Mutton in a pot is a good meat for real gourmets. How to cook lamb in a pot in the oven in different ways

Mutton in a pot is a good meat for real gourmets. How to cook lamb in a pot in the oven in different ways

Lamb in a pot turns out to be especially tasty and fragrant. They serve such dishes right in portion pots. It looks festive and elegant, so lamb in pots can be served on a festive table.

Lamb in a pot in the oven - the basic principles of cooking

In the lamb pots you can cook a lot of wonderful dishes. This meat is cooked with vegetables, cereals, legumes, dried fruits, etc.

This is the case when you can, feel free to experiment, combining a variety of products.

Lamb is cooked in clay or ceramic pots. Pottery is soaked for about ten minutes in cold water to make the dish juicy.

Meat is washed under the tap, cut off excess fat and film. The lamb is cut into small slices and fried in a preheated pan until half cooked.

In a separate pan, stir fry the carrots and onions until rosy, chopped into thin strips. Vegetables are constantly mixed so that they are not burnt and roasted evenly.

Garlic is peeled and finely crumbled. If lamb is cooked with potatoes, it is cut into small pieces so that the potatoes do not turn into mashed potatoes.

The prepared ingredients are placed in a pot in layers. Lamb is put on the bottom, vegetable frying, garlic, potatoes or other vegetables are put on top of it. Each layer is salted and seasoned with spices. Pour half a cup of boiled water and put a piece of butter on top.

The pot is closed with lids, dough or foil and baked at 180 ° C for forty minutes.

Recipe 1. Lamb in a pot in the oven


lamb pulp - a kilogram;

a mixture of peppers;

ten cloves of garlic;

rosemary and thyme;

four tomatoes;


coriander and cinnamon;

meat broth - 150 ml;

nutmeg and oregano.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the lamb, cut off the film and excess fat. Cut the meat into small pieces.

2. Put the meat in a preheated frying pan with a small amount of oil. Cook for seven minutes, stirring occasionally.

3. Peel and chop the garlic cloves. Rinse greens and tear your hands. Wash tomatoes, wipe and slice them. 4. Put the roasted meat in a pot, salt and season with spices. Sprinkle with garlic. Lay the tomatoes on top of the meat. Powder greens.

5. Cover the pot with a lid and place it in the oven for two hours, turning it on at 180C. Serve in a pot, or laid out on a plate with a side dish.

Recipe 2. Lamb with potatoes in a pot


800 g lean lamb;


two bulbs;


12 potato tubers;

100 grams of cheese;

five cloves of garlic;

two carrots;

100 ml of vegetable oil;

100 g butter.

Method of preparation

1. We wash the lamb under the tap and dry it with paper towels. Cut the meat into small slices.

2. Put a frying pan on the stove, pour in half of the vegetable oil and heat it on medium heat. Put the lamb pieces into it and fry, stirring, until half cooked. Salt the meat and season with pepper.

3. Peel carrots and onions. We chop the vegetables in small pieces and fry them in a separate pan until golden brown, constantly mixing with a wooden spatula.

4. Clean the chives from the peel and finely crumble. Peel potatoes and cut them into not too thin sticks.

5. Wash the pots. Lubricate the inside with vegetable oil. Put meat on the bottom. Then lay out fried onions and carrots. Sprinkle with finely chopped garlic. Put the potatoes in the last layer. Season with salt and spices. Put a piece of butter and pour half a glass of hot water.

6. Punching lids and cooking in the oven for forty minutes, turning it on at 180C. Ten minutes before readiness, we take out the pots, open the lids, sprinkle with grated cheese and send them back to the oven.

Recipe 3. Lamb in a pot with vegetables


30 grams of cheese;

500 g of lamb;

six potatoes;

80 g thick sour cream;



150 g white cabbage;

dried seasonings;


a mixture of peppers;

red bell pepper;

three bay leaves

Method of preparation

1. Wash the lamb under the tap, pat dry with napkins and cut off the film. Cut the pulp into small slices, put in a pan with olive oil and fry, stirring constantly. Meat should be almost completely cooked. 2. Peel vegetables. Chop the cabbage into thin straws and lightly rub your hands. Crumble carrots and onions into small pieces. In a separate pan, fry the potatoes with carrots until light rosy. Put the vegetables in the pot.

3. On the potatoes, spread the roasted lamb pieces.

4. In a pan, fry the onions until soft, add the cabbage to it and simmer until it settles. Salt, season with a mixture of peppers and place a bay leaf. Put the cabbage on top of the meat.

