Tomato paste in a slow cooker: classic, with vegetables or spicy. How to prepare tomato paste in a multicooker for the winter

Tomato paste in a slow cooker: classic, with vegetables or spicy. How to prepare tomato paste in a multicooker for the winter

Of course, buying a tomato is much easier than messing with cooking it. But just think how many advantages the home product will have! Guaranteed - no preservatives. The desired consistency, because often the paste is diluted before adding to the dishes. You can also add spices and spices, onions and sweet peppers ahead of time, that is, in fact, instead of ordinary condensed tomato, stock up on dressings and sauces and ketchups.

Tomato paste in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

• Thick tomato paste in a slow cooker can only be obtained from meaty tomatoes. Tomatoes must be well ripened and not rotten. Spoiled vegetables not only spoil the taste of the billet, but also reduce its shelf life.

• Production of tomato paste consists in obtaining a thick tomato puree without seeds and peel and further boiling it to the desired consistency.

• Remove seeds and peel manually. To do this, tomatoes are kept for some time in boiling water. Then cooled in cold water and, gently prying the skin with a knife, remove it. Seeds in this case, choose a spoon, cutting the fruit into slices. After that, the tomatoes are crushed and boiled.

• You can chop the tomatoes into slices. Then hold them for an hour on the “Quenching” and grind on a metal sieve.

• Often, tomatoes are initially chopped. After that, the resulting tomato mass is stewed on average for about an hour, and then frayed on a sieve.

• For grinding, you can use a blender or meat grinder.

• To thicken tomato puree separated from seeds and peel in a multicooker, use the “Baking” mode. Mashed potatoes boil in this mode with the lid open to reduce the volume in two or even three times. It all depends on what kind of density you need to achieve.

• Tomato paste in a slow cooker can be prepared with different flavors. To do this, add various spices and spices to it. Also, to improve the taste characteristics it can be cooked with vegetables. Use onions, garlic, fresh pepper - hot and sweet. • To prepare tomato paste for the winter, it is hot packed in sterile jars and sealed. Also metal covers for preservation are used and more exotic - glass, plastic. Banks must be sterilized, and the lids, if necessary, boil.

Tomato paste in a slow cooker: fragrant tomato paste in a slow cooker for the winter with garlic and onions


• three kilos of tomatoes;

• eight cloves of garlic;

• 400 gr. bitter onions;

• 50 ml of non-aromatic sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Tomatoes soak a few minutes in a container with cold water, shake off the drops and cut each one in half. Cut out the stem and white flesh, if there is one. Cut the halves into large slices, shift into a large bowl and smash with a blender. If there is no such kitchen processor, put the tomatoes in the cooking pot and hold it under the lid on the “Quenching” for half an hour. After that, be sure to grind the softened tomato slices through a metal sieve.

2. Purified bitter onions and garlic cloves as well perebyte blender or grind with a meat grinder, through the finest grate.

3. Fill the hob with tomato paste. Add chopped onion with garlic, add salt.

4. Program the multicooker to extinguish, setting the timer to 40 minutes. Do not close the lid.

5. When the vegetable mass begins to boil (approximately 7 minutes later), lower the lid and wait for the program to complete.

6. A few minutes before readiness, be sure to take a sample for salt and add it if you see fit.

7. Prepack pasta in sterile jars and cork with boiled lids.

Tomato paste in a slow cooker: a tomato paste paste in a slow cooker for the winter “in the store”


• two kilograms of ripe tomatoes;

• fine salt.

Cooking Method: 1. Cut prepared tomatoes into lengths and fold them into a bowl, do not add water.

2. Close the lid tightly, set the valve to the “Closed” position and start the “Extinguishing” program, if the timer is set to one hour.

3. After that open the valve, let off the steam. Gently remove the bowl from the body and place the tomatoes on a metal sieve, mash.

4. Discard the seeds with skin that remain on the sieve, and return the liquid mass to the bowl. Remove the remaining thick puree with a spoon from the back of the sieve, and place it in a bowl to the tomato.

5. Select baking mode and cook for about 25 minutes, until the volume is approximately halved. Add salt to your taste to your taste and turn off multicastry.

6. Spread the hot mass in sterilized glass containers, cover with lids, but do not clog.

7. In a wide saucepan, over low heat, heat the water to 50 degrees and place in it jars of tomato. Be sure to lay a thick towel under the container or any other thick fabric.

8. Bring the water in the tank to a boil, reduce heat and pasteurize for 20 minutes with a slight boil.

9. After this cover roll up and put the jars upside down under the blanket until it cools completely.

Tomato paste in a slow cooker: cooking fragrant tomato paste in a slow cooker for the winter with Provencal herbs


• fleshy tomatoes - 3 kg;

• spoon of garden salt;

• three spoons of the mix “Provencal herbs”.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the tomatoes washed with water into large slices and twist them in a meat grinder.

