Cake bird milk recipes for the most delicious delicacy. Cooking cake avian milk recipes of this culinary masterpiece

Cake bird milk recipes for the most delicious delicacy. Cooking cake avian milk recipes of this culinary masterpiece

A cake that has the wonderful name “bird's milk”, consisting of an immaculate tender soufflé and exquisite chocolate, wins the taste of childhood and the desire to recreate this sweet dessert independently and at home.

Cake "bird's milk", is a delicious pearl of the Soviet confectionery industry, the recipe of cooking, which, the only one of its kind has been awarded the state patent.

The technology of preparation of this delicacy is not simple, the creation of a souffle based on a special product called agar-agar, which is made from red algae, is of particular difficulty.

In principle, this exotic product resembles gelatin, but in order to make really bird's-milk cake, the recipe must necessarily include a component called agar-agar, which gives this culinary masterpiece unsurpassed tenderness and taste.

Cake poultry milk - general principles and features of its preparation

• Cake "bird's milk" has more than one dozen recipes, each of which is tasty and inimitable in its own way. The poultry milk cake can be easily created at home using the following components - starch, gelatin, agar-agar, lemon, berries, thereby emphasizing the individuality of the culinary creations and the taste preferences of the pastry chef.

• When creating such a confection as a “bird's milk” cake according to the recipe and GOST of the Soviet era, it is necessary to observe the cooking temperature of exactly 117 degrees when boiling such souffle ingredients as agar-agar and sugar syrup.

• The dough for making the cake should be kneaded cupcake.

• Chocolate glaze must be created before pouring.

• In principle, any housewife, according to the rules of the recipe, will be able to make and bake cakes, make a soufflé, create an icing and form a delicious cake called “bird's milk”.

Cake poultry milk - a variety of recipes and ways to prepare this delicious dish

Recipe 1. Avian milk cake - recipe (according to Soviet GOST)

Ingredients for cake layers:

• Eggs - 2 pcs.

• Butter (butter) - half a bag.

• Sugar - 0.5 tbsp.

• Wheat flour - 150 gr.

• Vanilla (extract).

Ingredients for making soufflé:

• Two eggs (proteins) -2 pcs.

• Granulated sugar - 470 gr.

• Lemon - on the tip of a teaspoon.

• Agar-Agar - 30 gr.

• Butter - 1 pack.

• Condensed milk - 3/4 cans.

• Vanilla.

Glaze Ingredients:

• Chocolate - 80 gr.

• Butter (butter) -50 gr.

Cooking Method:

In order to prepare the cake you need to add sugar to the butter and begin to gradually beat the ingredients while adding eggs and vanilla to the existing products. It is necessary to beat the products until such time as the sugar completely dissolves. Further to the existing mass, you need to mix the flour gradually and in small portions. Then you need to knead the dough and divide it into two parts. One part must be spread on the rounded bottom of the mold and baked at a temperature of 230 degrees. Then do the other part of the test. Baking cakes 10 minutes.

To make soufflés, first of all, soak the agar-agar in 150 milliliters of water and leave for 4 hours to infuse. Next you need to condensed milk and butter (room temperature), mix and whisk in the cream, adding vanilla to the components. Then infused agar-agar must be put on the fire and bring the broth to a boil. Then you need to look carefully at the preparation of the decoction and do not let it burn. Boil the broth should be about a minute, and then sprinkle with sugar. Then you need to add the fire, bring the broth to the boil again, and when the amount of syrup becomes larger in volume and white foam will go, remove the mass from the fire. If the syrup began to stretch like a string, it means that it is ready and needs to be cooled to 80 degrees. Next, for the protein composition of the soufflé, you need to take two eggs to separate the yolks from the whites and beat the whites with butter cream and condensed milk with a mixer, at low speed. Gentle soufflé - done.

For the manufacture of glaze you need to dissolve the chocolate with the normal content of beans and butter.

In a special form for making cake with high sides, you must put the first cake, over which you need to pour part of the souffle. Then the cake should be set in the fridge to harden the souffle. After the souffle has hardened on it, it is necessary to lay out the cake again and pour the second part of the souffle over it. Then you need to cover the cake with cooked icing and set it for a while in the fridge.

Recipe 2. Avian milk cake - recipe (based on gelatin)

Ingredients for the dough:

• Oil - 0.5 packs.

• Granulated sugar - 100 gr.

• Yolks - 6 pcs.

• Flour - half a glass.

• Soda and vinegar - half a teaspoon.

Ingredients for making soufflé:

• Proteins - 6 pcs.

• Granulated sugar - 400 gr.

• Lemon - half a teaspoon.

• Gelatin - 30 gr.

• Water - 100 ml.

Ingredients for making glaze:

• Cocoa (powder) - 60 gr.

• Granulated sugar - 200 gr.

• Oil - 50 gr.

• Water - 90 ml.

