Main dishes on the festive table - nine delicious recipes for the holiday

What hot and cold main dishes will be on your New Year's holiday table? How to make the New Year's meeting was not only joyful, but also become unforgettably tasty? It is a responsible approach to the issue of selection of dishes for the holiday table. Main dishes can be both cold and hot. I offer you a selection of 9 delicious recipes that will decorate your table for the New Year holidays.

Main dishes on the festive table - nine delicious recipes for the holiday

Marinated fish


• Any medium-sized fish - 2 pieces;

• Carrots - 3 pieces;

• Tomato paste - 2 tablespoons;

• Olive oil - 3 spoons;

• Onions - 2 pieces;

• Broth - 2 glasses;

• Salt;

• Sugar - 1 tsp;

• Flour or mixture for crumbling;

• Vinegar - 1 tsp;

• Spices.

Cut the fish into pieces, fry in flour and fry until golden brown outside and cooked inside. Carrot shred. Finely chop the onion, fry with carrots and ketchup. You can diversify this dish by adding there leeks. Add broth, vinegar, seasonings and cook for 20 minutes. Add the marinade to the fish, stew for another 20 minutes. The dish is served chilled.

Second dishes on the holiday table must be easy to overload the stomach, and this recipe fits perfectly with these criteria.



• Chicken or turkey fillet - up to one kilogram;

• Ham - 400 grams;

• Chicken egg - 1 piece;

• Pepper, salt;

• Bay leaves - a few leaves;

• Basil (preferably fresh) - one third of the bunch;

• Black allspice.

Chicken (or turkey), ham cut into small pieces. Add basil, sugar, salt, egg, pepper. All mix until smooth. Spread the mixture on a wet sheet of baking paper and form a cylinder.

Main dishes on the festive table - nine delicious recipes for the holiday

It is necessary to boil water, add pepper and bay leaf. Put the mixture in the pan in paper, cook for 45 minutes. After that, galantine cool and clean in a cold place for 60 minutes. Served with any sauce.

Chicken Satsivi


• Chicken carcass - one piece;

• Walnuts - half a glass;

• Garlic - half of the head;

• Adjika.

The chicken is boiled until half cooked. Then brought to readiness in the oven. Broth need to drain. Nuts with garlic pound. Gradually add broth to them. Salt and add adjika. Chicken cut into pieces. Add the resulting sauce to it. The dish is served cold.

Main dishes on the festive table - nine delicious recipes for the holiday

Optionally, add onions to the dish. Every year, housewives begin to look for interesting recipes for festive main courses long before the ringing of festive glasses. Such recipes allow not only to diversify the menu, but also to expand the taste variety of the table.

Stuffed champignons


• Champignons - 18 pieces;

• Chicken or turkey fillet - 1 piece;

• Cheese - 150 grams;

• Onions - 2 medium heads;

• Mayonnaise.

With mushrooms remove the skin. Rinse. It is impossible to soak, these fastidious mushrooms absorb water. Remove the legs. Spread hats on a baking sheet. Cut the legs and fry with onions. Grate cheese or cut into thin plates to fit the cap. Chop the chicken. Put chicken, onions and legs in caps. Sprinkle with grated cheese, optimal use of Dutch or grade Cheder. Brush with mayonnaise. Send to oven for 20 minutes.

Main dishes on the festive table - nine delicious recipes for the holiday

Thanks to this recipe, even novice hostesses would agree that delicious festive main dishes are easy.

French Potatoes

The following ingredients will be needed: • Pork (need to beat off meat) - 300 grams;

• Potatoes - 6 pieces;

• Onions - 2 pieces;

• Sunflower oil - 50 grams;

• Mayonnaise - up to 150 grams;

• Cheese - 150 grams;

• Salt - up to two teaspoons (to taste);

• Pepper - a quarter of a teaspoon (to taste).

Any meat is used (chicken, beef, turkey). In this case, the taste of the dish will change a little. This recipe belongs to the category of simple festive main courses.

Meat washed and dried, cut to a thickness of 10 mm, then beat off well.

Clean the potatoes, cut into plates of about 4 mm each. Heat the oven. Peeled onion cut into half rings.

