Goulash is a soup: two correct recipes of goulash and the history of the dish

Homeland famous dishes goulash - is Hungary. Hungarian cuisine is considered one of the hottest in Europe. The main ingredient in Hungarian dishes is chilli pepper, the Hungarians know everything about it. Paprika they can be red, pink, hot, spicy. Although the paprika was brought into the country, it has here its own recognized flavors.

Well, and, of course, they extinguish a fire of spicy cuisine in Hungary with home-made wine - Tokaj is the most popular.

The mention of cooking goulash read every Soviet schoolchild - in the work of Jaroslav Hasek - “The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik”. Beer is more comparable with Schweik - but goulash is in second place. But still, in the understanding of the inhabitants of Russia, goulash is meat gravy, served with a side dish (classic is puree), a miserable likeness to spicy and flavorful Hungarian soup.

Yes, in Hungary it is a thick meat (beef) soup, with a spicy paprika flavor. This is half the first, half the second - with potatoes, with onions, with vegetables.

Cooking the right Hungarian goulash - soup

For the preparation of this Hungarian goulash we need - beef - the main ingredient. You can take another meat - but in Hungary it is exactly beef soup. For 800 grams of meat, take two onions - turnips of medium size.

Num also needs tomatoes - 400 gr., Sweet pepper - 400 gr., Spicy cayenne pepper (or chili pepper), a glass of good red wine, salt and various spices.

Cooking goulash must first in the pan and then simmer in a saucepan until cooked. The cooking process is not simple, so have patience in order to create a real delicious goulash (fingers will lick).

Goulash is a soup: two correct recipes of goulash and the history of the dish

We start cooking goulash, telling the process in detail, point by point:

1. Cut the meat in small pieces (prepare the meat for frying in a frying pan), cut the onion very finely.

2. Onion in a pan should be fried in vegetable oil. We bring onions to golden color.

3. In the pan to the onions add the meat, (fry everything over medium heat).

4. Next, add the red hot chilli to the meat. It is better to find red cayenne pepper, or chili pepper - we cannot find a more burning one.

According to the classic recipe for our goulash meat, there is a teaspoon of hot pepper. But since, not everyone can eat spicy foods, I advise you to add pepper on the tip of a spoon. You can’t do without pepper, it’s still a classic recipe. For the smell and aroma add quite a bit of black pepper.

5. Fry meat with onions and peppers until cooked, it needs to be slightly fried, as well as onions, until golden brown (but not overcook).

6. Now, when the meat and onions are golden, we pour everything into the pan and add half a glass of water and a glass of red wine (of course, for the classics, Hungarian wine is better if there is one). All this set to simmer on slow fire.

* In the classical style it is supposed to cook goulash in a clay pot. But since we have a shortage of large clay pots, we cook goulash in a regular pan with thick walls.

7. While stewing meat in red wine - (this is quite a long process) - we will prepare potatoes. Clean, cut medium pieces. Next, the potatoes need to lightly fry - until a good crust. After that, add the potatoes to the meat in the pan and continue to stew everything together. 8. Then, cut the sweet pepper and also add to the pan - (for the color it’s better red and yellow). Peppers need a lot - half the rate of meat.

9. After that, add to the same to extinguish - red tomatoes. Cut tomatoes finely.

* In addition to the main components, you can also add carrots and parsnips. Also, cumin, garlic - all this adds goulash intrinsic taste and aroma.

10. In a saucepan, mix everything and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes. We try, if meat and vegetables are already quite soft, you can add a dressing.

11. Now we will make fun of the thickness of the soup, for this we will prepare a special dressing for goulash.

On a dry frying pan, preheated, throw a spoonful of flour. It is necessary to stir the flour, before acquiring a golden color. At this point, add a large spoonful of butter. Mix thoroughly so as not to darken. Add the broth or just water, and send the dressing to our dish in the pan.

12. Turn for salt and spices, (salt the dish at the end, but who loves it as). Salt goulash to taste, add fragrant spices (bay leaf, cumin, rosemary) to taste and after 5 minutes the goulash is ready.

