We make tomato juice at home: natural, with vegetables, apples or spices. Methods of making tomato juice for the winter at home

We make tomato juice at home: natural, with vegetables, apples or spices. Methods of making tomato juice for the winter at home

Natural tomato juice is an incredibly tasty and incredibly healthy drink. It is recommended to use it regularly for people who have problems with nerves, heart, intestines. Ladies who want to lose a couple of three or even twenty kilograms adore this juice: natural tomato drink restores metabolic processes.

This is, of course, not about store surrogates. Benefit to health will bring only personally prepared natural juice. By the way, if it is ideal to observe the technology of cooking tomato juice for the winter at home, then within two years it will retain not only the amazing taste, but also all its healing properties.

Tomato juice for winter at home - general principles of cooking

For the successful preparation of the ideal tomato juice for the winter at home we need slightly overripe, juicy, fleshy tomatoes. To a liter of juice will take one and a half kilograms of fresh fruit. They need to be pureed in any way: twist in a meat grinder through a special nozzle for juices, use a real juicer, rub tomatoes through a sieve.

In the tomato base, you can add herbs, seasonings, spices, vegetables and even fruit, and you can spin the juice with absolutely no additives, even without salt. Onions, fresh garlic, red bell pepper, celery, beets, apples, various spices are most often used as additional components.

Variety does not matter. It is best to prepare the juice from non-standard, huge tomatoes, which are not suitable for salting because of the size and structure defects. Preparation includes washing, removal of tainted places and peduncles, cutting into pieces. The juicer produces a ready, completely seed-free product. It is very convenient. If you twist the tomatoes in a meat grinder without a nozzle, you will have to separate the seeds manually using a frequent sieve. An extremely difficult task if you need to realize a large number of tomatoes. The amount of sugar and salt indicated in the recipes should not be taken as the ultimate truth. Each housewife must be guided by his taste. Do not be afraid to try the juice, not only for sugar and salt. The spiciness and degree of spice of the drink can also be varied, based on personal preferences.

Preparing cans is a very important step in making tomato juice for the winter at home. Not only that, they must be rinsed with soda and properly sterilized. It is important not to overlook the slightest crack. If a jar filled with boiling or just hot juice cracks in your hands, you can get a serious injury.

For sterilization of cans, not only the grandmother’s method of an aluminum mug on a saucepan with boiling water is suitable. It is possible to sterilize containers on a mantelvar grate or in an oven heated to 150 degrees. Liter cans are sterilized for fifteen minutes, two-liter - twenty minutes. It is impossible to take the container out of the oven with wet hands: the pot will burst, unable to withstand the temperature drop!

Cool capped cans should be under a warm thick blanket or blanket, flipping down the neck. If the juice is leaking, the lid must be replaced. Only completely cooled billets can be turned over and stored. Keep the juice should be in the cold: cellar, insulated balcony, basement.

Tomato juice for the winter at home “Natural”

The easiest way to prepare wonderful, natural, sweetish tomato juice for the winter at home is to not use any additional ingredients at all.


• ripe tomatoes;

• juicer.

Cooking Method:

Take tomatoes slightly overripe, those varieties that have almost no seeds. If there is a juicer, it does not matter which sort of tomato to use.

Pureen tomatoes in a meat grinder with a special nozzle or juicer.

Carefully pour the resulting juice into a suitable container, preferably enameled. A wide pan and a big bucket will do. Bring the juice to a boil for a few minutes over high heat.

Then reduce the heat to medium and cook for twenty minutes. Stir necessarily, otherwise everything will burn.

Prepare banks in any way. Covers boil or sterilize along with banks.

Juice still boiling pour in banks and cork.

Cool as described above.

Tomato juice for the winter at home “Traditional”

If you want to cook salty tasty juice, then you need to salt it in the tomato base when cooking and add a little sugar. Such traditional tomato juice for the winter at home is not difficult to cook at all, and the result is excellent.


• ripe red tomatoes;

• there is enough salt to enjoy the hostess or a little less (can be salted when used);

• You can add sugar at the rate of one and a half tablespoons per liter of finished drink.

Cooking Method:

Pureen tomatoes in any way.

Pour sugar into a tomato base, add some salt (be sure to try, if necessary, add salt).

On the middle ring bring the tomato mass to the first signs of boiling.

When the first bubbles appear, reduce the fire, continue cooking for another twenty minutes.

Immediately pour into banks and cork.

Properly cool and send in the cold for long-term preservation.

Tomato juice for the winter at home “Spicy”

Lovers of spicy flavors will definitely like the spiced tomato drink. To cook tomato juice for the winter at home, you will have to stock up on not only tomatoes, but also cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon. Adding acetic acid allows the drink to be stored for quite some time. The number of ingredients listed is quite large. In order to cook a smaller amount of the drink, you need to proportionally reduce the number of components.


• eleven kilograms of tomatoes;

• six hundred grams of sugar;

• 180 grams of salt;

• a tablespoon of acetic acid or 280 ml of vinegar; • five cloves of garlic;

• thirty peppercorns allspice;

• ten carnations;

• some chili powder;

• three spoons of ground cinnamon;

• ground nutmeg on the tip of a tsp.

Cooking Method:

Quickly prepare the tomato base by passing the tomatoes through the juicer.

Peel and seed juice should not be.

Pour the base into a large enamel pot or bucket.

Turn on medium heat, wait for boiling and cook for half an hour.

Simmer over low heat for ten minutes.

Put garlic, spices and vinegar in a saucepan.

Boil it all together for twenty minutes.

Pour on prepared banks, caulk and cool.

