Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

The bright sweet-and-sour taste that gives the baked pork ribs a citrus fruit will not leave anyone indifferent. This meat dish turns out just delicious to taste and you will definitely put a tick in the home menu, writing it into the weekly cooking. But baked pork ribs in citrus marinade can be served as a solemn dish - especially they are often prepared for the New Year, when every home has no shortage of tangerines and oranges.

It is these citrus fruits that you will need to create such a colorful dish.

Ingredients needed for 3 servings:

- 750 g pork ribs;

- 1 orange (2 tangerines are possible);

- 0.5 tsp. salts;

- 15 ml of soy sauce;

- 1 tbsp. French mustard (grains);

- 0.5 tsp. dried greens;

- 0.5 tsp. black pepper (ground);

- 2 tbsp. sunflower oil.

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

Count about 250 g of fresh meat ribs per serving, that is, 2-3 ribs each. Be sure to purchase a more meaty tenderloin with ribs, so that there is still a lot of pulp on each bone. Wash purchased meat in water and cut it into separate parts so that each of them has a bone in the middle. Put them in a deep container.

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

The next stage is citrus! Peel an orange not only from the orange peel, but also from the white flesh under it - it is incredibly bitter! Disassemble the fruit into slices. Then cut with a knife that base of the lobule, which is already full and there are always bones next to it. Cutting it, you can easily release the lobules from the white film - it does not soften even with a long thermal effect. Put peeled orange slices in a container to the ribs.

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

Pour salt, pour in soy sauce, add mustard beans and sunflower oil.

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

Carefully and with pressure, mix the entire contents of the container with each other, so that juice is squeezed out of the orange slices. Be sure to add both salt and soy sauce, without fear that both products are salty. Since the orange is sweet, part of the salt will go to neutralize the sweetness, and the second part from the soy sauce will be salted. Allow the meat to marinate for about 30 minutes.

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

Then put the ribs in a baking sleeve, or even better, in two, as the bones can tear one layer of the bag. Tie up the sleeve with a special cord and place it in a baking dish, and place it in the oven for 40 minutes at 180-200C.

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

Once the indicated time has elapsed, cut the sleeve, taking care not to burn your hands, and slightly open it. Place the mold again in the oven at the same temperature for 15 minutes to allow the ribs to brown.

The finished dish smells incredibly and spreads the aroma of roasted meat in the kitchen.

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

Spread golden ribs with orange pulp on plates and serve with greens or vegetables. If desired, you can add such a dish with any side dish!

Baked pork ribs in citrus marinade

Enjoy your meal!

Making sure that even the most fragrant and soft pork ribs are obtained with a minimum of effort, let's calculate how much 3 servings of this tasty meat dish cost:

- 750 g pork ribs - 60 rubles;

- 1 juicy orange - 15 rubles;

- 15 ml of soy sauce - 2 rubles;

- 1 tbsp. French mustard (in grains) - 2 rubles;

- 0.5 tsp. black pepper (ground) - 2 rub .;

- 0.5 tsp. dried herbs - 2 rubles .;

- 2 tbsp. sunflower oil - 3 rubles.

Total: Lunch or dinner for three with meat ribs will cost you 86 rub., and 1 portion - at 29 rubles. And this is despite the fact that in restaurants for such a dish you will pay at least 150 rubles for 1 portion! Save and tasty cook with us and beyond - it's easy and simple!

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