Curd desserts are easy and healthy. Simple proven recipes for desserts from cottage cheese with fruit, cookies and honey

Curd desserts are easy and healthy. Simple proven recipes for desserts from cottage cheese with fruit, cookies and honey

Curd desserts from the category of the most beloved, and the choice is from the simplest curd with sour cream to complex multi-storey casseroles. We don’t have to talk about their benefits, just look at the list of dishes for strengthening diets. Well, since it is customary not to argue about tastes, a variety of desserts are collected in the article.

General principles of making desserts from curd

• Most cottage cheese desserts are cold cooked. Home-made desserts without baking are popular, cooked quickly and are served after cooling. But there are recipes for which an oven may be required.

• For cottage cheese desserts any cottage cheese will do. It does not matter whether it is grainy or not, in any case, the curd will need to be ground or smashed with a mixer. It is important that it is fresh and not wet.

• Curd desserts are usually prepared with fruits, dairy products, eggs, butter, biscuits, nuts. Gelatin is often added, which is pre-soaked in milk. For flavoring using vanilla or lemon zest.

A light cottage cheese dessert with a banana

Delicious and light dessert from cottage cheese with banana slices is the most tender combination. Externally and to taste, the dessert resembles jelly, in the section you can clearly see banana slices. Gelatin dissolved in milk is used as a thickener.


• a pound of low-fat cottage cheese;

• three ripe bananas - 600 gr .;

• half a liter of milk;

• spoon of vanilla powder;

• 150 gr. medium-fat sour cream;

• a glass of fine sugar;

• 30 grams of gelatin granules;

• dark milk chocolate for decoration.


1. In a skillet, pour gelatin granules with water and set aside so that they are well swollen.

2. Cottage cheese fray in a large bowl through a sieve. Stir in sugar, vanilla and rub again. If there is a blender, you can use it, the process is much simpler. 3. Mix homogeneous curd mass with sour cream, do it with a mixer at minimum speed.

4. The stewpan with swollen gelatin is placed on the most minimal fire. While stirring, warm up until the granules dissolve. It is important not to bring to a boil, otherwise the thickener will lose its properties.

5. We set aside the milk mixture to complete cooling. You can put the stewpan in a bowl with cold water, it will go faster.

6. While the milk is cooled, cut banana rings.

7. Beat curd mass with a mixer, pour thinned milk into it with a thin stream.

8. Putting dessert. We cover any suitable form with a sheet of food film and unfold a part of the curd mass. From above, evenly spread banana rings and close them with cottage cheese. Again we put bananas and again we cover them with curd mass, we repeat the layers, the last should be cottage cheese.

9. Having closed the top of the form with a film, place it until it hardens completely in the refrigerator.

10. Having removed the top film, we put a flat dish on the form and turn it over sharply. Lift the container, gently remove the film from the dessert and three chocolate on it through a small grater.

Cottage cheese dessert with cookies - “Tiramisu”

Delicate dessert of cottage cheese with cookies dipped in strong coffee. The recipe is simple, the dessert is prepared quickly and easily. On a festive table, such a delicacy can compete with a familiar cake.


• homemade sour cream - 50 gr .;

• five eggs;

• 150 gr. powdered sugar;

• natural brewed coffee - 250 gr .;

• a pound of cottage cheese;

• 50 ml of coffee liqueur;

• cocoa powder;

• natural yoghurt, without fillers - 50 gr .;

• 100 grams of Savoyardi shortbread.


1. Brew strong coffee, cool and filter. Cottage cheese fray on a sieve, then mix with a mixer with sour cream and yogurt.

2. Carefully break the eggs, pour the proteins into one bowl, and the yolks into another. 3. Squirrels whip until a stable foam. To yolks pour sugar powder, beat, until the mass turns white.

4. We mix in first the yolk mass into the curd mass, then gradually mix the protein mass into it.

5. Cooled and filtered coffee is mixed with liqueur.

6. For the formation of the dessert will require a detachable shape, if there is none, you can take the usual capacity, round or rectangular shape. The form, in which the sides are not removed, is covered with a sheet of film.

7. Dipping cookies in the coffee mixture, immediately lay it on the bottom of the form. When the whole bottom is covered with cookies, pour a portion of curd mass on top of it, smooth out and re-stack the biscuits soaked in coffee. Again, pour the cheese mixture.

8. Put the dessert cool. After complete solidification, we get free of form and put it on the dish. Sliced ​​cocoa into portions.

Simple dessert from cottage cheese - honey curd mass

Cheese mass - the simplest dessert of cottage cheese. Some kids do not like cottage cheese, but with pleasure they eat curd with dried apricots or raisins. Try to prepare a useful honey curd mass, to taste it is not different from the factory, but much more useful and tasty.


• homemade high fat cottage cheese - 400 gr .;

• three tablespoons of creamy 72% butter and fat cream;

• sugar - 50 g .;

• four eggs;

• 2 spoons of liquid honey.


