Steamed pumpkin: on the stove, in the oven, multi-cooker, double boiler. Steamed pumpkin with sugar, honey, garlic, dried apricots and apples

Steamed pumpkin: on the stove, in the oven, multi-cooker, double boiler. Steamed pumpkin with sugar, honey, garlic, dried apricots and apples

Orange pumpkin - a source of many useful substances. To preserve them as much as possible, it is best not to boil and fry the vegetable, but to soar, that is, cook for a couple. The beauty is that pumpkin pieces are neither watery nor too greasy. Lack of a crust is also a plus for health. Let not so tasty, but it is absolutely safe.

Steamed pumpkin can be eaten as a separate dish (for example, with garlic, salt and greens), make simple purees or tasty desserts based on it, add to the dough for homemade pastries. Pumpkin has a delicate aroma and goes well with fruits, nuts, vegetables, cereals.

Steamed Pumpkin - General Cooking Principles

Cooking a steamed pumpkin is very simple. From the vegetable you need to separate the desired piece, wash it, dry. Cut the pumpkin into strips, cubes or arbitrary pieces. The skin can be cut or left (with a pumpkin, it is removed very easily).

For cooking any dish suitable. This may be a regular pan, oven, steamer, slow cooker. The point is that the pieces of vegetable are exposed to hot water vapor, and how the hostess herself decides.

Preparing a pumpkin very quickly. Literally in half an hour, no matter what method of cooking the hostess chose, the slices will be ready.

Steamed Pumpkin “Sugar”

A simple way to cook a sweet steamed pumpkin on an ordinary gas or electric stove is one of the most reliable and convenient. In addition to the vegetable itself, only sugar to taste and some water will be needed.


• a piece of pumpkin weighing 500-600 grams;

• one hundred and two hundred grams of granulated sugar (you can vary the amount of sugar to your taste);

• 150 ml of pure water (the amount of water may be more or less depending on the diameter of the bottom of the pan).

Cooking Method:

Prepared pieces of pumpkin without a peel cut into small cubes.

Fold the pumpkin cubes into a thick pot.

Pour water so that it does not completely cover the pumpkin. The pieces should lie closely and be half filled with water. Fill the pumpkin with sugar, focusing on your taste.

Cover tightly and turn on medium heat.

As soon as the water boils, put the slowest fire and simmer the pumpkin for a couple of about twenty minutes.

Serve a sweet pumpkin, you can immediately, hot, or after cooling.

Steamed pumpkin with salt and garlic in the oven

Fans of spicy taste should definitely cook steamed pumpkin in the oven according to this recipe. Especially delicious dish is obtained with sea salt. If not, you can do the usual coarse salt. Instead of fresh greens in late autumn, use ready-made seasonings (choose those that contain sea salt - very tasty!).


• four hundred grams of pumpkin;

• sea salt to taste (pinch-two);

• three cloves of fresh garlic;

• two tablespoons of chopped dill and parsley;

• A tablespoon of olive or mustard oil.

Cooking Method:

Slice a piece of pumpkin into stripes or slices. Thickness should not be more than a centimeter.

Rinse fresh herbs, dry with a paper towel and chop finely.

Garlic peel and pass through the press. You can chop it very finely with a knife or just rub it on a grater.

In a small bowl, prepare a pumpkin dressing, mixing herbs, garlic, and salt. At the end add oil and mix everything again.

Put the pieces of pumpkin on a baking sheet covered with baking paper.

Lubricate each slice dressing.

Cover the baking sheet with foil.

At the bottom of the oven, put a wide, low bowl of water or pour some water directly into the baking tray.

Send in oven, heated to 200 °.

Steamed pumpkin in the oven can be checked for readiness after just 15 minutes. If the slices are very thin, most likely they will be ready.

If the pumpkin doesn’t seem soft when piercing, you need to give it to readiness (another 5-10 minutes).

Steamed pumpkin in pots with apples

Another delicious and unusual version of the autumn dish - steamed pumpkin in the oven, cooked in clay pots. It turns out a full sweet dish, very fragrant and tender. Such a pumpkin can please not only babies, but also sweet teeth, adults. Ingredients:

• a pound of pumpkin;

• kilogram of Antonovka or any other apples;

• half a cup of pure semolina;

• sugar to taste;

• two glasses of drinking cream;

• fifty grams of butter.

Cooking Method:

Cut pumpkin into small cubes, skin must be removed.

Wash apples, cut the core, cut into thin slices.

Put pumpkin and apple slices in baking pots. Pour each layer of sugar.

Turn on the oven at 230 degrees.

Heat the cream in a skillet, but do not boil.

In each pot throw a piece of butter and pour all the cream.

Send pots to the oven for 15 minutes.

Remove the peas from the oven, pour the semolina into a very thin stream, and mix.

