Adjika from tomatoes - so different! Simple, spicy, with garlic or horseradish, raw or cooked: adjika tomatoes for every taste

Adjika from tomatoes - so different! Simple, spicy, with garlic or horseradish, raw or cooked: adjika tomatoes for every taste

Fragrant, tasty adjika from tomatoes - preparation, very popular among almost all hostesses. And no wonder, it is easy and simple to cook, it is stored for a long time regardless of the method of preparation.

Adjika from tomatoes is ideal as a seasoning for various dishes, as well as in the form of a sauce for meat, poultry and vegetables.

Adjika from tomatoes - the general principles of cooking

The main ingredients of adjika from tomatoes are tomatoes, salt and pepper. But the fact is that there are a lot of options for making a delicious sauce. Some people like sharper, so much so that they want to spew out the flame, others prefer an easier way of cooking, so that you can eat sauce with spoons while holding the main dish. Someone likes garlic flavor, and some prefer the original recipe to all classic recipes, such as green tomato adjika or with added ingredients like nuts, eggplants, apples, carrots and many other products.

Guess the taste preferences of each is quite difficult, but thanks to the best recipes for making adzhiki from tomatoes in various ways, collected here, you can choose the most preferred recipe for yourself.

As in any other preparation, the main thing is the quality and purity of the products, and proper sterilization of the container. All ingredients are ground and mixed, and depending on the recipe, they are either cooked or rolled up raw.

Adjika from boiled tomatoes due to heat treatment it turns out to have a delicate texture and long storage, the cans with the finished product are rolled up and cooled. You can store such a product in any dark place.

Recipes of raw adjika from tomatoes are quite easy, here, apart from processing and mixing products, nothing more needs to be done. Store such adjika in a cool place. Sterilization of tomato adjika cans

Rinse the jars thoroughly before sterilizing so that not a drop of fat is left on them, you can walk with a sponge dipped in soda.

Metal lids enough to boil for about five minutes, plastic no more than one minute.

For sterilization, you can set up jars for 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 50 degrees, sterilize containers in a water bath, or pour into one or two fingers in jars of clean water and scroll through them in a microwave for 3-5 minutes at maximum power.

Adjika tomatoes with cooking are laid out in sterilized containers in hot form, after which the jars of contents should be completely cooled at a temperature not higher than and not lower than room temperature. Raw tomato adjika are placed in cools cooled after sterilization.

Traditional adjika of tomatoes with cooking


three kg of tomatoes;

one kg of red Bulgarian pepper;

two pods of chili;

one kg of juicy carrots;

a pound of onion;

one kg of apples;

garlic head;

a small bunch of fresh parsley;

half a cup of sugar;

one cup of 9% vinegar;

220 ml of vegetable oil;

two tablespoons of sea salt.


Peel the apples by peeling them and removing the seeds.

Rinse peppers, cut the stem, remove the seeds.

Crush peeled onions and carrots, blanched tomatoes, apples and sweet peppers in a meat grinder.

Put the fragrant mixture of vegetables and fruits in a large cauldron, bring to a boil, then simmer for one hour. Constantly stir the vegetables so that the adjika from the tomatoes is not burnt.

Grind chili peppers straight with seeds for more stinginess, garlic and parsley.

Add chopped ingredients to the prepared vegetables, pour in vinegar and oil, add salt and sugar.

Bring to a boil and pour hot in sterile jars.

Adjika from tomatoes with cooking with the addition of eggplants


two kg of eggplants; one and a half kg of tomatoes;

one kg of red bell pepper;

three pods of chili;

six cloves of garlic;

250 ml of vegetable oil;

half a cup of vinegar 9%;

120 grams of sugar;

60 grams of salt.


Rinse the eggplants, cut into large enough pieces, salt, set them aside for a while. Fifteen minutes will be enough for specific bitterness to go along with the juice coming from the eggplants.

Peppers remove seeds, remove peels from tomatoes.

Rinse the eggplants, fold it in a colander, squeeze well.

Twist the garlic and all the prepared vegetables in a meat grinder.

Put the vegetable mass in a saucepan, add salt, sugar and vegetable oil.

Boil 40 minutes after boiling, then pour in the vinegar and cook for another 15 minutes.

Pour the prepared tomato adjika into pre-prepared sterile jars of small size, roll up.

Adjika from tomatoes without cooking “Ostrenkaya”


one and a half kg of tomatoes;

500 grams hot chili pepper;

two cloves of garlic;

100 grams of horseradish;

30 grams of salt.

