Cream cream for the cake - one of the most delicate decorations. A variety of recipes butter cream cake

Cream cream for the cake - one of the most delicate decorations. A variety of recipes butter cream cake

The process of making butter cream is simple. To do this, whip the cream or butter with the addition of various components.

However, not all so simple. Manufacturing technology of cream for the cake provides some nuances, without which the cream will not work.

Cream - the general principles of cooking

The main thing - the high quality of the original product and strict adherence to the sequence of actions cooking.

Basis: cream or butter, must be at least 35% fat. With reduced fat content, the cream will turn out to be liquid, from which it will be impossible to form a stable form and pattern.

The original products must be cooled, the warm ones will simply stratify.

It is advisable to start beating at a low speed, slowly increasing it. Liquid cream at the beginning, as whipping, within two, three minutes, will become thicker and lighter. It should reach such a thickness that when the mixer works, the traces of the whisk rotation remaining on the surface of the cream will be noticeable - a clear sign of the readiness of the cream.

Cooking cream for the cake should be in a sufficiently large capacity so that when working with a mixer, the spray does not fly around.

Condensed milk, eggs, vanilla, cocoa, fruits and berries - this is an incomplete list of various options for additives that make the cream special.

Cream cream for the cake is suitable mainly for biscuits. A puff pastry or shortbread dough with such a cream can spread, does not hold the shape.

The use of food dyes and any flavorings to the cream for the cake will significantly expand the range and type of product.

Recipe 1: Cream cream cake (creme brulee)

In creme brulee, you can add all kinds of alcoholic beverages, cocoa, chocolate and other aromatic spices. However, its highlight - the hardened, yellow-tinted surface of the cream, should be by all means. Ingredients:

• fatty cream (at least 33%) - 500 g

• egg yolks - 7 pieces.

• sugar - half a glass.

• vanilla - 1 pod.

Cooking Method:

1. Heat the cream with a divided vanilla pod, divided along both halves.

Attention! Do not boil!

2. Vanilla clean. As carefully as possible, put the yolks in the finished cream mixture.

3. Creme boil in heated water, without ceasing to stir, to prevent the formation of bubbles.

4. Pour the prepared mass of cream into the prepared form with the finished cake, the form should be with high sides.

5. Preheat the oven to 160 ° C and insert a baking tray for half an hour.

6. Remove the crème brulee from the oven, sprinkle with sugar and grill it for a short time so that the surface of the cream is covered with a crust of caramel.

Recipe 2: Nut Butter Cream


• butter - 100 g

• powdered sugar - 100 g

• honey - 1 tablespoon.

• nuts - to taste.

• egg yolk - 1 piece.

• lemon - 1 piece.

Cooking Method:

1. It is good to knead butter with yolk, sugar and honey, taking into account the general principles of preparation.

2. Add crushed nuts.

3. Intensively beat the mixture until foam appears.

4.Put the cream of butter on the cooling.

Recipe 3: Cream Cake

This cream of butter perfectly fit when you need to arrange beautiful cakes or pastries.

Saturation and density of it are governed by the amount of powdered sugar.


• butter - 200 g

• powdered sugar - 500 g (4 cups).

• milk or cream - 2 tablespoons.

• vanilla sugar - 1 bag.

Cooking Method:

1. Vzbivaem oil for about five minutes, until the composition does not acquire tenderness and lightness.

2. Pour the vanilla sugar and beat again.

3. Continue the procedure, all the time, step by step, adding half a cup of icing sugar with an intense, constant beating with a mixer. 4. In the end, pour in either milk or cream and continue beating for another three, four minutes.

5. At will, for decorating butter cream it remains to tint it in various colors. Use gel food dyes, as liquid dyes can cause the resulting thickness to be unusable.

6.If the cream turns out to be still very soft and unstable, in order to preserve its shape, it is necessary to place it in a cold place and, while cooling and increasing the density, beat it up additionally.

Recipe 4: Chocolate Cream Butter Cream

Oil should be taken unsalted, soft consistency.


• butter - 150 g.

• sugar - 200 g

• chocolate - 100 g

• vanilla - 1 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the butter with sugar and vanilla and beat the mixture well.

