Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Sandwich “Victoria” is a traditional English sponge cake consisting of two biscuits, between which is a layer of thick strawberry jam and whipped cream. Queen Victoria long ruled England. Perhaps it belongs to the longest ruling monarchs. Queen's favorite cake, named in her honor, survived Victoria for a long time, and to this day it is one of the most popular desserts not only on the shores of Albion, but throughout the world.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Biscuit is prepared simply, it turns out elastic and high. I advise you to use the biscuit recipe as a base for making homemade cakes.

Whipping cream should be fatty (at least 30%), if not, replace them with any light homemade cream.

  • Cooking time: 1 hour
  • Servings: 10

Ingredients for the royal “Victoria” sandwich cake


  • 210 g of butter;
  • 180 g of granulated sugar;
  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • 185 grams of wheat flour;
  • 8 g ​​baking powder;
  • vanilla extract.


  • 350 g of 33% cream;
  • 20 g powdered sugar.


  • 300 g strawberry or strawberry jam;
  • icing sugar for decoration.

The way of making the Victoria sandwich - the royal cake

Soft butter rubbed white with sugar and a drop of vanilla extract. You can beat the liquid ingredients with a mixer, adding alternately. Butter with sugar should turn into a lush, light mass.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Next, break one large egg into the bowl one at a time - break the egg, mix until smooth, then beat the following.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Wheat flour of the highest grade is combined with baking powder, sifted, in small portions, mixed with liquid ingredients.

The finished dough is creamy and silky, homogeneous, without lumps of flour. At this stage, heat the oven to a temperature of 165 degrees Celsius.

Grease the form with a non-stick coating with soft butter and powder with a thin layer of wheat flour.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Put the dough for the Victoria sandwich into the prepared mold, flatten it using a spatula to form a layer of the same thickness.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Cooking a biscuit for about 30 minutes on the middle shelf of the oven. Readiness is checked with a wooden stick - it should come out dry from the thickest part of the biscuit.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Cool the cake to room temperature and cut into two equal parts.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

We spread a thick layer of thick strawberry or strawberry jam on the bottom cake. It is easy to prepare from strawberries with gelling sugar, you need only a few minutes to cook.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Pour 33% cream into the mixer bowl, whip first at low revs, gradually increase the speed and add powdered sugar in small portions.

After about 5 minutes, the cream will turn into a thick cream that keeps its shape well, traces from the rims do not crawl. Spread whipped cream on jam, distribute them in an even layer.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

We cover with the second half of biscuit, sprinkle with powdered sugar. By tradition, the Victoria sandwich is decorated very modestly.

Victoria Sandwich - Royal Cake

Immediately serve the Victoria sandwich to the table with a cup of strong tea. Let the good traditions settle in your home! Enjoy your meal.

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