Marinated arrows of garlic for the winter - how to pickle arrows of garlic. Arrows of garlic for the winter through the meat grinder - canned garlic arrows

Marinated arrows of garlic for the winter - how to pickle arrows of garlic. Arrows of garlic for the winter through the meat grinder - canned garlic arrows

For a long time, the arrows of garlic were thrown away, until it occurred to someone to prepare them for the winter.

It turned out that they have a pleasant aroma and spicy taste.

Today, garlic shooters are preparing a lot of delicious blanks.

Moreover, it turned out that garlic arrows contain more benefits than garlic itself.

How to Marinate Garlic Arrows - Basic Cooking Principles

From the arrows of garlic prepare a lot of tasty and healthy blanks. They can marinate, prepare a sauce, seasoning, appetizer or salad.

Many people ask: how to pickle the arrows of garlic to make a tasty harvest? The main thing is to have time to collect the arrows, until they become rigid. Use young, tender arrows, on which the bud has not yet blossomed.

Young arrows collect, carefully washed and cut into pieces.

Then the prepared arrows tightly placed in clean jars and pour cooked boiling marinade. The glass container is covered with lids and sent to be sterilized for 20 minutes. After this, the banks are sealed tightly and completely cooled. Marinated arrows can be added to first courses, vegetable stews, or any other flavor dishes.

Garlic arrows can be preserved in different ways: fry, marinate or prepare seasoning.

We have collected the best recipes for the preservation of garlic shooters, so that you can enjoy the unique taste of this product.

Recipe 1. Marinated arrows of garlic for the winter


  • 600 ml of drinking water;
  • four bay leaves;
  • ten black peppercorns;
  • 60 ml of vinegar 9% table;
  • 20 g of sugar and salt;
  • arrows of garlic - 700 g.

Method of preparation

1. Wash with soda and rinse the glass container thoroughly. Sterilize it in the oven or microwave. 2. The arrows of garlic should be young, rich green. Wash the arrows under the tap, cut off the lower light part and the buds.

3. Put the arrows in the glass container, tightly tamping them.

4. Pour vinegar into the pan and dilute it with drinking water. Add sugar, bay leaf, peppercorns and salt. Stir and send to fire. Marinade bring to a boil.

5. Pour the contents of the jars with boiling marinade. Add bay leaf and peppercorns here.

6. Cover the jars with lids. Take a wide saucepan, cover the bottom with a linen towel and place the jars with arrows in it. Pour water into the pan so that its level reaches the shoulders. Put on the fire. Twist the fire from the moment of boiling and sterilize the billet for about 20 minutes. Remove the jars from the pan, hermetically roll them up, turn them over, wrap them in a blanket and cool them completely.

Recipe 2. Marinated arrows of garlic for the winter with mustard


  • drinking water - liter;
  • bay leaf;
  • cane sugar - 50 g;
  • black peas;
  • arrows of garlic;
  • vinegar 9% table-100 ml;
  • 30 g table salt;
  • mustard beans.

Method of preparation

1. For pickling, we take the young shoots until the heads with seeds appear on them. Wash the garlic arrows with a stream of water and cut into pieces, six centimeters long.

2. Put the sliced ​​arrows in a colander and put them in boiling water. Arrows blanch no more than two minutes. Then immediately drop for a few seconds in cold water.

3. Wash and sterilize glass containers. It is better to use a container of no more than half a liter. Put a few black peppercorns, mustard and bay leaves on the bottom of each can. We spread the prepared arrows in the banks, tightly tamping them.

4. Pour water into a saucepan, add sugar and salt. Blend the mixture to a boil, and pour in the vinegar. Fill the contents of the cans with the marinade. 5. Immerse banks with arrows in a pot of water. Its level should reach half of the container. Put the pot with the cans on a small fire. Bring to a boil and wait ten minutes. Then we roll up the cans tightly with lids, turn them over, cover and leave to cool.

Recipe 3. Spicy garlic sauce for the winter for the winter through a meat grinder


  • table salt - 100 g
  • ground coriander;
  • garlic arrows - 0.5 kg.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the buds and the white part from the arrows. Carefully wash them under the tap and lightly dry. We grind by means of the meat grinder.

2. Add salt to the garlic mass and mix. Season with ground coriander.

3. Wash glass containers, rinse and sterilize. To do this, it is better to use banks of no more than half a liter.

4. Put the garlic sauce in jars, tightly close the lids and send in storage in the refrigerator. In winter, the sauce can be used as a seasoning or to make sandwiches.

Recipe 4. Marinated garlic arrows for the winter in Korean


  • two bunches of garlic arrows;
  • vegetable oil;
  • two cloves of garlic;
  • Korean carrot seasoning - 25 g;
  • salt;
  • three bay leaves;
  • apple cider vinegar - 5 ml;
  • sugar - 3 g.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the garlic arrows, remove the buds and light part. Arrows cut five centimeter slices.

