How to make mayonnaise at home - the best recipes for spicy sauce. Features tasty homemade mayonnaise

How to make mayonnaise at home - the best recipes for spicy sauce. Features tasty homemade mayonnaise

Mayonnaise - is the most delicious and popular sauce in the world, as well as the original zest and delicious dressing of almost any dish.

But the product called mayonnaise, which is sold in our stores and supermarkets, has nothing to do with the well-known sauce.

Just look at the list of components that make up store mayonnaise - there are practically no natural ingredients, but only flavoring fillers and preservatives.

Whereas a true mayonnaise sauce should include only natural ingredients:

  • Vegetable oil, eggs, mustard, salt, sugar, lemon juice are the real basis of this product.

Therefore, cooking homemade mayonnaise is the best and high-quality version of this product, in many respects superior to the finished store sauce.

How to make mayonnaise at home - methods and general principles of its preparation

A product with a fat content of less than 50%, as well as a composition with preservatives and various chemical additives can not be called mayonnaise, but only mayonnaise sauce.

Therefore, it is better to cook mayonnaise at home - it will not be so difficult, but also, it is much tastier and healthier.

For the proper manufacture of mayonnaise at home, any cook or housewife needs to base on the general principles of cooking:

• In order to create mayonnaise at home and bring it to the desired consistency, it is necessary to use a blender or mixer in cooking, although it is best to act in the old fashioned way and use a whisk for hand-beating.

• Eggs that need to be whipped first, it is better to pick up the home, with bright yolks. Since it is the color of yolks gives mayonnaise appetizing look. But if the eggs are still purchased with yolks of light shades, it is more expedient to add turmeric to the ingredients, which with its bright yellow color will add to the future mayonnaise a unique appearance. • Next to the eggs you need to add - salt, sugar, pepper, mustard, lemon juice or vinegar.

• Mayonnaise oil should be used refined sunflower, and even better olive oil, pouring it into a container with components for the future sauce in a portion thin stream.

• The more oil is used in cooking, the thicker the homemade mayonnaise will be.

• When the desired consistency of the sauce is reached, you need to taste the mayonnaise and if something is missing, add, thus bringing the product to perfection.

Recipes and how to make mayonnaise at home on their own according to all the rules

Recipe 1. How to make mayonnaise at home (Classic version)


• Oil (vegetable origin) - 200 ml.

• Eggs - 2 pcs.

• Lemon juice - 30 ml.

• Mustard - 15 ml.

• Sugar (fructose) - 15 ml.


The yolks from two eggs (preferably taken from domestic chickens), salt and sugar must be mixed between them. This action can be performed using a simple whisk (blender, mixer). Beating occurs before the full melting of sugar and salt.

Important! Mixing should be carried out in a circular motion (clockwise).

Then, without stopping and continuing to beat the components, it is necessary to add oil to them in small portions.

After obtaining a homogeneous mass, the mayonnaise should be acidified and lemon juice should be added to it. And then add the mustard and again all the ingredients are well mixed and whipped.

In order for the mayonnaise to turn out thick and saturated, you can add more oil, since the consistency of future mayonnaise depends on its quantity.

Recipe 2. How to make mayonnaise at home (Traditional version)


• Oil (sunflower) - 1 tbsp.

• Eggs - 2 pcs.

• Vinegar - 60 ml (3%).

• Salt, pepper - on the fan.

• Sugar - 30 gr.

• Mustard.

• Water (if necessary).


At the beginning of the process of cooking mayonnaise should be separated from the yolks of proteins. Then add raw mustard, pepper and salt to raw yolks. All components mix well with each other. Further, it is necessary to gradually add the oil (pre-cooled) to the resulting consistency, with constant beating, literally one spoon to obtain a homogeneous and thick consistency.

If the mayonnaise turns out to be overly thick, it can be diluted by pouring in small portions of water with continuous beating.

At the end of the process, add sugar and vinegar to the mayonnaise and mix all the ingredients again.

Recipe 3. How to make mayonnaise at home (the option of making lean pea mayonnaise)


• Split peas (pea flakes) - 30 gr.

• Water - 180 ml.

• Refined oil (of plant origin).

• Salt, pepper - on the fan.

• Sugar - 20 gr.