2. Sugar is poured in parts, in small portions and each time beat the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved.

3. Melt the chocolate either in a cup placed in heated water or in a microwave for thirty seconds.

4. Add chocolate to the mixture of butter, and resume beating until a mass of uniform thickness is obtained.

5. You can use this cream of butter, both immediately and after a light cooling.

Attention: chocolate does not like moisture, so it is necessary to drown it in a clean, dry container and interfere with a dry spoon.

Recipe 5: Cream with condensed milk - a basic recipe


• condensed milk - 1 cup.

• butter - 250 g

• vanilla sugar - 1/3 bag.

Cooking Method:

1.Before work, prepare the butter, cooling it to a temperature equal to room temperature.

2. Soften butter in cooked dishes rubbed with vanilla sugar to obtain whiteness. The procedure can be done either manually, with a spoon, or with a mixer.

3.Milk inject slowly, with a dessert spoon, without interrupting beating. To increase the volume.

Recipe 6: Chocolate Charlotte Cream

This is the original cream for the cake, which is prepared on a syrup of milk and eggs. There are two ways to make syrup.


• butter - 400 g

• sugar - 200 g

• milk - 160 g

• Eggs - 4 pieces.

• Cognac - 1 tablespoon.

• cocoa - 3 tablespoons.

• vanilla extract - 1 tablespoon.

Cooking Method:

Method number 1.

1. Carefully and carefully mix the sugar, eggs and milk. Set the dishes with the mixture on a low flame and, stirring constantly, stir up before boiling.

2. Then continue to boil until such a density, when the syrup, scooped with a spoon, will flow from it in a thin stream. This usually happens when the temperature of the syrup is just above 100 ° C.

3. Pass the syrup through the gauze and put on the cold, to cool, to about 20 ° C.

Method number 2.

This method of cooking syrup is divided into several stages.

1. Prepare a syrup from a mixture of sugar and milk, which should be boiled down with continuous agitation in the same way as in the first method, until thick, when the syrup, scooped with a spoon, will flow down from it in a thin stream.

2. Shake eggs for several minutes.

3. Carefully pour in a small syrup, hot sugar-milk syrup, into an egg syrup equal to it in volume with a continuous stirring.

4. Then combine the whole mixture with the remaining sugar-milk syrup.

5. Put the dishes with the prepared syrup mass for a few minutes in the water heated to almost the boiling point.

6. Strain the syrup and place it in the cold.


1. Cut the butter into small slices and beat it for several minutes.

2.In the prepared oil in small portions pour one of the prepared syrups, while continuing to stir vigorously.

3. When the mixture thickens enough - add wine or brandy (a matter of taste) and stir for fifteen minutes.

Recipe 7: Cream for cake “Cutting and sewing”


• butter - 200 g • Milk - 0.5 cups.

• granulated sugar - 3/4 cup.

Cooking Method:

1. Beat the butter well.

2. Sand sugar poured into the milk and stir.

3. Bring to a boil and cool.

4. Pour in the leaked liquid gradually into whipped oil, continuing vigorous stirring.

This cake is perfect for baking layers.

Recipe 8: “Coffee” cream


• butter - 100 g

• sugar - 180 g

• eggs, yolks - 2 pieces.

• cocoa - 20 g.

• black coffee - 200 g.

• cherries infused with cognac.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix yolks with sugar, beat well.

2. Cocoa powder to dilute with black coffee and steam until a thick mass is formed.

3. Remove from heat and cool.

4. Mix the resulting liquid with whipped butter.

Cream - tricks and tips

• Cognac (15 ml), added to the cream for the cake, will give a taste of walnuts.

• a slight addition of lemon juice to the cream - and it will turn out not so sweet.

• softened, ripe banana, will give the cream a fruity shade.

• a small amount of powdered milk and coconut shavings - and the cream will resemble the taste of the “Bounty” bar.

• fresh cream is poorly whipped, therefore, before whipping, it is desirable to cool them with a long, up to two days, exposure in the refrigerator.

• to create a cold, when working with a hand mixer, a container with cream should be placed in a bowl of ice water

• tender, not salted butter will significantly increase the stability of butter cream made of cream.

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