Cooking Method:

For the dough going to the cake you need to soften the butter. Then the proteins must be separated from the yolks. Next, you need to remove the proteins in the refrigerator, and rub the butter with yolks and sugar.

Then it is necessary to quench the soda with vinegar and mix all the ingredients together with the flour. Next, the mold should be greased and spread on the bottom of the dough for further baking. Bake the cake is recommended at a temperature of 180-190 degrees, no more than 15 minutes.

Next gelatin need to fill with water and set aside to swell for an hour. Then the gelatin must be brought to a boil and set to marry. Next, you need to whip proteins together with sugar and lemon. Then you need to add to the components of gelatin, whip all the products and remove the resulting mass in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

After cooked cake should be cut with a knife into two halves. One half of the cake should be laid on the bottom of the cake tins and thoroughly soaked, and then pour the remaining protein mass. Then you need to cover the cake with the second cake and put in the fridge.

To prepare the glaze, it is necessary to dilute the cocoa with water, add sugar, butter and mix everything thoroughly. Then boil the glaze and cook for 15-20 minutes. As a result, the cake must be smeared with glaze and put into the refrigerator for freezing.

Cake "Bird's milk" can be embellished with berries.

Recipe 3. Cake poultry milk - a recipe called “Homemade”


• Flour (wheat) - 300 gr.

• Granulated sugar - 400 gr.

• Margarine - packaging.

• Milk 0.5 tbsp.

• Cocoa 60 gr.

• Soda - a spoon without top. • Eggs - 6 pcs.

Cooking Method:

The first thing to do is to separate the whites from the yolks. Then margarine must be submerged and grind with sugar, yolks, cocoa, slaked soda, milk and flour.

After all the components need to be mixed with a mixer well. The dough should be poured into a mold and baked in the oven at 190 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Then you need to go to the preparation of "bird's milk." Next you need to whip the whites and add sugar to them. Then the texture needs to be whipped again until the formation of a fluffy and airy mass.

On top of the cooked dough, you should evenly distribute "bird's milk" and set the cake in the oven for browning.

Cake, if desired, can be decorated with chocolate icing.

Recipe 4. Bird's Milk Chocolate Cake using Milk Chocolate


• Eggs - 4 pcs.

• Granulated sugar - 350 gr.

• Flour - 50 gr.

• Agar-Agar - 5 gr.

• Butter (butter) - packaging.

• Condensed milk - 3/4 cans.

• Chocolate (milk) - 100 gr.

• Jasmine tea - 2 gr.

• Vanilla.

• Lemon.

Cooking Method:

Tea should be brewed in boiling water (300 ml), and proteins should be separated from yolks. Then, using a mixer, you must beat the yolks, sugar and vanilla until foamy appears, add flour, and mix the resulting mass thoroughly.

The baking pan needs to be oiled and the pastry is spread on its bottom. After baking the dough in the oven at a temperature of 190 degrees for 20 minutes.

In brewed tea (200 ml) it is necessary to soak the agar-agar and insist for half an hour. The remaining butter and condensed milk should be whipped into the cream.

Then the infusion of agar-agar should be brought to a boil and cook until full blooming, sugar added to it over low heat for a few minutes.

Then, with the help of a mixer, you need to whip proteins, sprig and, without turning off the mixer, pour in the existing syrup. Next, the resulting consistency should be mixed with cream until smooth.

Then on the finished cake you need to decompose the resulting souffle and send the cake to the refrigerator, and after 20 minutes to dissolve the chocolate (using a water bath) and decorate the top of the cake. Ready cake "bird's milk" in the refrigerator to set.

Recipe 5. Cake poultry recipe for making treats based on ice cream


• Ice cream - 300 gr.

• Butter - briquette.

• Cream dry - 550g.

• Gelatin - 45 gr.

Cooking Method:

Ice cream and butter must be dissolved on the fire until a single mass is obtained, stirring, but not bringing to strong warming.

Then add cream to the resulting texture, mix all the ingredients thoroughly and put them in the refrigerator.

The longer this delicious cream will be in the refrigerator, the thicker it will be.

Then, to make a souffle, it is necessary to soak the gelatin in hot water, stir it thoroughly and cool it.

Another warm gelatin needs to be poured into the cream (which stood in the refrigerator for several hours) and mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Next in the form for making a cake, you need to put the cake, and on it a souffle, then top with chocolate icing and send this magnificent sweetness to the fridge to set.

Cake poultry milk - small cooking tricks and helpful tips

• When creating “Bird's Milk”, namely when making a souffle, gelatin can be soaked in compote or juice, then the taste of the confectionery product will be richer and richer.

• In order to make the cake “real”, it is necessary to follow all the rules and respect the proportions of the selected recipe.

• It is possible to make butter cream especially for decoration and to diversify, thus, the appearance of the cake called “bird's milk”.

• For more tenderness and piquancy, semolina can be added to this cake. The product will have an amazing and unexpected taste.

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