Zebra pie on kefir: how to bake it? Cooking the cake "Zebra" on kefir: simple recipes for home baking

Zebra pie on kefir: how to bake it? Cooking the cake

Why not please yourself and your loved ones with a wonderful cake, striped and chocolate? This cheerful and funny cake is baked quickly and is considered one of the easiest to prepare.

The main thing is to stock up the necessary components. They are all available and almost always in the refrigerator or in the nearest store.

Zebra pie on kefir - basic principles of cooking

Check the availability of necessary ingredients and pre-expose them from the refrigerator. All components of the cake must be the same temperature.

For zebra biscuit dough is most suitable. If it is kneaded correctly, the strips will be perfect.

The main components of the cake are flour, sugar, eggs, kefir, soda and cocoa. As a rule, it is chocolate powder that provides dark stripes in baking.

Often butter (vegetable or vegetable), high-quality margarine, vanillin is added to the dough. Sometimes - semolina, jam, raisins.

Cooked dough is divided in half. Cocoa is added to one of the parts.

Then the light and dark components of the dough are poured alternately in a few spoons into the center of the baking tins. You can also place layers along the walls and at the end fill the middle.

At will, lines are drawn on the dough with a wooden skewer, and an original drawing is obtained.

Cake baked from twenty minutes to fifty (160-180 degrees).

Before use, the dish must be cooled.

Recipe 1. Zebra pie on striped stripes yogurt

Appetizing and moderately high-calorie pie will decorate home gatherings and give pleasant moments of tasty pleasure.


• a cup of sugar, flour and semolina;

• two cups of kefir;

• tsp. soda;

• two eggs;

• two pinches of vanilla;

• half a glass of sunflower oil;

• 1/2 l. including salt;

• three l. Art. cocoa powder.

Cooking Method: Prepare two bowls. In one pour kefir and throw soda. We stir, that she extinguished.

In the same bowl add a glass of cereal semolina. Spoon gently stir. We leave the contents of the pot for half an hour, so that everything dissolves and merges.

In the second bowl, beat the eggs, add sugar with vanilla and salt. Using a mixer, beat until reaching a mass of white.

In a bowl with beaten eggs pouring sunflower oil. Re-mix all components.

Pour this kefir mass, stir.

It remains to add flour. It is necessary to fall asleep gradually and mix immediately.

Divide the contents in half.

Add cocoa powder in one of the bowls and mix thoroughly.

Pour two spoons of chocolate and egg mixture alternately on the prepared mold. Alternate until the dough is complete, and the mold is not completely filled.

With the help of a toothpick, draw randomly circles and stripes.

We send the cake “Zebra” on kefir to the oven for half an hour (1600C).

Recipe 2. Zebra pie on “Fabulous Taste” yogurt

Combining a zebra with cocoa and apricots in kefir, we get a truly extraordinary fairy taste.


• two cups of flour;

• two eggs;

• half a cup of sugar;

• a pinch of salt;

• cup of kefir;

• h. Spoon of slaked soda;

• two l. h. cocoa;

• a glass of apricot jam.

Cooking Method:

Put sugar and salt in a mixer cup, beat eggs. Beat the ingredients for two or three minutes.

Add kefir and flour with soda. Mix in one mass.

Divide the dough in half. Add in one part cocoa, and in the other - a spoonful of liquid jam without fruit.

Pour three tablespoons of cocoa dough and jam on the mold alternately.

Spread apricot on top.

Bake the cake for twenty minutes at a temperature of 140 degrees. Then we increase the temperature to 160 and prepare the same amount.

Recipe 3. Zebra pie on “Chocolate miracle” yogurt

The taste of the cake is really chocolate and wonderful. It is easy to prepare, and how much pleasure it will be!


• four eggs;

• one and a half cup of flour;

• half a cup of kefir and sour cream;

• tsp. baking powder;

• two cups of sugar;

• 180 gr. oil;

• three l. tablespoons of cocoa powder.

For the glaze:

• a bar of dark chocolate;

• dining room l. oil;

• four table l. milk

Cooking Method:

In flour, pour in the baking powder and mix the ingredients.

Heat oil to room temperature. It should be soft, but not melted.

Using a mixer, beat eggs with oil.

Then add kefir and sour cream.

After dairy products are mixed with eggs, add sugar and whisk a couple more minutes. Sweet ingredient is added gradually to a spoon or one and a half.

In the same way as sugar, add flour and gently mix at low speed mixer.

The dough is very soft and soft, reminiscent of thick pregust sour cream.

Divide in half and add to one part cocoa. Beat the dough before mixing the ingredients.

On the center of the form alternately lay out three tablespoons of dark and light dough.

Put the cake in the oven for twenty minutes (220 degrees). Then we reduce the temperature to 140 and continue baking for another half hour.

While the cake is in the oven, prepare the icing.

Heat the milk and dissolve the chocolate and butter pieces in it.

The cooled cake is covered with semi-warm glaze.

Recipe 4. Zebra Pie on Striped Friend Kefir

This cake will decorate the tea party, even if it passes alone.


