Pumpkin with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pumpkin with meat.

Pumpkin with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pumpkin with meat.

A pumpkin is a native Russian vegetable that looks like a bright sun.

Since ancient times, pumpkin has been actively used not only in cooking hot dishes and desserts, but also in the treatment of severe diseases associated with the bone structure of the human body.

This fact should not be forgotten, because the addition of such an ingredient as a pumpkin, will allow not only a satisfying and tasty meal, but also to cleanse the body.

Pumpkin with meat is a noble combination of useful components, which gives a huge range of possibilities for preparing unusual dishes with a sweet note. Pumpkin gives the meat tenderness and interesting flavor notes. This dish will be useful for everyone, including the little gourmets, who certainly do not like everyday food, but every time they are looking for something tasty, new, and unusual.

Pumpkin with meat - food preparation

To prepare this dish you do not need to have supernatural culinary abilities. Everything is simple and clear. In the dish you can add additional ingredients like potatoes, cheese, zucchini. To maximize the preservation of nutrients, it is better to cook the dish in the oven, for example, in a pot, and those who own a multicooker can successfully cook an amazingly tender pumpkin with meat.

Recipe 1: Pumpkin with Meat and Potato

This dish is for those who like to expand their gastronomic preferences and are looking for new unforgettable tastes.

Ingredients Required:

• 500 g - meat;

• 400 g - pumpkin;

• 500 g - potatoes;

• 100 ml - sour cream.

Cooking Method:

Let's deal with the meat. Any meat is suitable for this recipe if it is tender, juicy and melts in the mouth after cooking. Meat with coarse fibers, dry in taste, only exacerbates the taste of the whole dish, that is, chicken fillet is better to use for cooking another dish.

Cooking vegetables - peel the pumpkin with potatoes and cut them into cubes. Fry the ingredients in the pan, just a little bit. First, lightly fry the pieces of meat - pre-cut into portions, put in a dish in which the dish will continue to be cooked in the oven. Potatoes and pumpkins are fried in a separate pan. All these roasted ingredients are laid out in a dish, dressed with sour cream and spices. The dishes are tightly closed with a lid and stewed in the oven for about 40 minutes.

Recipe 2: Pumpkin with meat in a slow cooker

With the help of this recipe, the multicooker allows each owner to make sure once again - everything ingenious is easy! It only takes a few minutes to prepare the products, send them to the slow cooker and that’s all - it remains to wait for the beep and then the whole family to enjoy the most tender meat with pumpkin.

Ingredients Required:

• 500 g - pumpkin;

• 500 g - meat;

• 3 tbsp. l - vegetable oil;

• 300 g - potatoes.

Cooking Method:

As we said, the recipe to the limit is simple. Cut the pork tenderloin into small pieces, the potatoes into cubes, and the pumpkin into larger pieces. In the bowl multicooker stacked chopped products, filled with vegetable oil, you can add spices. Set the “Normal” mode, 1.5 hours later, stewed pumpkin with meat will fill the kitchen with an amazing aroma!

Recipe 3: Pumpkin Stuffed with Meat

Often in cooking shows you can see the process of cooking a whole pumpkin, which is pre-stuffed with cereals and meat. The time has come and we are convinced of the genius of this dish!

Ingredients Required:

• 1 PC. - a small pumpkin;

• 300 g - potatoes;

• 400 g - pork;

• 3 tbsp. l - sour cream;

• 2 pcs. - bow;

• salt and some vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

Let's start the interesting and entertaining process of cooking a whole pumpkin with meat. Carefully cut off the top of the pumpkin, in the future it will play the lid of the created “pan”. We clean the pumpkin from seeds and thick fibers. Slightly cut the flesh and chop finely. At the same time the edges of the pumpkin must be dense and contain part of the pulp.

We will deal with other products. The meat is cut into medium pieces. Peeled onions are slightly stewed in a frying pan. Next in the pan send shredded pumpkin and pork. Potatoes are also diced and after 5 minutes go to the meat with pumpkin.

After a few minutes of stewing, add sour cream to the pan. We salt and we decorate with seasoning. Ingredients are ready and you can stuff a pumpkin. Place the ingredients in the pumpkin neatly out of the pan, close the lid and bake the stuffed pumpkin in the oven for about 50 minutes.

Recipe 4: Pumpkin with Meat in Pots

Please note, even if the recipe of any dish does not indicate the seasonings with which you can fill the dish, this does not mean that this stage can be omitted. Condiments, greens and spices play a large role in cooking, because of their expense the dish acquires a unique flavor. The described stew also needs spices, ranging from ground black pepper and ending with dried basil. Experiment and fill the kitchen with fabulous aromas. Ingredients Required:

• 800 g - beef;

• 500 g - potatoes;

• 2 pcs. - bow;

• 400 g - pumpkin;

• 3 pcs. - tomatoes;

• 4 tooth. - garlic.

Cooking Method:

Prepare pots, which then send in the oven. Ingredients are stacked in the following order:

1. For a dish, you can take either pork or beef meat. Cut the cut into small pieces and put in pots first layer.

2. Peel the garlic and onion. Garlic is better to chop into small plates, and onions - familiar half rings. Chopped onions with garlic are sent to the pots in a second layer.

3. It's time to spice up. By the way, you can sprinkle dry bouillon cubes in pots, which will give a very interesting combination.

4. Next comes the potatoes, peel, cut into cubes and send a layer in pots.

5. The pumpkin is also peeled, chopped and laid out on top of the potato.

6. The last layer is tomatoes. Vegetables are cut into thick ringlets and the rest of the ingredients are covered with a thick layer.

Salt each pot, add some water. We keep the pots in the preheated oven for about 1.5 hours.

Pumpkin with meat - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Pumpkin is not only an attribute of Halloween, but also a uniquely tasty and useful ingredient that allows you to add unforgettable and unique taste notes in everyday and holidays. Bake stuffed pumpkin, cook in pots - all these methods will be appreciated by loved ones and guests.

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