions and garlic, butter and cream, rosemary and nutmeg are perfectly combined with the main ingredients.

Do not interfere in a casserole of potatoes with cheese, beef, pork and chicken. Turn meat into stuffing or cut into small pieces.

Grease the baking dish with butter and sprinkle with croutons. You can cover it with foil.

The standard temperature in the oven is 180 degrees. Cooking casserole from half an hour to an hour.

Recipe 1. Potato casserole with cheese and minced meat


• five potatoes;

• 100 ml of milk (3.2%);

• 100 gr. butter;

• 200 gr. pork neck and beef;

• one onion;

• two spoons of Art. with a top grade flour mound;

• 200 gr. cheese;

• 40 ml of refined sunflower oil;

• 75 ml sour cream;

• one and a half tablespoons of salt;

• 5 gr. ground black pepper;

• 200 gr. breadcrumbs.

Cooking Method:

Pour into a saucepan and a half liters of water and boil. Prepared potatoes peeled and cut into four parts so that it boils faster. Cooking for about twenty minutes. At about the tenth minute, add a teaspoon of salt.

Meat is cut into three-centimeter pieces and minced. Knead the resulting meat mixture with your hands.

Clean the onion and cut into half a centimeter cubes. Fry in a skillet in sunflower oil until transparent.

Add the minced meat and with a fork connect it with onions. Fry until half cooked and get the consistency of pasta.

Salt (half a teaspoon) and pepper mince with onions. Stir and continue frying for three or four minutes.

We set aside mince to the side.

Prepare a baking dish. Lubricate it well and sprinkle with croutons. Send the form to the fridge for about five minutes.

Drain the water from the finished potato, warm it for a minute or two. Add the butter pieces, warm milk and using tolkushki evenly mix, turn into puree.

Pour the sifted flour and mix everything again.

We rub cheese. Approximately a quarter of mixed with sour cream.

Form for baking pick up from the refrigerator. In an even bowl, put about half of the puree on it. Sprinkle with cheese.

Then the balls put the minced meat, cheese and mashed potatoes.

Evenly placed on top of the casserole sour cream with slices of cheese.

We send the dish for half an hour in a preheated oven (200 degrees).

We put the finished casserole with a towel and proceed to the meal in about five minutes.

Recipe 2. Potato and homemade cheese casserole


• 800 gr. potatoes;

• three cloves of garlic;

• two sprigs of rosemary;

• salt;

• 150 ml fat cream;

• 300 gr. cheese

Cooking Method:

Peeled potatoes cut into thin slices. Put them in the prepared form. Pour some salt on each layer.

Squeeze the garlic over the potatoes. Hide it inside so that it does not burn when baking.

Under the layers of potatoes put sprigs of rosemary.

Cut the cheese into thin slices and place the potatoes on top.

Pour the cream over the future casserole. Sent to the oven, heated to a standard temperature for half an hour.

After thirty minutes, cover the casserole with foil.

Cooking a dish at 200 degrees for another 20 minutes.

Serve hot. This casserole is the perfect side dish for fish, meat or poultry.

Recipe 3. Potato and cheese casserole in a delicate sauce


• six potato tubers;

• two cloves of garlic;

• 400 ml of cream;

• 1/2 tablespoon of nutmeg;

• 350 gr. cheese;

• salt and pepper.

Cooking Method:

Cut the potatoes into thin pieces.

Cream poured into a saucepan and heated.

Grate cheese. Two thirds are sent to warm cream. Stir until the cheese has melted and the sauce is tender. Add salt and pepper.

Remove from heat, add nutmeg and mix.

Chop garlic with garlic press. Send it to the sauce and stir.

We put the potatoes in layers, oiled. Each bowl pour sauce.

We load the form in the oven (180 degrees) for one hour.

We take out a dish, sprinkle with cheese and bake for another five minutes.

Recipe 4. Potato casserole with cheese and mayonnaise


• five pieces potatoes;

• two eggs;

• three garlic cloves;

• 150 gr. cheese;

• five tablespoons of art. mayonnaise;

• one spoon of Art. dried dill;

• pepper and salt.