Return the pots to the oven for another ten minutes.

Steamed pumpkin with dried apricots and prunes

The combination of pumpkin and dried fruit turns out very tasty. If the house has a little dried apricots and prunes, you can prepare a light and healthy pumpkin dish.


• seven hundred grams of peeled pumpkin skin;

• four tablespoons of granulated sugar;

• two to three hundred grams of a mixture of dried apricots and prunes.

Cooking Method:

Dried fruits wash and pour boiling water for half an hour. If the dried fruits are ready for use, that is, very soft, then they do not need to steam.

Cut dried apricots and prunes into small pieces.

Prepare pumpkin, cut into small cubes.

In a thick-walled pot lay out the layers of pumpkin and dried apricots with prunes.

Sleep each layer of sugar.

Pour half a glass of water into the pan (you can slightly more if the bottom diameter is more than 20 cm).

Cook over low heat as described in the first recipe.

Steamed Pumpkin with Walnuts

Delicate pumpkin, steamed, goes well with nuts. For example, with walnuts that have a tart taste.


• kilogram of pumpkin;

• a glass of white sugar;

• a glass of nuts (peeled);

• one and a half glasses of water.

Cooking Method:

Cut pumpkin into cubes.

Put the pieces of pumpkin in a saucepan, add sugar and pour over water. Include a slow fire and simmer the pumpkin pieces in sugar syrup for at least an hour.

In a dry skillet or oven, brown walnuts.

Chop them with a knife.

Put cooled slices of pumpkin in a plate, pour with syrup and sprinkle with nut nuts.

Sugar steamed pumpkin in the oven with lemon juice

Sugar pumpkin steamed in the oven is prepared in the same way as in the pan according to the first recipe. So that it does not turn out too sweet, you can add a little lemon juice.


• a pound of pumpkin pulp;

• half a cup of sugar;

• half a lemon;

• tablespoon of vegetable oil;

• incomplete glass of water

Cooking Method:

Grease the glass baking dish with oil.

Preheat oven to 210 °.

Tightly fit in the shape of the pieces of pumpkin.

Sprinkle with lemon juice.

Fill the pumpkin with sugar.

Pour in water.

Cook the steamed pumpkin in the oven until softened.

Steamed pumpkin in the oven with honey

Honey can be used instead of sugar. It will turn out not less tasty dish with tart honey aroma. The amount of honey can be changed to your taste. When serving, the finished honey pumpkin is good with nuts.


• kilogram of not very sweet pumpkin;

• half a cup of liquid honey;

• a tablespoon of butter for the form;

• glass of water;

• Two tablespoons of almond chips (optional).

Cooking Method:

Heat the oven to 190-200 °.

Put the pieces of pumpkin into the oil-coated form.

Pour them with liquid floral honey (if honey is thick, you need to warm it in a water bath).

Pour water and send the form to the oven.

A steamed pumpkin in the oven will be ready in 25 minutes.

Arrange the pieces into plates, sprinkle with almond chips.

Steamed pumpkin in a cinnamon multicooker

If the slow cooker has a special tray for cooking steam dishes, then it’s easier to cook a pumpkin in it. The maximum possible amount of vitamins with this method of preparation will be saved.


• four hundred grams of peeled pumpkin;

• two glasses of water;

• three tablespoons of sugar (be guided by your taste); • two tablespoons of butter;

• A pinch of cinnamon (optional).

Cooking Method:

Pour water into the multicooker bowl.

Fill the pan with slices of pumpkin, sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar.

Place the basket over the bowl, snap the lid on.

Cook for 20 minutes in steam cooking mode.

Steamed pumpkin in a double boiler

A fine version of unsweetened pumpkin dishes can be cooked using a double boiler. It takes only pumpkin and salt. When serving, you can use sour cream and garlic.


• a pound of pumpkin;

• sea salt to taste;

• sour cream;

• two cloves of garlic (optional)

Cooking Method:

Prepare and decompose pumpkin in the middle level of the double boiler.

Sprinkle the vegetable slices with salt.

Cook for 20 minutes.

Grate the garlic.

Arrange the pumpkin ready on plates.

Mix sour cream with garlic.

Pour pumpkin sauce or serve it separately.

Steamed Pumpkin - Tricks and Useful Tips

Garlic steamed pumpkin, cooked in the oven, is especially tasty when cooled. It can be used as a base for vegetable sandwiches, if you knead with a fork or spoon.

The pumpkin cut by long strips can be not cleared of a thin skin. With the finished pumpkin to remove it much faster than cutting with raw.

If the pumpkin, steamed, goes to the dough, then it must first be cooled. Then mash the pieces, turning them into a delicate orange mass. The dough will get a wonderful sunny color and will not stick to your hands. Baking on pumpkin puree has a pleasant aroma.

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