Prague Cake is a classic recipe for a favorite treat. How to cook the cake "Prague" in the classic recipe quickly and tasty

Prague Cake is a classic recipe for a favorite treat. How to cook the cake

It has long been the favorite dessert of all - the cake "Prague" - thanks to the fantasies and experiments of many housewives evolved, changed.

Now, during its preparation, many other ingredients are added, various methods of baking biscuits, various creams, and glazes are used. And, be that as it may, any of the common recipes can be considered classic, because they are loved, they are valued, and the secrets and tricks of the preparation are passed on.

Prague Cake: Classic Recipe - General Cooking Principles

Despite the fact that there are a lot of recipes of the cake “Prague” today, this dessert should not be Prague, if these recipes did not combine the general principles of preparation.

• Biscuit cake made from flour, cocoa, butter, eggs and sugar.

• The total cake is cut into three equal parts.

• Soak two biscuit cakes with cream, ideally this is butter, cocoa, condensed milk and yolks. But exceptions are possible.

• On request, one of the cakes is poured with berry or fruit jam.

• After the Prague cake is soaked, the dessert is poured with specially prepared icing.

• Decorate the dessert, focusing on their taste preferences: chocolate chips, nuts, coconut flakes, powder, mastic, cream.

In addition, the classic recipe of the cake "Prague" involves cooking and such a non-standard dessert, like raw "Prague". And although the principle of making a natural dessert is very different from the generally accepted one, this recipe is one of the oldest and most loved ones.

1. Cake "Prague": a classic recipe


• six eggs;

• a pair of glasses of flour;

• sugar;

• sweet cream butter;

• natural cocoa powder;

• jar of condensed milk;

• 160 g sour cream with a fat content of 10 percent;

• baking powder;

• Red wine.

Cooking Method:

1. For the preparation of the dough, the eggs are thoroughly ground with a glass of sugar, after which they add flour, sour cream, two spoons of cocoa, baking powder. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed (it is allowed to use a blender). The dough is poured into a mold that is pre-lined with foil. There should be 4 cakes with a diameter of about 20 centimeters. You need to bake at 200 degrees for half an hour. Then the cakes cool down, after which they are cut into two halves. The total number of thin cakes - 8. 2. For cream mix 400 grams of butter, two or three spoons of cocoa, a can of condensed milk. All ingredients are knocked out with a mixer until smooth.

3. Thin cakes of the future cake smeared with cream. The exception is the top cake, as it is poured with icing.

4. To prepare the glaze in Turk, mix a tablespoon of butter, milk, the remaining part of cocoa, 4 tablespoons of sugar. The glaze is boiled over low heat until the bubble begins.

5. The top cake is treated with the prepared icing and waiting for it to cool.

6. The decoration suggests the possibility of using crushed nuts or slices of fresh fruit.

2. Cake "Prague": a classic recipe with nuts


• one and a half glasses of flour;

• a couple glasses of sugar;

• six to seven tablespoons sour cream fat content of 20%;

• condensed milk;

• natural cocoa;

• hydrated soda;

• one and a half (300 g) packs of butter;

• 600 milliliters of milk;

• four Art. l semolina;

• ground walnuts;

• 2 chicken eggs;

• vanillin;

• cognac.

Cooking Method:

1. First, prepare the dough: eggs and a glass of sugar, beat well. Then add sour cream, two and a half teaspoons of soda, after extinguishing it, four tablespoons of cocoa. For a uniform consistency, the mixture is mixed in a blender. Then add 1.5 cups of flour, re-mix.

2. Half of the cooked mixture is poured into a baking dish, oiled. For baking the cake, take about half an hour, exposing the temperature to 130 - 140 degrees (depends on the oven).

3. The time has come for the cream. For him on a small fire prepare the following mixture: 3 - 4 tablespoons of semolina, 500 milliliters of milk, half a cup of sugar. The consistency should be thick. If necessary, it is permissible to put the cream in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to thicken.

4. The next stage is beating 200 grams of butter with the addition of prepared and pre-cooled sweet base. Add vanillin, a little cognac. For a delicious cake prepare a thick cream. 5. Then take out the cakes and cut each of them into 2 parts. Sandwich biscuit cream, mixing it with chopped walnuts. Top cake covered with icing.

6. To make a glaze in a saucepan, melt 100 grams of butter, adding 8 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of milk and cocoa. For stirring, take about 5 minutes. The prepared icing is immediately poured onto the top cake cake and smeared, as it quickly hardens.

