Greek Salad: classic, step-by-step recipes. Cooking delicious, healthy and fresh Greek salad according to classic recipes

Greek Salad: classic, step-by-step recipes. Cooking delicious, healthy and fresh Greek salad according to classic recipes

Greek salad is one of the best ways to cook fresh vegetables. It turns out light, fragrant, but not banal. This salad stands out among all other types of the presence of very tasty and thoughtful dressings. You can also change the amount and type of additional ingredients.

Here you can find the most detailed step by step recipes of classic Greek salads with the best dressings.

Greek Salad - General Cooking Principles

Vegetables for Greek salad is important to choose ripe, juicy, but not overripe. In cucumbers should not be large seeds. If they have a thick skin and there is no possibility to replace it with another vegetable, then the peel is peeled. Tomatoes are needed red, but not soft, otherwise they will quickly lose their shape. Pepper is better to use color than green. Vegetables can not be cut and seasoned in advance. Greek salad is best cooked before consumption. In an hour he will lose an attractive and fresh look, the vegetables will float.

What products are used:

• vegetables (cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, salad onions);

• olives;

• Chees Feta;

• crackers.

Feta cheese is not always available in stores, but it can be replaced with cheese or other similar brine species. Goat cheese, which is often found in bazaars, can diversify classic Greek salad.

The main ingredient of the refill is very often olive oil and it is very important that Extra virgin is on the bottle. Only a quality product will give the salad that special flavor. But often there are options for dressings based on yogurt, below there is a step-by-step recipe for such a Greek salad.

Greek Salad: A classic, step-by-step recipe with olive dressing

In the classic step-by-step recipe of Greek salad uses a traditional dressing from the oil with lemon juice. It perfectly complements the taste of vegetables, gives a wonderful aroma and spicy sourness.

Ingredients • two large cucumbers;

• one ripe pepper;

• one lettuce;

• 100 g of feta;

• 20 large black olives;

• half a lemon;

• a couple of pinches of oregano (popularly oregano);

• 3 tbsp. l oils;

• two tomatoes.


1. Rinse all the vegetables, wipe dry. Cut the tips of cucumbers, cut them first in half, then again and across rather large pieces. We make bars of 1.5-2 centimeters. Get the bars, do not need to grind. Pour into a bowl.

2. Cut the tomatoes in half, remove the attachment point with the stem. Cut again in half, then across every quarter. Get large pieces. We choose dense vegetables so that the form remains beautiful, the tomatoes do not hesitate in the process of mixing.

3. Pepper is cut in half first. Select the center with the seeds, then cut lengthwise and shred across the straw, but not quite thinly. Pour to the main vegetables.

4. Peel the lettuce. Cut into thin rings. Disassemble the layers so that the vegetable is evenly distributed in the salad.

5. Squeeze juice out of lemon. This amount of vegetables will need about one and a half spoons. But refueling needs to be compared with the taste of tomatoes. If they are acidic, then you can pour in less.

6. Combine olive oil with lemon juice, whisk until smooth, add oregano.

7. Pepper vegetables, lightly sprinkle with salt and pour the dressing. Gently stir the salad. Usually two spoons or scoops are used for this. With their help, gently lift products from the bottom of the bowl and turn them over.

8. Mixed salad can be laid out in a beautiful dish or immediately spread out in portions.

9. Feta cheese cut into neat cubes, it can not do very large, and lay out the top in a chaotic manner.

10. We take olives without stones. They can be put in a salad entirely or cut in half. But in the second case, we cut only along. Spread feta between the cubes.

11. Greek salad according to the classic recipe is not decorated with greens, but it will not be superfluous. If necessary, then add a sprig of dill, parsley, or lay out all the vegetables on top of the lettuce.

Greek Salad: A classic, step-by-step recipe with a spicy dressing.

Recipe with cherry tomatoes. If they are not, then we replace them with ordinary tomatoes, we calculate the approximate quantity, depending on the size. This step-by-step recipe for classic Greek salad uses an incredibly tasty and flavorful dressing. For its preparation is used sharp mustard. If the sauce is not vigorous enough, then at will we increase the quantity.


• 25 olives;

• two cucumbers;

• a dozen cherry tomatoes;

• half onions;

• Romaine lettuce leaves;

• 100 g of brine cheese.

For refueling:

• a pair of tablespoons of oil;

• spoon of soy. sauce;

• one spoon of apples. vinegar;

• 0.3 tablespoons mustard (spicy);

• a little oregano;

• five grams of honey.