13. The consistency of ready goulash should be thicker than rich soup.

Table setting for serving Hungarian goulash. And a little from the history of goulash, as the dishes

To serve goulash in Hungarian, it would be good to have clay bowls - deep, semi-antique. Large wooden spoons are generally chic. Brown bread in large slices, and of course - a decanter with something strong. Classical giving of any Hungarian institution. The Hungarians themselves say that initially the meat dish - goulash was prepared for shepherds exclusively from roast beef. Leaving the pasture, the men took the meat, roasted in a sufficiently large amount of spices. Before dinner, a fire was made, a boiler was set on fire and the workpiece was lowered into the water. Potatoes, paprika were added to the brew and cooked for a long time. The broth became saturated and unusually tasty. They thought it was the first dish. Times and morals have changed.

In modern Europe, goulash has spread quite widely. Many even believe that this is a German dish. It is prepared not only in wine, but also in beer - which is typical for goulash in the Czech Republic. Although in the Czech Republic it is more like a main course. In Germany, add sausages. Even the popular recipe for a seged goulash (the name is from the city where it is cooked) is distinguished by the presence of sauerkraut.

Of course, now it is no longer just peasant soup. It is also prepared in high kitchen, adding its own ingredients. The recipe is modified, as always, each hostess has its own variations. But one thing remains unchanged - this soup has its own history, it is the king of Hungarian cuisine and a cultural monument.

2nd recipe - goulash with pickles

Hungarian cuisine gave us a collection of interesting dishes: chicken paprikash, retesh, lecho, halasle, Tokay wine. However, the main is considered unsurpassed goulash.

Now classic goulash is not alone. He quietly moved into the category of main dishes, which are necessarily served with a side dish.

This goulash recipe is slightly different from the classic 1st recipe. For a change, I recommend cooking it and choosing which variant of goulash you like best.

Goulash is a soup: two correct recipes of goulash and the history of the dish

List of products for goulash with pickles

In this recipe, for a change, we take pork (although, according to tradition, goulash is made from beef), you can also experiment and use another kind of meat. Cook goulash in a deep frying pan (you should cook the dressing separately in a shallow pan).

We will need:

• 0, 6 kg of pork;

• 2 pickled cucumbers;

• 2 bulbs;

• 3 tbsp. l flour;

• tomato paste;

• sunflower oil;

• pepper, bay leaves, salt.

Goulash is a soup: two correct recipes of goulash and the history of the dish

How to make goulash with cucumbers: a step-by-step recipe with photos

1. First meat is cooked for goulash. A piece of meat is thoroughly washed, excess fat and pieces of skin are removed. Pork is cut into small cubes.

Send pieces of meat to the pan and fry it over medium heat. Oil does not need much, because the meat will make juice.

Goulash is a soup: two correct recipes of goulash and the history of the dish

2. Next you need to do the preparation of vegetables. Peel the garlic cloves and onions. Cut arbitrarily.

When the meat is half cooked, it's time to add onion and garlic slices to the pan. Add the prepared spices to this place, add salt (to taste).

3. While the base of the goulash comes to the pan, you need to prepare pickles. (Both salted vegetables and canned vegetables will do) Of course, the best pickled cucumbers of their own pickling.

Cucumbers need to be cut into small strips.

And add the cucumbers to the pan. Stir the dish, continue to simmer another 5 minutes.

Goulash is a soup: two correct recipes of goulash and the history of the dish

4. Next to a small pan, prepare a dressing for our goulash. Pour and fry three tablespoons of flour, move it with butter to lumps dissolved. Add a little tomato paste, or tomato sauce, to the flour, to get the consistency of the sauce. Fry it all together for 2-3 minutes. 5. Return to the meat in the pan. Now you need to add to the meat dressing and about half a liter of broth or plain water. Mix all the contents, evenly distributing pieces of meat in gravy. Close the lid and simmer for about 10-17 minutes. After that, the goulash is ready, you can serve.

Goulash is a soup: two correct recipes of goulash and the history of the dish

The readiness of the goulash depends on the size of the pieces of meat, so periodically you need to try the meat for readiness.

* The goulash recipe with pickles is a simpler recipe than the first classic, you can also make a side dish for this goulash, but this is a matter of taste, for goulash will be rather thick, tasty and nourishing.

Goulash is a soup: two correct recipes of goulash and the history of the dish

Bon appetit!

Write your opinion, (if you tried to prepare these 2 recipes) - which goulash recipe you liked more and which one is better for your taste.

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