• Vinegar - 30 ml.

• Mustard - 30 gr.


Peas should be put in a saucepan, add water and boil until the bean components are completely turned into mush.

Pea pulp pass through a blender, to obtain a homogeneous state.

If the mixture turns out to be excessively thick, it is necessary to add water to it, since the consistency should resemble the appearance of jelly.

The resulting mass must be cooled.

In the whipping vessel, you need to pour in some oil and add to it a piece of peas gruel (1: 2). Beat the ingredients for 1 minute.

Further, in the resulting sauce you need to gradually add salt, sugar, pepper, mustard, vinegar.

It is necessary to beat up the connected components about 2 more minutes, before receiving homogeneous and dense weight.

Recipe 4. How to make mayonnaise at home using quail eggs


• Quail eggs (yolks) - 8 pcs.

• Oil (walnut) - a glass.

• Mustard - half a teaspoon.

• Lemon juice.

• Salt, pepper - on the fan.


Quail egg yolks should be separated from proteins and whipped with a whisk, blender or mixer.

Next, in a small stream of eggs, you need to pour half of the existing oil without stopping to beat the mass.

After you need to add lemon, a little mustard, salt and pepper the mixture to taste. All components are thoroughly mixed and whipped until a homogeneous consistency.

Recipe 5. How to make mayonnaise at home - “Cottage cheese”


• Cottage cheese (fat consistency) - 0.5 cups.

• Milk - 60 ml.

• Egg - 1 pc.

• Refined oil (vegetable origin) - 60 ml.

• Salt, mustard - on the fan.

• Lemon juice - half a teaspoon (or the same amount of vinegar).


To make mayonnaise, it is necessary to mix cottage cheese of good fat content thoroughly with milk and yolk separated from protein.

Then it is necessary to pour vegetable oil into the existing components in a thin stream and beat all the ingredients with a blender, mixer or whisk.

It should make a thick homogeneous consistency.

Next, add mustard, lemon juice or vinegar to the mixture and mix everything thoroughly again.

This mayonnaise is perfect for filling any dishes.

Recipe 6. How to make mayonnaise at home (without eggs in milk)


• Milk - 1 (incomplete glass).

• Oil (olive) - 1 (incomplete glass).

• Thickener cream - half a teaspoon.

• Salt, mustard - on the fan.

• Lemon juice - 30 ml.


Milk and butter should be whipped with a whisk, mixer or blender with each other until a homogeneous state.

Further, mustard must be added to these two components, and then salt, lemon juice and cream thickener.

After that, once again mix the existing mixture thoroughly until necessary thickness - and the mayonnaise is ready!

Recipe 6. How to make mayonnaise at home - “Vegetarian”


• Boiled rice - 0.5 cups.

• Refined oil (preferably olive oil) - 1 cup.

• Salt, sugar.

• Lemon juice.

• Mustard.


Boiled chilled rice should be put in a blender glass. Next, add the butter to the rice and blender the ingredients into a homogeneous mass. After it is necessary to add mustard to the resulting mass and blend it again with a blender.

Then, in the resulting mixture, you need to pour the remaining and slowly the remaining oil and beat everything with a mixer until smooth consistency. Ready mayonnaise need to fill with salt, sugar and lemon juice and set aside for some time to completely dissolve the components.

For more piquancy in this mayonnaise, you can add garlic, herbs or cucumbers.

How to make mayonnaise at home - useful tips and small tricks

• For homemade mayonnaise oil, it is recommended to use unrefined olive or refined vegetable origin.

• Before you start making mayonnaise, the oil is best cooled in the refrigerator.

• Mayonnaise is very fond of eggs, when you add them in sufficient quantity, the sauce turns out to be more saturated and tasty.

• Homemade mayonnaise is best stored in the refrigerator and not more than a day. But if the shelf life needs to be extended then it is recommended to add more oil to the mayonnaise - this will prolong its vital activity and preservation for up to three days.

• In order to make homemade mayonnaise even more tasty and savory, you can add additional ingredients - olives, cucumbers (pickled), olives, caviar (red and black), orange juice, red pepper, onion, garlic, greens and much another.

• At the end of cooking, you should always taste the resulting masterpiece, and if something is missing, add a component of it and not be afraid to experiment.

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