Chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise - simple, fast and tasty! Recipes for tender and juicy chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise

Chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise - simple, fast and tasty! Recipes for tender and juicy chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise

Chicken breast patties with mayonnaise is a great alternative to the classic beef or pork dish. Cooked from diet poultry meat, baked on a roasting pan in the oven or simply fried in a pan, they are always tender.

The peculiarity of chicken breast is that there is practically no fat in its pulp, which means that the minced meat turns out to be dry. Make the cutlet mass more tender by adding mayonnaise to it - it not only adds juiciness, but also improves the taste.

Homemade chicken cutlets with mayonnaise can be cooked not only for every day, but also on the occasion of holidays, served separately or with a side dish. It can be any: fresh vegetables or salads from them, mashed potatoes or cereals, boiled in water.

General principles of cooking chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise

Cutlets can be cooked in two classic ways: frying in a frying pan with vegetable oil or baking in the oven. But if in the kitchen there is such a helper as a slow cooker, any recipe can be adapted to it using the frying or baking mode.

The taste of meatballs does not depend solely on the quality of the chicken. It is considered ideal when minced meat is prepared not from frozen, but chilled fillets. It is optimal to cook the minced meat freshly - the breast is twisted in a meat grinder or sliced ​​with a knife. Meat grinder can replace any kitchen processor, adapted for grinding meat.

Chicken mince definitely need to salt and pepper a little and do not forget to add mayonnaise. For the best bunch of pieces of meat eggs are introduced into it. The consistency of the cutlet mass can be both thick and sparse. From the thick chicken mince form cutlets with his hands, spread the liquid mass into hot fat with a spoon.

Hand-shaped cutlets necessarily be breaded in white breading (ground breadcrumbs), so they do not fall apart during cooking and retain all the juices. Chicken meat cutlets are the very option when they cook something fast, nourishing, nourishing and light at the same time.

Delicate chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise and semolina (without onions)


thick minced white chicken meat - 1 kg;

one large egg;

half a cup of semolina;

tablespoon of mayonnaise;


refined oil, frozen.

Cooking Method:

Mix minced chicken with semolina. Pour in the egg, add about half a spoonful of black pepper, mayonnaise and salt a little. Mix well, cover and set aside for thirty minutes.

Re-mix the masses well, knead them several times and sharply toss them into the bowl. We form small, slightly elongated, patties.

We warm up the butter well, we cut the cutlets in flour and lower it into fat without delay. Fry on both sides until golden.

Fried patties put in the pan. Add two spoons of oil and a quarter cup of water to them. Crush three cloves of garlic, bring to a boil. Reducing heat to a minimum, cover and simmer for half an hour. After removing from the heat, be sure to drain the remaining liquid in the pan.

Juicy chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise and vegetables


two large breast fillets, total 600 gr .;

small tomato;

two eggs;


three spoons of flour;

large onion head;

bunch of dill;

spoon of mayonnaise;

150 ml of non-aromatic oil.

Cooking Method:

Melenko cut fillets. The stuffing should not be liquid, so the chicken should be well dried after washing.

Onions, tomatoes and the pulp of sweet pepper, cut, like fillets, only smaller. Grind with a knife or finely chop the dill, the stems do not use.

Put the chicken in a bowl, add the chopped vegetables and dill. Pour egg in the cup and pour it to the mince. Add mayonnaise, a little pepper, flour, salt and mix thoroughly. It is advisable to beat the meat mass with a fork. In a frying pan, warm up a little oil and spread with a spoon of minced meat. Fry chicken cutlets on both sides, about three minutes each. The sides should not only redden, but also be covered with a crispy crust.

Chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise and mushrooms - “In Estonian”


a pound of chicken fillet or minced meat from it;

350 gr. fresh medium sized mushrooms;

two eggs;

spoon low-fat mayonnaise;

high-quality vegetable oil;

60 gr. flour;

200 gr. peeled nuts.

Cooking Method:

Mushrooms are cut into small slices, chicken fillets twist in a meat grinder twice. Blender, almost to the state of flour, interrupt the nuts. You can use a coffee grinder.

Mix the stuffing with nuts and mushrooms. Add a little pepper, flour and mayonnaise, add some salt. Here we also break the eggs, mix everything up to the state of homogeneity and slightly beat the stuffing.

We form cutlets. Viscous minced meat can stick to hands, to facilitate the process, moisten your palms with water.

Fry the patties in butter, to light browning on both sides. After turning it is advisable to cover the pan with a lid.

Chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise, melted cheese and dill


100 grams of processed cheese;

breast fillet - 300 gr .;

bunch of dill;

fresh egg;

50 ml of corn oil for frying;

mayonnaise - a spoon “with a hill”;

tablespoon flour.

Cooking Method:

Grind minced chicken fillet. We grind and we add a little, we mix the egg.

On a fine grater we rub melted cheese with minced meat. Add the finely chopped dill, mayonnaise, flour and mix thoroughly.

Spoon lay the stuffing in a well-heated oil. Fry until golden brown and, turning, turn the reverse side.