5. Pour the contents of the pot with broth. Put the pot in a cold oven, covered with a lid. Turn it on at 200C and cook for half an hour. After the allotted time, take out the pot, remove the lid, put the thick cream, chopped pepper into small pieces, and sprinkle with grated cheese. Leave another ten minutes in the oven, without covering. Put the dish on a plate, or serve directly in the pot.

Recipe 4. Lamb with potatoes in an Irish oven


10 g dried basil;

800 g lamb;

100 g butter;

20 g dried ground parsley;

four tomatoes;

200 ml of broth;

5 g onion powder;

700 grams of potatoes;


two carrots;

a mixture of peppers;

four cloves of garlic;

100 ml of olive oil;

200 ml of dry white wine.

Method of preparation

1. Peel the potatoes and carrots. Wash vegetables. Carrot cut into slices. Chop the potatoes not too small pieces. Cut the stems from the tomatoes, rinse them and cut into half rings. Peeled chives finely chop the garlic.

2. Rinse the lamb cut, dip it with paper towels and cut into small slices. Each piece slightly beat off with a hammer. Fry the lamb on low heat for five minutes.

3. Turn the oven on at 190C. Wash four pots thoroughly. At the bottom of each place a spoonful of butter and seasoning. Equally spread in them lamb, potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. Sprinkle with chopped garlic on top.

4. Pour 50 ml of warm broth into each pot and pour evenly dry white wine. Cover the pots with lids and place in the oven for an hour. Then remove the covers and simmer for another ten minutes. Turn off the oven and leave the pots in it for another 15 minutes. Decorate with greens before serving.

Recipe 5. Lamb in a pot with dried fruits


200 g prunes, dried cherries, raisins and dried apricots;

800 g of lamb;

three garlic cloves;


a mixture of peas;

chili peppers;

a glass of red wine;


a couple of rosemary twigs.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the lamb tenderloin under the tap, dip it in napkins and cut the films. Peel garlic cloves, cut them into slices. Slice a piece of meat with garlic and cut the lamb into medium sticks.

2. Mix pepper mixture in a mortar with salt. Put the meat in a pan with hot olive oil, season with a mixture of salt and pepper. Add the sprigs of rosemary and fry the meat until lightly ruddy. Stir constantly to roast lamb evenly from all sides.

3. Wash cleaned carrots and cut them into large enough bars.

4. Remove seeds and partitions from chili pepper. Vegetable crumble finely.

5. Grease the inside of the pot with oil. Put the carrot and chopped chili in it.

6. Rinse dried fruit in warm water and send to the pot. Top roast lamb and pour in the wine. Cover and place in a cold oven. Turn it on at 220C and cook meat for one and a half hours.

7. Put the finished lamb with fruit on a plate and serve with a side dish of vegetables or legumes.

Recipe 6. Mutton in a pot in the oven in Bulgarian


six potato tubers;


700 g lamb tenderloin;

a mixture of peppers and bay leaf;


800 ml of purified water;


three fresh tomatoes;

100 g butter;

a pod of red lettuce;

600 g of champignons;

small head of broccoli.

Method of preparation

1. First boil the water. Rinse the lamb under the tap, dip it with a paper towel and cut off all the cartilage and films. Crush the meat in small pieces. Put it in a bowl, season with ground pepper, crushed bay leaf, ground pepper. Stir. Fry the lamb on medium heat, stirring constantly, for about five minutes.

2. Peel onions, potatoes and carrots. Cut a stem from the pepper and scrub the seeds. Broccoli cut into small florets. Rinse all vegetables under the tap with the tomatoes. Chop the potatoes and tomatoes into small cubes, cut the carrots into thin circles, and chop the peppers into thin strips. Chop the onion on a fine grater. Place all the vegetables in a deep dish, season with spices and salt. Stir. 3. Wash the mushrooms and dry them on a disposable towel. Cut the mushrooms into cubes. Put them in a separate dish and salt.

4. Grease the inside of each pot with melted butter. Spread mutton evenly over it. Fill it with water from the kettle. Put the vegetable mixture on top of the meat, dividing it equally into all the pots.

5. Put the pots, covered with lids, in a cold oven. Turn it on at 200C and cook for an hour. Then turn off the appliance and leave the meat in the pots for another ten minutes. Serve directly in the pot, or place on a plate with fresh bread or pickles.

Lamb in a Pot - Tips and Tricks

  • Before use, lower the clay pots into cold water for ten minutes.
  • To have a delicious crust on top, sprinkle the dish with cheese and put in the oven for ten minutes without a lid.
  • In winter, instead of fresh tomatoes, you can use tomato paste or sauce. Good homemade tomato paste cooked in a slow cooker.
  • Lamb will be even tastier if you add sour cream or mayonnaise to the pot.
  • With lamb you can cook the vegetables that you have in the fridge.
  • Spices can add those that you like.
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