Preparation method Tomato adzhika:

As soon as possible, clean the horseradish root and twist it through a meat grinder. The speed is needed due to the fact that the horseradish is a very vigorous root and its processing causes tearing. Chopped horseradish clean temporarily in a plastic bag so that its smell does not irritate the mucous.

Peel the remaining vegetables, cut into pieces suitable for scrolling, and pass through a meat grinder. Add salt, put horseradish, mix thoroughly.

Prepare jars of no more than two hundred grams, put the ready adjika without tomatoes into it. Close the container with a lid.

Adjika from tomatoes without cooking with basil and ginger


1 kg 200 grams of tomatoes;

300 grams of chili;

100 grams of ginger root;

100 grams of fresh basil;

60 grams of salt;

850 grams of sweet pepper;

100 grams of garlic.


Rinse and dry the greens, remove the twigs, leaving only the leaves. Peel and chop the ginger root and garlic.

Tomatoes, cover with boiling water for a few minutes, gently prying near the base and remove the skin from them.

Remove seeds from peppers.

Grind everything in a meat grinder, add salt.

Allow the fragrant mass to brew for 30 minutes so that all the salt is completely dissolved.

Mix again and place in sterile jars.

Adjika of tomatoes with garlic and zucchini


three kg of tomatoes;

280 grams of young garlic;

350 grams of zucchini;

one and a half kg of Bulgarian pepper;

four hot peppers;

30 grams of sugar;

80 grams of salt;

80 ml of 9% vinegar.


Courgettes for this recipe fit only young. In mature fruits, the structure is not suitable for delicate adzhika from tomatoes. Wash zucchini, peel, cut into pieces.

Tomatoes without peel, zucchini pieces, peeled garlic and seedless peppers, place in a blender bowl and chop.

Add vinegar, salt and sugar to vegetable mass, mix.

Spread the prepared sauce in sterile jars, the product will be ready for use in a couple of days.

Adjika from tomatoes with “Appetizing” garlic


2 kg 800 grams of tomatoes;

500-600 grams of Bulgarians. pepper;

a pound of garlic;

ripe chili peppers;

two spoons of sugar;

salt - three spoons.


Prepare all the vegetables for scrolling in the meat grinder: wash, peel, remove excess.

Crush vegetables, add sugar and salt to mass, mix.

Let the tomato adjika sit in the fridge for a day, mix again and place on the jars pre-sterilized using any of the methods listed above.

Adjika from tomatoes without garlic with horseradish “Five minutes”


1 kg 700 grams of tomatoes;

10 grams of black peppercorns;

110 grams of salt;

1 kg 350 grams of Bulgarian pepper;

150 grams of horseradish;

160 ml of 9% vinegar.


Blanch the tomatoes.

Crush peppercorns in a mortar.

Pepper peel.

Horseradish grate.

Tomato pulp and pepper scroll in a meat grinder, add grated horseradish and ground pepper, salt. Stir all the ingredients very carefully so that the pepper is distributed throughout the mass.

Pour in vinegar, stir again.

Before spinning, soak the tomato adjika for about four hours in the refrigerator.

Unsharp adjika of tomatoes without garlic


three kg of tomatoes;

one kg of carrots;

700 grams of paprika;

one and a half kg of green apples;

140 ml of vinegar 9%;

130 grams of sugar;

45 grams of salt;

60 ml vegetable oil.


Take care of the preparation of vegetables: leave only the flesh of the apples, remove the skin from the tomatoes, remove the seeds from the peppers, and remove the skin from the carrots.

Crush vegetables in a blender or meat grinder, after cutting vegetables into comfortable pieces.

Put the tomato mass in the pan, cook for about an hour on the slowest fire, sometimes stirring the tomato adjika.

A few minutes before the end of cooking, add the remaining ingredients.

Spread the prepared sauce hot in sterile jars. Cool, store for storage.

Simple adjika from tomatoes


4.3 kg of ripe, but not overripe tomatoes;

1.3 kg Bulgarians. pepper;

two chili pods;

120 grams of sugar;

salt - 90 grams.


Clean the bell peppers from the seeds.

Dip the tomatoes in boiling water, carefully remove the skin.

Chili can be rid of seeds, or you can leave it for sharpness only by cutting the stem. Hot peppers will need to be cut into small cubes, if there is no desire to mess around, then just grind in a bowl with a blender.