3. Cake "Prague": a classic quick recipe


• eggs;

• condensed milk;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• sour cream;

• 240 grams of wheat flour;

• cocoa;

• jam;

• Soda, pre-hydrated vinegar.

Cooking Method:

1. Beat eggs with sugar first. They add half a can of condensed milk, soda, flour, sour cream, 3 tablespoons of cocoa.

2. Put the dough in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, for about half an hour.

3. While baking the cake, the cream is made: a can of sour cream is mixed with condensed milk and two spoons of cocoa.

4. Cooked cakes, after they cool down, carefully cut into two layers.

5. Each layer is coated with cream, upper layer - jam, and put on each other. Cake is served after it is soaked.

4. Cake "Prague": a classic recipe with jam


• 6 eggs;

• one yolk;

• Wheat flour;

• sugar;

• 120 grams of condensed milk;

• 280 grams of butter;

• cocoa;

• vanillin;

• natural chocolate;

• apricot natural jam.

Cooking Method:

1. Egg yolks are separated from proteins, then beat with 75 grams of granulated sugar. It should be a lush cream lush shade.

2. Proteins, first whip themselves to a dense texture. Then they add 80 grams of sugar, beat until fluffy.

3. Protein and yolk masses are mixed with each other. They add sifted flour, 25 grams of cocoa. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

4. Pour 40 grams of butter into the dough, which is pre-cooled and melted. All carefully mixed. The mixture is poured into a pre-oiled mold. Bake at 200 gr. 5. The finished chocolate sponge is cooled, wrapped in plastic wrap.

6. In the next step, the remaining yolk is mixed with 20 milliliters of water until smooth, adding condensed milk. The consistency should be homogeneous. The mixture is cooked on low heat to a thick state.

7. 200 grams of butter, whipped with vanilla sugar. Chilled milk is added to the mixture, whipping is continued. At the end add 10 grams of cocoa.

8. Biscuit cut into three layers, two of which are smeared with chocolate cream. Now the cake is collected and smeared with warm, grated apricot jam.

9. The final chord: melt the natural chocolate and butter. For this ideal water bath. Glaze poured over the top and all sides.

10. Cake insist in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

5. Cake "Prague": a classic recipe in a multicooker


• eggs in a quantity of 2 pieces;

• one and a half (maybe a little more) a glass of sugar;

• 216 grams of sour cream;

• 305 g of condensed milk;

• 1.5 cups 200 grams of flour;

• three tablespoons of cocoa;

• tsp. soda;

• 200 grams of butter (natural);


1. Beat eggs with sugar.

2. Sour cream is added to the sour cream, whipped with condensed milk (0.5 jars required).

3. All ingredients are combined and whipped with a mixer. At this stage, add flour, cocoa.

4. The dough is spread into a multicooker bowl, pre-oiled.

5. Cakes are baked in baking mode for an hour.

6. After the beep, the cake is taken out, cooled and divided into two cake layers.

7. The cooled lower cake is coated with cream, covered with the second cake. The cream is prepared as follows: whip soft butter (150 grams), add warm condensed milk (0.5 cans) and whisk again.

8. Top poured icing. For the glaze, sour cream, sugar, water, cocoa are mixed and put on a small fire until boiling and the formation of a thick sweet mass. Then add warm butter. The following proportions are required: for 85 grams of sugar 40 is cocoa, 50 is plum butter, 60 is sour cream.

6. Raw food cake “Prague”: a classic recipe for an unusual dessert


• nuts (any, to taste);

• dates (should be taken in a 1: 1 ratio to nuts);

• sesame (half of the volume of dates);

• fruits;

• Carob (natural chocolate substitute, one third of the volume of dates).

Cooking Method:

1. For the preparation of raw food cake “Prague” grind nuts, sesame and dates.

2. Add carob to the resulting mixture.

3. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed to form a dough and create a cake.

4. In a layer between the cake put bananas, lime.

5. Sprinkle carob on top of the cake.

Prague Cake: A Classic Recipe - Secrets and Tricks

• Since the preparation of both biscuit and cream uses natural butter, it is not advisable to store the cake for more than 36 hours.

• To make the cake “Prague” more juicy, you can soak the prepared cakes with any impregnation. For example, brandy, liqueur, coffee, fruit syrup.

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