How to pickle salmon at home is tasty and fast

How to pickle salmon at home is tasty and fast

This delicacy, although it has become more expensive, is also popular on our tables. So today I want to tell you how to pickle salmon at home. It will be very tasty, all the recipes have been tested by me more than once.

Why did I choose salmon? Yes, because she, like trout, always turns out tender and juicy in salty form. Yes, this fish is fatter than pink or coho, but it is more pleasant to eat on sandwiches or in the form of cutting. But we all know that fatty fish are the most valuable for us, they contain the very, very important for humans, polyunsaturated fats. And how many trace elements that our body can get only from the outside. And what a taste !!! Just a pleasure to eat an ordinary sandwich with butter and a thin strip of lightly salted salmon.

Salting salmon at home is not so difficult. Many are simply afraid to try, preferring to buy an expensive product in the store. But at home, salting turns out to be much tastier. In addition, absolutely no preservatives.

Preparing salted salmon at home is really easy, but like any other red fish. You just need to know some technical points and choose the right pickling object itself.

Secrets of making salted salmon at home

Salmon fish is not the cheapest. Therefore, in order not to waste money and not to spoil the final product, we will choose only fresh fish for salting. Fortunately, now in any supermarket you can buy a fresh chilled carcass.

But here, too, you need to carefully approach the purchase, some sellers are too freezing the fish to keep it longer, but this will not work for us, because it will turn out dry after salting, then you can just buy pink salmon. For salting it is not necessary to buy a whole fish, it is enough to choose a good piece with a fresh cut and bright flesh, without whiteness or yellowness.

If, nevertheless, there is no possibility to buy fresh fish, and you have to take frozen fish, then pay attention that the fish did not defrost several times and was caught recently. The color of the fins will tell you about the freshness; in old fish they are usually yellowish.

If you are able and not afraid to fish the fish yourself, then you can safely buy the whole carcass, but it's better to take a smaller piece to start with.

When salting, so that the fish turned out juicy, most often use coarse salt, only it should be white, and not dirty-gray. You can take and sea or ocean.

To make the fish with a spicy taste, aromatic, various spices are added to it when salted. You can add them based on your own taste or buy ready-made.

For salting is used only enameled, plastic or glassware. If you salt the fish in a metal container, then you immediately feel the unpleasant taste of metal.

Salmon can be salted in just two ways:

  1. In a brine (wet)
  2. Dry Ambassador

Traditional recipe for salmon salting

How to pickle salmon at home is tasty and fast

We will need a kilo of fish:

  • Three tablespoons of sugar and salt
  • A bunch of fresh dill

Salting process:

Prepared fillet pieces should be rinsed and dried with a paper towel. Prepare special dishes for salting, dill shallow to small twigs. Mix sugar with salt.

Rub the pieces well with a mixture on all sides. First put in the dishes on the skin, meat up. Liberally season with greens and cover with a second piece, which is obtained with the skin up. Cover this “sandwich” with a plate and leave for five or six hours just at room temperature. Then for days we hide on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

Pickled salmon in brine

For a kilo of fish, we take:

  • Dining room with a spoonful of coarse salt
  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • A tablespoon of 9% vinegar
  • Liter of water
  • Five Allspice of Pepper
  • Oregano to taste
  • Two leaflets of Lavrushka

Salting of salmon:

We start with the marinade, that is, with brine, well, whatever you want to call. Add spices to the water, add salt, boil for five minutes, pour vinegar at the end. Leave to cool. In the meantime, let's do our fish.

The piece is first washed, pre-, if required, cleared of scales. We cut into slices, which we will serve to the table. We put in a tank in which the fish will salt. Fill the marinade with time to cool down and put the refrigerator on the shelf for two days. Just do not eat it all before!

How to pickle salmon in brine quickly

A recipe for those who do not like to wait a long time, or simply lack of willpower.

