Pepperoni pizza: variations of delicious Italian pie. The best pepperoni pizza recipes with salami, mozzarella, tomatoes

Pepperoni pizza: variations of delicious Italian pie. The best pepperoni pizza recipes with salami, mozzarella, tomatoes

Pepperoni pizza is a real temptation, invented by hot Italians as if specially for the Russian soul.

Not every hostess succeeds in unraveling the secret of this spicy Italian tortilla with original filling. But if it is found, homemade “pizza in Russian” with a thick dough base and too rich filling will be forgotten forever.

It is unlikely that a dish will be found in a cookbook at the same time as simple and complex as a pepperoni pizza. Her soul is in a properly cooked cake. The dough must be prepared with your own hands, use purchased yeast or puff - blasphemy. A real Italian pizza should be flat, and flat cake is so tasty that you can eat it without any filling, as an independent dish.

The pizza filling pepperoni is the original Italian sausage with the same name. You can call it a type of salami, only in the original it is made from mixed beef, pork and chicken. Mandatory component of pepperoni sausage - hot chili pepper. Hence the Italian name of the dish “Pizza alla diavola”. Although to regulate the devilish fire of chili, every hostess is free on their own.

Pepperoni Pizza - General Cooking Principles

In cooking pepperoni pizza, there are really only two components that are important: a flat bread dough and a sauce. With the dough, everything is more or less clear: it must be done independently, the benefit of the recipes are many. The presence of yeast in the dough is required.

Another thing is that in Russia it is difficult to get real Italian flour. From the Russian wheat varieties, a completely different dough is obtained, since there is little protein in our flour, the dough from it turns out to be too lush.

The pepperoni pizza sauce is a separate story. You can, of course, use the usual store-based ketchup or tomato paste. But this is a quick and, frankly, slightly vulgar version. Ideally, the sauce should be prepared from real tomatoes, fresh or canned. The main components of pizza are mozzarella, pepperoni. Young cheese should be cut into thin slices (or grated), sausage - into thin, almost transparent circles.

Pepperoni pizza can not be baked for a long time. Enough to make the dough slightly browned around the edges. Fifteen minutes of baking in an oven preheated to 200 degrees is usually sufficient. The form must be oiled.

Pepperoni pizza “A la Galli”

The beauty of pepperoni pizza prepared according to this recipe is in the wonderful recipe of dough from the famous pizza diol Andrea Galli. So delicious that you can actually enjoy only one cake! And to prepare such dough very quickly. You can grease the cake with any ready-made sauce (you will not spoil it with this) or prepare an aromatic sauce on Italian herbs yourself.


• 250 grams of pepperoni sausages;

• medium bulb bulb;

• two hundred grams of tomato sauce;

• three hundred grams of mozzarella;

• 250 ml of water;

• 40 ml of high-quality olive oil;

• 350 grams of flour;

• eight grams of active dry yeast;

• twenty grams of sugar;

• ten grams of salt;

• fresh greens.


Mix flour and yeast for pizza.

Pour olive oil into warm water, add salt and sugar, mix.

Add flour to the liquid and knead the elastic dough.

Divide the dough into two hundred grams, roll each ball.

Cover the dough balls with a film, leave for proofing for forty minutes.

Cut the sausage and mozzarella traditionally.

Onion bulb cut into very thin rings.

Apply the dough hands to distribute the form. You can roll out and rolling pin.

Lubricate the future cake with tomato sauce.

If you wish, you can prepare the sauce yourself from tomatoes in your own juice (peel off), salt, pepper, olive oil and Italian dried herbs (basil, oregano).

All components of the sauce are pursed with a blender.

Put the mozzarella on top of the sauce, then the pepperoni. Next, put onion rings (not all the quantity, to taste).

Bake and serve with fresh herbs, olive oil.

Pepperoni pizza “Hello from the devil” with cheese

A very spicy variant of Italian pepperoni pizza with a distinct Russian flavor. Instead of olive oil, ordinary sunflower oil is used. The dough is very tender, so the cake turns thin, very tasty, and the dish itself is juicy.


• 250 grams of flour;

• 12 grams of dry active yeast;

• 150 ml of water;

• half a spoonful of salt;

• five tablespoons of sunflower oil;

• two hundred grams of semi-hard cheese;

• two hundred grams of salami;

• 25-30 pieces of pitted olives;

• one teaspoon of basil and oregano;

• a teaspoon of ground red pepper;

• three tablespoons of natural tomato paste;

• soy sauce;

• mayonnaise.


Heat the water a little, pour in a shiver, stir until dissolved.

Mix flour with salt, pour it in a wide bowl with a hill.

Pour water, mix.

Add butter and knead the dough.

Cover the container with cling film, leave for proofing for half an hour in a warm place.

Very thin roll the dough to the diameter of the form so that the sides were not at all. Excess pieces trimmed.

Put the dough.

Prepare a sauce of tomato paste, mayonnaise, soy sauce. (Use mayonnaise only as desired).

Grate the cheese.

Salami cut into strips.

Cut the olives into halves or rings.

Smear dough with sauce, put salami.

Then spread out the olives.

Sprinkle with seasonings.

Pour cheese crumb.

Bake and serve hot.

Pepperoni pizza with tomatoes and chili

The real chili pepper is the highlight of this pepperoni pizza variant. The sharpness of hot pepper will soften a fresh tomato a little, but still it is better for children not to give such a dish.


