How to pickle red caviar at home properly and tasty

How to pickle red caviar at home properly and tasty

Could you have imagined a festive table without sandwiches with red caviar 10 years ago? Now this time is safely forgotten, however, many people try to sprinkle their own eggs.

How to pickle red caviar in due form at home, they know very little. except that residents of seaside towns, fishermen and those who have long worked on Putin. This delicacy is not cheap and not everyone can buy a jar of caviar for the holiday. But, sometimes you can buy a red fish and find in it yastyki with caviar.

For those who do not know. Yastyki - these are the bags inside the female fish, in which there are eggs.

In general, you can purposefully start buying red fish with caviar. Some people do this quite successfully, preparing themselves a delicacy for the whole winter, and make excellent canned food out of fish. When we lived on Sakhalin, we also did this, since during the fishing season, we asked for a penny for one tail (I mean the fish carcass).

We also observed sad pictures of poaching, when fish was gutted, eggs were taken, and carcasses with whole mountains rotted along the banks of the rivers, where the pink salmon rose to spawn. But let's not talk about sad things. Now I want to give you some secrets for salting caviar, real, Sakhalin!

How to pickle red caviar at home properly and tasty

How to choose a red fish with caviar

Ideally, the eggs should be salted with freshly caught fish. At least from fresh chilled. Then the caviar is tender, not tough. In addition, from the frozen fish, caviar is more fragile and bursts faster. But, if there are no options, you can indulge in this. First of all, what kinds of slave will suit us:

  1. Pink salmon
  2. Sockeye
  3. Call Resource
  4. Trout
  5. Salmon

These are the most common types, except for them there is still loach, kunja, and less common and little-known names.

We need to choose a female, because in it, by definition, we will find the cherished caviar. It is senseless to determine the size, since the pink salmon has females larger and much larger. But on the scales and body shape is easy to do.

When the pink salmon comes into the river to spawn, from sea water to fresh water, then bright spots appear on the fish, it brightens. In males of pink salmon the back is more convex, high. The head is also larger, with a massive “nose”. Sometimes the jaws go behind each other and their teeth are visible. In females, the head is neat, rounded, and the carcass itself is a regular, “fishy” shape.

In no case do you place frozen fish on thawing in water or in a microwave, so you spoil the eggs, it will all flow. At first, put the fish brought from the store into the refrigerator overnight, then pull it out to completely defrost it.

It is necessary to rip up the abdomen carefully so as not to break through the arches, but it is better to begin cutting from the ridge, as I already wrote in the article about salting of red fish.

How to pickle red caviar at home properly and tasty

Pickling red caviar at home

The fish was chosen, prepared, but we still need a sharp knife, preferably not very long, with a narrow blade. You will need medical gauze and coarse pure salt, why I write “pure”, sometimes I come across a dark, gray color, I don’t need to take one.

How to clean caviar from yastki

A very difficult, rather tedious task will be to clean the caviar from the yastika film. Being accustomed it is possible to wipe caviar through the grille, instead of which they often use a badminton racket. All the eggs fall into the cells, and the film remains on the grids. Here it is necessary to catch it and wipe the eggs, and not to push it.

Another good way of cleaning yastyks, we take a piece of gauze folded four times, we dampen it in a strong brine, we put all the yastiki on both sides, together we take the ends and begin to roll the eggs, all the pieces of the film remain on it, then the eggs carefully dumped into the pelvis.

But I brought these methods, if there are a lot of caviar, a few kilograms. We are used to always make it basins. And then you sit and eat a sandwich from a sliced ​​along long loaf, nicely spread with warm caviar, washing it down with a half liter mug of coffee, and adding a spoon to your mouth.

If there are few caviar, for example, from one fish, then you can simply pour hot water into the cup (so that only the hand can tolerate), pour in some salt and put yastki there. Just a little mash them in the water and they will easily separate, you just have to choose the entire film, because it tastes unpleasantly hard.

How to make fresh salted caviar

How to pickle red caviar at home properly and tasty

Fans of salted caviar just need to reduce the time of salting. Then the eggs take less salt and will be just to your taste.

We clean the caviar, adjust the brine, take water twice as much as the caviar. Pour two tablespoons of salt and two teaspoons of sugar into a glass of water. Stir and pour caviar. If we give a strong salted caviar to stand for about 20 minutes, then for a slightly salted variant 10 is enough. Then we merge the brine, and lay the caviar on cheesecloth and let it drain. The disadvantage of this method is that caviar will not be stored for a long time, it is desirable to eat it within a week. Store in glass jars with lids, add a little vegetable oil on top.

Dry ambassador of caviar in yastika

Do not be easy way. She herself was surprised when she recognized him. We select the freshest fish, better sockeye or chum salmon, they have stronger caviar. Gently, without removing yastyki, wash and lay out on a plate. Salt the usual salt on both sides, just a pinch and leave for 20 minutes. Salt is taken a tablespoon for half a kilo of caviar.

How to pickle red caviar at home properly and tasty

How to pickle caviar for long-term storage

Chum salmon caviar is large, light, quite strong. This is just the right time to salt for long-term storage. It rarely bursts and flows, perhaps, with non-compliance with the salting technique.

Per kilogram of caviar, we take 3 liters of water and a kilogram of coarse salt. Boil brine from water and salt and let cool to room temperature. In advance, the caviar is cleaned from the film and immersed in a pan with brine and left for 20-25 minutes.

After we take a colander, cover the bottom with gauze in several layers and let the water drain. Caviar spread on sterile jars and pour vegetable oil on top, put in the refrigerator.

How to pickle red caviar on your own, video

Caviar is always soaked only in salt water, in no case in fresh. Salt is used coarsely, from small, ordinary eggs quickly burst and caviar "flows."

Now the most interesting thing is preparing a brine. No “two or three canteens ...” only strong pickle with coarse salt. It is done very simply, the water boils, salt is added to it until the crystals can dissolve, you will see that they settle to the bottom. You can check the strength of the brine, putting in it peeled raw potatoes, it should not sink. Tuzluka should be twice as large as caviar. Caviar omitted there, just sprinkling. Time needs to be strictly noted, for different caviar it is different. For caviar of pink salmon enough 7-9 minutes, no more. Chum salmon caviar is bigger and stronger, it needs 12 minutes. If the caviar is young, small, then five minutes will be enough, but such caviar cannot be stored for a long time.

Next, pour the eggs into cheesecloth, tie the ends and hang over the basin, so that all the glass is enough, only about ten hours is enough. Just do not overdo it, otherwise all the caviar will just drain.

After the ready-made caviar can be laid out in jars, it is better to pour it on top with vegetable oil so that it does not dry out, store in the refrigerator. Properly salted caviar can be stored for a year.

How to pickle red caviar five minutes in the jasties

This we also did, sometimes cut the fish, and then the caviar, there is no time to mess with it, but do not throw out the same. We simply lay out the whole yastiki on a plate and sprinkle with salt, hold for half an hour, then rinse in boiled salted water, then separate the eggs from the film. Eat the caviar salted in this way immediately.

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