Shawarma Sauces - this is where the taste is hidden! Top 10 best shawarma sauces: spicy, fresh, savory, sweet, aromatic

Shawarma Sauces - this is where the taste is hidden! Top 10 best shawarma sauces: spicy, fresh, savory, sweet, aromatic

To make shawarma with one ketchup or mayonnaise you will not get off.

Of course, with them, too, it turns out delicious. But the real shawarma requires a sauce, but one that will complement not only meat, but also vegetables.

This, which will emphasize the taste of pita, add spice and make of primitive products unusual dish.

Here are the recipes of the best shawarma sauces for every taste.

Shawarma Sauces - General Cooking Principles

Lavash is usually lubricated with sauce or filling is filled. This gives not only taste, but also juiciness, softness to products. Any sauce for shawarma consists of the main product and supplements. The amount of the base is usually several times higher than other ingredients. The consistency and color of the mass largely depends on it.

What ingredients are used as a base:

• mayonnaise;

• sour cream, cream;

• kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka;

• butter;

• ketchup, tomato sauces.

These ingredients can be used individually or together. Usually they do not require any processing and are simply mixed together. Combinations and proportions can be very diverse depending on the recipe and taste preferences.

What complements the base:

• spices;

• vegetables;

• cheese;

• nuts, seeds;

• eggs;

• greenery.

These ingredients require grinding, and sometimes heat treatment. All components of the base and supplements must be of high quality, otherwise after mixing the sauce will deteriorate very quickly and the product may be poisoned.

Recipe 1: Sauce for Shawarma “Garlic” on sour cream

It gives an unusual aroma and light sharpness. Prepared on the basis of sour cream, the fat content can be any, but it is desirable to use a thick product so that the auxiliary ingredients are evenly distributed and do not sink to the bottom.

Ingredients • 100 grams of sour cream;

• 4 spoons of kefir;

• salt;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 1 tsp. curry;

• a mixture of peppers;

• fresh or dried herbs.


1. Clean the garlic, run through the press or rub on a fine grater.

2. Add salt, peppers and curry into garlic, rub well, it is more convenient to do it with a pestle.

3. Add kefir, stir.

4. We introduce sour cream and any greens, give the sauce for shawarma to brew for half an hour. No more than 2 days are stored and only in the refrigerator, the container needs to be closed densely.

Recipe 2: “Tomato” shawarma sauce

The taste of tomato sauce for shawarma can not be compared with ordinary ketchup. And all thanks to the addition of fresh vegetables. Rich, sweet-spicy taste is perfect for any filling.


• 2 spoons of tomato paste;

• one tomato;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• salt;

• red pepper (ground);

• 0.5 Bulgarian pepper;

• small onion;

• a little cilantro;

• spoon of sugar.


1. Cut the onion and fry in a pan.

2. Add the chopped tomato and warm up for a minute. Put the mass into the bowl of the blender.

3. Add a little red pepper, salt, sugar, tomato paste. We cut the Bulgarian pepper into pieces and also send it to the blender tank.

4. Grind the sauce to a creamy consistency, taste it. If necessary, add more salt or spice.

5. Cut finely cilantro, combine with sauce and done! The only disadvantage of this sauce is the short shelf life. It should be used within 5 hours after preparation.

Recipe 3: “Real” shawarma sauce

Prepared on the basis of fermented milk products and mayonnaise. The consistency of this shawarma sauce is not very thick, but it should be so. If you need a denser mass, then just add more greenery.


• 100 grams of ryazhenka or natural yoghurt;

• 100 grams of mayonnaise;

• 100 grams of sour cream;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 0.5 lemon; • fresh dill;

• salt, a little pepper as desired.


1. Mix dairy products with mayonnaise.

2. Squeeze out the juice from citrus and send to the dairy mass, make sure that the seeds do not fall.

3. We cut finely dill, add salt, chopped garlic and grind everything well, so that as many essential oils as possible stand out.

4. Combine the milk mixture with fragrant greens and you're done! You can keep this creation day in the cold, but it is better to use immediately.

Recipe 4: Cucumber Shawarma Sauce

The peculiarity of this sauce is that it is wonderfully suitable not only for shawarma, but also for kebabs, various dishes from meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms and vegetables. So boldly cook it! The recipe is basic, not sharp. Optionally, you can add any pepper and other spices.


• cucumber;

• 120 grams of mayonnaise;

• 80 grams of sour cream;

• parsley;

• garlic clove;

• 20 grams of lemon juice;

• salt;

• spoon of paprika.


1. Mix sour cream with salt and mayonnaise, add chopped garlic clove and lemon juice.

2. Wash the cucumber, wipe it, cut off the tips and rub it on a fine grater, send it to the total mass. If the seeds of the fruit are large, they must be removed.

3. Add paprika and chopped parsley, stir. The sauce is not stored, as the cucumber secretes juice. It is advisable to use on the same day.

Recipe 5: Appetizing shawarma sauce in mayonnaise

For this sauce you need good mayonnaise, preferably homemade and spicy ketchup chili. The mass turns out beautiful, pink color. If there is no spicy ketchup, then you can use the usual sauce, adding to it red pepper.