Main dishes on the festive table - nine delicious recipes for the holiday

Lubricate the form or pan with oil. Salt and pepper each layer. The first layer is to lay out a portion of the potato. The next layer lay the meat. It should close the bottom layer completely. Lay the bow in the third layer. The fourth layer - the remains of potatoes.

Grease the whole dish with mayonnaise on top. We bake potatoes at a temperature of 180 to 200 degrees. Cooking time is 40 minutes.

We rub cheese. Remove the mold from the oven. Dish sprinkle with grated cheese. We put the form back. After 10 minutes the dish is ready. Serve exclusively hot.

Simple main dishes for the holiday table must be beautiful, and it is the cheese that gives this dish a beautiful crust.

Chicken drumsticks with cheese and mushrooms

The following ingredients are required to prepare 4 servings:

• Chicken thighs - 4 pieces;

• Melted cheese - 90 grams;

• Mushrooms (preferably champignons) - 5 pieces;

• Onions - 1 head;

• Salt pepper;

• Olive or vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons.

The chicken must be gently separated from the skin, without damaging it, and the bones, cut the meat into pieces and scroll. Onions, mushrooms cut and fry in butter. After that, cool. Cheese grate. Mix everything with chicken. Salt, pepper.

Main dishes on the festive table - nine delicious recipes for the holiday

Fill the chicken skin with the prepared mixture. Arrange the legs in the form so that the stuffing does not slip out. Lubricate the legs with oil. Bake need 30 minutes. Temperature - 180 degrees.

This second hot meal on a festive table with proper preparation can be a real decoration of the table.

Chicken Medallions with Pineapple and Cheese

Ingredients for 4 servings:

• Boneless chicken fillet - 400 grams;

• Cheese - 100 grams;

• Pineapple rings - 4 pieces;

• Mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons;

• Salt and pepper to taste.

For decoration, you can use lettuce leaves, cherry.

Foil rolled into rings. The diameter should match the size of the pineapple. We spread them in the form, we grease with mayonnaise. Pineapple and grated cheese are laid on top. Bake in the oven or in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. It is not recommended to use the multicooker.

Chicken baked with quince and potatoes


• Chicken - 700 grams;

• Honey - 1 tablespoon;

• Quince - 2 pieces;

• Potatoes - 3 pieces;

• Garlic - 1 slice;

• Butter - 2 tablespoons;

• Olive oil - 1 teaspoon;

• Pepper, salt.

Wash the chicken and dry it. We press garlic and add honey to the chicken. Leave to soak. My quince, cut, fry in butter. Peel potatoes and cut into circles. Add salt, pepper and butter.

We put all the ingredients in a sleeve, tie it up, put it in the oven. We bake for at least 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees (time may vary depending on the specific equipment). Served hot.

This dish will surely take a worthy place in the piggy of festive delicious main courses of any hostess.

Pork knuckle


• Shank - 1200 - 1500 grams;

• Garlic - 1 head;

• Honey - 1 tablespoon;

• Mustard - 2 tsp;

• Bay leaves - a few leaves;

• Pepper Peas - 10 pieces;

• Carnation - 3 things;

• Salt.

Pre-required to soak the knuckle in water for two - two and a half hours. Cut garlic with plates and salt well. Puncture deeply pierced with a knife. Garlic gently fill in the holes formed.

Then knotted garlic shank tied with a thick thread. Boil water. Put the knuckle in the pan and pour over boiled water. It must be completely submerged in water. Cook for 2 hours. Add spices, salt.

Main dishes on the festive table - nine delicious recipes for the holiday

After cooking, remove the knuckle, release from the thread. Put the foil on a baking sheet. Put a knuckle on it. Mix honey with mustard. Generously lubricate the meat on the baking tray. We raise the foil, but it is not required to close the knuckle completely. The oven is heated to 200 - 220 degrees. You need to cook the meat until a golden crust appears.

These recipes will appeal not only to beginner housewives, but also to those who can compile a cookbook themselves, because the recipes of the second courses on the holiday table will be useful not only for the upcoming new year, but also for any family holiday.

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