1. This salad will be laid out on a dish covered with leaves of green salad. It can be replaced by an iceberg; Peking cabbage is often used, removing hard veins. Prepare the dish, lay out the leaves. If you like their taste, you can cut and fall asleep as the first layer, it will be more convenient to eat.

2. Preparing refueling. We mix apple cider vinegar, which you can substitute with lemon, with honey and mustard, rub well, add oregano, salt and all the other ingredients in the list above. It is best to beat the filling well, you can use a blender. We set aside, let the sauce infuse.

3. Wash and wipe dry the vegetables. Cut the cucumber into large pieces. If the skin is thick, it is better to remove it immediately. Convenient to use a vegetable knife. Sometimes not all skins are removed, but strips are made, alternating white flesh with green skin. Very beautiful and unusual pieces turn out. Prepared cucumber shift on the prepared leaves of lettuce.

4. Cut cherry tomatoes into quarters or halves, as you prefer. If ordinary tomatoes are used, then we cut them into neat slices. We spread over cucumbers.

5. Now we take the onion, cut off the half, we do not need the second part. Cut into half rings, disassemble with hands, sprinkle cherry tomatoes on top. Sometimes onions are placed under them, that is, on cucumbers. It does not matter. 6. Now get down to cheese. It is always cut into neat cubes, laid out on vegetables.

7. Cut the olives in halves, put them between the pieces of cheese, or just sprinkle them carelessly.

8. Basically, the salad is ready. It remains only to sprinkle it with previously prepared sauce, which has already managed to stand. But sometimes the dressing is served in a separate sauce-pan. This is convenient in that you can independently adjust its quantity and the sharpness of the salad.

Greek Salad: A classic, step-by-step recipe with crackers and yogurt

Variant of stunning dressing for the most delicious filling. In the step-by-step recipe of classic Greek salad used crackers. In no case do not take the finished products from the bags, just cook yourself.


• four tomatoes;

• three cucumbers;

• two peppers;

• one head of salad onions;

• half loaf;

• 160 grams of pickled cheese;

• 100 g of olives;

• 2 bunches of lettuce.

Yoghurt dressing:

• 100 g of thick Greek yogurt;

• 0.3 tablespoons of mustard;

• a spoon of lemon juice;

• a spoonful of butter;

• one clove of garlic;

• 0.3 tsp. dried oregano;

• salt and soy sauce to taste.


1. Starting a salad is better with crackers, so they have time to cool. It is advisable to use yesterday or the day before yesterday long loaf, that is, a little stale. We take a good knife and cut it into slices, then into small cubes. We spread on a baking sheet, send in the oven and cook until ruddy color.

2. Take out the crackers, cool.

3. Now we’ll do the dressing to make it real. For the sauce is best to use thick yogurt, fat arbitrary. Put it in a bowl, add chopped garlic, lemon juice, pour some dry oregano. You can take fresh chopped greens, then you need 2-3 sprigs. Put the mustard, you can pour a little soy sauce or salt. We rub to homogeneity, we set aside refueling, let insist.

4. We are engaged in vegetables. We cut cucumbers along into 6 parts, then cut them in pieces across, make bars of 1.5-2 centimeters. 5. We spread lettuce leaves and pour cucumbers on them.

6. Now chop the tomatoes, lay out on top of the cucumbers. Small pieces do not do. Can be replaced with cherry tomatoes, cut in half.

7. Onion cut into half rings, sprinkle vegetables.

8. Cut the cheese into cubes, cut the olives in half, add the crackers to them, mix them together and send all this to a platter with cucumbers and tomatoes. In general, you can mix all the products together and put them on lettuce sheets, but the croutons from fresh vegetables soften quickly and then do not crunch.

9. Before serving, pour the Greek salad with an aromatic dressing based on yogurt or offer it separately. This option is convenient if you need to stand for a little snack. Without refueling, it will not flow, will retain an attractive look longer.

Greek Salad - Tips and Tricks

• No sweet onion salad? You can cut the usual head of onions, pour into a colander and pour over boiling water. Another wonderful option is to pickle onions. It turns out just chic! It is necessary to cut the vegetable, pour water, acidified with vinegar, leave for half an hour. To soften the taste, sometimes add some vegetable oil, a pinch of sugar to the marinade.

• Very often meat products are added to Greek salads. Their choice will depend directly on the taste of the cheese. If it is salty, bright, then it is better to take a fresh boiled chicken or turkey. If the cheese is fresh and tasteless, then beef or pork will help to elevate the dish.

• Salad lovers with bright flavors may add some pickled or salted mushrooms. They will complement the fresh vegetables, give the dish its flavor.

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