Sour cream cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook sour cream.

Sour cream cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook sour cream.

Does it take a long time to make a tasty cake? Many believe that in order to create something original, you need to spend the whole day. This is true, but only if you are preparing for a banquet or wedding. But the classic dessert - sour cream cake (in a simple way sour cream) - you can cook in minutes. It is very simple, but it has an unusually pleasant taste. It is necessary to let it stand, of course, but after that we will get a juicy and tasty dish.

Sour cream - from the word sour cream. Did you know that this fermented milk product is a truly Russian product? Many countries before World War II did not even suspect the existence of sour cream. The fermented milk product is obtained by fermenting the cream with special fermented milk bacteria, it was already known in Ancient Russia, which is reflected in Russian folk art. Yes, yes, these are the very tops taken from the sour milk cream.

Today, sour cream can be called anything - sour and white, even without the presence of real milk, the so-called sour cream product. Of course, for sour cream cake is better to take a real sour cream. Only it is well absorbed by the human body (by the way, much better than cream). Sour cream stimulates the appetite and has a positive effect on digestion, as well as hormones and psycho-emotional state of a person. A large amount of calcium strengthens bones and nails, and there is very little cholesterol in it, much less than in butter. So - sour cream cake!

Sour cream cake - food preparation

Sour cream can be obtained in two ways - smooth or separator. In the first case, this is the top layer of settled sour milk, while separator sour cream is obtained by separating cow's milk into cream and skimmed milk. It may have different fat content (from 1 to 58 percent). A good indicator of fat content of 40%.

How to distinguish sour cream from sour cream product? Choosing sour cream for the cake, pay attention to the time of manufacture and storage. Natural sour cream is stored no more than a week at a temperature of up to +6 degrees in a sealed package, and only 72 hours in unsealed. The more preservatives in the product, the longer the shelf life and the higher the temperature at which it can be stored. Sour cream cake - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Sour cream cake with souffle with prunes

The recipe for the most delicate cake, soft biscuit with a delicious soufflé and slices of sour prunes. Cakes can not soak, get drier.

Ingredients: vanillin, eggs (4 pieces), baking powder (1.5 tsp), flour (1 cup).

For soufflé: sour cream (1 kg), gelatin (20 g), milk (0.5 cups), prunes (100-200 grams), sugar (0.5 cups).

Method of preparation

Our task is to get the dough, pouring thick thick tape. To do this, whip eggs into foam, mix with baking powder, flour and vanilla, stir. At the bottom of the form lay out the parchment and pour the dough. In order not to redden the upper, tighten the foil from the top of the form.

Cut prunes into pieces, so that it is softer, you can pre-soak it in boiling water or brandy. Soak gelatin in milk, boil lemon for 5 minutes in water. In a blender, beat the chopped finely pitted lemon and sour cream with sugar. Whisk. You can add some sugar. Add gelatin and beat again. Add chopped prunes finely. When cooled, the mass should thicken.

Cut the sponge cake into three cakes, coat with cream and collect the cake. Top decorate with grated chocolate.

Recipe 2: Curd sour cream cake

In this recipe, cottage cheese gives the main flavor, and a small amount of prunes only make a savory note. A layer of dough makes you feel that this is a cake, and not just a dessert.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of starch, 2 tablespoons of flour, 3 eggs, 1 hour spoon of baking powder, 0.5 cups of sugar.

Sour cream and curd mass: 250 g 20% ​​sour cream, 200 g prunes, 10 g gelatin, 0.5 cups of sugar, 250 g curd mass.

Method of preparation

Pre-soak in 1/4 cup of water gelatin. While he is soaking, let's do a test. It for sour cream should be liquid, well whipped. Beat the ingredients, to obtain a delicate, pudding mass. My prunes, and pour half a cup of boiling water, you need to wait until it swells and cut into pieces. Strain the remaining liquid and pour into gelatin. Put in a water bath or in boiling water, until complete dissolution. Beat sour cream with curd mass to make it smooth and fluffy, pour in gelatin and leave to cool. Add the prunes to the mass that starts to thicken, mix it carefully and pour it onto the ready-made dough directly into the mold. Leave to freeze. Sprinkle the finished cake with chocolate or coconut chips.

Recipe 3: Low-calorie sour cream cake with walnuts

This is a simple and tasty family treat, you can cook it every day. Classic sour cream, with a nutty flavor.

Ingredients: flour, sour cream, sugar, in a glass. Egg and soda, extinguished with vinegar.

Cream: sour cream (or yogurt), sugar (1 glass each), nuts.

Method of preparation

Pound the eggs with sugar, add the sour cream flour and whip, extinguish the soda with vinegar. We bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 40 minutes. Do not forget to grease the form and sprinkle with flour. The calorie content of the cake can be successfully reduced by using yogurt instead of sour cream, and sweetener instead of sugar, while you need to take more liquid products. The result will be as lush and tender. Whip them with sugar, add nuts and soak cakes. We decorate with small nuts.

Sour cream - useful tips from experienced chefs

- With all the useful characteristics of sour cream, do not abuse it to those who want to lose weight, as this is a very fatty product. In addition, it contains a certain amount of cholesterol, therefore, it is limited to people with diabetes, people with disabilities in the work of the heart and blood vessels.

- In order to make it easier to remove the finished cake from the mold, you need to hold the knife along the inner walls of the mold, and knock it over the dish.

- For convenience, the formation of the cake can be laid cakes "upside down" in a suitable pan, then turn it over and decorate the top layer.

- You can determine the presence of a stabilizer in the sour cream in this way: add a drop of iodine to half a teaspoon of sour cream. Herbal supplements will color it blue, natural sour cream will remain yellow.

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