Pickling cucumbers for the winter: the traditional summer marathon. Recipes for pickling cucumbers for the winter (cold and hot)

Pickling cucumbers for the winter: the traditional summer marathon. Recipes for pickling cucumbers for the winter (cold and hot)

Salting cucumbers for the winter - is it difficult or easy? In this case, requires special talent and skill. Having decided to roll up cucumbers for the winter, do not rush, tune in and prepare. Choose small cucumbers, suitable spices, find the one recipe to get the desired result.

Pickling cucumbers for the winter - general principles of cooking

Regardless of the recipe of pickling cucumbers for the winter, you will need ingredients such as:

  • cucumbers,
  • salt,
  • water,
  • garlic,
  • spices.

When harvesting cucumbers for the winter, remember that high-quality ingredients are the key to your success.

Cucumbers it is necessary to choose young, sweet, firm, small size, since there will be more of them fit in a jar. Small cucumbers contain more nutrients than large ones.

Salt it is worth using large, rather than small. Coarse salt gives a rich taste.

Spices each housewife adds according to personal preferences, it is the spices that give a special flavor. Often used in canning vegetables: horseradish root and leaves, cherry, currant, grape, bay leaves, dill, garlic, tarragon, cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, cloves, black peas, allspice ...

Pickling cucumbers for the winter - “Crunchy”


Cucumbers - (how many will go into 3 litas. Bank);

water - 1 liter;

salt - 5 tsp;

carrots - 1 not large;

bulbs - 2 pieces;

garlic - 1 head;

bay leaf - 4-5 pieces;

a piece of horseradish;

cherry, currant leaves - 6-7 pieces;

dill - an umbrella;

black pepper - 4-6 peas.


In a sterilized 3-liter jar put bay, cherry, currant and horseradish leaf, dill, black pepper. Put carrot, cut into 4 parts, on top of the spices, 2 medium-sized onions cut into rings (5-6 mm thick), and peeled finely chopped garlic. Fill the jar with ready-soaked cucumbers (5-6 hours) and pour hot brine for 15 minutes. Brine boil by the calculation of 5 tea spoons per 1 liter of water. Clean in a cool place for a couple of days. Then drain the water into a container, boil again and pour into a jar of cucumbers. Rolled, turn, wrapped to cool. Cucumbers turn out crunchy, with fragrant aroma of currants.

Salted cucumbers for winter “Royal”


two kilograms of small cucumbers;

salts - 2 p. on (liter of water);

horseradish, grape, currant leaves - 7-9 pcs .;

garlic - head;


Small standard cucumbers are selected, thoroughly washed under running water. Garlic is prepared, rinsed with horseradish leaves, currants, grapes. The leaves of grapes are laid out on the bottom of the jar, then the first row of cucumbers is laid, peppered with crushed aromatic spices, everything is repeated alternately until the jar is filled. Poured cucumbers ready cool pickle. From the calculation: (per liter of water 2 tablespoons of salt). They are covered with gauze, cleaned for three days in a warm place for fermentation, on the 4th day the liquid is carefully drained. Boil (without salt), pour the jars of cucumbers with hot pickle and roll up. Keep rolled cucumbers better in a cool place.

Cucumbers for the winter “Brave soldiers”


Dill umbrella - 3 pcs;

a few cloves of garlic;

cucumbers (gherkins) - 1.2 kg;

fragrant leaves, cherries - 3 pcs .;

grapes - 5-7 stuff;

sugar sand - 3 (st. spoons with a slide);

salt 4 tbsp. spoons.

9% vinegar- 3 p.


Selected, washed cucumbers (gherkins) tightly fit into a 3 liter jar. Grape leaves, dill, cloves of chopped garlic are placed on the bottom, and the first row of gherkins is laid. Each packed row of cucumbers is shifted by cherry, grape leaves, chopped garlic and dill. In a tightly packed jar of cucumbers, pour 4 tbsp. tablespoons of salt with a small slide and pour well water. Shut the plastic lid, shake until salt is completely dissolved and clean for a day. The next day, drain the water, re-boil, pour into a jar for (5 minutes). Then gently drain (not to burn yourself) back into the pan, boil again with the addition of sugar and vinegar. Banks pour hot pickle and roll up, turn over, leave to cool without wrapping.

Cooked cucumbers with vinegar, can be stored even in a warm room.