Cooking Method:

We grind up cheese with a grater and divide it in half.

In one piece add dry dill and egg. Mix well.

In the second part of the cheese add mayonnaise, garlic, chopped in mush, and egg. Also mix everything.

Grate potatoes, salt and pepper. We load into it the second part of the cheese mixture. Stir until the mass is homogeneous.

Prepare a baking dish.

We load potatoes into it. Top place the cheese mixture with dill.

Cooking a casserole for forty minutes at a standard temperature of 180 degrees.

Recipe 5. Potato casserole with cheese and zucchini


• five potatoes;

• two zucchini;

• 200 gr. cheese;

• bunch of greens;

• half a cup of milk; • three eggs;

• two spoons with. mayonnaise;

• pepper and salt.

Cooking Method:

We cut zucchini with half centimeter circles. We place them in a separate tray. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and mix pieces of vegetables.

Cut the peeled potatoes in the same circles. We perform with him the same operations as with the zucchini.

Grate cheese.

In a deep platter cook pouring. We drive eggs into it and mix them with milk, mayonnaise, half cheese and chopped dill. Add a little salt and pepper.

Liberally grease the baking dish with oil. We put in it alternately pieces of zucchini and potatoes.

Pour the vegetables over and cook for forty minutes at standard temperature.

Ten minutes before the end of baking, sprinkle the surface of the dish with the remaining cheese.

Recipe 6. Potato and Provencal Cheese Casserole


• six potatoes;

• one onion;

• 200 gr. cheese;

• two spoons of Art. mayonnaise;

• Provencal herbs;

• 100 gr. parsley;

• two spoons of Art. water;

• salt;

• a mixture of ground peppers.

Cooking Method:

Chop the potatoes into small and thin pieces.

Chop the onion in half rings. Three cheese.

Pan grease with butter. We place on it in layers of onions and potatoes. Add salt, pepper and Provencal herbs.

Pour some water and lay out mayonnaise.

Finely chop the parsley. Sprinkle with greens the top layer of potatoes.

Cover the surface of the casserole with grated cheese.

Cook for sixty minutes at standard temperature.

Recipe 7. Potato and cheese casserole


• ten potatoes;

• two chicken fillets;

• three tomatoes;

• two bulbs;

• 200 gr. cheese;

• 150 ml sour cream;

• four sprigs of green onions and dill;

• salt;

• ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

Chop chicken fillet. Slightly salt, sprinkle and mix well.

Very thinly chopped potatoes. Put it in a large bowl.

Bulbs cut into half rings, divide the feathers and mix with potatoes. Before that, salt and pepper. In a bowl with potatoes and onions add chicken pieces. The process of mixing carried out by hand.

Slice the tomatoes, onions and dill into small pieces.

Cooking cheese, rubbed it on a grater.

Cover the pan with foil, lubricate with oil.

Put the potato mixture and level it.

From above we spread rings of tomatoes.

Sprinkle the casserole with green onions and dill evenly.

Pour sour cream and richly covered with cheese.

Baking the casserole into the oven for one hour (190 degrees).

We cook the dish for the first half hour under the foil, then remove it.

Do not touch the prepared dish for a few minutes, and then cut it into portions.

Potato and cheese casserole - tips and useful tips

  • For a golden crust, mix the cheese with sour cream and pour the top of the casserole.
  • In order for the potatoes not to remain raw, it must be cut very thinly.
  • The casserole will not fall apart when sliced, if it is covered with a towel and left for a few minutes.
  • Only well-warmed milk (40-60 degrees) is added to puree. If you pour cold, potatoes will become gray due to the temperature difference.
  • Calorie casseroles can be reduced. To do this, peeled potatoes should be dipped in cold water for several hours - the amount of starch in it will significantly decrease.
  • The fatter milk or cream, the softer the taste of potatoes in a casserole.
  • Forcemeat must be roasted until half cooked. If you add it in its raw form, then it will take much longer to prepare the dish, the potatoes may burn.
  • Mince is better to salt in the pan, where it is fried with onions.
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