Chopped chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise and cheese


two teaspoons of mustard;

700 gr. fresh chicken breast;


mayonnaise - 2 tbsp. l .;

60 gr. starch; soy salty sauce - 40 ml;


unscented sunflower oil;

a mixture of "Italian herbs";

100 gr. fresh cheese, “Kostroma”.

Cooking Method:

The washed and slightly dried fillet is cut into small pieces of square shape and put in a bowl. Add mayonnaise, pour soybean concentrate, put mustard. Crust to the chicken two small cloves of garlic, add some salt, season the minced meat with spices and mix well. Set aside for ten minutes.

We cut the cheese into small cubes, slightly larger than the chicken, we shift it into a bowl with minced meat. Add starch and egg, mix intensively.

Put the minced chicken in a heated butter with a spoon. Fry the patties on both sides on medium heat for three, three and a half minutes. Turning over as the sides turn red well.

Chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise, stuffed with cheese - “Bird's milk”


small slice of loaf (crumbs);

kilogram of frozen fillet;

120 grams of cheese;

large onion;

a raw egg;

one and a half tablespoons of mayonnaise;

a third cup of milk;

spoon of butter;

white breading (finely ground crackers).

Cooking Method:

Smash fillet blender in stuffing. You can grind chicken twice in a meat grinder that is configured for maximum grinding.

For ten minutes we soak the loaf crumb in milk. Then squeeze it slightly and, painting with fingers, add to the mincemeat.

Grind a blender or onion grinder, lay it with a beaten egg to the meat mixture. Add a little pepper, mayonnaise and salt. Knead for a long time, and beat off well, hitting the table with force.

Using wetted hands, we scoop up small cakes, 7 mm thick, and put them in the middle of a small cheese wedge. Tightly pinching the edges, we form elongated cutlets.

Panned semi-finished products in white breadcrumbs, spread in a buttered shape. Cook at 190 degrees until golden, about 25 minutes.

Chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise in tomato sauce (in the oven)


high-quality bread, without a crust - 50 g;

two large onions;

600 gr. minced meat from the breast;


a spoonful of flour;

milk - 50 ml;

four spoons of thick tomato;

0.4 liters of water, you can take the broth.

Cooking Method:

Salted mince. We mix in it, soaked in milk and slightly squeezed, bread crumb. Add, crushing with a press, garlic (large clove), coarsely rub the onion into the mince. Season to your taste with mild spices or just ground pepper, knead well.

Rub the bottom and sides of the form with fat or vegetable oil, fill it with cutlets made of minced chicken. We spread semi-finished products loosely, in one layer.

Small shred the remaining onion. In a vegetable oil in a pan, bring onions to golden. Then sprinkle it with flour, and, stirring well, warm up for three minutes, put the tomato. Stir, slowly pour the water into the roast, bring to a boil.

Pour hot patties with meatballs laid out in a roasting pan and put them in the oven. Withstand at least a quarter of an hour with normal (180 degrees) heating.

Lazy minced chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise, “Po-Kiev”


100 grams of homemade butter;

a pound of chicken, frozen ice fillets;

3.5 spoons of homemade mayonnaise;

eggs - 2 pcs .;

a handful of fresh greens;

150 gr. flour;

garlic - 2 teeth;

400 ml of refined oil;

breadcrumbs (white).

Cooking Method:

Put the butter in a small bowl or plate and keep it for a while to soften.

We wash the greens, dry them, spreading the twigs on a towel. Cut the stems, small cut branching part. Pour to the softened butter and mix well.

Spread the resulting homogeneous mass on the bag or food film. We turn, lifting for free edges of the film, thin “sausage”. Tightly fasten the packaging on the sides and place for a quarter of an hour in the freezer.

Blender or grinder grind pieces of chicken fillet into mince. Sprinkle with ground pepper, add crushed garlic, mayonnaise, add some salt. After thoroughly kneading for two minutes, beat off the minced chicken. This is done so that during the formation of cutlets the mass retains its shape well and does not fall apart. Beat the eggs in a small deep bowl. Do not bring to foaming, just need a homogeneous mass. We distribute breadcrumbs and flour over two flat, wide containers.

We form cutlets. On the palm of the minced meat we sculpt a cake, press it down slightly in the center and put a small piece of frozen green oil in the resulting dredging. Bonding the edges of the stuffing, we form an elongated patty. A piece of fat should be in the middle.

Heat up the oil. It should be a lot to get the effect of deep fat. Pour fat on about three fingers, no less.

Roll the patties in flour, dip them quickly into the egg mass, pancake well in breadcrumbs and dip into the frying pan.

Quickly fry the semifinished products from all sides on maximum heat. Then we reduce the heat to a minimum and fry for five minutes on one and then the same on the second side.

Tricks of cooking chicken breast cutlets with mayonnaise - useful tips

Be sure to beat the stuffing. Pieces of chicken better grab, the stuffing will be more uniform, and the burgers will turn out juicier and more tender.

If you can not grate the melted cheese, put it in a freezer for a couple of minutes and it will stop sticking to the working surface of the grater.

White breading is better to cook yourself. You can stale, well dried up, grate the bread on a large grater or twist in a meat grinder.

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