Tomatoes and peppers scroll in a meat grinder.

Mix in a large basin all the ingredients, leave overnight in the refrigerator.

In the morning, spread the tomato adjika into sterile jars.

Simple adjika of tomatoes “Siberian-style”


one kg of ripe red tomatoes;

two pieces. Bulgarian pepper;

80 grams of chopped horseradish;

50 grams of minced garlic;

10 grams of granulated sugar;

20 grams of salt.


All vegetables are peeled and scrolled in a meat grinder. Add salt and sugar, stir.

Bring the tomato adjika to a boil, boil for 15 minutes.

Put the mass in sterile jars, put the container with the adjika of tomatoes in a preheated oven. Sterilize 15 minutes.

Close the sauce and cool.

Raw adjika from tomatoes with apples


three kg of tomatoes;

1 kg 300 grams of sour-sweet apples;

80 grams of salt;

five aspirin tablets;

three cloves of garlic.


Apples are thoroughly washed, cut into two parts, remove the core, peel the skin, cut into convenient slices for grinding in a meat grinder.

Wash the tomatoes and also cut.

Twist both ingredients, add garlic cloves, aspirin tablets and salt that have been passed through the press. Mix everything thoroughly.

Put the tomato adjika in the fridge for a day so that all the tablets and salt are dissolved in the vegetable juice.

After a day, mix the delicious mixture again and transfer to a sterile container.

Raw adjika from tomatoes “Useful”


one and a half kg of Bulgarian pepper;

one and a half kg of red tomatoes;

a pound of garlic;

320 grams of onions;

45 grams of salt;

300 grams of horseradish.


Rinse, peel and dry all tomato adzhiki ingredients.

Sterilize jars of suitable size.

Grind all the vegetables in a meat grinder, mix the mass with salt.

Put the prepared sauce in prepared jars, roll up the lids, cool.

Spicy adjika from green tomatoes


3 kg 500 grams of green tomatoes;

200 grams of chili pepper;

500 grams of red tomatoes;

400 grams of Bulgarian pepper;

250 grams of peeled garlic;

300 grams of juicy carrots;

600 grams of sweet and sour apples;

130 ml of oil grows. olive or sunflower;

120 grams of salt;

30 grams of hops-suneli;

20 grams of fresh dill, parsley and basil.


Green tomatoes for adjika of tomatoes should be dense, not spoiled and not battered. It is difficult to remove the skin from them, so simply boiling them with boiling water will not be enough, you will need to make an incision at the base, and then place them in boiled water for at least three minutes. Then pick up the skin from the incision and pull down. It takes a little time, but the result is worth it. Clean the remaining vegetables as usual.

Scroll through all the ingredients in the meat grinder, chop the tomatoes separately.

Add salt, hops-suneli, finely chopped, washed and dried greens to the vegetable mixture. Stir. Store the fragrant apple-vegetable mixture for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

After half an hour, add twisted tomatoes to the settled vegetables.

Cook vegetables 45 minutes on low heat.

Put the finished tomato adjika in jars.

Spicy adjika from green tomatoes


4 kg 500 grams of green tomatoes;

220 ml of olive oil;

180 grams of salt;

200 grams of grated horseradish;

5 pods of hot chili peppers.


In this recipe, the rind of tomatoes should not be removed, it is enough to wash the tomatoes thoroughly and cut off the bases. Pay attention to the peel of tomatoes, it should be whole, without dark spots, it is better to postpone the bad fruits or to carefully cut the damaged places.

Horseradish peel and chop.

Skip the hot chili peppers and green tomatoes in a meat grinder.

Mix the tomato mass with chopped horseradish.

Pour in the oil, add salt, mix.

Put the fragrant mass in the jars, screw, store.

Adjika from tomatoes with horseradish “Beetroot”


one kg of tomatoes;

500 grams of juicy sugar beet;

one kg of red Bulgarian pepper;

120 grams of horseradish;

50 grams of garlic;

20 ml of oil;

30 grams of sugar;

50 grams of salt.


First of all, boil the beets, peel off the finished vegetable, grate the vegetable, put it in a saucepan, add butter, fry for five minutes.

Add chopped peppers and tomatoes to the beetroot mass, boil for another ten minutes, then add the horseradish twisted in the meat grinder and garlic passed through a garlic press, sugar and salt. Cook for another five minutes.

Spread the finished bright juicy tomato and beetroot adjika into sterile jars.