Pickled cucumbers for winter- “Vigorous with mustard”


1 kg of cucumbers;

60 gr. 1l. water - salt;

2 table l. mustard;

pepper (black) peas -7 stuff;

garlic -4 prong;

dill - one umbrella;


Prepared medium cucumbers, wash, pour cold water for three hours. In a sterilized three-liter jar on the bottom put dill, a little chopped garlic, black pepper and peas on top and put cucumbers. Pour the sealed jar with pickles: (60 grams of salt per liter of water), cover with gauze and put in a cool place for two days.

Then in a can fall asleep 2 tbsp. spoon of mustard powder, leave in the resulting brine for another six hours. After the time the brine is drained into a saucepan and boil for no more than seven minutes. Hot pickle pour back into the jar and roll up. Turning wrap to cool.

Cucumbers for winter - “Grape Symphony”


average cucumbers 1kg. 200gr .;

10-20 grape leaves;

coarse salt- 2 tbsp;

sugar- 2 tbsp. lodges .;

spicy spices;

1.3 l. water;



Young leaves of grapes and cucumbers are selected no more than 6-7 cm. Collected leaves and cucumbers are washed, boiled over for a couple of minutes, then they are washed with cold water and ice cubes are added. After cutting the stem, each cucumber is wrapped in an envelope in a grape leaf. Then tightly placed in a cooked jar of spices (garlic, black, allspice). Poured cucumbers with hot water (3 times for 5-7 minutes). Preparing brine: add 1.3 liters of water, 2st. Spoons with a pile of sugar, salt. Pour hot pickle for the fourth time and immediately need to roll up. Turn to cool and wrap warmer. Do not worry that cucumbers rolled up without vinegar are not stored for a long time. It is the acid contained in the grape leaf that will help them survive.

Cucumbers in a rustic way for the winter


root and leaves of horseradish 200 gr .;

coarse salt 2 tbsp. l per liter of water;

garlic - 1 head;

dried dill;

cucumbers - 5 kg .; leaves of black currant, oak, cherry;

bay leaf -1 pc. (per jar);

Allspice, black pepper - on 10 peas.


In the prepared clean banks fit the necessary spices, grated horseradish root and spices. Then the banks are tightly packed with cucumbers, we shift each row with leaves of currant, oak, and cherry. For the initial casting brine is prepared: 2 tbsp. spoons of salt per liter of water. Salt is dissolved in cool water, poured into jars with cucumbers. Cover the jars with a cloth. and clean up for (5-6 days) for fermentation. On day 7, the brine is drained, the cucumbers are plentifully washed with well water. From the cans you need to remove the greens, leaving only chilli and horseradish. Fill the banks with a fresh portion of brine: based on (liter of water, 2 tablespoons of salt without a slide). Banks are covered with plastic lids and stored for storage in a cold place (refrigerator, cellar). Stored cucumbers well, not peroxide. Harvesting cucumbers for the winter in such a way will keep the taste of summer until spring.

Pickling cucumbers for the winter - “Chill”


average cucumbers - 3 kg.;

garlic cloves - 4-8 stuff;

legs of dry dill-bundle;

leaves of (black) currant - 5-7 w .;

Allspice - 10 pcs .;

large sheet of horseradish;

8-10 cherry leaves;

hot (red pepper) - a pair of cut off ringlets;

coarse salt - 180 gr.


Selected medium cucumbers are soaked for a couple of hours in cold water. Then spices are laid out on the bottom of the prepared cans, first chopped not large sheet of horseradish, currant leaves, cherries, rings of burning pepper and garlic cloves. On top of the spices are packed tightly in rows of cucumbers, each packed row, interspersed with spices. Canned cucumbers are poured to the top with cold spring water with the addition of saline.

Saline solution is being prepared: for one jar - (3 tablespoons of salt and a slide, diluted in an incomplete glass of water). Close with a plastic lid and place in a cold basement.

Bulgarian cucumbers for winter


small cucumbers - 2 kg .;

dill - 3 umbrellas .;

leaves of (black) currant - 5-6 pieces; cherry leaves - 5-6 pcs .;

garlic - 3 slices;

horseradish root - 20 g .;

black pepper - 6-8 mountains .;

salts - 0.75 g .;

vodka - 50 g .;

water - one and a half liters;

two red bell peppers.


Cucumbers are well washed under running water, red pepper is cleared of seeds, cut into quarters. Cucumbers with pepper put in a bowl and scalded with boiling water, then dipped in ice water. Densely stack them in 3 liter jars, in which each row is shifted by currant leaves, cherry leaves, slices of pepper and garlic. Greens horseradish, dill, garlic, black pepper laid out on the bottom of each jar. Pour cucumbers with cold pickle.