• two hundred grams of flour;

• teaspoon yeast (dry);

• tablespoon of sugar;

• a teaspoon of salt;

• tablespoon olive oil;

• half a cup of warm water; • two to three hundred grams of salami (to taste);

• one small chili pepper;

• two or three tablespoons of tomato paste;

• mozzarella grams hundred;

• two tomatoes;

• a teaspoon of oregano and basil (dried herbs).


Knead dough from water, flour, sugar, butter, yeast and salt. First mix the dry ingredients, then pour in warm water.

Roll out the dough.

Put in shape, trim the edges.

Sprinkle with oil, distribute pasta and dried herbs.

Arrange mozzarella, tomatoes, salami.

Chop the pepper very finely, sprinkle the pizza.

Again, sprinkle with herbs and bake.

Pepperoni Pizza with Original Onion Sauce

The specialty of this devilish pizza options is fresh tomato sauce.


• 100 ml of water;

• one and a half glasses of flour (200 ml volume);

• teaspoon of sugar;

• one and a half teaspoons of dry yeast;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of salt;

• three tablespoons of oil;

• a pound of tomatoes;

• red onion;

• two cloves of garlic;

• dried oregano and basil (on the palate, half a spoon is enough);

• two hundred grams of pepperoni;

• 250 grams of mozzarella.


Dissolve the yeast in warm water and leave until a fluffy cap of foam appears.

Pour the butter into the yeast, add salt, flour and knead the dough.

Prepare cheese and sausage.

To remove skin from tomatoes, grind in a blender.

Chop the red onion into small cubes, chop the garlic.

Fry the onion and garlic in hot oil for three minutes.

Put the tomatoes into the pan, simmer until the juice is evaporated.

Salt, add traditional herbs.

After proofing (about an hour in the heat) split in half.

Roll the first layer, put it on a baking sheet.

Fluff ready sauce.

Arrange the cheese and sausage.

Bake until cooked.

Pepperoni Pizza with Homemade Garlic Sauce

A slightly different variant of the sauce and a special dough recipe allow you to try a completely different pepperoni pizza. Very original taste. Ingredients:

• 200 ml of cooled boiling water;

• as much milk;

• six tablespoons of olive oil;

• one egg;

• a glass of flour;

• ten grams of dry yeast;

• seven fresh tomatoes;

• half a spoonful of traditional Italian herbs (oregano, basil);

• two cloves of garlic;

• spoon of sugar;

• fresh chili peppers;

• four hundred grams of salami;

• two hundred grams of mozzarella.


Dissolve yeast in warm milk.

Pour the flour into a heap, make a hole, drive eggs.

Pour olive oil and yeast into the hole, add salt.

Knead the dough, gradually adding water.

Knead until the dough is smooth.

Leave the dough to warm for a half to two hours under a wrap or towel.

Prepare garlic sauce of five tomatoes, herbs, spoons of sugar, salt, chopped garlic. All mash in a blender.

Roll out the dough thin cake, put it in the form.

Brush with sauce.

Cut the remaining two tomatoes and chili.

Distribute the filling: mozzarella, tomatoes, sausage, chili.

Bake pepperoni pizza and serve hot.

Pepperoni Pizza “Italy”

If you can buy a special flour for pizza, you can try to bake a real Italian pastry.


• 250 grams of plain white flour;

• 200 grams of special Italian flour for pizza;

• five grams of fresh yeast;

• three spoons of olive oil for dough;

• 230 ml of warm water;

• a spoonful of salt;

• one hundred grams of tomatoes in their own juice;

• fresh basil (five grams);

• two sprigs of fresh oregano;

• A spoonful of olive oil for the sauce.


Dissolve the yeast in warm water.

Mix two types of flour, sift.

Make gorochka of flour with a hole in the center.

Pour salt into the hole, pour in the oil.

Knead the dough, gradually adding water with yeast.

When the dough stops sticking to the hands, divide it into three parts.

Roll three balls, remove for proofing for an hour.

Prepare the sauce, chopping tomatoes in a blender, fresh herbs. Simmer in a saucepan, stirring ten minutes, then pour in the oil.

Add sugar and salt to taste, cook for another ten minutes.

Grind the garlic and herbs, add them for one or two minutes before the end of cooking the sauce.

Cool sauce.

Roll one ball into a thin layer, shift into shape.

Spread the sauce, grated mozzarella, and pepperoni circles over the cake.

Bake at a high temperature of 300 degrees for ten minutes.

When serving, grease the dough with olive oil.

Pepperoni Pizza - Tips and Tips

  • To remove the peel from the tomatoes, you need to make a cross-cut in the place of attachment of the stem and dip the tomato in boiling water for half a minute. Then you can dip the vegetable in cold water. Peel is easy to move.
  • It is necessary to vary the amount of water and flour while kneading the dough. If it turns out too tight, you should add water, liquid - pour flour.
  • If the hot pepper is very bitter, you can reduce its quantity or get by with dry ground powder.
  • Olive oil is easily replaced by sunflower, rare pepper-onion is ordinary salami, and mozzarella is replaced by young soft cheese.
  • You can make the sauce to your taste by mixing various herbs, spices, balsamic vinegar, tomato paste and mashed fresh tomatoes. Boil the sauce until thick.
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