Strawberry jam: how to cook strawberry jam correctly

Strawberry jam: how to cook strawberry jam correctly

Strawberry preserves - general description

Fragrant and fragrant strawberry jam are loved by all, without exception - both children and adults. And how much benefit is inherent in the berry called strawberries! About its healing properties known since time immemorial, as evidenced by research archaeologists. In addition to excellent taste, strawberries have a lot of positive characteristics and are a true friend of the immune system due to the high concentration of vitamin C in it.

According to biological indicators, the berry growing in natural forest conditions is somewhat superior to man-made garden varieties. In the forest strawberry, as research has shown, concentrated one and a half times more vitamins E, group B, and minerals. But this does not mean that garden forms are not used in the production of jam. Just the opposite. It is the cultivated species that are ideal for making strawberry jam.

Experienced housewives advise us to use such garden varieties as Roshchinskaya, Koralka, Saxonka, Mysovka, Komsomolskaya Pravda and Chernobrovka. These are bright, fragrant and non-volatile berries that will help you to stock up on delicious strawberry jam and meet the cold season of cold diseases fully armed.

Strawberry jam - preparation of dishes

Cooking jam is a process that requires a certain approach, therefore, the choice of equipment, as well as the preparation of dishes must be approached with full responsibility so that our strawberry jam turned out not only tasty, but also beautiful and more durable.

Usually for cooking use dishes with a capacity of from two to six to seven kilograms, preferably, if it is a low and wide basin of brass or stainless steel. A large number of berries should be divided into several portions, because if they are cooked at a time, the cooking time will be significantly longer, which can not but affect the quality of the product. The best container for cooking from strawberries are glass jars with a capacity of 500 ml, 1 or 2 liters. Before packaging, they should be thoroughly rinsed and disinfected for a couple or in the oven at a hundred degree temperature. Banks before pouring the jam must be dry! Make sure that during the cooking process you have at hand to have a scoop, a wooden spatula, a spoon or a skimmer.

Strawberry jam - preparation of berries

As for the berry itself, it must also be carefully prepared for cooking. To do this, pick strawberries, cleansing from the sepals, remove the crumpled, spoiled and unripe. If the fruits are clean, it is not necessary to wash them, and if they are dusty, put them in a colander and submerge them in water or substitute them with a stream of water (you can take a shower), then let the water drain and start cooking the jam.

Strawberry jam - recipe 1

One kilogram of ripe berries requires 1.7 kg of powdered sugar (you can reduce the amount to 1.5, if desired). Put the strawberries in layers in a bowl, and between the layers, pour in the sugar (powder). Then remove the mass in the direction for 4-7 hours so that our future strawberry jam infused and gave a good juice. After this time, put everything in the basin and put it on the stove before boiling, then it should immediately be removed from the fire for fifteen minutes, then put again until boiling and repeat four times. At the end of cooking (for a couple of minutes) you can add lemon juice or acid at the rate of 1 gr. per kilogram of raw materials. Pour hot cans.

Strawberry jam - recipe 2

Prepare a syrup of 300 ml of water and 1.7 kg of sugar until it is completely dissolved and pour 1 kilogram of fresh strawberries. Put the berries on the fire in the syrup to boil, then immediately remove for fifteen minutes and act according to the first recipe (the procedure to bring to the boil must be carried out four times). At the end, a minute or two before cooking, add citric acid. Dessert for the winter ready!

Strawberry jam - recipe 3 (in sugar)

Strawberries with sugar in a 1: 2 ratio (for example, for 1 kg of raw materials, you must take 2 kg of sugar). Optionally, you can warm the jam on the stove, but do not boil in any case! Such a delicacy will be stored for a long time, and the fruits will always be fresh and healthy. The recipe is especially relevant for the treatment of colds.

Strawberry jam - useful tips from experienced chefs

Strawberry jam should be boiled from berries that are not too large, as they will cook longer, and therefore the product will lose more nutrients. Choose a berry of approximately equal size and the same maturity. It is necessary to gather strawberries just before cooking, maximum a day. The collection should be carried out in sunny and dry weather.

The fire during cooking should not be too strong or too weak. Adjust it according to the degree of foaming. When foam protrudes, it must be collected as often as possible.

The amount of sugar has a significant effect on strawberry jam. If it is less than the norm, then the product will be unstable when stored, will quickly mold, ferment, or deteriorate. And to prevent sugaring at the end of cooking, add a few grams of citric acid.

As practice shows, jam from the fruits of the first harvest turns out to be fragrant and tastier than from the berries of the subsequent charges. If the strawberries are very juicy, just poured juices - syrup for such berries, in principle, is not required.

It is advisable to store strawberry jam in cool and dark, specially designated areas at temperatures from +10 to +12 degrees.

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