• 0.32 kg of flour;

• incomplete cup of sugar;

• 2 gr. salts;

• cup of kefir;

• three eggs;

• 7 gr. baking powder;

• 50 gr. clarified oils;

• three table l. cocoa;

• half liter soda

Cooking Method:

Send 70 grams of butter in the oven, preheated to 70 degrees. At this temperature, it begins to stratify: there is fat on top, and milk protein under it. Remove the top layer. This clarified or ghee and will use. Leave it to cool. Pour flour in a bowl. We add at first soda, and then - a baking powder and salt. Mix all dry ingredients.

In the second bowl, break eggs and add sugar. Beat the mixture with a mixer until light color.

Pour kefir and mix with a mixer quite a bit.

Then add butter and stir a little.

In the liquid mass in a spoon pour flour. The dough will turn out elastic, smooth and brilliant.

Divide it in half.

Add in one part sifted cocoa. Stir.

In the center of the prepared molds pour a couple of spoons of table dough light, and then - the same chocolate. We alternate layers as many times as the dough is enough.

Cover the mold with foil and send to bake for three quarters of an hour (160 degrees).

Recipe 5. Zebra pie on “Wonderful” yogurt

It is possible that this recipe for cooking your favorite and wonderful zebra pie on kefir is the simplest and easiest. Pleasant surprise with the result provided.


• two glasses + two l. table flour;

• one and a half glasses of sugar;

• two l. cocoa canteens;

• half a cup of kefir;

• three eggs;

• half a glass of soda water and vegetable oil;

• on one l. table powder baking and vanilla.

Cooking Method:

Break eggs into a large bowl. Add sugar and whisk with a mixer until white.

Pour in vegetable oil, kefir, carbonated water. We put vanillin. All stir.

Combine flour with baking powder and pour two cups of dry ingredients into the dough. Stir so that it becomes homogeneous.

Pour half of the finished dough into a separate bowl and add cocoa.

In the first dish with a light mixture, pour two more spoons of flour.

In the middle of the container for baking pour three spoons of dark dough. Then alternately pour one spoon from each dish.

We bake half an hour (180 degrees).

Recipe 6. Zebra Pie on “Tidbits” yogurt

Even the most capricious eaters are happy to swallow more than one baking piece. Sweet in moderation, and a little fatty cake will lift your spirits and make a sunny overcast day.


• 200 grams of butter;

• five eggs;

• two cups of kefir;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• one l. tea soda;

• four Art. cocoa spoons;

• 0.35 kg of flour.

Cooking Method:

All products should be brought to room temperature in advance.

Rub soft butter with sugar. Beat the eggs and mix.

Add soda to kefir and pour it into the dough.

Gradually fill the flour and combine the ingredients.

Pour half of the dough, and pour cocoa into the rest.

Pour the flour mixture on the prepared mold in a standard way for two tablespoons. First, pour the dough light, and the top - dark.

Bake for at least half an hour (180 degrees).

Recipe 7. Zebra pie on “Raisin” yogurt

Raisins diversify the taste of the cake, make it more interesting and bring the aroma of grapes.


• one cup of sugar and kefir;

• half a spoon of soda;

• three eggs;

• 100 grams of margarine;

• three cups of flour;

• pinch of vanilla;

• three spoons of h. Raisins;

• three table l. cocoa powder.

Cooking Method:

Pour the kefir in a bowl and mix with soda.

Raisin fill with warm some water.

Melt the margarine in a water bath. Cool it a little and mix with a glass of sugar, eggs and vanilla. Whip two or three minutes.

Gradually add kefir and soda to the flour and mix the ingredients.

Here we pour in a mixture of eggs with sugar and again work a little with a mixer.

Then we proceed in the standard way: we divide the dough in two and pour cocoa powder and raisins in one part. Stir very carefully.

Fill the dough not in the center, but along the edges of the baking tins (a tablespoon of each type) and bake for forty minutes (180 degrees).

Zebra pie on kefir - tricks and tips

The pie will not be clogged, if both soda and baking powder are added to the dough.

Liquid and dry ingredients are best mixed separately. So that the liquid part does not lose air, we first prepare the dry one.

Salt will make the pie taste more vivid, so you need to add it to the dough at least a little.

In order for the baking to be lush, the butter present in the recipe must be melted and clarified (ghee).

For a uniform raising of the cake, the dough with a dough should be covered with foil. It will not allow baking to immediately become covered with a crust, and the dish will definitely grow upwards.

The baking dish should be greased with butter or vegetable oil, cover with parchment and sprinkle with a millimeter layer of flour. It is desirable not to grease the sides of the form. Excess flour is better to shake.

The temperature in the oven, so as not to get half-baked cake, should be at least 160 degrees.

The more test put at a time, the stripes will be more expressive.

In order to get clear layers, cocoa should be added to the ready-made dough. Then its two parts will come out different in consistency. That is why they will not mix.

To prevent the finished cake from falling, it must be held in the oven for at least fifteen minutes.

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