Adjika of tomatoes with horseradish and walnuts


400 grams of red tomatoes; 800 grams of red pepper Bulgarian;

200 grams of red chili;

200 grams of chopped walnuts;

50 grams of chopped horseradish;

5 grams of hops-suneli;

5 grams of spirits;

10 grams of coriander;

5 grams of ground paprika;

20 grams of cilantro;

20 grams of sugar;

30 grams of salt.


Bulgarian pepper wash, remove the seeds, stalk. Do the same with the hot pepper.

Remove the peels from the tomatoes, first pouring boiling water over them, then dipping them in cold water.

Walnuts a little dry in a dry frying pan, chop in a mortar.

Rinse cilantro, dry.

Mix vegetables scrolled in a meat grinder with nuts, salt, chopped cilantro, spices and sugar.

Boil the mass in a large cauldron for twenty minutes.

Chop the horseradish root and garlic, add them to the finished adjika, mix.

Put the tomato adjika into the jars, sterilize in the oven for ten minutes. Close the lids.

Adjika spicy of “Hot” tomatoes


one kg of tomatoes;

one and a half kg of hot chili peppers;

350 grams of garlic;

40 grams of salt.


Wash the chili peppers, cut the stem, do not remove the seeds, so adjika from tomatoes get even sharper.

Blanch tomatoes, twist in a meat grinder.

Chop the garlic using a fine grater, press or blender, as convenient.

Stir all prepared vegetables, add salt.

Bring the tomato adjika to a boil, cook for just ten minutes, then turn off the gas.

Put ready hot sauce in small sterile jars.

Adjika spicy tomatoes “Spark”


a pound of red tomatoes;

one kg of hot pepper;

5 grams of dried basil;

10 grams of hops-suneli;

50 grams of walnuts;

35 grams of salt.


Immerse the tomatoes for two minutes in boiling water, then rinse in cold water. Remove the skin.

Cut the tomatoes into two parts and use a spoon to remove the core. The central part of the tomatoes is watery, and for this recipe only the fruit pulp is needed. Pepper seeds are cleaned, not forgetting to wear gloves.

Fry nuts a little in a dry frying pan and chop.

Spin the hot peppers and tomatoes in a meat grinder, add dried herbs, chopped nuts, and salt.

Knead the mixture, spread the aromatic burning adjika from tomatoes into jars.

Adjika from tomatoes - tricks and useful tips

  • If you want your tomato adzhika to be especially tasty and fragrant, choose only high-quality vegetables. Tomatoes and peppers must be fleshy, garlic is not dried or sprouted.
  • If spices and spices are part of the adjika, do not be too lazy to fry them in a dry frying pan, this will make the aroma of the finished adjika from tomatoes brighter and more saturated. The main thing is not to burn.
  • If there is a hot, hot pepper in the recipe, do not forget to wear gloves before working with it, this will protect your hands from possible burns.
  • To cook adjika from tomatoes is best in a saucepan or cauldron, in extreme cases use any other dishes with a non-oxidizing surface.
  • Prepare a small container for storing adzhika. For weak adjika of tomatoes, half a liter jars are suitable.
  • To make the taste of the prepared sauce richer, rub spices, garlic and herbs in a mortar.
  • An adjika tomato has an interesting and unusual taste if it is easy to roll the bell peppers in the oven beforehand. To do this, wash the vegetables, dry with a towel, cut into several pieces, mix with a few drops of oil and, laying out on a baking sheet, stew on the quietest fire for about fifteen minutes.
  • Chilli can be replaced with regular red pepper. The aroma of adjika from tomatoes will not be so bright, but the sauce will be quite spicy.
  • Do you like bright red color in adjika? Add more red bell pepper. It is thanks to this ingredient, and not tomatoes, adjika from tomatoes turns out so bright and colorful.
  • I want to experiment with colors? Choose green or yellow vegetables. Recommended only in a raw recipe, otherwise after cooking your sauce will become unappetizing brown.
  • To reveal all the taste qualities of adjika from tomatoes, do not rub vegetables into mashed potatoes, let small pieces remain.
  • Adjika of tomatoes can be frozen, it does not affect the taste of the thawed product. If you prepared the sauce as a supplement to the main dishes, this storage method will be very convenient.
  • Meat, marinated before frying, in adzhik from tomatoes turns out incredibly tasty, juicy and beautiful.
  • To store tomato adjika should be either in the cellar or in the refrigerator.
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