2. Then pour the mass into the brew bowl and hold it under the lid on the “Quenching” for a quarter of an hour. If the volume of the bowl does not allow extinguishing the whole mass at once, divide it into two parts and extinguish in two passes.

3. Then pour the contents of the bowl on a rare metal sieve and strain, rubbing with a spatula or spoon. 4. After that, pour the drained tomato without the peel and bones into the bowl. Add a mixture of “Provencal herbs”, add salt and mix well.

5. With the lid open, cook on “Baking” until thickened. Be sure to mix the contents of the bowl from time to time, otherwise it will burn.

6. Take a large silicone mold with notches for baking cupcakes and pour a slightly cooled tomato over them. When completely cool, put in the freezer and freeze.

7. Free the frozen pasta from the mold, put it into packages and put it back into the freeze.

Tomato paste in a slow cooker: we prepare tomato paste in a slow cooker for the winter with vinegar


• one and a half kilograms of fleshy tomatoes;

• salt - 1 tbsp. l .;

• two teaspoons of 9% table vinegar;

• 40 gr. lean refined oil;

• spoon of beet sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash fruits, cut off damaged areas, stems and rub on a grater. Do not rub peel.

2. To remove the seeds, rub the vegetable mass on the sieve. You can not remove them, leaving "an amateur."

3. Add salt with sugar, vinegar, pour in oil.

4. Mix well, pour into a bowl and start “Quenching”, setting the duration to one hour.

5. Hot-pack in sterile cans and roll up with sterile caps.

6. Cool under a blanket, turning the covers down.

Tomato paste in a slow cooker: thick tomato paste in a slow cooker for the winter


• ripe, intact tomatoes - 1 kg;

• kilo sweet bell pepper;

• 200 gr. sugar;

• hot pepper - 100 gr .;

• refined oil;

• salt coarse - 60 gr .;

• 50 gr. garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. In the washed tomatoes, from the side of the stem, make shallow cruciate cuts. Dip the fruit in boiling water and hold it for five minutes. Then move them quickly to cold water. When cool, remove and peel. 2. Cut each tomato into four pieces and select the seeds. It will be convenient to make a teaspoon. Grind the pulp with a blender or in a meat grinder.

3. Peel both types of pepper. Cut into pieces, chop in the same way as tomatoes, and shift to them.

4. Add chopped garlic, stir well and pour the mixture into the bowl.

5. Pour sugar and, stirring, salt, pour in oil.

6. Select the option “Quenching”, the timer must be set to 90 minutes. Run the program. Stew, tightly closing the lid.

7. Prepare ready-made tomato paste, hot, packaged in cans and rolled up with metal lids.

Tomato paste in a slow cooker: harvesting spicy tomato paste in a slow cooker for the winter


• two kilos of ripe, not watery, tomatoes;

• 15 gr. non-iodized salt;

• 150 gr. white onions;

• two cinnamon sticks;

• 10 sweet pea peppercorns;

• 150 gr. white sugar;

• two large leaves of laurel;

• 12 ml of apple cider vinegar;

• 5 gr. rosemary.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the stalks from the washed tomatoes, chop randomly into medium-sized pieces and transfer them to the cooking bowl.

2. Add the onion, chopped into thin half-rings. Select a duration of one hour and run the Quenching program. In well-extinguished tomatoes should go off the skin. If this does not happen, turn on “Quenching” for another 20 minutes.

3. Then remove the bowl from the cabinet and place it in a bowl of cold water. When the vegetable mass is well cooled, wipe it through a sieve and pour back into the bowl.

4. On a piece of gauze, put cinnamon sticks, allspice, Lavrushka and rosemary. Tie a bag and drop it in the bowl with the vegetable mass.

5. On the “Baking” option, with the lid open, bring to a boil and boil for a quarter of an hour. Remove the bag of spices and continue cooking, stirring systematically until the paste is almost tripled, or until the desired consistency. 6. Add salt, sweeten, pour in the whole measure of vinegar and boil for another 10 minutes.

7. Then turn off the multicooker, and spread the paste in prepared sterile containers. Roll up and leave to cool, covered with a blanket.

Tomato paste in a slow cooker - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• When evaporating excess liquid from the vegetable mixture, do not forget to stir it occasionally, otherwise it may burn and become bitter.

• Do not overdo the tomato puree on baking. As soon as it thickens, immediately pack it in cans, otherwise the taste of the preform will suffer.

• Add spices and spices only after boiling puree.

• When harvesting tomato paste in a multicooker for the winter, observe all conservation rules: rinse the cans with soda well and sterilize them, boil the lids for 10 minutes, seal the containers with a key. Non-observance of simple requirements may lead to the fact that the storage tanks will swell up and the product will become unusable.

• Sterilization of cans can be performed on steam by setting the jars for a quarter of an hour on the grill with their necks down, over a pan of boiling water. In the oven, hold clean containers for 10 minutes at 150 degrees.

• After seaming, turn the jars on the lids, cover with a blanket and hold them until cool.

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