2. Put the pan on the stove and pour the oil into it. Heat well and put the sliced ​​arrows into it. Fry, stirring constantly, until soft.

3. Add sugar, carrot seasoning in Korean, salt and pour vinegar into the pan. Continue cooking until the mass thickens.

4. Remove the pan from the heat, cool the contents and squeeze the garlic crushed through a press into it. 5. Wash the small jars and sterilize them in the oven. Spread the arrows on them. Store the workpiece in the refrigerator, tightly closing the capron caps.

Recipe 5. Canned garlic arrows in red currant juice


  • redcurrant juice - 0.3 l;
  • two kilograms of arrows of garlic;
  • table salt - 50 g;
  • filtered water - 0.7 l;
  • 100 g of sugar;
  • dill (umbrellas) - three pieces.

Method of preparation

1. With my arrows of garlic, dry them and remove light parts and buds. We cut them with five centimeter slices and spread them in a colander. Boil arrows for a minute.

2. Put in a clean, sterile glass container arrows with dill umbrellas.

3. Put my red currant in a small saucepan and pour boiling water over the berries. Put the saucepan on the fire and cook for about three minutes. Then we grind through a sieve.

4. Add sugar and salt to the resulting broth. Stir and bring to a boil over low heat. Marinade pour arrows. Hermetically roll up the cans, turn over, wrap and cool completely.

Recipe 6. Seasoning from the arrows of garlic for the winter through the meat grinder “For soups”


  • table salt;
  • arrows of garlic;
  • fresh dill.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the arrows of garlic, lightly dry them, cut off the light parts and buds. Dill greens, sort and rinse and shake off excess moisture. Chop greens and garlic arrows using a meat grinder.

2. Add salt to the resulting garlic mixture until it is sufficiently salty.

3. Spread garlic mass in sterile jars. Sprinkle with salt. Tightly close the cans with the capron lids, scalding them with boiling water and rubbing dry. Store seasoning in the refrigerator.

Recipe 7. Canned Lecho garlic arrows


  • Marinade
  • filtered water - 700 ml;
  • apple cider vinegar - a quarter cup;
  • tomato paste - 500 g;
  • vegetable oil - half a cup;
  • salt - 25 g;
  • sugar - half a cup.
  • Arrows of garlic.

Method of preparation

1. Dissolve tomato paste in water, pour in vegetable oil, salt and add sugar. Mix and put the marinade on the fire. We bring it to boiling.

2. Garlic arrows carefully wash, cut the buds and the bright part, cut into pieces. Put the sliced ​​arrows in boiling marinade and cook for a quarter of an hour.

3. Now pour in apple cider vinegar and boil for another three minutes.

4. Half-liter glass container wash, rinse and sterilize.

5. We unfold the arrows on the prepared packaging and hermetically roll.

Recipe 8. Canned garlic hands for the winter with cilantro and gooseberry


  • half a kilo of arrows of garlic;
  • salt - 75 g;
  • gooseberry - half a kilo;
  • vegetable oil - 80 ml;
  • fresh cilantro and dill - on a bunch.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the gooseberries. Tails removed.

2. Wash the garlic arrows, cut off the white part and the buds.

3. Chop the arrows of garlic with gooseberry using a meat grinder.

4. Rinse the bunches of greens, finely chop and add to the garlic-berry mass. Pour in the same vegetable oil, salt and mix well.

5. Wash and sterilize glass containers.

6. Spread the prepared seasoning on the prepared container and tightly close them with nylon caps, before this, wrap them with boiling water and wipe dry. Season in the refrigerator.

Recipe 9. Pickled arrows of garlic with dill


  • 40 ml of 4% vinegar;
  • young arrows of garlic - half a kilogram;
  • salt - 25 g;
  • three sprigs of dill;
  • salt - 25 g;
  • water - one and a half glasses.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the white part and buds of the garlic shoots. Rinse the hands thoroughly under running water and cut into pieces six inches long.

2. Put the sliced ​​arrows in a colander and put them in boiling water. Blanch three minutes. After that, lower the hands in cold water and cool.

3. Wash and dry the pan. At the bottom put two sprigs of washed dill. From above to lay the cut arrows tightly tamping them. Top put a branch of dill.

4. Dissolve the salt in boiling water, cool and pour vinegar. Pour the arrows in the resulting brine, cover the top with a flat plate and place the load on top. Leave to ferment for two weeks. From time to time, remove the foam and pour the brine. Send the blank to storage in the refrigerator.

Canned Garlic Arrows - Tips and Tricks

  • Do not use arrows for preservation on which seeds have already been formed.
  • Be sure to cut the white part of the arrows, it is not edible.
  • Seasoning from garlic arrows can be added to soups and main dishes, as well as used to make sandwiches.
  • When frying the arrows, stir them constantly so that they do not dry out and become stiff.
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