Preparing the brine at the rate of 2 tablespoons of salt per liter of water with the addition of 2 tbsp. spoons of vodka. The cans are closed with plastic covers and taken out in a cold place.

Pickles salted in this way for a long time retain the green color and acquire a spicy taste of bell pepper.

Pickles for the winter - “Spicy”


1 kg 200 g of cucumbers;

bay leaf and peppercorns - 8-10 each;

cherry, currant leaves, 4-7;

middle sheet of horseradish;

three dill umbrellas;

coarse salt - 200 gr .;

one and a half liters of water;

not large onion;

garlic head;

tarragon a couple of twigs.


Sort out small cucumbers and pour cold water for at least 6 hours. Prepared cucumbers should be packed tightly in sterile jars, sprinkling a little salt on each laid row and pour cold well water. Cover with gauze in a warm place for three days. On the fourth day, drain the pickle, remove the cucumbers in a bowl and rinse thoroughly under running water. Then put cucumbers in rows in a jar, sprinkling each row with spices (garlic, spices, greens, onion rings). Banks with tightly stacked cucumbers, pour a second time with cold water without adding salt. Close the plastic cover and carry in a cold place.

Pickles on vodka


cucumbers - 1 k.300 g .;

water - 1.6 lit .;

vodka 150 ml .;

granulated sugar - 180 gr .;

salt - 120 g .; garlic - 2-4 cloves;

3-4 laurel leaves;

dill - a couple of twigs;

a piece of horseradish is not big.


Selected medium-sized cucumbers, washed thoroughly, and soaked for 2-3 hours in cold water, then tips are cut from them. In each liter jar, on the bottom lay a finely chopped piece of horseradish, a clove of garlic, a little dill, spices and stack tightly cucumbers. Dilute sugar and salt in well water based on 1.5 liters of water: sugar 180 grams, salts 120 grams and 150 ml. vodka. Ready brine pour into each jar with cucumbers. Cover the jars with lids with holes, put them in a warm place for three days. The formed foam over cucumbers must be removed daily. On the 4th day, drain the brine and boil it for no more than five minutes and pour over the banks. Roll up and warm to cool.

Cucumbers spicy for the winter “Two in one”


standard cucumbers - 1.3 kg .;

over-ripe cucumbers - 6-7 pieces;

salt - 2 l.

currant leaves, cherry, grape, 6 pcs .;

grapes (immature) -5-6 units;

horseradish leaf;

sprig of dried fennel;

4-5 cloves of garlic.


Selected standard cucumbers soak in cold water for 4 hours. Large overripe rubbed on a (large) grater. Rinse the leaves, berries under running cold water. In the mashed cucumber mass, add salt with the calculation (2 p. Spoon per liter of the resulting mass). In a jar everything is laid in rows, leaves are laid out on the bottom, finely chopped horseradish, dill, garlic. Cucumbers are laid loosely on top, then ready-made cucumber mass with the addition of 2-3 grapes, garlic and cherry leaves. To repeat everything until the can is filled, there should be a row of succulent massed mass on top. It is necessary to compact the jar carefully so that the resulting juice is leaked out completely. Close the plastic cover and carry in a cold place.

Pickling cucumbers for the winter in an oak barrel


medium cucumbers - 6-7 kg.;

spicy spices;

black, allspice - 10-15 pcs .;

garlic - 2-3 heads;

water - 10 lit .;

salt- 900 g .; oak, cherry, currant leaves.


Selected standard cucumbers (5-7 cm.), Thoroughly washed. The walls of the prepared oak barrel inside rubbed with chopped garlic. A row of leaves and spices are laid on the bottom, a row of cucumbers is laid on top. The whole barrel is densely compacted with cucumbers, each row is shifted by spices and oak leaves. Then it is poured with ready brine from the calculation (salt 900 gr., Water 10 liters). The barrel is covered with a double-layer gauze, putting pressure on it, leaving it in a warm room for a day. In a day, it is carried away to a cold place for a month, so much time is needed for salting cucumbers.

Periodically remove the mold from the brine.

Small tricks and tips for salting cucumbers for the winter

  • It is better to use water for salting, well, spring or bottled water, the taste of cucumbers will largely depend on water.
  • Barrel cucumbers will save sugar beets or mustard powder laid out with a small layer on the gauze surface from mold.
  • To prevent your rolled cucumber jars from exploding before you roll, lower a couple of mustard seeds into the pickle.
  • The cucumbers will be firm and crispy if you put fine shavings of horseradish root on the bottom of the jar.
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