Raspberry Jam

There are many ways to make berry jam. In this recipe, I offer you not the most economical way to make sweet supplies, but the result is a very thick and bright raspberry jam. Raspberries can not be boiled for a long time, so the overcooked raspberry jam becomes brown.

The principle of cooking is simple, you first need to boil the berries without sugar, then wipe them, weigh the resulting mass. In order for the jam to be thick, sugar and raspberry juice should be taken in a ratio of 1 \ 1.

Raspberry Jam

I will separately dwell on why it is convenient to prepare raspberry jam in this way. If you do not finish, and any foreign inclusions (leaves, berries with defects and even (oh, horror!) Worms) fall into the pan, then after the mass is wiped through a sieve, all this is safely filtered.

And yet, from the raspberry seed, which remained in the colander, you can prepare for a skin scrub. After all, it is no wonder that raspberries are considered the official cosmetological raw materials in many countries of the world. Bones need to be washed, dried and ground, after that they can be mixed, for example, with sour cream, and a natural scrub is ready. It is so pleasant in the summer, in the country, to get a completely free quality product for cleansing the face. Cooking time: 1 hour 20 minutes


  • 3 kg of fresh olive
  • 1, 5 kg of sugar

Cooking raspberry jam.

We sort out the fresh raspberries, remove the stalks and leaves. Disputes about whether or not to wash the raspberries, I think inappropriate. If raspberries are dirty, then, of course, they need to be washed.

Raspberry Jam

Now raspberries need to knead. This will help you ordinary potato. Mash the berries until you get a thick and smooth berry puree.

Now put the basin with berry puree on the stove. First, make a small fire, and constantly stirring, bring the mixture to a boil. Boiled berries cook for 15 minutes.

Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jam

Shift the boiled raspberry into the colander and wipe the mass. It is necessary to wipe the berries thoroughly so that all the pectic substances from the raspberry fall into the jam. If there are small cells in your colander, the seeds will remain in it. And if in the process of rubbing the seeds climbed through the cells of the colander, and you like jam without impregnations, then we filter the resulting mass through a fine sieve.

Raspberry Jam

Now the result must be weighed. I got 1.5 kilograms of raspberry mass, for this amount we take 1.5 kilograms of sugar.

Raspberry Jam

Stir in sugar and bring the jam to a boil. You need to boil the jam over low heat, stirring. The basin is sometimes shaken so that the foam is collected in the center, so it is convenient to take it off. Cooking jam for about 25 minutes, make sure that the raspberry jam is not digested, as the digested raspberry jam becomes an ugly brown brown color.

Raspberry Jam

I didn’t completely remove the crimson seeds, so that the finished jam didn’t look very much like marmalade. Well boiled jam, when cooled, becomes very thick and can be spread on bread, like butter.

Raspberry Jam

Once cold, the raspberry jam is laid out in clean jars, closed and stored throughout the winter.

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