Tomato juice at home “Sweet”

Bay leaf gives tomato drink a wonderful, languid spicy aroma. This tomato juice for the winter at home is also very easy to prepare.


• ripe tomatoes;

• to taste black peas;

• two or three bay leaves per jar;

• some salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

Pureen tomatoes in a juicer.

Pour the mass into the pan or bucket.

Wait for boiling and boil for about fifteen minutes.

Add ground pepper, laurel, a little salt.

Immediately pour into dry prepared jars, immediately cork, cool correctly.

Send to storage in a cool dark pantry.

Tomato juice for the winter at home “Aromatic”

Wonderful tomato juice for the winter at home can be cooked even with bell pepper. It turns out surprisingly tasty and fragrant drink.


• a bucket of tomatoes (ten kilograms);

• three cloves of garlic (you can take more);

• three bell peppers;

• medium bulb.

Cooking Method:

Peel off the tomatoes. To do this, make an incision crosswise at the stem, lower it in boiling water for half a minute. Immediately dip in cool clean water. From the temperature difference the peel is freely removed.

Pepper free from hard seeds and fibrous walls, cut. Cut off the husks with onions and garlic, arbitrarily chop.

All vegetables consistently mash.

Rub the puree through a metal sieve.

Pour the rubbed mass into a bucket or pan, wait for boiling.

Boil the juice for ten minutes.

Carefully dispense and immediately cork.

Tomato juice for the winter at home “Vitamin”

Gorgeous, fragrant, fresh tomato juice for the winter at home brewed with celery. Vitamin drink get tasty, fragrant, healthy.


• kilogram of ripe tomatoes;

• three celery stalks;

• tablespoon of salt;

• black pepper.

Cooking Method:

Pureen tomatoes.

Chop the washed celery finely.

Pour the tomato base into the metal cooking pot, wait for boiling.

As soon as the juice boils, put the celery.

Wait for the boil again, boil for ten minutes.

Wipe the cooled mass in a sieve or mash again in a blender bowl.

Bring to boil again and immediately pour into sterile jars.

Carefully seal and cool.

Tomato juice for the winter at home “Autumn Day”

Gorgeous, unusual tomato juice for the winter at home is easy to make from a small amount of yellow tomatoes. Their delicate fresh taste does not need to be interrupted by spices. Salt and sugar are added to taste.


• yellow tomatoes;

• salt;

• sugar.

Cooking Method:

Flavor yellow tomatoes in a juicer.

Rid of the seeds if there is no juicer.

Pour into metal enamelled cooking pot.

Wait for boiling and boil for fifteen minutes.

Remove the foam, stir the juice.

Salt to taste.

Add some sugar if desired.

Pour hot juice into dry sterilized jars, cork.

Tomato juice for the winter at home “Original”

Tomato juice is tasty and can be quickly cooked according to the original, unusual recipe: with apple and beet juice. Very rich taste and just a storehouse of vitamins! Ingredients:

• two kilograms of tomatoes;

• two hundred ml of fresh food beet juice;

• liter of juice from fresh apples;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Blanch ripe whole tomatoes in boiling water for three minutes.

Cut into pieces, wipe thoroughly using frequent sieve.

If there is a juicer, use it.

Pour beetroot and apple juice into tomato base.

Bring to a boil and boil for two minutes.

Pour in jars, cork, cool.

Tomato juice for the winter at home “Basil Freshness”

Another fragrant version of tomato juice for the winter at home is easy to cook with the addition of a fluffy bunch of fresh fragrant basil. Fans of basil freshness will love this drink.


• five kilograms of ripe tomatoes;

• a tablespoon without a slash of salt;

• one teaspoon of sugar;

• a bunch of basil.

Cooking Method:

Cut ripe tomatoes into pieces with a juicer.

Pour the tomato base into the cooking pot.

Wait for boiling

Put in a bucket or pan finely chopped basil (or dried herb).

Boil the juice for twenty minutes.

Immediately pour into sterilized jars and cork.

Properly cool under a blanket, clean in cold in a day.

Tomato juice for the winter at home with dill and bell pepper

The latest recipe will delight lovers of dill freshness and delicate aroma of bell pepper. Tomato juice is deliciously spicy.


• ten kilograms of tomatoes;

• a pound of Bulgarian red peppers;

• a generous bunch of dill with umbrellas;

• sugar and salt.

Cooking Method:

Pure ripe juicy tomatoes in a juicer or rub so that there are no seeds left.

In pepper, cut the inside with seeds and partitions.

Pepper mash just like tomatoes.

Pour both masses into the cooking pot.

Wait for boiling, put dill, sugar, salt. Boil the juice for forty minutes.

Pour into prepared dry container.

Cork and cool.

Keep in the cold.

Tomato juice for the winter at home - tricks and tips

  • If the kitchen does not have a separate juicer, you can simply grind the tomatoes in a meat grinder. Then rub the mass through a metal sieve to get rid of the seeds.
  • Tomato juice is useful for people suffering from chronic constipation. The substances that make up the drink, normalize the processes of digestion.
  • Natural juice from tomatoes is very useful for smokers. It prevents emphysema. Drinking a glass of tomato juice immediately after a cigarette minimizes the harm done to health.
  • It is useful to take homemade tomato juice from their tomatoes to increase the rate of metabolic processes. This will make it easier to get rid of excess weight. In addition, tomato juice contains natural organic acids: tartaric, malic, oxalic, citric. The rich organic composition of this drink is amazing. Tomato juice can become a natural diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, choleretic agent.
  • If tomato juice is stratified during storage, it is not scary. This pulp has settled to the bottom of the container. To restore the normal consistency, simply shake the jar.
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