We will prepare for the recipe:

  • Half a kilo of salmon fillet
  • Half a liter of water
  • Two tablespoons of regular salt and granulated sugar

How to pickle salmon quickly:

First of all, we cook the brine from water with added salt and sugar. We put it to cool down, and we ourselves take on the fish. If a lot of scales, then you need to clean, select the bones, rinse and pat dry with a paper napkin.

Fold the fish in a convenient dish and fill it with brine, which should already be cooled. We leave for two hours to wake up. Then take out the filet, remove the extra pickle and cut to the table.

Spiced salted salmon

How to pickle salmon at home is tasty and fast

The recipe, I will tell you, is just a drop. The main thing is to cook such a fish very quickly, and yummy is obtained !!! If the guests are on the doorstep, just such a fish will help you out, even if there is only bread and potatoes in the uniform besides her, you will be remembered as a great hostess.

We will prepare the following ingredients:

  • Kilo of Salmon
  • Half a liter of water
  • Three tablespoons without a heap of a spoonful of salt, better than large sea
  • One medium bulb
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • Tablespoon of 9% Vinegar
  • Nine Black Pepper
  • Three Lovekeys

How to make a spicy salmon ambassador at home:

If you have a whole fish, then first cut, remove the fins, clean the scales, remove the bones. after that, it should be washed under running water, dried and cut into fairly large pieces.

In advance, you need to prepare the brine, just in the cooled boiled water to dissolve the required amount of salt according to the recipe. Pieces of fish fillets are laid on the skin in a pot and pour etim with saline, set on the table just salted for two hours. To the fish was all under water, it is better to press it with a small load hoisted on a plate.

After two hours have passed, we merge the entire brine. Now we need such a marinade - we take a glass of cooled boiling water and dilute vinegar in it. Fill the fish in the same pot, let it brew for five minutes. After adding chopped onion, lavrushka, peas, pepper and sunflower oil. Leave another twenty minutes, if you stand. After the fish will be ready.

Salted salmon at home

How to pickle salmon at home is tasty and fast

I recommend it very, very, very much, to all lovers of salted fish. the recipe is usually asked by anyone who has ever been visiting me and tried such a creation.

For the recipe, we need products:

  • Kilo salmon fillet
  • Two dining rooms with a small slide of coarse salt
  • Tablespoon of sugar
  • According to your desire black ground pepper

How to make salted salmon:

As always, the fish must first be cleaned, rinsed and blotted with a paper towel. In a pialochka pour salt, sugar and pepper, mix everything and pour half the mixture to the bottom of the dish, where the fish will be salted. Put the pieces of filet on the mixture with the skin and sprinkle with the remaining mixture on top.

Tightly close the tank with fish and hide in the refrigerator for twelve hours. After opening and see the brine released, it should be drained and cleaned off the remains of spices from the fish. Again we close the dishes and now we will persist in the refrigerator for a day. After the fish is ready.

Salted quick-recipe salmon

How to pickle salmon at home is tasty and fast

To be honest, I am against fast recipes for fish. Well, imagine how many extraneous living creatures there can be. But, who does not risk, that long waits for a tasty small fish.

We will need products for the recipe:

  • Kilo salmon fillet (two halves)
  • Six tablespoons without the top of coarse salt spoons
  • Ten peas of allspice
  • Five leaves of laurel
  • To taste white ground pepper

How to pickle salted salmon:

Fish trim, if you bought the whole carcass. If you have a piece of fillet, it is enough to clean the scales, select the bones, wash and blot it. Salt we will be in the food film, without dishes, well, you can take some pan or chopping board to make it more convenient .. On the table you need to spread the film and sprinkle a quarter of the whole salt on it, put two leaves of half-leaf, broken into pieces and a quarter of peppercorns. For all these spices, be sure to lay down one half of the fillet with the skin down. We sprinkle half of the whole salt on it, two leaflets of Lavrushka and half of the peppers with peas. Cover the second filet on top and sprinkle it with the remaining salt and spices. Now we wrap the fish tightly in a film and remove it to the top shelf in the fridge for the night.

Finished fish cut into thin slices and sprinkle with white fragrant pepper, which like no other suited to the fish.

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