1. We spread the oil on a plate and let it stand warm to soften. Rub through a sieve curd.

2. In warm water, wash with an egg brush. Breaking the shell, carefully separate the whites from the yolks. Add sugar to yolks and carefully rub them until white. Proteins can be used in another dish, they are not useful here.

3. On the water bath, warm the honey, cool slightly and mix with the yolk mass. Mix the softened butter and vanilla into the resulting mixture, beat with a mixer until fluffy. 4. Combine the cottage cheese with the prepared honey mass and mix thoroughly, you can beat a little.

Desserts with cottage cheese - baked stuffed prunes

Cheese desserts are not only cold cooking, cottage cheese, muffins, cakes are made from cottage cheese. Incredibly delicious prunes, baked with cottage cheese. Berries are stuffed with curd mass, and then steamed in an oven with sour cream. Cottage cheese is more suitable for such a dessert, it is fatter.


• soft pitted prunes - 300 gr .;

• one egg;

• 100 gr. cottage cheese, fat content of at least 9%;

• two spoons of sugar;

• 25 gr. thickened homemade cream;

• fat, not less than 30%, sour cream - 100 gr.


1. Pour the washed prunes with warm water and leave them in a closed container for 20 minutes. Carefully cut the berries and remove the bones from them. It is good to take prunes already without stones, then it will only be necessary to soak it well.

2. Pour an egg to the broken blender or ground cottage cheese. Add sugar and half sour cream, mix thoroughly.

3. Fill the berries with plum curd filling. Fold in a small form or pan without a handle, pour the remaining sour cream.

4. Place the form in the oven, bake at 180 degrees for no more than 10 minutes.

5. When serving separately put sour cream, and berries watered with creamy, melted butter.

Curd desserts - chocolates with nuts and nuts

Curd dessert in the form of sweets will appeal to both adults and children. Small balls, rolled in nuts, chocolate and coconut chips, look like cake, and taste remind your favorite curd cheese.


• crisp shortbread biscuits - 150 gr .;

• 400 gr. fresh cottage cheese;

• two spoons of freshly ground icing sugar;

• small lemon;

• 45 gr. sweet cream butter;

• white coconut flakes - 30 grams; • dark 76% chocolate;

• 30 gr. walnuts or peanuts.


1. Get the oil out of the cold and let it soften in the warmth.

2. Scald lemon with boiling water, wipe citrus dry and remove some of the zest with a small grater. We need no more than a teaspoon.

3. To the cottage cheese, in a spacious bowl add lemon zest, powdered sugar and softened butter, carefully rub it. Optimally kill a blender or a mixer.

4. Grind cookies with a large grater, mix crumbs with curd mass. Put the prepared base for sweets for 15 minutes in the fridge.

5. Fry the nuts in a dry frying pan, cool and grind with a blender or coffee grinder. Try not to make it too small.

6. In a separate plate, finely three chocolate, in another sprinkle coconut chips.

7. We take out the curd mass from the refrigerator, sculpt the candies of the desired size and shape from it.

8. Roll off a third of the chocolates in chocolate chips, a third in the nut crumb, and the rest in coconut chips. We spread on a dish and send for an hour in the fridge.

Curd desserts - cake without baking “Truffle”

Budget, unpretentious in the performance of a cake recipe from cookies. It is important to take crumbly biscuits, which are easy to kill in small chips. Make it a blender, but you can rub it on a grater. Rich chocolate taste of the curd mass gives melted chocolate in combination with cocoa powder. Cake is made with chocolate and nuts.


• half a kilogram of fat cottage cheese and cookies;

• half a pack of butter;

• two spoons of quality cocoa, without additives;

• 100 gr. sugar;

• two bars of milk chocolate, dark variety;

• walnut kernels.


1. Combine the softened butter, sugar and curd, mix well and fray on the sieve. It is permissible to kill the curd mass and blender, the main thing is to achieve homogeneity. 2. Break open one chocolate bar in a bowl and place in a water bath. Warming up, stir it so that all the pieces are well bloomed, cool.

3. We put the curd mass in equal parts in two bowls and into one mix the melted chocolate and cocoa.

4. Spread the food film and a large sheet of foil on the table. Fold fifteen cookies, in three rows, on them white curd mass and gently level with a wide knife.

5. Five cookies set aside, the rest of the mash, paving the bag in a very fine crumb. She poured her curd layer.

6. In the middle of the seam, from one smaller side to the opposite, lay out a dark curd mass in a strip.

7. Gently with the help of foil or film we lift the side cookies, and firmly press them to the curd. Close the top pending cookies. It should make a long rectangular "roll". Tightly wrap it in foil and mix for three hours in the refrigerator.

8. After waiting for the specified time, unwrap and pour chocolate and sprinkle with nuts. Serve when the chocolate-nut layer hardens well.

Tricks of cooking curd desserts - useful tips

• Do not take wet cottage cheese for desserts, but if you get one like this, be sure to remove excess whey from it. Put the curd on cheesecloth, tie it in a bag and hang it for an hour over a bowl.

• Fans of low-calorie diets are recommended to replace sugar with fructose, and dark milk chocolate with bitter. Instead of sour cream, you can use fat-free thick yogurt.

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