• 100 grams of mayonnaise;

• a spoonful of hot ketchup;

• spoon of soy sauce;

• 1 tsp. wine or apple vinegar;

• sprig of basil.


1. Chop the basil finely, mix with soy sauce and vinegar.

2. Add mayonnaise, ketchup and mix well. Done! You can store this sauce in the refrigerator for two whole days. And if you do not put the green basil, then longer.

Recipe 6: Dietary Shawarma Sauce

Prepared on the basis of natural yoghurt, belongs to low-calorie. Ideal for shawarma with chicken. But the peculiarity of this sauce is the addition of a specific set of spices.


• 100 grams of yogurt;

• 1 teaspoon prepared mustard;

• 2 spoons of lemon juice;

• 1/3 teaspoons of pepper mixture;

• 10 coriander kernels;

• pinch oregano;

• 5 olives.


1. Pound coriander, mix with yogurt.

2. Add mustard, lemon juice, pepper and oregano. Mix well. Instead of a mixture of peppers, you can use one of any kind, but it turns out much tastier and more fragrant.

3. Cut the olives finely, add to the sauce and it's done! Greens put at will.

Recipe 7: Shawarma Sauce with Egg

Spicy option sauce for shawarma, which is prepared on raw yolks. Therefore, eggs should be of high quality, better than the country. As for the oil, it is better not to use pure olive oil, but to take its mixture with sunflower, so it turns out tastier.


• 2 eggs;

• 8 spoons of butter;

• 150 grams of fat kefir;

• ground black pepper;

• ground red pepper;

• salt;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• a little parsley.


1. Separate the yolks. Squirrels will not be useful to us, use them for other dishes, for example, an omelet or meringue. Fold the yolks into the bowl of the blender.

2. Add salt, ideally used sea. Put the peeled garlic and other spices. We interrupt the bender.

3. Pour in a thin stream of oil, without ceasing to beat.

4. Carefully add kefir, then parsley. Greens can also be smashed or simply cut and add to the already prepared sauce. Appreciate the taste, if necessary, add more spices.

Recipe 8: Creamy shawarma sauce with sesame

For this sauce it is undesirable to use fat cream, but liquid will not work either. The best option is 15-20%. Mayonnaise is used as an additive, which can be replaced with yogurt or sour cream. Ingredients

• 150 grams of cream;

• 50 grams of mayonnaise;

• mustard spoon;

• 15 grams of sesame;

• salt;

• 1/2 lemon.


1. Mix the cream with mayonnaise.

2. Add mustard. You can use any, but it is better to take a hot sauce homemade.

3. Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, send it to the total mass, salt it.

4. Sesame pour into the pan and lightly browned. Always stirring so that the grain is not burnt.

5. Mix the creamy mass with roasted sesame seeds and ready!

Recipe 9: Shawarma sauce “Creamy with cheese”

For this sauce, you can use absolutely any cheese: hard, creamy, melted and even sausage. And each time a new taste will be obtained. The density of the mass also depends on the selected cheese. Cream can be used non-fat.


• 100 grams of cream;

• garlic;

• salt;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• dill;

• mustard spoon;

• any spices.


1. Mix the cream with chopped garlic cloves. Their number is adjustable at its discretion. On average, 2 pieces are enough.

2. Put the mustard, salt, stir. At this stage, you can add any other spices: pepper, coriander, curry, paprika. It will be more difficult to stir with cheese.

3. If soft cheese is used, then simply add it to the total mass. If hard, then finely rub at first.

4. Stir the sauce, fill with dill, you can use fresh or dried.

Recipe 10: “Nut” shawarma sauce with sour cream

Another fragrant sauce, which is especially well combined with chicken meat shawarma. But also can be used for any other. Walnuts need to be pre-dried and grind on a coffee grinder, or simply crushed in a mortar.


• 150 grams of sour cream;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• spoon of ground nuts;

• cilantro;

• a spoon of soy sauce;

• pepper;

• Lemon juice or vinegar to taste.

Cooking 1. Mix sour cream with soy sauce, salt and pepper.

2. Grind the garlic, add to sour cream.

3. Finely chop the leaves of cilantro, separating them from the twigs, send them to the sauce.

4. Pour walnuts, stir.

5. If sour cream was sweet, you can add lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Instead of cilantro, you can use regular parsley.

Shawarma Sauces - Tips and Tricks

• The sauce will be fragrant and taste it, if the greens intended to be added are ground in a bowl with the rest of the spices. Do the same with garlic. For the best return of taste, it needs to be cut as it is more small and to pound.

• Do not like the color of the sauce? Add bright ingredients. It can be sweet paprika, fragrant curry spice, bright ketchup or just greens. Mass will gain not only a new shade, but also taste.

• Is there extra sauce left? Do not throw away! It can be frozen directly in a plastic container, and then used for marinating meat, chafing poultry before frying, and any other products.

• Very often, mayonnaise-based sauces are bold. Fermented milk products will help to correct the situation. Ryazhenka and natural yogurt will not make a lot of liquid, but will decrease fat content. Together with them, do not forget to add more salt, herbs and other ingredients.

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