Olivier with chicken - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook a chicken salad.

Olivier with chicken - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook a chicken salad.

Someone considers it an absolutely non-dietary dish, and it’s hard to argue with that. Someone he was pretty fed up with, and this also corresponds to the truth - for decades no holiday has been without this salad, which is called Olivier.

But still …

No matter how much the Olivier salad has been scolded lately, it still does not leave our menu, does not lose its position. With all the variety of recipes that offer original dishes from the most delicious, healthy, even exotic foods, the New Year's table rarely goes without our traditional, familiar Olivier. No wonder that abroad he is called “Russian”.

Connoisseurs in the culinary theme claim that the main ingredient of the very, real salad created by a French chef was grouse meat. A lot of recipes have come down to us, in which, instead of this meat, there is nothing but - poultry (turkey, chicken), and veal, and beef tongue. In the Soviet period, the tradition began to replace meat with boiled sausage. Someone prefers salmon or seafood instead of meat.

Options for making salad Olivier a lot. We will talk about those recipes that use chicken meat. It makes the salad less calorie, while giving it more tenderness.

Chicken Olivier - food preparation

Chicken for cooking salad must be washed well beforehand, boil, remove the skin.

Potatoes for salad Olivier boil in the uniform. Water for cooking should be salted.

For refueling Olivier most often use mayonnaise. If you make a special sauce, for example - aioli, then the usual taste of the salad will change significantly. Of course - it will change for the better, sharp notes will appear in it.

The best chicken salad recipes

Recipe 1: Olivier with chicken and beef tongue

The combination of chicken and boiled tongue gives this variation to Olivier a special taste. Decorated with lettuce and red caviar, this dish is worthy to occupy the center of the festive table.

Required ingredients: eggs (5 pcs.), Chicken breast (2 pcs.), Carrots, onions, celery stalk - one each, large shrimps (20 pcs.), Capers (100 g), pickled cucumbers (100 g), fresh cucumbers (2 pcs.), beef tongue (1 pc.), lettuce leaves (bunch), red caviar (100 g), spices for cooking the tongue (bay leaf, black pepper), vegetable oil (for roasting chicken). To prepare the sauce: olive oil (400 ml), eggs (2 pcs.), Wine vinegar (1 tbsp. L.).


Peel celery, carrots, onions.

Boil the tongue.

Half an hour before the tongue is fully prepared, put onion, carrot, bay leaf, peppercorns, celery in the broth.

Clean boiled tongue, cut into cubes.

Fry chicken breasts, cool, cut into cubes.

Cook eggs, shrimp. Peel them, chop them.

Chop cucumbers for salad - both fresh and pickled.

Prepare the sauce.

Beat yolks, mix with oil, vinegar.

Combine all prepared ingredients, add capers to the set of products.

Pour the sauce, mix.

Use red caviar and green salad to decorate the dish, making it before serving.

Recipe 2: Chicken Olivier, dressed with aioli sauce

It is prepared from a set of products that have become traditional for Olivier. However, the aioli sauce makes nice adjustments to its taste.

Required ingredients: boiled chicken fillet (200 g), eggs, pickles and carrots - 2 pcs. Each, potatoes (4 pcs.), Green peas (100 g).

For aioli sauce, you will need: olive oil (150 ml), garlic (2 cloves), juice squeezed from 1/4 of lemon, egg yolk (1 pc.), Salt, and ground pepper.


Boil eggs, carrots and potatoes, cool them, peel, cut into cubes.

Cut the pickled cucumbers and boiled chicken meat.

Prepare the sauce.

Add salt, chopped garlic and pepper to egg yolk.

Whisk with a whisk.

Pour in olive oil gradually, continue to beat.

The mixture will gradually lighten and become thicker.

In the ready sauce add lemon juice and, if necessary, salt.

All ingredients, prepared for Olivier, mix and season with freshly prepared sauce.

Recipe 3: Olivier with Chicken and Corn

Replacing green peas, to whose presence everyone is already accustomed to canned corn, gives such a salad Olivier a completely new taste.

Ingredients required: chicken breast (1/2), pickled cucumbers (3 pcs.), Canned corn (1/2 cans), potatoes (3 pcs.), Eggs (4 pcs.), Mayonnaise, salt, pepper.


Boil chicken breast. Do not forget to remove the skin in advance.

Boil eggs hard-boiled, then, when they cool, clean from the shell. Potatoes, as usual, boil in uniform. Next, do the same with him as with the eggs - cool, peel.

Cut all the cooked ingredients into neat cubes.

Mix them in a deep bowl, then add the corn, pepper, salt.

Season with mayonnaise.

Recipe 4: Chicken Olives Olivier

The combination of pickled cucumber with fresh, salad addition olives - all this gives the familiar taste of Olivier new shades.

Ingredients required: chicken breast (1 pc.), Pitted olives (100 g), as many canned peas, fresh and pickled cucumber - 1 pc., Potatoes (4 pcs.), Eggs (4 pcs.), Carrots ( 1 piece), mayonnaise, salt, pepper.

Cooking method:

Cook and peel potatoes, eggs, carrots.

Boil chicken breast.

All these products, including cucumbers, cut into cubes.

Cut olives into rings.

Fold everything in a deep dish, add the peas.

Final stage: salt and pepper to taste salad, moderately fill with mayonnaise, mix.

Chicken Olivier - tips from experienced chefs

It is advisable to buy chicken meat for the salad Olivier, to give preference to the breast. This part of the chicken carcass is, without any doubt, less calories.

To reduce the calorie content of the salad can be the fact that to use for dressing light mayonnaise.

The new taste of the salad will give grapes, cut into halves.

You will be able to satisfy the tastes of all members of your family if you enter “diplomatically”. Slice and mix all standard ingredients except meat. Divide the mixture into several parts, and then add: chicken, ham, tongue, boiled sausage - everyone will be happy!

To change the appearance of such a familiar salad, try to cut its ingredients not into cubes, as is customary, but straws.

A sliced ​​apple added to Olivier will complement the salad with new taste sensations.

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